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Kash Doll - Ice Me Out


  1. myearshurt Noone

    myearshurt Noone17 хвилин тому

    i thought she might have been 30 she is only 26 idk why she just looks older to me no offense

  2. rach78901

    rach7890138 хвилин тому

    She’s gorgeous

  3. Marcus Hull

    Marcus Hull3 години тому

    Why when I heard this on the radio I thought she was saying ask me out

  4. Yakunin Redeemer

    Yakunin Redeemer4 години тому

    This shit so trash

  5. sumaria 2004

    sumaria 20044 години тому

    I thought she said Ask me out XDDD but she said Ice me out LOL

  6. mareah wallace

    mareah wallace5 годин тому

    2019 eneyone


    GHANA ON TOP6 годин тому

    Ask me out!

  8. Can we get too 5,000 subscribe with no videos

    Can we get too 5,000 subscribe with no videos6 годин тому

    Suck me now

  9. aaliyah’s tutorials

    aaliyah’s tutorials7 годин тому

    this is my song for my mom when I want something. jkjk not like cussing..

  10. Maliyah Royster-Brown

    Maliyah Royster-Brown10 годин тому

    ice me out

  11. Melchora Juan

    Melchora Juan11 годин тому

    Put it on 0.25 speed it's werid

  12. Michael Mitchell

    Michael Mitchell15 годин тому

    Sounds like she saying eat me out

  13. KingRees3

    KingRees322 години тому

    *Subzero has left the chat*

  14. Mr.Gamer Boy

    Mr.Gamer Boy22 години тому

    Here in 2019 Cause of Thots in School

  15. Seth The Memer ツ

    Seth The Memer ツДень тому

    *Sub-Zero has left the chat*

  16. Jonathan Lopez

    Jonathan LopezДень тому

    The fact there’s more niggas in this comment section than females 😭

  17. Kourty Thomas

    Kourty ThomasДень тому

    I like this I've got to give. 110

  18. shaffronp

    shaffronpДень тому

    That bitch Bette get a job

  19. shaffronp

    shaffronpДень тому


  20. SoloS _

    SoloS _День тому

    ask me out

  21. therealcashsteph 30k

    therealcashsteph 30kДень тому

    this song is so cringy

  22. Anaija

    AnaijaДень тому

    "You know diamonds make me feel so horny"

  23. Famous Nez

    Famous NezДень тому


  24. Dakota Hampton

    Dakota HamptonДень тому

    Nicki Minaj has left the chat...

  25. Woke

    WokeДень тому

    She’s the next big thing

  26. kathia jako

    kathia jakoДень тому

    hoe is life

  27. Kenny Synsmir

    Kenny SynsmirДень тому

    Hate this weak ass song

  28. Brandii Powers

    Brandii PowersДень тому

    Fuck me good...Fuck me good...Fuck me good Nigga..😂😂

  29. Ishan Ali

    Ishan AliДень тому

    This song makes me want to rob my own wallet

  30. Jessika Nelson

    Jessika NelsonДень тому

    Fuckin garbage. Saying the same shit the whole song. 😂😂 And I keep hearing woman say bring other women up. I don't condone this hoe shit. Just wait cardi bout to have a new Bess friend

  31. Cindy Benjamin

    Cindy BenjaminДень тому

    *Isemeow* *isemeow* ayee

  32. Kimora Talley

    Kimora TalleyДень тому

    its 2019 and im still listening to this

  33. Kamal Rasheed

    Kamal Rasheed2 дні тому

    Is it me or she saying "Ask me out" and "As Meow"

  34. iyana ross

    iyana ross2 дні тому


  35. urmum athot

    urmum athot2 дні тому


  36. Akasha Freeman

    Akasha Freeman2 дні тому

    This song lit

  37. Lillian Thorsky

    Lillian Thorsky2 дні тому


  38. Brooklyn Slim

    Brooklyn Slim2 дні тому

    The Bass line on this track Go Hard

  39. Woke

    Woke2 дні тому

    I think she wants us to ice her out.

  40. lonnie junior

    lonnie junior2 дні тому

    Simple Beat , old School 808,, And Its Fireeee ,,,

  41. Kyla Cumberbatch

    Kyla Cumberbatch2 дні тому

    Thots: Eat me out Prisoners: Let me out Girls with a crush: Ask me out Cats: Ice meow R.Kelly: Age don't count Trump: America is better now

  42. xxlilsavagex DABS

    xxlilsavagex DABS2 дні тому

    Ice me out 🥶😂

  43. Hayleigh Humphrey

    Hayleigh Humphrey2 дні тому

    lmfaooo R. Kelley say sum “ age don’t count” 😭😭😭

  44. Topher Collins

    Topher Collins2 дні тому

    Hayleigh Humphrey Factsssss lmao

  45. jacob gendron

    jacob gendron2 дні тому

    Antarctica has left the chat

  46. Kristina Hoxha

    Kristina Hoxha2 дні тому

    ice me out? ask me out?

  47. Kennari Chappell

    Kennari Chappell2 дні тому

    I pledge allegiance to the thots of the united states

  48. A. L. A.

    A. L. A.2 дні тому

    "She wear chains when she fuckin, get her charms cause she lucky"🙌👌🔥🔥🔥

  49. Anais Brent

    Anais Brent2 дні тому

    The Beat😍Am i wrong??

  50. Truffled BearTimb

    Truffled BearTimb3 дні тому

    Imagine a remix with City Girls👌

  51. Emmie Hoerig

    Emmie Hoerig3 дні тому

    Winter has left the chat

  52. Lps Oreo Productions

    Lps Oreo Productions3 дні тому

    Who use to think it was ask me out when it first got popular until they heard the song?

  53. Olivia Wall

    Olivia Wall3 дні тому

    I cant tell if I love this or not.. but I don't not like it

  54. Sara M

    Sara M3 дні тому

    Ask me out 😭😂

  55. Aaliyah Walker

    Aaliyah Walker3 дні тому

    sound like she said ask me out :/

  56. Aaliyah Walker

    Aaliyah Walker3 дні тому


  57. rodthagod9

    rodthagod93 дні тому

    Frozone has left the chat


    ANIYHA JONES3 дні тому

    Its cold as a MF in Massachusetts 😩😂

  59. Najela Touh

    Najela Touh3 дні тому

    Kash: Ice me out Ex: hear me out

  60. tea

    tea3 дні тому

    *iCe me out.*

  61. Rico x

    Rico x3 дні тому

    sound like she sayin ask me out krazy song tho

  62. Draggitarius

    Draggitarius4 дні тому

    Elsa has left the chat

  63. Dark Blood

    Dark Blood4 дні тому

    She looks like the adult version of my friend

  64. swissbeats2k

    swissbeats2k4 дні тому

    BET uncut video's are what's hot these days I see. SMH

  65. ME᙭ICᎯN BxTcHEs

    ME᙭ICᎯN BxTcHEs4 дні тому

    dubsmash has entered the chat

  66. Roxy Richardson

    Roxy Richardson4 дні тому

    This song is stupid😕😛😣😞😒😭😭🙍 im praying for her🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 She need all the Jesus * throws holy water *

  67. f y

    f y4 дні тому

    Bad queen better than cardi ayee ice me out

  68. Nanah Dae

    Nanah Dae4 дні тому

    ask me out .. ask me out ... ask me out

  69. Shakiko Santiago

    Shakiko Santiago4 дні тому

    The last part sounded like she drunk

  70. HIT OR MISS I guess she took the kids

    HIT OR MISS I guess she took the kids4 дні тому

    2:40 windex

  71. Shaunise Russell

    Shaunise Russell4 дні тому

    Ice me out

  72. Brooklyn Slim

    Brooklyn Slim4 дні тому

    New Era Rap Bitch Format Nikki=LiL Kim Cardi B=Foxy Brown Cash Doll=Trina...ijs

  73. Samii Blair

    Samii Blair4 дні тому

    This is horrible 😂😂😂but yet I hear it everywhere

  74. J Hardwick

    J Hardwick4 дні тому

    Samii Blair it’s making music for the masses. Nothing horrible about it

  75. Trayton Lamone

    Trayton Lamone5 днів тому

    I see meow

  76. Lamontae Rolle

    Lamontae Rolle4 дні тому


  77. truenewlove t

    truenewlove t5 днів тому

    Ice me out niggaaaaaaaaaa

  78. Aly Maas

    Aly Maas5 днів тому


  79. Ev in

    Ev in5 днів тому


  80. sorrowsuperstar10

    sorrowsuperstar105 днів тому

    she thicker than a snicker

  81. insertweirdname

    insertweirdname5 днів тому

    2:30 when that one bitch says she wanna fight you

  82. Beautiful

    Beautiful5 днів тому


  83. Francesca Jones

    Francesca Jones5 днів тому

    She bad b*tch I love you 😍😍😘

  84. Joshua Guillen

    Joshua Guillen5 днів тому

    Niki minaj left the chat.

  85. Kiana Shaylen

    Kiana Shaylen5 днів тому

    I thought it said ask me out

  86. Lamontae Rolle

    Lamontae Rolle4 дні тому


  87. prank family

    prank family5 днів тому

    Molly Brazy or kash doll

  88. Awesomefletty

    Awesomefletty5 днів тому

    Jack Frost has left the chat

  89. galerinha da geovanna

    galerinha da geovanna5 днів тому

    Lindaa ela! 🌼

  90. kermit っっTriggered っ

    kermit っっTriggered っ5 днів тому

    ask me out.

  91. Kenya Amina

    Kenya Amina5 днів тому

    a reject NIkki...great..just what we needed

  92. Lillian Thorsky

    Lillian Thorsky5 днів тому

    Ask me out, Ask me out, Nikka ask me out

  93. Lamontae Rolle

    Lamontae Rolle4 дні тому


  94. 27 Jon

    27 Jon5 днів тому

    Yeah aht 👅💦

  95. Dana Ray

    Dana Ray5 днів тому

    I love u bitch 😍😋😘😘😘😘😘😘🤗😆😗😙😙😚😚😚☺️☺️☺️☺️

  96. Dana Ray

    Dana Ray5 днів тому

    rewind 😗😗😗😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😀 u sexy Kash Doll !

  97. MFR 1908

    MFR 19085 днів тому

    They all sound the same... Suprise, Suprise!!


    MOONWALKER MJ LOVER5 днів тому

    She tryna act like nicki



    +Lamontae Rolle its true

  100. Lamontae Rolle

    Lamontae Rolle4 дні тому


  101. Chris C

    Chris C5 днів тому

    She looks so good....💎

  102. Aaliyah Massey

    Aaliyah Massey5 днів тому

    i love doing the dance

  103. Yayo De La Cruz

    Yayo De La Cruz5 днів тому

    I lost it at 2:25 cos of the horse meme, i just cant get past it XDDDD

  104. Sasha Lucy

    Sasha Lucy5 днів тому

    Best Sugar babe song😋😋😋😏

  105. 『 Ꭺlyx 』

    『 Ꭺlyx 』5 днів тому

    Ask me outt 😭

  106. IDreamOfZiggy

    IDreamOfZiggy5 днів тому

    Kaka winning 😍💦

  107. Pryze Baker

    Pryze Baker6 днів тому

    How she made those ice people 💎💎💎💎💴

  108. Egyptian_Thoth

    Egyptian_Thoth6 днів тому

    Looks and sounds stupid as fuck

  109. tay lashay

    tay lashay6 днів тому

    This would have been a good Nikki collab

  110. Nevaeh Dunigan

    Nevaeh Dunigan6 днів тому

    Her laugh is cringey 😂 not to be rude