1. mario reddemon

    mario reddemon8 годин тому

    it works

  2. Avery Lundgren

    Avery LundgrenДень тому

    3:14 we have the same allergy... anybody else???

  3. Isabella Woods

    Isabella WoodsДень тому

    my parents own at least 40 cassette cases

  4. Donna Cobb-Fox

    Donna Cobb-FoxДень тому

    That's why it's called a straw berry 😂

  5. Adrianna Losacco-Roy

    Adrianna Losacco-RoyДень тому

    I own a whole lot of tapes.

  6. Ellaiza Jallorina

    Ellaiza Jallorina2 дні тому

    Ummm so about eggs...when i was small i used to eat eggs that are RAW

  7. Melissa Sears

    Melissa Sears2 дні тому

    I cant have pineapple, kiwi, pineapple JUICE, ugh im so mad cuz I luv dem all... they're all DELISSSHHIOUS! (delicious)



    Umm I’m allergic to pineapple so what do I do

  9. Naussica Comeau-Martens

    Naussica Comeau-Martens3 дні тому

    I eat the strawberry stem because it is yummy

  10. Mythical Lynx

    Mythical Lynx3 дні тому

    6:57 anyone else notice it said ogranise instead of organise?

  11. Amy Arteaga

    Amy Arteaga4 дні тому

    Here is a life hack i use i put a Bow on my violin because THE tape falls off alot

  12. Gaming with Stellar Jay

    Gaming with Stellar Jay4 дні тому

    You know what’s funny my favorite pen is red😅

  13. Ashley Bentley

    Ashley Bentley4 дні тому

    I do

  14. Ashley Bentley

    Ashley Bentley4 дні тому

    Shophia i did

  15. Sarah Darou

    Sarah Darou4 дні тому

    My dad has cassettes

  16. Dominic Appleton

    Dominic Appleton4 дні тому

    i tried thestrawberry with the straw hack

  17. Liane alex Linejan

    Liane alex Linejan5 днів тому

    How about deviled egg

  18. Erin Lee

    Erin Lee5 днів тому

    0:48 is a UAreporterr named CrazyRussianHacker/Taras Kul

  19. Jennifer He

    Jennifer He5 днів тому

    I thought the post it note was cheese

  20. heyitsAdil gaming

    heyitsAdil gaming6 днів тому

    When did you start swearing

  21. SARCHA Mcleod

    SARCHA Mcleod6 днів тому

    i have tried the strawberrie one

  22. Eduardo DeAguiar

    Eduardo DeAguiar6 днів тому

    I’d rather have red pens and not blue pens

  23. Golam Haider

    Golam Haider6 днів тому

    I have cassettes at home

  24. Penelope Goddard

    Penelope Goddard6 днів тому

    I don’t like icing

  25. ItzMeRinai xX

    ItzMeRinai xX6 днів тому

    2:03 😂😂😂 Its so weird when she swears

  26. Sanja Jolevska

    Sanja Jolevska7 днів тому

    Roses are red Violets are blue I subbed to Azzy and you should to. 😇

  27. Jasen Kotanko

    Jasen Kotanko8 днів тому

    Me to azzy

  28. Meg Smiley

    Meg Smiley8 днів тому

    Yup, done the soap sliver thing too.

  29. Meg Smiley

    Meg Smiley8 днів тому

    We used that first hook hack when we were living in our RV after moving halfway across the country. It was great to keep our phones close without taking up our tiny night stand areas.

  30. Ellieana mckray

    Ellieana mckray8 днів тому

    The strawberry thing works

  31. Zoe Shinn

    Zoe Shinn8 днів тому

    Love your vids♡♡♡♡♡:-)

  32. Boku No Hero Academia Cosplay

    Boku No Hero Academia Cosplay8 днів тому

    1:37 I’m weird because I eat the strawberry stem too! Sorry for being weird!

  33. My Elvklint

    My Elvklint8 днів тому

    i eat the hole strawbery XD

  34. Obito Uchiha

    Obito Uchiha9 днів тому

    My dad has over 400 cassetes he plays it every night

  35. FlyAwayGacha

    FlyAwayGacha9 днів тому

    events from today: 1:someone said azzy sucks 2:they got hit by a car 3:i lost my drivers licence

  36. Jóna Karítas Guðmundsdóttir

    Jóna Karítas Guðmundsdóttir9 днів тому

    I just eat the strawberry stem, no kiddin it’s delicious

  37. envi girl

    envi girl9 днів тому

    My cousins drew an arrow with a marker in the wall, the next day I tried removing it with toothpaste it took decates to get clean🙄

  38. trollet trump

    trollet trump9 днів тому

    (1:33) i have Tried it and I use it all the time I recommend and try!!!

  39. Unicornlover7637

    Unicornlover76379 днів тому

    Hi azzy

  40. Mary Mowatt

    Mary Mowatt9 днів тому

    I once had a diff school and I was running and I tripped on the rug

  41. carolyn thompson

    carolyn thompson10 днів тому

    I have a DIY sauces in muffin cups or pancakes cups

  42. Jessica Whelchel

    Jessica Whelchel10 днів тому

    Can You Guess Who The Best Person In The World Is ? Hint: Read the second word

  43. AM production

    AM production10 днів тому

    You don't love us all soo much 😢😢

  44. Nano Osta

    Nano Osta10 днів тому

    Roses are red Violets are blue I wanna make slime But I don’t have any glue

  45. Priyanka p a

    Priyanka p a10 днів тому

    I do have cassettes

  46. Anna-Marie Mullenix

    Anna-Marie Mullenix11 днів тому

    I have migraines every day 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 and I get very angry


    ISABEL SMITH11 днів тому

    Slow down girl!

  48. Phoenix

    Phoenix11 днів тому

    I tried the strawww…..AND IT DON'T WORK

  49. Maritza De Rodrigez

    Maritza De Rodrigez11 днів тому

    I tried pushing a straw through a strawberry. Did not work!

  50. Addy vloggs

    Addy vloggs11 днів тому

    I twisted my ankle from wiping out on the rug

  51. Addy vloggs

    Addy vloggs11 днів тому

    I own cassette tapes of funny things my dad did when he was younger such as his third grade play

  52. Avakin Allyson

    Avakin Allyson11 днів тому

    1:38 i allways do this and it works

  53. animation and gach

    animation and gach11 днів тому

    Į have cases a pail😀

  54. Kelly Contreras

    Kelly Contreras11 днів тому

    Most of these stuff or forum wienge

  55. misha sharma

    misha sharma11 днів тому

    Whoa.. I tried to fix my tablet's camera vision with the that tape trick and guess what? It totally works!

  56. Shaun Fisher

    Shaun Fisher11 днів тому

    ♥️ videos

  57. Shaun Fisher

    Shaun Fisher11 днів тому

    Free real estate!!

  58. Mo Huynh

    Mo Huynh12 днів тому

    2:16-2:26 I already knew it😉

  59. MissAliseGeorge

    MissAliseGeorge12 днів тому

    Azzy: I personally don't dunk my Oreos in my milk....but Me: why is this in my recommended?!?

  60. Gioveiry Guzman

    Gioveiry Guzman9 днів тому

    Because this channel is awesome

  61. Cheetie Jade

    Cheetie Jade12 днів тому

    You could also use a rubber band for the Jean trick

  62. Cheetie Jade

    Cheetie Jade12 днів тому

    You could also use a rubber band for the Jean trick

  63. Sheepythesheep 2

    Sheepythesheep 212 днів тому

    I have a lot of cassette cases

  64. andrew cordero

    andrew cordero12 днів тому

    When you dunk Oreos in milk it would taste good

  65. Happy Giraffe

    Happy Giraffe13 днів тому

    But how do you get sharpie of skin?

  66. Panda Grams

    Panda Grams13 днів тому

    I’ve tried the straw and strawberry one and it’s actually really good. Although it’s hard to get the straw right in the middle to actually pick up the stem

  67. Shinde U G Shinde

    Shinde U G Shinde13 днів тому

    You look great with makeup and same without make up you are so beautiful

  68. Shinde U G Shinde

    Shinde U G Shinde13 днів тому

    You also look great without makeup

  69. Ayden Parrott

    Ayden Parrott14 днів тому

    NO! I have a android

  70. Robert Kelchner

    Robert Kelchner14 днів тому

    1:39 I did it... It works

  71. Doroteja Simic

    Doroteja Simic14 днів тому


  72. Cola Coconut

    Cola Coconut14 днів тому

    The tablet one IS SOO FOR ME!

  73. Christelle Iza M. Atienza Vlogs

    Christelle Iza M. Atienza Vlogs14 днів тому

    I wrote something on the glass and i put some lotion and it worked

  74. Ellie Kudrenko

    Ellie Kudrenko15 днів тому

    I eat the starberry stime and leaves like if you do too

  75. Chan Chloe Student

    Chan Chloe Student15 днів тому

    I did the strawberry hack and it half worked and half failed cuz I was not strong enough

  76. Elise Pastien

    Elise Pastien16 днів тому

    6:00 . We just gonna ignore the fact that she said “torteelas” smh

  77. Jasmine Karim

    Jasmine Karim16 днів тому

    I own one


    dulcemilio@gmail.com16 днів тому


  79. FanFictionGirl

    FanFictionGirl17 днів тому


  80. Snowy Wolf777

    Snowy Wolf77718 днів тому

    8:58 one word: *EASTER*

  81. Judy Li

    Judy Li18 днів тому

    On 6:40 it said to put tea bags in your shoes and I tried it and now my shoes smell like a smelly shoes and tea

  82. Shivani.Shantakumar Shantakumar

    Shivani.Shantakumar Shantakumar18 днів тому

    Maybe she wants toortilas

  83. Shivani.Shantakumar Shantakumar

    Shivani.Shantakumar Shantakumar18 днів тому

    Why did azzy end it telling what? She don't tell bye


    ANNE MWAURA19 днів тому

    That is smart I'm allagic to apple juice not apples

  85. Carrie Weston

    Carrie Weston19 днів тому

    8:40 heyyyyyyyy my bro thought of that (I think. he told me he might be a liar)

  86. Carrie Weston

    Carrie Weston19 днів тому

    Do you like dogs Do are like dogs Do amazing like dogs Do just like dogs Do the like dogs Do way like dogs Do you actually like dogs Do are like dogs again Read the second word in every line 😊☺️

  87. Berco04

    Berco0420 днів тому

    wth the carpet moving hack kinda looks like my carpet and my house

  88. Livefoxgamer Willmd24

    Livefoxgamer Willmd2420 днів тому

    I push a draw through the strawberry to take the stem off! :D

  89. Alaina Reeves

    Alaina Reeves20 днів тому

    I have cassettes and I'm only 13

  90. Natalia C.

    Natalia C.21 день тому

    My father has a kasett

  91. Taeko Yamada

    Taeko Yamada22 дні тому

    Da duck is a meme

  92. Billie Eilish

    Billie Eilish22 дні тому

    they do the cookie ice cream sandwich hack at my school

  93. Billie Eilish

    Billie Eilish22 дні тому

    the straw hack works

  94. Judd Hoff

    Judd Hoff22 дні тому

    "Did some fall and accidently rub the wal-nut?"

  95. skyler !

    skyler !23 дні тому

    Who came here of the thumbnail?

  96. Happy Meal

    Happy Meal23 дні тому

    Im doing some of that

  97. Madison Johnson

    Madison Johnson24 дні тому

    Who else was sad with the first one when you look at yourself and your holding you phone watching azzyland 😭

  98. Gypsie Ching

    Gypsie Ching24 дні тому

    Azzy u are my favourite you you tuber I think u are so funny

  99. Luna wolf gaming

    Luna wolf gaming25 днів тому

    On the sharpie on I have the same marker

  100. crazy kidz

    crazy kidz25 днів тому

    Thanks for the hacks and especially to find the end of tape

  101. Dixie Riggs

    Dixie Riggs25 днів тому

    Did She just say New-Tell-a?? Not how you pronounce it!!! (I get bugged by the smallest things)