LG Wing Unboxing - This Thing is WILD


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  2. Reyes Yanez

    Reyes YanezДень тому


  3. 나만의조물조물세상

    나만의조물조물세상День тому

    There is another function when in self-portrait mode. When it falls, the sensor reacts and the camera goes back to normal.

  4. Michael S

    Michael S3 дні тому

    This is just a modern play on LG VX9400 how is this a new innovation?

  5. yash

    yash3 дні тому

    Please review the POCO F2 PRO

  6. Invento Potter

    Invento Potter4 дні тому

    It was trending in INDIA lew

  7. Alan Chester

    Alan Chester36 секунд тому

    LG always became to be leading of technology..

  8. Preston Payne

    Preston Payne9 хвилин тому

    Wifi ax?

  9. Armada1715

    Armada171510 хвилин тому

    Really looking forward to Apple inventing this feature in the iPhone 15 in like 3 years.

  10. mangoboy56

    mangoboy5618 хвилин тому

    So I take it you can't put a car on this phone which makes it useless.

  11. Harry Potter

    Harry Potter24 хвилини тому

    50 percent battery in 25 mins 100 percent battery in 85 mins Lojik

  12. Epic Cheez

    Epic Cheez46 хвилин тому

    It's Tony Stark's phone from the first iron man movie..!!

  13. Dan McGuire

    Dan McGuire46 хвилин тому

    LG makes great products that last two years..

  14. emanuel orozco

    emanuel orozco57 хвилин тому

    Why not make a phone with no chin or bezels

  15. Sanjit Matrud

    Sanjit MatrudГодину тому

    100 opens a day 3,000 a month 36000 a year. 180,000 over a 5 year period

  16. Akkabouzz 3doezoe

    Akkabouzz 3doezoeГодину тому


  17. Sam Exe

    Sam ExeГодину тому

    how to do exorcist while watching tutorial on yt?

  18. Dered Emerald

    Dered EmeraldГодину тому

    I love this wing than fold phone.

  19. Lalisa Joy

    Lalisa JoyГодину тому

    LG WING LAUNCHED Case: has left the comment...

  20. madne sanju

    madne sanju2 години тому

    Iron man phone

  21. Bryant Glover jr

    Bryant Glover jr2 години тому

    How would the case fit

  22. kadiyam Mahesh Babu

    kadiyam Mahesh Babu2 години тому

    Excellent phone 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  23. Dzikri Asmawi

    Dzikri Asmawi2 години тому

    it is wild!!...

  24. Blitz _Studios

    Blitz _Studios2 години тому

    I saw a comment saying that this looked like the phone tony stark used in the first iron man movie and now I can’t unsee it

  25. gaukala22

    gaukala222 години тому

    I really like this when will it come out? how much would it cost? I'm starting my savings for this beauty right now!!

  26. Joshua Nolan

    Joshua Nolan3 години тому

    pretty cool

  27. NimsChannel

    NimsChannel3 години тому

    Phone tech reached a point where the screen was big enough and any more power was unneeded. So now they're just adding tassels.

  28. UnNamed Beast

    UnNamed Beast3 години тому

    This is innovation at its best

  29. LevAgency

    LevAgency3 години тому

    That sound you hear - that's the sound of APPLE STOCK CRASHING!!! GOOD BYE - ONE BUTTON MACINTOSH!!! YOU WONT BE MISSED!!!

  30. Addis Ellis

    Addis Ellis4 години тому

    I almost lost my shit when the box swiveled

  31. Daniel Adeyinka

    Daniel Adeyinka4 години тому

    Best smartphone in 2020!!!!

  32. kurtosis

    kurtosis5 годин тому

    Me gusta el concepto, pero me disgusta tu canal.

  33. Bicycle

    Bicycle5 годин тому

    This actually is fucking awesome

  34. D

    D6 годин тому

    I like this out of the box concept. Respect for the designers

  35. Hector

    Hector6 годин тому

    Unbox Terapy Asmr Edition

  36. Phenomen79

    Phenomen796 годин тому

    I guess dual camera mode is an idea for on-street interview ? or for streamers ?

  37. Doretha Lynnette

    Doretha Lynnette6 годин тому

    This is what I've been waiting for 😂 lol I still miss my sidekick

  38. Brandon Solutions

    Brandon Solutions6 годин тому

    Aliens: Mom, can you buy me the new teleportation machine? Humans: Mom, can you buy me a even more waiste of money, dumb ass looking phone 😊

  39. Aaseez

    Aaseez6 годин тому

    Waiting for people who spend most of their time in editing 😂 Oh, wait..... I'm also the one🤔😂 Subscribe me 😉❤️

  40. Adam Segal

    Adam Segal6 годин тому

    Well, that sucks for left handers...

  41. Vortexx Gaming

    Vortexx Gaming6 годин тому

    me waiting for a pre order option

  42. Eugeniu Malai

    Eugeniu Malai7 годин тому

    I just imagined how great is to use it in T mode when going on meetings like Zoom/Teams, and on down screen you can have notes apps or mail box/Outlook ...

  43. 《DAI MOND》

    《DAI MOND》7 годин тому

    Only in 2020😅

  44. Hair stuff

    Hair stuff7 годин тому

    Bad madness 😔which has no future

  45. Joe Farruggia

    Joe Farruggia8 годин тому

    You just know someone at LG was craving KFC that day

  46. Aryaan Shastri

    Aryaan Shastri8 годин тому

    they just brought the nintendo ds to mobile phones

  47. CARBON

    CARBON8 годин тому

    Will be perfect if under the display they put real keyboard,not one nore diaplay...

  48. To Exipnokinitaki

    To Exipnokinitaki8 годин тому

    Nice but battery should be bigger

  49. Triple S

    Triple S8 годин тому

    I don't know how they're gonna be able to make a case that'll work with it though...

  50. İnterstellar

    İnterstellar8 годин тому

    world's most unnecessary cell phone.

  51. Wrestle Mania

    Wrestle Mania3 години тому

    Naa its still useful

  52. Arul Britto

    Arul Britto8 годин тому

    LG wing : 2020 Ironman : 2008 Stark technology 12 years ahead

  53. GoGee

    GoGee8 годин тому

    Waiting for the "round" phone now.

  54. Arul Britto

    Arul Britto8 годин тому

    It's Tony stark phone from first ironman movie..!

  55. GoGee

    GoGee8 годин тому

    I thought the square Blackberry was somewhat odd, but this? Good luck with the drop test in helicopter mode.

  56. Haise 2018

    Haise 20188 годин тому

    Imagining sitting in bus with this phone and someone would call you a madlad

  57. ringSing Sheik

    ringSing Sheik9 годин тому

    Best for Vlogging. But educate us if how to put protection cover for that

  58. Wireloca

    Wireloca9 годин тому

    Good Job LG!

  59. Sujay Sahoo

    Sujay Sahoo9 годин тому

    Does the phone fly?

  60. Bala Subramanian

    Bala Subramanian9 годин тому

    It looks ugly to me, sorry.

  61. Anggi Permana Harianja

    Anggi Permana Harianja9 годин тому

    If it is used to watch YT using top display and select video using bottom display.... That's not multi task... that's one task tough, watching YT

  62. easyNtough Math

    easyNtough Math9 годин тому

    My nokia is still the best.

  63. A_Tasty_ Treat

    A_Tasty_ Treat9 годин тому

    kewwwwl 😎

  64. Shafeeq Ahmed

    Shafeeq Ahmed9 годин тому

    Well this device really reduced the use of 2 devices during an online exam!! Now you can search for the answer and write the exam both ath the same device LG power baby!

  65. Shafeeq Ahmed

    Shafeeq Ahmed9 годин тому

    When you want to attend the online classes and game ath the same time!! LG:Don't worry kiddo I got this :)

  66. Ghillie Ghost

    Ghillie Ghost9 годин тому

    This is a Very good and innovative Concept and is actually functional Unlike Fold and other Concepts. This concept should not die and app developers should work to be compatible with this concept.

  67. God of Chaos Khorne

    God of Chaos Khorne9 годин тому

    This seems super dumb and clunky aside from the selfie camera

  68. Shafeeq Ahmed

    Shafeeq Ahmed9 годин тому

    The only phone in the market that can replicate a UAreporterr's Studio setup!! 😂 And rip to Samsung fold who have been working on the refrigerator door kind of setup! And now of course no one can distract you you with messages while you are watching a video or playing a game with full concentration the best solution for the situation where you think you had an extra screen!

  69. Star Gazer

    Star Gazer9 годин тому

    Why do I need this 😂

  70. vN

    vN9 годин тому

    By far the sexiest phone of this decade \m/

  71. Amal R Pillai

    Amal R Pillai10 годин тому

    This is osm!!!!

  72. Jacob William Turnbill

    Jacob William Turnbill10 годин тому

    Is that an Xbox Series S at 16:58?? :O

  73. Truth Seeker

    Truth Seeker10 годин тому

    Going to the haunted house Priest --> take holy water and cross Me --> nahhh.. just hand me the cellphone

  74. Shrinivas Baraker

    Shrinivas Baraker10 годин тому

    Really really coooool

  75. Rdja Show

    Rdja Show10 годин тому

    Now this is a blast :) like in the old days there was a bunch of different looks and types of phones and its kinda coming back 😁👊

  76. AC Taylor

    AC Taylor10 годин тому

    So basically a Sidekick for 2020.

  77. Death Adder

    Death Adder10 годин тому

    Another thing that got wings without the power of redbull.

  78. ComfortMsfit

    ComfortMsfit10 годин тому

    Honestly this phone is screaming name as a photographer. The Red Phone seems good

  79. itsalberto_real

    itsalberto_real10 годин тому

    This is like tony starks phone in the first movie

  80. shu

    shu10 годин тому

    i think lg or kyocera had a old old clamshell phone that basically did the same thing a while back to be used like a handheld camera

  81. ceerw buty

    ceerw buty10 годин тому

    If u need apple to bring out something like this ..pls wait till we get extinct

  82. HeavenCrafter

    HeavenCrafter11 годин тому

    If this is cheaper than the Galaxy Fold, I would understand that but if somehow, this is more expensive than the Fold. Pointless. I would rather have 2 full entire screens instead of 1.5 of a screen.

  83. Nirmal Kumbhar

    Nirmal Kumbhar11 годин тому

    Now i can enjoy the landscape mode and experience TV and computer and smartphone

  84. ceerw buty

    ceerw buty10 годин тому

    Legend 🇨🇦

  85. ashitosh phalake

    ashitosh phalake11 годин тому

    What is battery life ?

  86. Anup Gaikwad

    Anup Gaikwad11 годин тому

    LGK10 fans

  87. Terry Rosalie

    Terry Rosalie11 годин тому

    Its an upgrade of the phone that Tony stark used in the first ironman.

  88. Faisal Adil

    Faisal Adil11 годин тому

    shut up and take my money.

  89. Raed Skerek

    Raed Skerek11 годин тому

    Is that an Xbox Series S back there

  90. Miles Lee

    Miles Lee11 годин тому

    I think the Wing is better concept than Fold. Practically

  91. K Medusa

    K Medusa11 годин тому

    Mobile gamers out here getting it all. :))

  92. Lighz

    Lighz12 годин тому

    0:00 weird flex

  93. Njurdi

    Njurdi12 годин тому

    I would love this phone design if I wasn’t left handed... Still really cool idea from LG

  94. Gaurav karki

    Gaurav karki12 годин тому

    Play pubg on this

  95. truth seeker

    truth seeker11 годин тому

    someone already done that. search youtube pubg lg wing.

  96. •••Synapse•••Suicide•••

    •••Synapse•••Suicide•••12 годин тому

    This will be interesting for the Phone case companies how they can make a useable case with these type of phones

  97. Doc Phi

    Doc Phi12 годин тому

    How do you put a protective case on this thing???

  98. ipinnu oladipo

    ipinnu oladipo12 годин тому

    This feels unnecessary

  99. Rock Steady

    Rock Steady12 годин тому

    Good cocaine tray

  100. Mitch Whiting

    Mitch Whiting12 годин тому

    Legend 🇨🇦

  101. Kobby Sarfo

    Kobby Sarfo12 годин тому

    This is cool

  102. Suvam Dey

    Suvam Dey12 годин тому

    love u from india ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  103. Evan Tuttle

    Evan Tuttle12 годин тому

    lg vx9400

  104. Mahesh Dasika

    Mahesh Dasika12 годин тому

    This phone is useful when we have procted exam 😄😁

  105. Azeem Rangrezz

    Azeem Rangrezz12 годин тому

    765G?? whyyyyy they wasted this piece of art😭😭

  106. DiLLZGFX

    DiLLZGFX12 годин тому

    I love LG I can't believe they never get the recognition they deserve ?

  107. Flávio Eiiti Nakamura aka flaeii

    Flávio Eiiti Nakamura aka flaeii13 годин тому

    Amateur videos will never be the same

  108. Eeleah Enriquez

    Eeleah Enriquez13 годин тому

    Ipamigay mo na yan