K/DA - POP/STARS (ft Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns) | Official Music Video - League of Legends


  1. Kobu Art

    Kobu ArtГодину тому

    C me movio el pito

  2. Tom Hill

    Tom Hill2 години тому

    I literally can't stop watching this. It's 4 in the morning... EDIT: comment 170,000. pretty cool

  3. G8Thunder

    G8Thunder2 години тому

    Ahri has hips for days. Why don't I live in Korea?

  4. rainbow pink

    rainbow pink2 години тому

    gamers rise up 😩🤠

  5. Cesar Saavedra Saavedra Guerra

    Cesar Saavedra Saavedra Guerra2 години тому

    1:48 a ghoul :0

  6. Gundil

    Gundil2 години тому

    0:45 Shazam!

  7. Sue Lee

    Sue Lee2 години тому

    I'm a Korean but I dont like kpop in thesedays but .... It's just good WoW

  8. _ Seungmin

    _ Seungmin2 години тому

    I Listen To This Atleast 2 Times

  9. AshTLS -YT23

    AshTLS -YT232 години тому

    Days#70 I still addicted to watch this

  10. eruilla

    eruilla2 години тому

    We want more!!!!!!!

  11. Acxquiia

    Acxquiia2 години тому

    fortnite at a different level:

  12. KaTzUsHiMa Xx

    KaTzUsHiMa Xx2 години тому

    I don’t even like League of legends but this is bomb

  13. Akari_ Tales

    Akari_ Tales3 години тому

    They should make this a series 👀

  14. imZyX 1020_YT

    imZyX 1020_YT3 години тому


  15. Little Jasmine

    Little Jasmine3 години тому

    Showed this to my cat, now she grew 8 more tails.

  16. Kelvyn farias

    Kelvyn farias3 години тому

    I love dance this music.

  17. Ludwig Spotify

    Ludwig Spotify3 години тому

    Why the heck i just see this now??!!!

  18. 박정후

    박정후3 години тому

    아는형님 언제나오노?

  19. Predovski

    Predovski3 години тому

    ok i got here by accident. although i liked the music. quite a lot

  20. 현상진 현상진

    현상진 현상진3 години тому


  21. nick 72106

    nick 721063 години тому

    Who else came here from beat saber?

  22. 9 LASAGNA

    9 LASAGNA3 години тому

    150m ♥

  23. Little Light Gaming

    Little Light Gaming3 години тому

    can we have more songs like this?

  24. Thiên Phạm

    Thiên Phạm3 години тому

    See (G)i-dle's song, you will like it :)).

  25. kina _

    kina _3 години тому

    좌파친북 대통령!

  26. Mamba

    Mamba3 години тому

    yo is this canon?

  27. kina _

    kina _3 години тому

    방독면 챙기십쇼

  28. TopLaneMordekaiser AMV'S

    TopLaneMordekaiser AMV'S3 години тому


  29. Pedro

    Pedro3 години тому

    Aí os caras que criam hentai ficam doidos

  30. Rachel Gacha Studio

    Rachel Gacha Studio4 години тому

    I'm not a fan of LoL but that's a pretty good music, wow

  31. Chaotic-Fandoms trash

    Chaotic-Fandoms trash4 години тому

    The skins better stay available forever and not be limited time or I'm gonna be pissed

  32. Wendell Junior

    Wendell Junior4 години тому


  33. AnimeyON

    AnimeyON4 години тому

    English,Japanese and Korean ?

  34. Hana Omer

    Hana Omer4 години тому

    I don't even play league of legends but I'm happy UAreporter recommended this to me.

  35. Bubbles The Dutchie dragon

    Bubbles The Dutchie dragon4 години тому

    omg i love this, imma make an animation of it

  36. 경록김

    경록김4 години тому

    좌파친북 대통령

  37. 마파

    마파4 години тому


  38. GamingBeast18

    GamingBeast185 годин тому


  39. Logan ‘stupid alien’

    Logan ‘stupid alien’5 годин тому

    These girls are what make me a bisexual girl

  40. 김용태

    김용태5 годин тому


  41. ี่มีมี่ น่ะค่ะ

    ี่มีมี่ น่ะค่ะ5 годин тому

    마술보기단 한나라당 세상에 기자치 앵커 어!

  42. ี่มีมี่ น่ะค่ะ

    ี่มีมี่ น่ะค่ะ5 годин тому

    So Good

  43. Exalted

    Exalted5 годин тому

    I just like the animation

  44. Clint Andrei Macatulad

    Clint Andrei Macatulad5 годин тому

    I'm here for my daily dose of K/DA

  45. Briana Richardson

    Briana Richardson5 годин тому

    THIS IS SO GOOD i found my new fav song and i might even draw this

  46. И М

    И М5 годин тому

    Это штото с чем то!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  47. XxEduxXYiTi

    XxEduxXYiTi5 годин тому

    Las mujeres pixaladas son mejores que las mujeres de verdad :u !!!

  48. Jarell Joel

    Jarell Joel5 годин тому

    who ever had the idea for akali deserves an oscar

  49. Yasmin Almeida

    Yasmin Almeida5 годин тому

    I like very much 😘😁

  50. Everlyn Games

    Everlyn Games5 годин тому


  51. Yova

    Yova5 годин тому

    No soy fan de k pop pero DIOS ESA ANIMACIÓN Y ESOS EFECTOS PAPAH


    DAWNOY CHANNEL6 годин тому

    2019?? 💜

  53. Ariadna Nicole

    Ariadna Nicole6 годин тому

    1:21 o.o

  54. Dian Indri

    Dian Indri6 годин тому

    I found this music from video mashup bts & g-idle kda, and i love it!

  55. Stan De Coolste Persoon Op Deze Knikker

    Stan De Coolste Persoon Op Deze Knikker6 годин тому

    Here bc of Ricardo

  56. TwinDeathScythe -

    TwinDeathScythe -6 годин тому

    My mind's tellin' me no, but my body, my body's tellin' me yes.... whyyyy send help

  57. minsheons

    minsheons6 годин тому

    why can't i stop listening to this what spell is in this song

  58. Cristian

    Cristian6 годин тому

    150 millones de vistas.... simplemente WOW

  59. Ariadna Nicole

    Ariadna Nicole6 годин тому

    1:49 Me: *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA* Me: *SO SETZI* Me: -Dies of cuteness-

  60. Ariadna Nicole

    Ariadna Nicole6 годин тому

    1:44 *Dies of cuteness*

  61. TheConorGaming

    TheConorGaming6 годин тому

    1:43 that ahri i really love it (L)

  62. 풉킥 풉킥

    풉킥 풉킥6 годин тому


  63. Not Swi

    Not Swi6 годин тому

    On fire

  64. wassim mathlouthi

    wassim mathlouthi7 годин тому

    Tik Tok, don't ever touch this M A S T E R P I E C E %%%

  65. Vigress

    Vigress7 годин тому

    Akali's rap in English is weird but here it is. See me anytime magic, I only catch one at a time, I never get tired uh! Pow pow what do you know?! I can not stand it, I want to, show me what you want i'm trouble and you're wanting it. I'm so cold when you move that way you gonna be so blown! I'm the realest in the game uh! Fin.

  66. ToxicMonster

    ToxicMonster7 годин тому

    If they come out with more new KDA skins it should be like fan skins for example KDA Fan Ekko KDA Fan Tristana

  67. LitChu

    LitChu7 годин тому

    Down Down Down Down Down

  68. Nero

    Nero7 годин тому

    The difference of South- and Northkorea is so Crazy xD

  69. Emrald Fire Guy

    Emrald Fire Guy7 годин тому

    Ricardo where are you?

  70. Deracada Venom

    Deracada Venom7 годин тому

    I got tingles its so good

  71. Lord Beans

    Lord Beans7 годин тому

    What does this have to do with league of legends?

  72. pies4ever

    pies4ever7 годин тому

    150 million! Woooooo!

  73. Lone Wolf Luke

    Lone Wolf Luke7 годин тому


  74. YaBoyEugene

    YaBoyEugene7 годин тому

    It’s sad this is better then some of the music we get now a days

  75. NathanGamer

    NathanGamer7 годин тому


  76. Piko Canavarı

    Piko Canavarı7 годин тому

    Replay button: 0:55

  77. Ayisa CAN

    Ayisa CAN7 годин тому

    Who else is here from Jacksepticeye’s beat saber video 😂

  78. Deb Wasa

    Deb Wasa7 годин тому

    the phrase "we pop stars" sounds like they are doing drugs or something illegal (thinking face emoji)

  79. Vospader21

    Vospader218 годин тому

    I’ve been seeing all the rule 34 memes of this before finally seeing it now for the first time. I finally get it now.

  80. zexr 50

    zexr 508 годин тому

    Can someone tell me if they got more money from this video then the actuall skins it was meant to sell?

  81. OddToucanOut

    OddToucanOut8 годин тому


  82. Lee Blythe

    Lee Blythe8 годин тому

    Still can't get a kindred skin, but they can come out with a music video for casuals...smh...

  83. S 0 M D0KI

    S 0 M D0KI8 годин тому

    bAD GAL,, GAL,, GAL,, GAL

  84. SnowSama

    SnowSama8 годин тому

    being real when she raps with the mask i get a bit uncomfortable

  85. Kitty Gemma

    Kitty Gemma8 годин тому

    Did not expect to get addicted to this song. I don't mind.

  86. Jakezilla gfw

    Jakezilla gfw8 годин тому

    Get used to it, I'm not a fan or KPop or League of Legends but I'll be damned if I don't listen to this at the very least once a week. I've been doing this since the music video dropped.

  87. cát x

    cát x8 годин тому

    nice greek songs

  88. tokophthpita tokophthpita

    tokophthpita tokophthpita8 годин тому

    whow riot you suprised us whith everything

  89. Gabrie Santos

    Gabrie Santos8 годин тому

    Woah, JoJo's new opening looks awesome

  90. joao cesar

    joao cesar8 годин тому

    riotguini aventariot

  91. Sarah Merah

    Sarah Merah9 годин тому

    How did I not hear about it before😲😍

  92. Purple_ Nova

    Purple_ Nova9 годин тому

    Ok I for sure fell in love...

  93. Hejeldrummer

    Hejeldrummer9 годин тому

    The visuals and animation are absolute top notch. They make the song.

  94. Mr Mrówek

    Mr Mrówek9 годин тому


  95. Abel Trujillo

    Abel Trujillo9 годин тому

    skere >:V

  96. Yanzhen Chen

    Yanzhen Chen9 годин тому

    So thicc

  97. 이상한인간

    이상한인간9 годин тому

    이제야 봤는데 왜 인기있는지 알것같아요

  98. Otávio Dantas

    Otávio Dantas9 годин тому

    it is getting close to warriors, this is insane!!

  99. Naughty adventures of mcBrouhaha in a vacuum

    Naughty adventures of mcBrouhaha in a vacuum9 годин тому

    I dislike everything about anything it stands for but the art was great and the song is catchy I'll tell ya freaks that.

  100. Midgardian

    Midgardian9 годин тому

    I honestly thought that Madison Beer was her stage name, like a pun on being a girl from Wisconsin. But, no that's her actual name. : )

  101. Maxwell Antwi

    Maxwell Antwi9 годин тому

    amazing!!!!music and videoclip

  102. juan cortapan

    juan cortapan9 годин тому

    150 million views? omg guys relax, there are more videos on youtube