K/DA - POP/STARS (ft Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns) | Official Music Video - League of Legends


  1. 신스님

    신스님16 хвилин тому

    국뽕에 취한다 시발

  2. DAcarton

    DAcarton27 хвилин тому

    diggin the vaporwave vibe at 2:53

  3. TSPS - - No Reason Videos

    TSPS - - No Reason Videos45 хвилин тому

    Ahri :3

  4. Imagine

    Imagine46 хвилин тому

    How much did the animator get ?

  5. Шурик

    ШурикГодину тому

    Так,братва, это я тупой или все не поняли, почему так много дизлайков?

  6. Lucas Seletti

    Lucas SelettiГодину тому

    you made a metalhead like k-pop with your music skills, you proud of you ? you should, and you shouldn't at the same time.

  7. Luciene Souza

    Luciene SouzaГодину тому

    Algum BR ?? s2s2

  8. Sonya Hayes

    Sonya HayesГодину тому

    They thick I like it

  9. Aya el fiar

    Aya el fiarГодину тому

    1:20 MAH FAVOURITE PART!! >:3

  10. 레전드움짤

    레전드움짤Годину тому

    오랜만에봐도 넘좋아~~~♡

  11. Midnight Yandere

    Midnight Yandere2 години тому

    My name is jaira OMG

  12. CA AUUUH

    CA AUUUH2 години тому

    Record viewers

  13. Alon Cang

    Alon Cang2 години тому

    Iv recently dabbled in psychedelics. the entire visual language of this piece is directly taken from an LSD fever dream. what are the designers up to? XD

  14. Yumeko

    Yumeko2 години тому

    Lol c'est la vie ❤️


    RAZ0R BLADE2 години тому

    It’s funny how the English subtitles don’t even translate the Korean lyrics like why?

  16. Ceyda Canatan

    Ceyda Canatan2 години тому


  17. Palikinha Martins

    Palikinha Martins2 години тому


  18. Bapplejack

    Bapplejack2 години тому

    Can you feel the rush now ?

  19. Raczek 332

    Raczek 33219 хвилин тому


  20. Assassin Shadows

    Assassin Shadows3 години тому


  21. Neko

    Neko3 години тому

    AKALIIIII ❤❤❤ So badass

  22. SuwiCyde x

    SuwiCyde x3 години тому


  23. Azril Azami

    Azril Azami3 години тому

    Almost 200M.. man we all should get a life..

  24. Dinh Minh Quan

    Dinh Minh Quan3 години тому

    This animation is very detailed! And it's more addicting than LoL!

  25. Janio Correia

    Janio Correia3 години тому

    Uns love kda

  26. catalina c. ramírez

    catalina c. ramírez3 години тому

    me gusta la pichulaxdxxd

  27. Laura Cristina Ferraz da Silva

    Laura Cristina Ferraz da Silva3 години тому

    I love the videooo (i AM Brazilian then muito inglish os more ir leds)

  28. Urbancat

    Urbancat3 години тому

    I love this so much and I don't even play LOL

  29. 김성환

    김성환4 години тому

    Im starting to love kpop after k/da and im Korean

  30. Kevin Gottardi

    Kevin Gottardi4 години тому

    Doma...a no

  31. Sing Sings

    Sing Sings4 години тому

    Me: I don't even like this game. RIOT: Now you do.

  32. Shawnie 123

    Shawnie 1234 години тому

    Let’s go 200M

  33. Josea Yum

    Josea Yum4 години тому

    1:46 a ghoul?!? NANI???????

  34. The Zyborg

    The Zyborg4 години тому

    This is definitely the only Kpop song I like

  35. Heroth Aq3d

    Heroth Aq3d5 годин тому

    Thats thick

  36. sweetthighs

    sweetthighs5 годин тому

    0:20 she said the n word

  37. swe_ banana

    swe_ banana3 години тому

    Even if it was, she would have the n-word pass

  38. Shawnie 123

    Shawnie 1234 години тому

    sweetthighs no it’s a korean word that means “ i “

  39. Unicorn ARMY

    Unicorn ARMY5 годин тому

    when you're not a fan of kpop but you play lol, who actually supports kpop HAHAHA

  40. Yugyeom Got7

    Yugyeom Got75 годин тому

    hallo you 😊👍 👇👌

  41. Alfonso Frete

    Alfonso Frete5 годин тому

    Remember, guys: stay hydrated and do your laundry

  42. 이윤섭

    이윤섭5 годин тому

    Rap part is korean yea! ♡한국 좋아 !♡

  43. Mo N

    Mo N3 години тому

    이윤섭 오모! 진짜? ㅋㅋㅋ

  44. Hisoka

    Hisoka5 годин тому

    Rap part still gives me goosebumps somehow. :D

  45. fuck off

    fuck off5 годин тому

    Where's Ricardo?

  46. R3b3ccaCran3

    R3b3ccaCran36 годин тому

    Still listening to that song :( Gosh I love Akali so much!

  47. Bowtie Studios

    Bowtie Studios6 годин тому

    Any one here from Beat saber?

  48. {존예보스}옌콩이

    {존예보스}옌콩이6 годин тому

    아칼리 렙은 아무나 따라잡을수가 없다...중독성 짱!!!아리도 넘 이뻥ㅠ그리고 한국사람 손!!!

  49. Notauser123

    Notauser1236 годин тому

    I saw this music video playing outside mumuso

  50. Laura Arrais

    Laura Arrais6 годин тому

    k-pop, j-pop 😍😍😍😍😍 adoro ambos

  51. 유현상

    유현상6 годин тому

    한국인들 여기여기 붙어라~

  52. Michael Grummitt

    Michael Grummitt7 годин тому

    Riots music development team is better than the balance team.

  53. Thiên Phạm

    Thiên Phạm7 годин тому

    When KDA have come back stage? :))))

  54. TheDorianTube

    TheDorianTube7 годин тому

    I adore this song and its animation, but fml if this isn't : Birth priviliges the song lol

  55. CodeHurricane Studios

    CodeHurricane Studios8 годин тому

    More hot girls More Gamers

  56. CodeHurricane Studios

    CodeHurricane Studios8 годин тому

    Videogames are getting hottier

  57. Lunar Galaxy_

    Lunar Galaxy_8 годин тому

    What us this strange new music blessing my ears?

  58. Alpha_Go

    Alpha_Go8 годин тому

    Comeback song please!!!!

  59. maximum overSOS

    maximum overSOS8 годин тому

    Why can’t valve make stuff like this

  60. DI_ _LA

    DI_ _LA8 годин тому

    That's so cool

  61. Meg A.

    Meg A.8 годин тому

    kda = kill death assist lmao

  62. Sone CA

    Sone CA8 годин тому

    200M before 5Months of K/DA

  63. Sone CA

    Sone CA8 годин тому

    197.5M 💗

  64. Hendrik RLW

    Hendrik RLW8 годин тому

    So close to 200 mil !!! Love ya Kai'sa

  65. Thales Marques

    Thales Marques8 годин тому

    RIOT, a long hand of Lol, and becomes a KPOP company, they get rich, or allied to YG or SM, creates holograms like the electronic band GORILLAZ, this video has more views than much video of KPOP. I can not stop watching.

  66. 주인말티즈

    주인말티즈9 годин тому

    이거 한국거 아닌가요?(아님 죄송해요) 한국인이 없군....ㅠ 한국인 모여라!!

  67. skruuu duuu

    skruuu duuu9 годин тому

    "We go hard" Same

  68. Alex Mendez

    Alex Mendez9 годин тому


  69. JAKE

    JAKE10 годин тому

    AND what is this song talking about league of legends. i dont get it

  70. Senpai Daniel 03

    Senpai Daniel 037 годин тому

    I can't understand what you're trying to say

  71. Jams Jamms

    Jams Jamms10 годин тому

    Any song that is a year old: exists People: TwEnTy NiNeTeEn AnYoNe?

  72. Ace Davoon

    Ace Davoon10 годин тому

    The amount of work the animators put into this is ridiculous with the particle effects is crazy

  73. Adrenageboy

    Adrenageboy10 годин тому

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  74. 20000 Subscriber Man with little videos

    20000 Subscriber Man with little videos11 годин тому

    Gidle needs to make another KDA song.

  75. Akapok Naja

    Akapok Naja12 годин тому

    Rito Music Production Got 10M Sub!!

  76. Joey H.

    Joey H.12 годин тому

    Beat saber anyone?

  77. Adrenageboy

    Adrenageboy10 годин тому

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  78. m manager

    m manager12 годин тому

    And now we want 2nd single of K/DA😅

  79. Danny Wang

    Danny Wang13 годин тому

    Those fingers are really creepy.

  80. Den Den

    Den Den13 годин тому

    Окей Риот вы сделали это. До этого трэка я мог из к-поп терпеть только Tren-d "candy boy" . Ну собственно молодцы.

  81. Mega Ree

    Mega Ree13 годин тому

    Anyone here because they love this song from beat saber?

  82. Purple Citrine

    Purple Citrine4 години тому


  83. Rey Messi

    Rey Messi14 годин тому

    Warrior by imagine dragons of this one

  84. Gian Carlos

    Gian Carlos14 годин тому


  85. Gian Carlos

    Gian Carlos14 годин тому


  86. XxPastella_GachaxX

    XxPastella_GachaxX14 годин тому

    I was listening to the video game version

  87. nicolas moreno

    nicolas moreno14 годин тому

    197.392.459 views lol

  88. Phung Nguyen

    Phung Nguyen14 годин тому

    Địt mẹ hay vãi lồn =)))

  89. Kweennallah Mckee

    Kweennallah Mckee15 годин тому

    My favorite part of the song is 1:20.

  90. Kim Merrill

    Kim Merrill15 годин тому

    R.I.P. Ahri

  91. 트럼프

    트럼프15 годин тому

    케이팝 그룹인데 생긴건 서양인인데

  92. Eduardo Paulo

    Eduardo Paulo15 годин тому


  93. Kelly O’Dea

    Kelly O’Dea15 годин тому

    Me: I don’t really like K-pop Also me: I love this song and K-pop Also me: *Beats Expert+ on Beat Saber*

  94. Purple Citrine

    Purple Citrine4 години тому

    U can beat expertt? Nice! I can only beat expert rn. Expertt is so fast xD

  95. Cintia Abreu

    Cintia Abreu16 годин тому


  96. Nam Phạm

    Nam Phạm16 годин тому

    việt nam đâu rồi =)) cho tôi thấy cánh tay của các bạn nào 😁😁😁😁

  97. CodeHurricane Studios

    CodeHurricane Studios16 годин тому

    I tought im the only one who hates kpop

  98. YoonSeok2.0 :3

    YoonSeok2.0 :316 годин тому


  99. floating pusheen

    floating pusheen16 годин тому

    sona dj should be in the mv too

  100. floating pusheen

    floating pusheen16 годин тому

    uhm kda and sona dj ?

  101. *CYKA* *BLYAT*

    *CYKA* *BLYAT*17 годин тому

    The first K-POP song that i like

  102. Gary Busey

    Gary Busey17 годин тому

    Lol best part of the song. " im the badest little BLEAH "

  103. Sone CA

    Sone CA8 годин тому

    Gary Busey *Im a goddess with a blade

  104. ღ Yune • Dark ღ

    ღ Yune • Dark ღ17 годин тому

    Alguém de 2019??? , Eu acho q sim, pq o vídeo foi postado esse ano acho ;-;


    MEXI NATION M.T.Z18 годин тому


  106. Ocean_Adi

    Ocean_Adi18 годин тому

    after rewatching I thought of something, in League, K= Kills D= Deaths A=Assists :0 is there a secret prob not xD

  107. Lilly백합

    Lilly백합18 годин тому

    Im so confused... Are these real humans?

  108. yeahyeahnatnat

    yeahyeahnatnat17 годин тому

    this is done by computer drawing Riot has been making these champion videos for quite a while such good quality :D

  109. Anime Watching Dragonborn

    Anime Watching Dragonborn18 годин тому

    Wait... Is that Pewdiepie's brofist on the car at 0:00

  110. Controversial Clytie

    Controversial Clytie17 годин тому

    its a joke

  111. Zubichi

    Zubichi17 годин тому

    That's just riot game's logo

  112. Controversial Clytie

    Controversial Clytie17 годин тому


  113. Luis Taboada

    Luis Taboada18 годин тому

    Alright league of legends caught my atention with their songs.