1. PotaFry

    PotaFry3 години тому

    6:59 I have one on my suitcase

  2. Isabel Isabel

    Isabel Isabel6 годин тому

    I have the Velcro strips but they always move

  3. Nikky Fredericks

    Nikky Fredericks8 годин тому


  4. Jaci V

    Jaci V9 годин тому

    I used to drink pineapple juice whenever I have step throat and I still do. I drink it normally sometimes too. Very effective. RECOMMEND FOR ALL WITH THROAT PAINS!

  5. Brittney Frye

    Brittney Frye10 годин тому

    I will not put two bowls in a Microwave and My favorite animal is a cat🐈

  6. Chris B

    Chris B11 годин тому

    I have a kestt

  7. Faith Fernandez

    Faith Fernandez11 годин тому

    i love this channel. she is so lit!!

  8. ArchaicPrawn814 Gaming

    ArchaicPrawn814 Gaming11 годин тому

    I not lying when it was the oreo I was dunking my oero

  9. WolfGirlWild

    WolfGirlWild12 годин тому

    1. I wake up 2. I go outside 3. I see azzyland and get to meet her 4. I made a video with her 5. I cried The actual order is: 2, 3, 4, 1, 5.

  10. Jabez Cana

    Jabez Cana13 годин тому

    4:02 Delicious!!!

  11. Zaneta Pasterak

    Zaneta Pasterak13 годин тому

    The strawberry have a clue with its name lol

  12. Hailey Rangel

    Hailey Rangel14 годин тому

    I tried the strawberry with the straw and it totally work!!!😃👍

  13. Georgia Bowes

    Georgia Bowes16 годин тому

    Omg it does this helps so much after I saw this when it first came out it has helped so much

  14. Patrick Moore

    Patrick Moore17 годин тому

    I eat the strawberry stem

  15. Zlata Vasic

    Zlata Vasic17 годин тому


  16. Rubiini Koira

    Rubiini Koira18 годин тому

    1:41 i do it

  17. Rylin Valdez

    Rylin Valdez21 годину тому

    I eat the strawberry stem

  18. Sara Rays Corner

    Sara Rays Corner22 години тому

    do ducks clean or is it dish soap dawn I use it

  19. Hayden Gevedon

    Hayden GevedonДень тому

    It’s winter and mom said no strawberry in winter

  20. Kenneth Astudillo

    Kenneth AstudilloДень тому

    I OWN CASETS I HAVE 9087 I need help it showes when my dad was 21 he was a recorder of radio and now he’s 70 OMG

  21. Kid Parent

    Kid ParentДень тому

    I eat the strawberry’s stem

  22. Samantha Perry

    Samantha PerryДень тому

    Yeah but wut if u get sharpie on ur skin? 🤔

  23. Rachel Linage

    Rachel LinageДень тому

    No one steels a red pen? I love red..

  24. Scott Lawlor

    Scott LawlorДень тому

    I love your channel 🎀💓💓💓🎀 You should try to come up with an intro! I don't really care tho, just a suggestion

  25. Daniela Hernandez

    Daniela HernandezДень тому

    My mother already knew about that luggage one......Im so dumb.....I know that nobody cares

  26. Abigail Unicorn

    Abigail UnicornДень тому

    The strawberry pitter one acctually works! I do it everytime!!!! Also 5:43 azzy said safety pen but it was a paperclip . . .

  27. kiwi time

    kiwi timeДень тому

    I have to have cough syrup cuz im allergic to pineapple 😢

  28. Laura Grote

    Laura GroteДень тому

    Agre with the popsicle. I eat it waaaaaaaaaaay to fast before it drips ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡azzyland!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  29. Mabble 5

    Mabble 52 дні тому

    ...What is caste?

  30. Michael Almanzar

    Michael Almanzar2 дні тому

    I have tried the straw trick, it works!

  31. Linsy Morris

    Linsy Morris2 дні тому

    2:23 Jordie is shouting

  32. Trinity !

    Trinity !2 дні тому

    Yes the strawberry one works

  33. Allyssa Goetz

    Allyssa Goetz2 дні тому

    The strawberry hack works amazing

  34. Trinity !

    Trinity !2 дні тому

    I love your makeup

  35. Hey Y'all

    Hey Y'all2 дні тому

    Am I the only one that can find something wrong with every one of these life hacks?

  36. Kevin Proton

    Kevin Proton2 дні тому

    At 3:40 what about PAPER?

  37. Mona Nolan

    Mona Nolan2 дні тому

    I tried the phone and tape one it doesn’t work it’s just foggy

  38. jimin kook

    jimin kook3 дні тому

    9:49 why does it looks like a cheese I really thought it was cheese 🤣😄😅

  39. Ethan Reyna

    Ethan Reyna3 дні тому


  40. Leah Browne

    Leah Browne3 дні тому

    No a fence Azzy but I hate Nutella sorry well I never tried it so I will for u

  41. Amanda Pirtle

    Amanda Pirtle3 дні тому

    i have fallen many times on a rug

  42. FNaFlover 2.0

    FNaFlover 2.03 дні тому

    4:47 Yeah!, that’s why it’s called a STRAW-berry!;D

  43. mipy gacha kill78

    mipy gacha kill783 дні тому

    My pohone is broke :(

  44. Aga Abbagnale

    Aga Abbagnale3 дні тому

    The srawberry one i try this and it worked and BTW your videos are the Best 💪💓💕😊👍💝🐰🌈

  45. Amy Phelps

    Amy Phelps3 дні тому

    I hate milk so I won't dunk it. 🍪 🥛🤢🤮

  46. Ayana McGregor

    Ayana McGregor3 дні тому

    2019 anyone

  47. Demi Arendse

    Demi Arendse3 дні тому

    I did the🍓 and it worked

  48. Myranda Cramer

    Myranda Cramer4 дні тому

    i love you azzy

  49. Umidakhon Ismoilova

    Umidakhon Ismoilova4 дні тому

    Can you keep it down

  50. Poppy Judd

    Poppy Judd4 дні тому

    I've tried the strawberry one it works

  51. Shelby Haye

    Shelby Haye4 дні тому

    I don’t stand straight like my feet are always pointing out so yeah

  52. Llamie Plays-art

    Llamie Plays-art4 дні тому

    I dunk my Oreos in milk

  53. Ruth Bones

    Ruth Bones4 дні тому

    I-I have a caset sorry

  54. Mario Mario

    Mario Mario4 дні тому

    I have the same phone in the thumbnail lol

  55. Gabbi Rivera

    Gabbi Rivera4 дні тому

    u mean paper clips

  56. Gabbi Rivera

    Gabbi Rivera4 дні тому

    it works!!!

  57. Brooke Gounaris

    Brooke Gounaris4 дні тому

    I have tried the strawberry thing it does work but it smashes the strawberries

  58. makeup monday

    makeup monday4 дні тому

    I have

  59. makeup monday

    makeup monday4 дні тому

    I do

  60. xXMidnight ColeXx

    xXMidnight ColeXx4 дні тому

    Oh mah gawd. Someone else is allergic to amoxicillin!! (I am) Oh WHERE’S MY LATE SQUAD?! 2019?!

  61. Liz Price

    Liz Price4 дні тому

    I dip Oreos in milk

  62. Prayers First

    Prayers First4 дні тому

    I’ve got a suitcase made for me

  63. John Greene

    John Greene5 днів тому


  64. TDSL Stormzz

    TDSL Stormzz5 днів тому

    I’m Greek and on Greek Easter we boil eggs and then dye them red and crack them on each other

  65. Selina Torres

    Selina Torres5 днів тому

    I did the straw berry one and it works

  66. Squidward does art now!

    Squidward does art now!5 днів тому

    1:35 Umm I’ve been eating the stem all my life

  67. jada jones

    jada jones5 днів тому

    Somebody stole my red pen before and then somebody smashed it and I got that for Christmas

  68. Brownie Plays ;-;

    Brownie Plays ;-;5 днів тому

    the thing about the pineapple juice i have a fact so if anyone has had pineapple before and then your tounge hurts after its bc the pineapple is actually alive and is trying to eat you but your to big for it to eat you ( dont let this stop making you eat pineapple bc it made me stop for 3 weeks )

  69. Ève Bordeleau

    Ève Bordeleau5 днів тому

    I have at home a box that contains over 100 cassettes

  70. Hyper「X」 Wolf

    Hyper「X」 Wolf5 днів тому

    I like potatos What about you?

  71. Alexis Watts

    Alexis Watts5 днів тому

    You don't eat oreos with milk

  72. Charlie P

    Charlie P5 днів тому

    There's a cassette in my junk drawer

  73. Nathaniel Stone

    Nathaniel Stone5 днів тому

    HEY! I have cassettes! Like if you do to. 📼

  74. Jackie Lowery

    Jackie Lowery5 днів тому


  75. Landrey Evagelinos

    Landrey Evagelinos5 днів тому

    Don't try the straw berry hack it gets stuck in the straw I no I've tryed it before 😂😂😕😐👎does not work😂😕

  76. Lisha Wilson

    Lisha Wilson6 днів тому

    Who notices she's trying to relate to every thing

  77. unstoppable gaming

    unstoppable gaming6 днів тому

    *9:00** Azzy there could be lots of people in your family or you could be having guests round!* 🙂

  78. Holly Byrne 5

    Holly Byrne 56 днів тому

    So that's why we need to get together

  79. Night Dragon and Dan-Dan

    Night Dragon and Dan-Dan6 днів тому


  80. Brianna Torralba

    Brianna Torralba6 днів тому

    I like strawberry

  81. Tanya Nuttall

    Tanya Nuttall6 днів тому

    yes cassetes or something are rael

  82. ravens home

    ravens home6 днів тому

    1:36 i eat the stem because im to lazy to throw it away

  83. mikka Guevara

    mikka Guevara6 днів тому

    5:43 it’s not a safety pin azzy it's a paperclip 📎

  84. Briley Harrison

    Briley Harrison6 днів тому

    What is a cattases

  85. maria ruggieri

    maria ruggieri6 днів тому

    Can someone please like my comment

  86. Destiney Bailey

    Destiney Bailey6 днів тому

    Not to be song

  87. Destiney Bailey

    Destiney Bailey6 днів тому

    Are red violets are purple if you think they're blue you're a total idiot

  88. Destiney Bailey

    Destiney Bailey6 днів тому

    For all the four year olds watching I hate you you hate me let's team up and kill Barney with a baseball bat and a 4 by 4 no more purple dinosaur

  89. Aleksandar Muncan

    Aleksandar Muncan6 днів тому


  90. Aleksandar Muncan

    Aleksandar Muncan6 днів тому

    Sordy its 1:17

  91. Aleksandar Muncan

    Aleksandar Muncan6 днів тому

    In 1:25

  92. Paige richards22r

    Paige richards22r6 днів тому

    my dad does the dish soup on the tire thing and the iPhone and tape thing doesn't work

  93. Mary T

    Mary T6 днів тому

    I tried the strawberry thing

  94. Chloe Loves

    Chloe Loves6 днів тому

    The egg thing is for Easter

  95. Najla Bush

    Najla Bush6 днів тому

    I used the strawberry hack

  96. Chloe Lopez

    Chloe Lopez7 днів тому

    The straw hack doesn’t work I tried and the straw kept bending and I tried it on multiple strawberries and none of them worked

  97. Ruth Fowler

    Ruth Fowler7 днів тому

    You know the sutelace thing what I do is get a cooler full marker and write MIanE really bid

  98. Hanson Li

    Hanson Li7 днів тому

    I just hold onto the stem and just eat the rest

  99. Ilinka Iovu

    Ilinka Iovu7 днів тому

    Who ever read this please understand what im gona explain to you now, If you drink Cola or Pepsi don't eat after pineapple, or if you eat pineapple , don't drink Cola or Pepsi. This is real , its like a combination of drugs, please trust me ☠️☠️

  100. Nekoiya Garr

    Nekoiya Garr7 днів тому

    Azzy i just tried the tab thing and it really works try it

  101. Alien Gurl

    Alien Gurl7 днів тому

    At two Att 2:57 THAT ISNT TRUE I have weird feet and that is natural for me T_T Y DO I HAVE TO BE SO WEIRD!

  102. Sharie Deneve

    Sharie Deneve7 днів тому

    The straw and strawberry one only works with ripe I mean really perfectly ripe strawberry