Kerbal Space Program 2 Cinematic Announce Trailer


  1. Kerbal Space Program

    Kerbal Space ProgramМісяць тому

    We are thrilled to see the positive response from our community! We know you’ve got questions and we’re happy to share more info! Check out our Kerbal Space Program 2 Master Post live on our forum

  2. Jeremiah Sam

    Jeremiah Sam10 днів тому

    if anything, you chose the right music to go along with the trailer.

  3. Rick Harper

    Rick Harper29 днів тому

    Nick Nathanson yeah , they should add RSS/RO as an option when you start a new game, but if not, the modding community will probably move to ksp 2 anyway

  4. Miguel Morales

    Miguel Morales29 днів тому


  5. Jake Watson

    Jake Watson29 днів тому

    What would the system requirements be?

  6. Goldbaconsnipr45 0

    Goldbaconsnipr45 029 днів тому

    I hope it can be compatible on PS4!


    ZELOVEUSHKA4 години тому

    I hope that the game will add your mehjeb.

  8. Zagir Allayarov

    Zagir Allayarov5 годин тому

    Жду сука!

  9. Damian Arteaga

    Damian Arteaga5 годин тому

    ALUCINANTE . 10 .

  10. Tazzyboi2k8

    Tazzyboi2k86 годин тому

    Nearly throwing up with excitement!

  11. Scooch

    Scooch7 годин тому

    Kerbal 2 booster boogaloo Kerbal 2 the squeaergble Kerbal 2 bigger, longer, and unstrut.

  12. Davi S D Falcao

    Davi S D Falcao7 годин тому

    The last one sounds... Suspicious...

  13. Harvey Haycock

    Harvey Haycock10 годин тому

    Jacksepticeye is fucking pissing himself

  14. jebadaih kerman

    jebadaih kerman10 годин тому

    Ksp 2:im best Ksp 1:never

  15. tris mer

    tris mer12 годин тому

    I think I want to buy this. Looks good and while I Never played the original it looks like it has many additions and maybe easier to adapt each configuration to what design You want. Hell I am an engineer In my heart and this excites me.

  16. Felipe Aguirre

    Felipe Aguirre13 годин тому

    hay que decirle a -13, y rapido

  17. Fun Sized227

    Fun Sized22715 годин тому

    Why is Duna’s lightening from the top down?

  18. Davi S D Falcao

    Davi S D Falcao7 годин тому

    For visual sake

  19. Geo gent

    Geo gent16 годин тому

    are they going to use the real solar system?

  20. zajdis

    zajdis23 години тому

    Česka Kerbal komunita netrpělivě očekavá :-D

  21. Kevin Gerhart

    Kevin GerhartДень тому

    Brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it

  22. Kalki Veera

    Kalki VeeraДень тому

    Great presentation! Pleeease add COMETS, METEORS and ASTEROID BELT STORMS w/ sand/dust/rain and WEATHER changes on planets’ surfaces

  23. Fun Sized227

    Fun Sized22715 годин тому

    Asteroid belt would be very fun, and laggy

  24. pepperet

    pepperetДень тому

    conquering space will always be the most badass achievement of all time

  25. Smuzi Play

    Smuzi PlayДень тому

    Free mobile!

  26. A literal slice of toast

    A literal slice of toastДень тому

    Thank you lizard

  27. Flamer Dasher

    Flamer DasherДень тому

    Is that Jeb or bob 0:59

  28. MlgBagel

    MlgBagelДень тому

    This song is hurry up we’re dreaming btw

  29. biel gamesap

    biel gamesapДень тому

    Aguardem Nerds Jebediah Is Coming. Nerd/Jovem

  30. Davi S D Falcao

    Davi S D Falcao7 годин тому

    Espero que o Jovem Nerd faça gameplay

  31. reagent -52

    reagent -52День тому

    i think i lost my voice due to a high pitched whine of glee also will terraforming be a thing in game.

  32. Екатерина Субботина

    Екатерина СубботинаДень тому

    Ура классс на русский и скачиваю

  33. iksodix

    iksodixДень тому


  34. Mr Ian Wonder

    Mr Ian WonderДень тому

    Don't bother, they only sell to Americans, they hate all foreigners, and the forum is full of racist lying scum who are clearly all under 15! Don't know when KSP turned bad, but they are clearly on the trump-train and have no intentions of sorting out the problems their new staff have created for them. They do not give out refunds either, so if you buy their games and can't play them they don't care. Wasted so much of my time in the last month trying to deal with them, but it isn't worth it. You can download far better earlier versions of the games for free on most download sites. Don't give these scum any money.

  35. Enigma Machine

    Enigma MachineДень тому

    i really hope this works and it works at more then 2fps on reasonable PC specs

  36. AppNasty

    AppNasty2 дні тому

    Welp, I’ll be divorced soon.

  37. SR Brant

    SR Brant2 дні тому

    A Kerbal Orion drive. This is going to get interesting.

  38. Lord Helmet

    Lord Helmet2 дні тому

    I have never gotten chills from a game trailer, congrats guys, and thank you ♥

  39. MaCCaRoNNi

    MaCCaRoNNi2 дні тому

    This is the first time I enjoyed watching an ad

  40. kukur

    kukur2 дні тому


  41. yuv singh

    yuv singh2 дні тому

    so AMAZING!

  42. supermaurice 2000

    supermaurice 20002 дні тому

    Finally a second game Looks nice I didn’t recognize it until of course jeb trips

  43. stonks man himself

    stonks man himself2 дні тому

    me *buys original ksp* this comes out me *frick*

  44. Dashamburger

    Dashamburger2 дні тому

    I wish timewarp was real so I could just go to 2020

  45. Marshmello Rus

    Marshmello Rus2 дні тому

    huh nah. The second part ??? Yes not really! 😮😮😮 I’m running to buy a new computer. I am so glad that the second part is coming out. I immediately put barking

  46. Mialoth

    Mialoth2 дні тому

    Beta testing in place can we pre-order already

  47. Paul Khanna

    Paul Khanna2 дні тому

    The people's republic of kerbalstan looks forward to glorious space race.

  48. burnzy3210

    burnzy32102 дні тому

    i just can't stop watching it!!

  49. Knedlik MCPE

    Knedlik MCPE2 дні тому

    If someone made this a game and wanted money for it, i would buy it... *oh wait...*

  50. Lcbn

    Lcbn2 дні тому

    my body is ready

  51. username_txt

    username_txt3 дні тому


  52. Ya Boi

    Ya Boi3 дні тому

    Motivaltoinal lizard would be proud of the music choice

  53. Sir Space Kerbal

    Sir Space Kerbal3 дні тому

  54. Justin Lam Po Tang

    Justin Lam Po TangДень тому

    I dislike because fuck you

  55. The music dude

    The music dude2 дні тому

    Sir Space Kid #savejeb

  56. Arifdaniel Nordin

    Arifdaniel Nordin3 дні тому

    Nice song :D

  57. Jacob Russell

    Jacob Russell3 дні тому

    Me: Watches this Awesome Trailer. Me Again: Well now...Time to call Jacksepticeye.

  58. Noah Osborne

    Noah Osborne9 годин тому

    What about ghost busters Mabye they'd like to play

  59. Ryan M.

    Ryan M.3 дні тому

    The only thing I request is that there is no lip on the new mk3 with a nose cone

  60. Jaiden playz Games

    Jaiden playz Games3 дні тому

    They. Have. FINGERS.

  61. Gameswithsadness

    Gameswithsadness3 дні тому

    There better be aliens

  62. Назар Игнатенко

    Назар Игнатенко3 дні тому

    It's so beautiful

  63. thomas weitbrecht

    thomas weitbrecht3 дні тому

    I'am so hype!

  64. juan osés

    juan osés4 дні тому

    que ganas le tengo a este juego

  65. Asome3333e1 Gamr

    Asome3333e1 Gamr4 дні тому

    What I want: Sturdier rockets and builds, Ability to make new launch pads on different planets.

  66. FrankensteinV203

    FrankensteinV2033 дні тому

    They already confirmed both!

  67. MGhost

    MGhost4 дні тому


  68. Ryan Larsen

    Ryan Larsen4 дні тому

    its enough to make a grown man cry

  69. Ollie

    Ollie4 дні тому

    This video.. Gave me chills..

  70. fantat gaming

    fantat gaming4 дні тому

    Please make kerbal space program mobile

  71. Mo_cardio

    Mo_cardio4 дні тому

    Not my proudest fap...

  72. Mo_cardio

    Mo_cardio4 дні тому

    Not my proudest fap...

  73. Jisus Christ

    Jisus Christ4 дні тому

    "Not actual gameplay" Me: 😪

  74. Barry Johnson

    Barry Johnson4 дні тому

    I'm a grown man weeping at a trailer for a video game. Band of Horses, their sound makes my heart break and soar at the same time. Perfect to combine with both the victories and tragedies of space exploration, presented so dramatically and excitingly. I guess I just really love Band of Horses and space. Excellent work.