Kid Cudi, Eminem - The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady (Lyric Video)


  1. BlueXsans Omni

    BlueXsans Omni4 години тому

    kid Cudi speaks Everyone : .....huh? Eminem speaks Everyone: HAPPY FEET WUMBO COMBO!!!!!!!

  2. OH GE

    OH GE4 години тому

    Lol y’all idk if I’m just terrible at music or something but this is heavy trash 😂 who tf is gnna listen to this and bump it? The rapping sucks, cudi is disappointing and Eminem being basic as always when we know both of them can make better music. It’s like they just don’t care anymore. They can put trash out like this and you people will still eat it up.

  3. jambon au nunuce point

    jambon au nunuce point4 години тому

    EM !!! 👁️👄👁️

  4. krillions underlow

    krillions underlow4 години тому

    uhhh!... album. duh!

  5. claudiamador

    claudiamador4 години тому

    EM !!! 👁👄👁

  6. Noah Hernandez

    Noah Hernandez4 години тому

    Em and Cudi sounded so clean

  7. Geo Mantilla

    Geo Mantilla4 години тому

    Watching this by myself getting hyped af. Turning my head as if there was someone else in the room because HOLY SHIT, this was ridiculously good.

  8. cnss 12

    cnss 124 години тому


  9. Where's Waldo

    Where's Waldo4 години тому

    It good but I'm no smoker and I dont feel like drinking. As the music was just chill with a vibrant message. I guess these dudes on that 2020 vibe. Going back to sleep.

  10. coliniscolin

    coliniscolin4 години тому

    ems voice aint mixed right

  11. eneminemineitor yosoitor

    eneminemineitor yosoitor4 години тому

    Robles cool

  12. Neo Mahattana

    Neo Mahattana4 години тому

    I bet in a hundred years english students will be analyzing eminems songs

  13. Danny Vey

    Danny Vey4 години тому

    This s*** was horrible whoever thinks this is a good song it's just a f****** lame

  14. Firstname Lastname

    Firstname Lastname4 години тому

    Who else skips kid Cudi lol

  15. COD Mobile

    COD Mobile4 години тому


  16. InsaneKaneTrain

    InsaneKaneTrain4 години тому

    Fucking Banger

  17. David Lightner

    David Lightner4 години тому

    This one on my " i wishd theyd get together" list... 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. HeadGame Productions

    HeadGame Productions4 години тому

    Xxxtentacion started the message the world needed to hear, juice world helped perfect the message the world needed, and now Shady and cudi bout to ensure that the message stays. I respect you guys so much for this. Thank you.

  19. Tommy Bren

    Tommy Bren4 години тому

    4:06 slaps

  20. Siena

    Siena4 години тому

    Love that they’re actually talking about shit happening rn, people wear your goddamn masks and don’t be a crybaby about it

  21. SleeplessInLasVegas

    SleeplessInLasVegas4 години тому

    I was flippin out last night off that Medusa line, Head of snakes. 😳🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. a f

    a f4 години тому

  23. a f

    a f4 години тому


  24. Luis Constante

    Luis Constante4 години тому


  25. Jim K

    Jim K4 години тому

    Dynamic duo Moon Man and Slim Shady , you guys signed with the Devil for six rings like Brady, ink disappeared better give the Penn to Gillette, and FU before moon man get crazy, doesn't need to sign a contract to know slim lazy put nine to his back like a brees when it's Shady,!?

  26. Hank Hill

    Hank Hill4 години тому

    Eminem is a washed up joke

  27. Hank Hill

    Hank Hill4 години тому

    @NoersElite yeah I wanted to see if he actually did something good. This dude was only good when he was on drugs.

  28. NoersElite

    NoersElite4 години тому

    Yet you still here

  29. The Truth

    The Truth4 години тому

    So nobody is going to talking bout how Kid Cudi is trying to rap like offset?

  30. wubreactor

    wubreactor4 години тому

    Cudi is back

  31. Str8flex'n

    Str8flex'n4 години тому

    Always stay ahead of haters, let them hate, but never let a traitor penetrate your circle, separate yourself from those who try to put you down, the real ones never stray. It’s sorta like Medusa, that’s how you stay ahead of snakes!! WOOOOOOOW!!!!!

  32. Новый Сервис

    Новый Сервис4 години тому


  33. Claymore Gang

    Claymore Gang4 години тому

    More more MOAR!

  34. slang forever

    slang forever4 години тому

    kid cudi killed this

  35. Noble Videos

    Noble Videos4 години тому

    Without em this song defiantly would be good he carried this song

  36. Ana María Muñoz Gómez

    Ana María Muñoz Gómez4 години тому


  37. alexd509

    alexd5094 години тому

    JUST SKIP TO 1:51 😂 🤣

  38. Ariel Garcia

    Ariel Garcia4 години тому

    Why’d he diss drew brees ?

  39. I'm Going to Steal Your Car

    I'm Going to Steal Your Car4 години тому

    my carotid artery. goddamn. that whole bar is just goddamn. you can't beat him.

  40. Chevy Truck

    Chevy Truck4 години тому

    I like eminem but not this song

  41. kenneth walton

    kenneth walton4 години тому

    Bruh em made the song 🔥 🐐

  42. Tola Adesoji

    Tola Adesoji4 години тому

    Noone gone talk about the trilogy continuing?

  43. Carbide

    Carbide4 години тому

    Eminem being eminem always representing the devil 👹

  44. 7Days karippuzha

    7Days karippuzha4 години тому Boogi

  45. Noplay

    Noplay4 години тому

    ,Thank lord no autotune.

  46. Gabriel Lemon

    Gabriel Lemon4 години тому

    Very nice guys.

  47. Jaime Gonzalez

    Jaime Gonzalez4 години тому

    Yo armed robbery , little empahizes on the robbery makes me think of juice since he did respect juice idk

  48. Goup Jefe

    Goup Jefe4 години тому

    Glad they stayed they self !!! #Realmusic

  49. luis cabrera

    luis cabrera4 години тому

    Cudi's style of rap be giving me strong OCD😂

  50. GiantsJets718

    GiantsJets7184 години тому


  51. Vaibhav Tripathi

    Vaibhav Tripathi4 години тому

    Now I want Travis Scott and Eminem to collaborate

  52. Rakan•

    Rakan•4 години тому

    yo this is fire

  53. Sneaks

    Sneaks4 години тому

    I bet that house rat bar was a bar towards Lord Jamar for saying he is a guest in their house, but EM wont leave so they look at him as a pest (rat), but like it or not he's the house rat and is getting their cheese, out of their trap.

  54. Frank K

    Frank K4 години тому

    Falling up with a dimmed cigarette on my lip, as I listen to my generation ascend.

  55. Sean McDougall

    Sean McDougall4 години тому

    Came back for Em’s verse

  56. Memer The dreamer

    Memer The dreamer4 години тому

    Imagine getting banned on youtube and insta after getting a thousand subscribers🤣🤣 plz help me start up my youtube channel and tell me what content yall need

  57. Tony Scoma

    Tony Scoma4 години тому

    Why did he rap ‘fuck drew brees’?

  58. Dragon LuhngzAnonymous

    Dragon LuhngzAnonymous4 години тому

    Does Eminem have the Corona Virus?

  59. Ferhan GHERJESTANI

    Ferhan GHERJESTANI4 години тому


  60. Russell Jacobs

    Russell Jacobs4 години тому

    Em would be the smartest rapper ever if he didn't play into the racist democratic party so much!!!

  61. Goup Jefe

    Goup Jefe4 години тому

    Sheeeeeeeeeshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Eminem albino ion care what you say that boy black

  62. Donavin Fontanez

    Donavin Fontanez4 години тому

    This shit belongs in an anime, that's how serious it is.

  63. Talea Pattemore

    Talea Pattemore4 години тому

    This collab made my day ♡

  64. FrankTwitchy

    FrankTwitchy4 години тому


  65. Stratos Fear

    Stratos Fear4 години тому

    Cudi's verse wasn't good enough to be in the same song as those em lines they were crazy, Cudi sounded like he was being rebooted over and over none of it made sense 😂😂

  66. FxNic Rich

    FxNic Rich4 години тому

    Em actually produced a half song for cudi years ago called "I hear them calling me"

  67. Nick Adams

    Nick Adams4 години тому

    Best combination since bread and butter

  68. Not Caden

    Not Caden4 години тому

    I love kid cudi on my dead mom bro but I can’t lie.. I skipped to Eminem’s part

  69. COD Mobile

    COD Mobile4 години тому


  70. Sireen Star

    Sireen Star4 години тому

    I love it when Em raps this way. Like he’s just chilling and spitting facts in your face.

  71. Talea Pattemore

    Talea Pattemore4 години тому

    100% he is seriously a genius with his lyrics. It's nice to hear him chilled and letting his lyrics shine.

  72. Donavin Fontanez

    Donavin Fontanez4 години тому

    Nooooobody is more intrique or more detailed then this man.

  73. Nuno Miguel

    Nuno Miguel4 години тому

    Great Song & video, and in Dino's voice...I'm impressed :D ...for when NFS2???

  74. veXed

    veXed4 години тому

    Anyone else just not like the song?

  75. Ana María Muñoz Gómez

    Ana María Muñoz Gómez4 години тому

    Listen again

  76. Brian Stafford

    Brian Stafford4 години тому

    Em steals the show, yet again 🔥🔥🔥

  77. Melon Husk

    Melon Husk4 години тому

    A lyrical masterpiece.

  78. Antoine AUREL

    Antoine AUREL4 години тому

    The voice and the flow of eminem is Perfect

  79. ketan sharma

    ketan sharma4 години тому

    The greatest random collaboration

  80. Joe Hunter

    Joe Hunter4 години тому

    "They're just scoffin, that's how you end up catching the shit off em". Like, the critics are scoffing at his music and probably his views, so they're catching shit off Em...


    FYRESLASH4 години тому

    This was released same week as coastin, let's go!

  82. Andres Rodriguez

    Andres Rodriguez4 години тому

    Cops are so bad could never be a dad expect respect except respect you put a knee on your neck no sweat it's you they shoot protecting who? Wake you from your sleep to put you back to bed with lead for being homeless F you boot lickers that don't take a knee because all lives don't matter if you're treated differently 🖕

  83. Moksh Bohra

    Moksh Bohra4 години тому

    At least 2020 was a great year for hip hop rap music n fans

  84. Aweis Dahir

    Aweis Dahir4 години тому

    Go and watch eminem "with out me"

  85. Sneaks

    Sneaks4 години тому

    Love this Cudi flow, so unique and Em had a perfect matching flow. They both had really good bars.

  86. bot 2

    bot 24 години тому

    I love how i’ve seen zero negative comments. Lets keep it up ✊🏽

  87. Sung-ahn Choi

    Sung-ahn Choi4 години тому




    Read my channel name I THINK YOU CAN DO

  89. King Slasher

    King Slasher4 години тому