Ken Block’s Climbkhana TWO: 914hp Hoonitruck on China's Most Dangerous Road; Tianmen Mountain


  1. Hoonigan

    Hoonigan13 годин тому

    Timestamp your favorite Climbkhana TWO moment below!

  2. S3V3N13TT3R5

    S3V3N13TT3R54 години тому


  3. Ben B

    Ben B4 години тому


  4. Mortyless Rick

    Mortyless Rick4 години тому

    This truck is amazing! Can I have it when your done wit? Please!? 😀 4:29 was my favorite shot

  5. Ayush Jeevan

    Ayush Jeevan4 години тому


  6. James William

    James William4 години тому

    The whole thing 😂

  7. Ben B

    Ben B4 години тому

    Good Lord what is the elevation gain? Ken Block: yes

  8. Jason Douglas

    Jason Douglas4 години тому

    The goat is back with another one damn wish I had that talent man


    ALEXANDER I4 години тому

    Thank you for master piece, Japan and Ozzy

  10. Juana Aragon

    Juana Aragon4 години тому

    Si quema cuh

  11. SSG Sscorch

    SSG Sscorch4 години тому

    When does this release in IMAX?

  12. J DAYZ

    J DAYZ4 години тому

    For Ken these are wide roads, shout out Honda for Hoonigan picks at sema 19

  13. Cuauhtemoc Ramos

    Cuauhtemoc Ramos4 години тому


  14. Crazy Funny Cats

    Crazy Funny Cats4 години тому

    Practice makes perfect 👌...but 1 mistake can kill you doing this Is Ken even human!? 🚗💨💨💨 11/10 video , especially with OZZY!

  15. Standing There Menacingly

    Standing There Menacingly4 години тому

    Free Hong Kong

  16. Glitch Bit

    Glitch Bit4 години тому total CGI cut. Nice work guys but i caught it ;)

  17. Nick Polo

    Nick Polo4 години тому

    Now I can see why in the mountains there is so much fog.

  18. ms6derek

    ms6derek4 години тому

    Any challenges at that altitude?

  19. MrWaikiki

    MrWaikiki4 години тому

    He's the real DK

  20. Sebastian J

    Sebastian J4 години тому

    Pray for Hong Kong

  21. Osrs Player

    Osrs Player4 години тому

    That ain’t hard to do

  22. Lochstar 8

    Lochstar 84 години тому

    First one amazing second one insane

  23. Patrick Guillory

    Patrick Guillory4 години тому

    That is a Toyota.

  24. Alexander Wong

    Alexander Wong4 години тому

    the Range Rover dragon road challenge is more impressive

  25. Albert Mendoza

    Albert Mendoza4 години тому

    Is it just me or does this seem fake 🤫

  26. xXx

    xXx4 години тому

    *When Wong late for his parents' dinner.*

  27. Falo K

    Falo K4 години тому

    Will Ken go ever electric??

  28. 67

    674 години тому

    Rommate walks in: Climbkhana_TWO! How was it? Me: Idk man, the whole thing looked staged.

  29. Mike Oxlong

    Mike Oxlong4 години тому

    Imagine what he was thinking during this!

  30. shiftthespace

    shiftthespace4 години тому

    Risky doesn't even come near to describing it......

  31. The Swap Meet Flea NC9/GDP

    The Swap Meet Flea NC9/GDP4 години тому

    What's sexual harassment panda doing there?

  32. wobblechopps

    wobblechopps4 години тому

    Insane skills

  33. Crazy Funny Cats

    Crazy Funny Cats4 години тому

    Thumb up if you think you could do this type of driving? 👍✨👽👽👽✨🚗💨💨💨we can ....sorta half assed compared to this dude. 🌎🚙💨💨💨 Thanks 🙏 for the upload!

  34. Vin Kohl

    Vin Kohl4 години тому

    I'm dripping sweat from my palms as I type this...INSANE DRIVING SKILLS!!!

  35. Eric Schmelzer

    Eric Schmelzer4 години тому

    Head monk breaks vow of silence when he hears Hoonitruck "HERE COMES BUDDHA"

  36. Traps2k

    Traps2k4 години тому

    Just imagine being on the passenger seat

  37. Dustin Roswell

    Dustin Roswell4 години тому

    Fucking insane I bid you a do sir.

  38. Sebastian Eiselt

    Sebastian Eiselt4 години тому

    The heaviest thing in this truck is kens balls

  39. Crazy Funny Cats

    Crazy Funny Cats4 години тому

    Kens brain 🧠 thinks faster than the new AMD chip! 2019 Who wants this job?

  40. Chris Scratch

    Chris Scratch4 години тому

    The protesters have one hell of a getaway driver now, huh?

  41. Iimrhyperpenguinii

    Iimrhyperpenguinii4 години тому

    I really want the raw footage from the helmet cam with no editing, like in his rally races.

  42. Johnny5 Is Alive

    Johnny5 Is Alive4 години тому


  43. S Smith

    S Smith4 години тому

    The song at the end is AWESOME!!!

  44. Crazy Funny Cats

    Crazy Funny Cats4 години тому

    111 Panda 🐼 bears woken from a nap 💤! 😆🚗💨💨💨 This human can race!

  45. brian kim

    brian kim4 години тому

    So did Ken block get his training from stunt man and cameraman LOL I bet you he didn’t want to go up that mountain to many more times but thank you for the videos

  46. Fazejacob 58

    Fazejacob 584 години тому

    when she is home alone.

  47. Ben B

    Ben B4 години тому

    It was nice to see the president of China on a segway

  48. Olsi Bita

    Olsi Bita4 години тому

    ' è Njlĺ n ñj99

  49. Sebastian Eiselt

    Sebastian Eiselt4 години тому

    Chinese Government: This never happened.

  50. Evan Gessner

    Evan Gessner4 години тому

    I hope we have this with japan in Horizon 5

  51. hotmojoe.

    hotmojoe.4 години тому

    As much as I wish it had a V8 in it, that V6 does a helluva job. Mad respect.

  52. Olsi Bita

    Olsi Bita4 години тому

    Buon Uil

  53. Falo K

    Falo K4 години тому

    I guess next run would take place on Mars 😁😁... but before u go there please step by to Warsaw, Poland 🇵🇱🙏

  54. The Holy Ster

    The Holy Ster4 години тому

    The way Ken smiles while drifting😂😂😂

  55. Patric Stephens

    Patric Stephens4 години тому


  56. J E

    J E4 години тому

    Hoonatruck rev limiter sounds like a A10 warthog on full auto

  57. GoofyBoots2007

    GoofyBoots20074 години тому

    Xi Jingping looks like Whinnie the Pooh. Free Hong Kong. Free Taiwan. Communism is evil.

  58. PacSzn

    PacSzn4 години тому


  59. Nemesis 11FP

    Nemesis 11FP4 години тому

    6:04 zero fu#ks given.

  60. skdb16

    skdb164 години тому


  61. Sean Davis

    Sean Davis4 години тому

    Nope. Hell no. Nope. Not doing it. Nope.

  62. Brett Webster

    Brett Webster4 години тому

    Can we see the hoonitruck on the 1/4 mile please!!!

  63. Chickennuggets

    Chickennuggets4 години тому

    Me driving in gta

  64. Michael Angelo

    Michael Angelo4 години тому


  65. Buck Shot

    Buck Shot4 години тому

    To much bullshit tire smoke drift nonsense. I wanna see hook up pure speed and low times. Anyone can do burnouts around corners. Tire smoke isnt speed. Race someone up that dude then post a vidjayo