Kung Fu.... Rabbit???


  1. okmadss

    okmadss2 години тому

    10:34 *lookin’ right cos you left me*

  2. ILoveMyDog

    ILoveMyDog2 години тому

    Pin this comment if you want

  3. Sofia Ruiz

    Sofia Ruiz4 години тому

    My type of content right here. 🦝

  4. pluel

    pluel5 годин тому

    My chinchilla has little hands

  5. Shivani Gautam

    Shivani Gautam8 годин тому

    Why is this dude so funny I’m addicted

  6. [Emmy_pastel]

    [Emmy_pastel]12 годин тому

    And she usually just eat the dog food

  7. [Emmy_pastel]

    [Emmy_pastel]12 годин тому

    I should know we had a raccoon

  8. [Emmy_pastel]

    [Emmy_pastel]12 годин тому

    Also I love how he says that The racoons are fat But they're not fat it's just the fluff of their Fur

  9. [Emmy_pastel]

    [Emmy_pastel]12 годин тому

    And their claws are really sharp so it hurts like h***

  10. [Emmy_pastel]

    [Emmy_pastel]12 годин тому

    Also if you have genes on the climb you like a tree

  11. [Emmy_pastel]

    [Emmy_pastel]12 годин тому

    It gets annoying sometimes because they put their little hands in your pockets searching for your keys or your cigarets if you have cigarets They will tear it up if you have keys they will steal Them

  12. [Emmy_pastel]

    [Emmy_pastel]12 годин тому

    I used to have a raccoon as a pet

  13. BreadSlice

    BreadSlice13 годин тому

    I low key watched this movie on my birthday like two years ago, in a bowling alley, it was weird

  14. That's Mama Luigi to You

    That's Mama Luigi to You15 годин тому

    Grayscale Phineas

  15. milqou.

    milqou.16 годин тому


  16. JJPhoenix13

    JJPhoenix13День тому

    I remember when he fed them whipped cream lol

  17. Heyyy Wsp

    Heyyy WspДень тому

    7:41 is what your here for lmao

  18. Kitty G

    Kitty GДень тому

    I can’t breathe... HALP

  19. Abbie _

    Abbie _День тому

    pls review romeo and juliet: sealed with a kiss

  20. Knox McKellar

    Knox McKellarДень тому

    Bro the kung fu rabbit move mad 11 million dollars from it

  21. lazy potatoez

    lazy potatoezДень тому

    shit i just spit out my food

  22. BasicallyAstro

    BasicallyAstroДень тому

    This isn't kung fu, its cong foo

  23. li' maniack16

    li' maniack16День тому

    He’s dressed like a new host of blues clues

  24. jess bianco

    jess biancoДень тому

    im so dead lmaoo great content man

  25. BloodBath

    BloodBathДень тому

    Hi fellow 14 year old nammed drew

  26. ILoveMyDog

    ILoveMyDog2 години тому

    I’m not ok bakaahh

  27. I Am The Goose

    I Am The GooseДень тому

    *Wonder if hes still subscribed...*

  28. KidAwesome

    KidAwesomeДень тому

    How did no one rick roll him?!

  29. Zohair Zaman

    Zohair Zaman2 дні тому

    He’s actually been doing it for 26 YEARS!

  30. Phoenix Gray

    Phoenix Gray2 дні тому

    5:47 meanwhile rocket slapping thor be like " i love smacking bitches"

  31. rama_jahin

    rama_jahin2 дні тому

    The racoon thing was so wholesome man

  32. George Lampropoulos

    George Lampropoulos2 дні тому


  33. collynd. Yezkiel

    collynd. Yezkiel2 дні тому

    Not to be racist but bruh almost every eyes is small as an ant

  34. Sayuri Rosa

    Sayuri Rosa2 дні тому

    my grandpa showed me that raccoon video of the guy feeding them hotdogs

  35. xd slandor

    xd slandor2 дні тому

    your hair 🤸

  36. Melanie Munoz

    Melanie Munoz2 дні тому

    10:41 gotta keep an eye out for selener

  37. Shandale McLenaghan

    Shandale McLenaghan2 дні тому

    can he make a video of what he would do if we looked it up p.s-pls DO IT

  38. 【 -ʙᴏяᴛᴢ- 】

    【 -ʙᴏяᴛᴢ- 】2 дні тому

    Anyone else feel like the Kung Fu Rabbit sounds like the mad hatter from Alice in wonder land??? 🤔

  39. Jess E

    Jess E2 дні тому

    Danny! You should’ve subbed to the raccoon man!😢

  40. ILoveMyDog

    ILoveMyDog2 години тому


  41. ILoveMyDog

    ILoveMyDog2 години тому

    He did

  42. Luke Shaw

    Luke Shaw2 дні тому

    I’m surprised no one Rick rolled him lol

  43. The Report Future

    The Report Future2 дні тому

    wheres the movey

  44. Furious BearGaming

    Furious BearGaming2 дні тому

    My chinchilla can pick up random tiny things and throws it

  45. froomple doomple

    froomple doomple2 дні тому

    watch gacha life cring

  46. Weebalicious Arts

    Weebalicious Arts3 дні тому

    lol I remember watching this shit when I was younger, I’m still laughing about it till this day🤣

  47. connie hoyland

    connie hoyland3 дні тому

    love the shirt danny

  48. Comic Nine

    Comic Nine3 дні тому

    I remember the scene where the rabbit catches a fly and that’s it

  49. Dwight schrute

    Dwight schrute3 дні тому

    The racoons were passively growling at each other. Basically just telling the others to get their own. I to feed racoons. 😆

  50. Arcri

    Arcri3 дні тому

    "I can't make a video out of short videos" 7 minutes in, still talking about the racoons

  51. Anna Farley

    Anna Farley3 дні тому

    5:00 💀

  52. Wait-

    Wait-3 дні тому

    The next thing I want to see is Monster House, that movie was terrifying as a little kid

  53. Teri R.

    Teri R.Годину тому

    Idk why, but when I watched that as a kid, the most traumatising thing about that movie for me was when the little kid gets her tricycle stolen in the opening scene. Deadass even when the house started walking the streets at the end of the movie I was still stressing about that girl's tricycle

  54. Wait-

    Wait-3 дні тому

    Seems every year you make a video off of a knockoff movie (last year was Ratatoing)

  55. Not John Bruno

    Not John Bruno4 дні тому

    Getting slapped by a raccoon sounds a lot better than getting slapped by legal

  56. Sally N

    Sally N4 дні тому


  57. Krystek XD

    Krystek XD4 дні тому

    .... This is unhealthy for racoons ....

  58. Rick Bowen

    Rick Bowen4 дні тому

    Ohhhmygooood! Years ago, my family rented this movie thinking it was the sequel to kung fu panda and we were so god damn disappointed in the shit we saw


    ΜΞŦŽ ŦĦΔŦ4 дні тому

    Who's greg

  60. Logan Taylor

    Logan Taylor4 дні тому

    I’m from South Carolina but I’m from the upstate

  61. Adri T.R.

    Adri T.R.4 дні тому

    why does kung fu rabbit sound like the mad hatter

  62. Brick Magma

    Brick Magma5 днів тому

    Lol i remember watching the bunny thing.

  63. Funnyicewolf _RL

    Funnyicewolf _RL5 днів тому

    It’s a sequel to Kung fu panda

  64. Gamer boy

    Gamer boy5 днів тому

    I’m Greg now!!!!!! I subbed and put the bell on!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Julia Bascomb

    Julia Bascomb5 днів тому

    I almost cried watching that raccoon video... I laughed rly RLY hard

  66. Whimsical tunes

    Whimsical tunes5 днів тому

    Omg I just realized I watched kung fu rabbit when it came out

  67. Austin Arnold

    Austin Arnold5 днів тому

    He needs to watch "Rim of the World" on netflix, its a trainwreck and even has a random adidas sponsorship scene

  68. Per Pennerud

    Per Pennerud4 дні тому

    God i remember watched that movie, ya make mistakes

  69. Jon D

    Jon D5 днів тому

    Raccoon whisperer update: The channel now has 413k subscribers

  70. Flargarbason

    Flargarbason5 днів тому

    He needs to do a full Kong-Fu Rabbit video

  71. TheDeadCobra

    TheDeadCobra5 днів тому

    Well done video Drew Gooden

  72. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment5 днів тому

    No half glizzies

  73. BoredYoutuber

    BoredYoutuber5 днів тому

    the sequel is better

  74. HappilyDepressed

    HappilyDepressed5 днів тому


  75. Hikmatu Mutala

    Hikmatu Mutala6 днів тому

    Fun fact: the reason why Kung Fu Rabbit was made because of Kung Fu Panda. The reason being that some Chinese people were, umm, I guess, shocked that according to them that Americans made a movie about Chinese culture that was great and enjoyable, and it wasn't full of racist BS. Some Chinese creators were actually trying to boycott it in China because ,well I don't know why (you can google it) but it failed. (of course it did). Sooo the did this. It's actually funny when you think about it 😂😂

  76. Hikmatu Mutala

    Hikmatu Mutala6 днів тому

    Fun fact: the reason why Kung Fu Rabbit was made because of Kung Fu Panda. The reason being that some Chinese people were, umm, I guess, shocked that according to them that Americans made a movie about Chinese culture that was great and enjoyable, and it wasn't full of racist BS. Some Chinese creators were actually trying to boycott it in China because ,well I don't know why (you can google) but it failed (of course it did). Sooo the did this. It's actually funny when you think about it 😂😂

  77. Super Ibrahim 2010

    Super Ibrahim 20106 днів тому

    i just searched lionsgates films and kung Fu rabbit is not one of them

  78. Porter Jones

    Porter Jones6 днів тому

    Kung fi rabbit more like cung fu trash oooooooooooo I tried spare me

  79. Meron Esho

    Meron Esho6 днів тому

    This is lispist

  80. Meron Esho

    Meron Esho6 днів тому

    I liked that movies

  81. Zeetack

    Zeetack6 днів тому

    I’d everybody going to ignore *OBJECTS I HAVE SHOVED UP MY ARSE*

  82. Scarlette :3

    Scarlette :36 днів тому

    I wait three months and binge his videos

  83. chiaki Nanami

    chiaki Nanami6 днів тому

    Good idea

  84. Creationator

    Creationator6 днів тому

    That “Is someone gonna do something” scene went between like 4 scenes.

  85. PantKicker

    PantKicker6 днів тому

    If I saw that bunny at night I would be sacred ad fricc

  86. Rxzz Gxlxy!

    Rxzz Gxlxy!6 днів тому

    Danny: Monkeys' have hands- Monkeys': Don't mind if I do!🥂

  87. Dinger

    Dinger6 днів тому

    danny’s finger looks uncircumcised at 5:37

  88. Nathan Jarrett

    Nathan Jarrett7 днів тому

    "What animal has hands?" Uh.......humans do.

  89. cowboy baby

    cowboy baby7 днів тому

    fun fact: raccoons also like to wash food with their little man hands. they also purr! my cousin brought in a baby raccoon to rehab and i got to hold him and he clung onto me for dear life and was purring like crazy 🥺

  90. Tess C.

    Tess C.7 днів тому


  91. Tess C.

    Tess C.7 днів тому


  92. Volkan Manco

    Volkan Manco7 днів тому


  93. shia is a evil gamer

    shia is a evil gamer7 днів тому

    the racoon guy is a legend

  94. NeoFyre

    NeoFyre7 днів тому

    you should react to the first Sharknado movie it is SO bad and it make a GREAT video

  95. Stuart D

    Stuart D7 днів тому

    Apparently Michael Clarke Duncan is in both Kung Fu Rabbit and Kung Fu Panda.

  96. Evan Ferreira

    Evan Ferreira8 днів тому

    oh no... this...

  97. Stinky’s Diner

    Stinky’s Diner8 днів тому

    Your shirt reminded me of blues clues

  98. lilén i think

    lilén i think8 днів тому

    the kung fu rabbit backgrounds look EXACTLY like the ones in kung fu panda legends of awesomeness. there's not a difference, they literally look the same.

  99. Noah Fowler

    Noah Fowler8 днів тому

    Danny is wearing the same shirt as the guy from blue's clues

  100. Chandler Todd

    Chandler Todd8 днів тому

    not 6 years 26 years

  101. Kally Werning

    Kally Werning8 днів тому

    Why does Danny look like he’s the host of “feeling blues clues”

  102. Scramble

    Scramble8 днів тому

    11:59 did you sneak Walter in there?

  103. Lps Sunny

    Lps Sunny8 днів тому

    He looks like Steve Harrington in season 1 of stranger things lmao

  104. Ghost Narrow

    Ghost Narrow8 днів тому

    the second i saw the rainbow flag in low quality waving, i quite literally shouted “NOOOOOOOO” because i knew exactly what it was....

  105. Lynqx_Xar STUDIOS

    Lynqx_Xar STUDIOS9 днів тому

    If you give a racon half a hot dog he is going to "🖕you now I'm going to give you rabies!!! "

  106. Aseya Sims

    Aseya Sims9 днів тому

    The rabbits mouth didn’t sync up with the audio and his face didn’t make actual facial expressions it’s like he had permanent Botox and couldn’t move his face

  107. Teri R.

    Teri R.Годину тому

    It's probably a dub