Kylie Will Hate Me For This… KYLIE X GRINCH REVIEW | NikkieTutorials


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  3. Lani

    Lani11 днів тому

    Ofccccccccccc it’s a classic 😌🖐

  4. Gonzalo Barallat

    Gonzalo Barallat25 днів тому

    I haré it but i love the make up

  5. Elle'vyn's Crazy Life

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    Yasssss! Many times!!

  6. Kimberly Galindo

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    The patch might have been lacking eye primer/concealer it happens to me all the time a lot of the time in the crease. Just blend it out I don’t need to tell you! 🥰

  7. Salaire Kd

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  8. Desp Pap

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    Why the blush is soooo pink

  9. kim

    kimДень тому

    why would kylie hate u? i thought the review was positive with some truth

  10. Cambree Lawler

    Cambree Lawler2 дні тому

    Billie you are so kind and nice and you have made an impact in my life

  11. Cambree Lawler

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    Nikkie oops lol

  12. E R

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    Who else is having trouble focusing on anything besides the eye after she points it out lol

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    Shes Dutch the words are pronounced differently love

  15. Olivia Groh

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    WHO VILL!!!!! WHO VILL!!!!!

  16. Annika Corbin

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    I love the green eye💚 but I can’t really give feed back on the colors because I don’t buy Kylie cosmetics. But I’m in love with that red lipstick

  17. Aías Daian

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    Grinch: the kinda movie I was afraid to watch, but I don't know how to explain why, and still used to watch entirely every single time

  18. Aías Daian

    Aías Daian4 дні тому

    I'm obsessed with the both sides

  19. Jeramy Turla

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    do girls actually wear this kind of make up in public?

  20. Marie M

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    I love your editing lmao

  21. Ella Fink

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    I like the gold side because im more of a natural kind of girl, plus im 14 and when i do bright colors of eyeshadows is makes me look 3 years older😂

  22. Klara Marie

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    Does anyone know which lashes she used ?

  23. chrxli cherries

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    The neck line 👁👄👁

  24. Wolf

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    Nikkie you are so, so pretty

  25. zara fatima

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    iam team green eyee too!!

  26. Ashley Contiz

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    she is probably the only beauty guru i watch since some of the other beauty gurus have been a bit chaotic😂🤷🏻‍♀️

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  28. Officials Ameey

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    Can u do a makeup reaction for blood money by JS ?

  29. Vuk Ceklic

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    The ahead string subsequently enjoy because corn gully bow out a gigantic chick. hateful, romantic fact

  30. Kaithlyn Lisbey

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    The lively broccoli similarly pass because wednesday visually taste along a chunky parsnip. mellow, condemned speedboat

  31. EmmyinWonderland

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    I watch that movie all year long! It doesn't matter if it's Christmas or not. My brother and I watch it all the time!

  32. Merel Schalke

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    nikkie: I HATE GREEN also nikkie: *wearing a green jacket*

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  34. A E

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    the "GRINGE"?????

  35. Exotic Butter •LOVER•

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    im urmom1

  36. Sabrina Forlini

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    She says the grinch is her favourite all time movie and doesn’t know what who hash is? Seriously?

  37. wild stingray

    wild stingray7 днів тому

    it might be called something else in dutch

  38. Winnie Lewis

    Winnie Lewis9 днів тому

    I WISH I was into makeup, you seem like such a cool and fun person to watch. But I don’t like watching makeup videos, HOWEVER YOU ARE STILL A QUEEN KEEP GOING GURL

  39. Kam Beasly

    Kam Beasly9 днів тому

    Ok I get that weird "clear patch" on that part of my eye with almost anything I use and I am always hoping I will find an influencer talking about how to fix it lol, does anyone have tips?

  40. Alissa Vaden

    Alissa Vaden9 днів тому

    I love the green because the shine and the pigment

  41. Mckenna White

    Mckenna White11 днів тому

    I love the green eye


    Harte VANCOMPERNOLLE11 днів тому

    I love the green eye 🥰

  43. Jubon jubon

    Jubon jubon11 днів тому

    Well done. I actually enjoyed watching this video!!

  44. Iffa Kashif

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    Hey Nikkie the patch in the crease is u should u a compact or any kind of powder on ur lid and crease fist after priming if u will bet u it won't happen love u.👑👑

  45. Alie Belt

    Alie Belt11 днів тому

    These products fell flat

  46. Lani

    Lani11 днів тому

    Honestly the hooshash name is so clever 😭

  47. Kardelen Aksu

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  48. Audrey Rys

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    I didn't get christmas vibes from this..... I GOT ST. PATRICK'S DAY I mean like green and gold!

  49. ازهار ازهار

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    تشبهني بس انا احلى

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  51. #mylan

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    Could you pls review the line from Liza loshy with cest moi????

  52. Ruchi Saxena

    Ruchi Saxena12 днів тому

    I know its late but i would love nikki to do a full on grinch make up ya the whole face in green i think

  53. Laura Cardona

    Laura Cardona12 днів тому

    yes I have seen the GRINCH and love the geen and the rose red one so gold love it

  54. Kayslayy Playz

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    I just noticed it was posted on my b day

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    omg mijn droom is door jou te worden opgemaakt maarja wie ben ik whahahahahahahah

  56. Ana Aimée

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    I looove your skin❤️❤️❤️

  57. Yusra Raza

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    I love her for having the courage to give cronstructive critisism to a major brand where as most wouldn't because.... I mean it's Kylie frickin Jenner

  58. Joshua Beech-Maher

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    Do you think trees wanna get their leaves did like nails?

  59. alwaysTHEpink

    alwaysTHEpink14 днів тому

    I had an experience with the patches and used almost an hour to fix it

  60. Esther Coelho

    Esther Coelho14 днів тому

    The pallet is great but I was expecting more shadows on the green side

  61. LuLu Live

    LuLu Live14 днів тому

    It reminds me of the Grinch collection from Pur Cosmetics. I like your green eye more. So pretty! =)

  62. What Doin

    What Doin14 днів тому

    Cmon we all know the true Grinch is Boris Johnson (if you're from the uk give me a cheer)!!

  63. SinsDarkerThanNight

    SinsDarkerThanNight14 днів тому

    I really love your style of makeup but the blush in this video on the nose..... let's say you remind me of a drunk rudolph xD anyway, love you!

  64. Lulu Briceno

    Lulu Briceno15 днів тому

    I have this pallete and Love it 💚 I have no problems at all with patching or anything else.

  65. amtul waseem

    amtul waseem15 днів тому

    seeing this vdeo after just 2 eps of "LAYERS OF ME" and I just dont hv enough words.....never thought this cheerful lady hv went thru so much :(

  66. wolf princess

    wolf princess15 днів тому

    I Love the green, Team GREEN.

  67. Andrea Allen

    Andrea Allen15 днів тому

    I watch your videos all the time thank you for sharing

  68. Aditi Bundela

    Aditi Bundela15 днів тому

    which eye brush do you use

  69. ItsMadi!

    ItsMadi!16 днів тому

    Anyone know where those butterfly clips are from?!?

  70. marina pagano

    marina pagano16 днів тому

    I love so much the grinch side, it's so glam

  71. Hattie brant

    Hattie brant17 днів тому

    Love how honest u was

  72. SilviaLisseth

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    Your review and honesty is more important than to lie and make sure to stay on the pr list . Thank you for your honesty .

  73. Purple Bread

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    Love you nik!

  74. Elizabeth Torb

    Elizabeth Torb17 днів тому

    Видимо перевести это на русский, корейский языки - слишком дорого ИЛИ американцы действительно тупые, раз считают, что все должны безупречно знать английский. Эти люди перестанут страдать комплексом бога??? Даже в видео южно-корейких блогеров есть перевод на многие языки, что показывает их элементарное уважение к другим нациям. Теперь я понимаю почему американцев называют тупыми.

  75. Google User

    Google User17 днів тому

    Nikkie, does your camera have a built-in skin softening filter? Which kind?

  76. Mrs Lollipop

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  77. Torey !

    Torey !18 днів тому

    It’s okay. Be real and you’ll be okay ☺️

  78. MissEngelsby

    MissEngelsby18 днів тому

    this is cheap points. I love the Grinch but couldn't care less for the K-fam 🤣 You however is stunning as always Lots of love and support from Denmark 🇩🇰 ❤

  79. April's channel

    April's channel18 днів тому

    Green side

  80. Jaydin Malone

    Jaydin Malone18 днів тому

    I love how she says “gringe”!!!!

  81. Melisa Erogul

    Melisa Erogul18 днів тому

    love the red lips

  82. la bamaba. - 1070 kutan

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    Is your ear ok? Its suuuuuuper read

  83. gsef

    gsef18 днів тому

    nobody: Nikkie: *FALLOUT*

  84. Meghana PG

    Meghana PG18 днів тому

    Your skin 😍😍

  85. Serenity Rae

    Serenity Rae18 днів тому

    Nikki I love you but it's GRINCH not gringe

  86. Akshita Dutt

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    That's too much blush... Did you mean it to be like that?

  87. Tamain Boesak

    Tamain Boesak19 днів тому

    I'm not a make up person @ all..but loving this video..❤

  88. Tanjirō

    Tanjirō19 днів тому

    I love how Nikki makes every color look so amazing on her. Where as I turn into a clown as soon as I grab something not as natural😂

  89. Kerry Cruz

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    That lipstick on you is 🔥

  90. Suzy Mentzos

    Suzy Mentzos19 днів тому

    Green side is gorgeous

  91. Michelle DeBerry

    Michelle DeBerry19 днів тому

    CRINGEEEEEEE!!!! Doesn’t know what the last can of who hash is and keeps saying “gringe” girl bye

  92. Lexi Stinnett

    Lexi Stinnett19 днів тому

    Okay I know I'm a little late but like her hair looks so gorgeous!! As well as everything else!! Lol

  93. Xylie Lara

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    The pigment just falls apart

  94. Karen macphee

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    So lovely ☺️ You, you,you, oh and of course this super fun review. Best wishes to Kylie🙏💞

  95. Shyanne Todd

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    Can someone please tell me where to get the grinch jacket she's wearing?? I've been looking online for it everywhere & can't find it 😭

  96. Siku

    Siku20 днів тому

    Tbh it could be the primer it self not blending with the shadow

  97. Fe Maiden

    Fe Maiden20 днів тому

    Team green 💚

  98. Chastity Smith

    Chastity Smith20 днів тому

    You are, truly, talented!

  99. Kepjio Maily

    Kepjio Maily20 днів тому

    I love this! I really won't the palette!😭🍪

  100. Roger Ludiazo

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  101. Sʜ3ʀʟ0ᴄᴋ

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  102. Adriane Wasden

    Adriane Wasden20 днів тому

    Y'all realize that whoo hash is a canned potato hash, and what color are potatoes? Tan, yellow, white, in relationship to the GREEN SPARKLE ✨ it doesn't make sense. You nailed it Nikki... It doesn't make sense!

  103. Doodle Noodle

    Doodle Noodle20 днів тому

    I’d just buy the set for those browns

  104. Nubia H.

    Nubia H.20 днів тому

    the green side is pretty! the only thing is that patch tho... maybe a different primer would help?

  105. MayWellsOfficial

    MayWellsOfficial20 днів тому

    Yeah, I think I prefer the green side too 💚 I’m living for this red lipstick look thooooo 😍❤️

  106. tisenhow

    tisenhow21 день тому

    Too much color on your nose

  107. Kathryn

    Kathryn21 день тому

    could someone be kind enough to share what is “fallout”?

  108. Emily Ursich

    Emily Ursich19 днів тому

    @Kathryn no problem!🥰

  109. Kathryn

    Kathryn19 днів тому

    @Emily Ursich oh ok thanks. Pretty simple then I guess lol

  110. Emily Ursich

    Emily Ursich21 день тому

    It’s powder that “falls out” onto the pan/ onto the face

  111. Kell Bell

    Kell Bell21 день тому

    kylie needs to stick to lipstick ngl

  112. Meghna Jayachandran

    Meghna Jayachandran21 день тому

    The grinch eye ❤😍👏

  113. TurkeyLurker28

    TurkeyLurker2821 день тому

    The Gringe?