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Lil Peep - Life Is Beautiful


  1. ᅚᅚTyrone

    ᅚᅚTyrone14 хвилин тому

    lil peep merch

  2. Гулек кошелек

    Гулек кошелек25 хвилин тому

    На русском это звучит лучше)

  3. Amanchik Slv

    Amanchik Slv51 хвилина тому


  4. Senickse Arts

    Senickse Arts4 години тому

    Почему когда я сначала слушаю русский кавер а потом оригинал мне первое нравится и если сначала оригинал а потом на русском то оригинал!?!?! Ребзя помогите!!!!

  5. Emisia xD

    Emisia xD7 годин тому

    „And if you never need a friend then you got me „ hit me in heart beacouse my bestie (i know HER 10yrs) just betrayed me and i end relationship with her today

  6. Ben Alexander

    Ben Alexander8 годин тому

    whoa...."i think imma die alone in my room" 2:21

  7. Deon 420

    Deon 42010 годин тому

    I wish someone could stop you I know I world Rip men

  8. shadow panda

    shadow panda10 годин тому

    I am crying right now he was such a good raper

  9. the big gey

    the big gey13 годин тому

    "i think i'm gonna die alone in my room" RIP :(

  10. Артём Климов

    Артём Климов13 годин тому

    очень душевно

  11. Deadinside •_•

    Deadinside •_•15 годин тому


  12. Emily Brown

    Emily Brown16 годин тому

    I wish I could of stopped you from suicide💔long live lil peep

  13. I’m Sorry

    I’m Sorry17 годин тому

    Rip lil peep ❤️

  14. icyy_MiKee

    icyy_MiKee18 годин тому

    only the OG’s know what song this it


    ÄRLËQÜINÄ LÖKÄ19 годин тому

    Pesquisa rápida 😭 Lil Peep like XXXTENTACION comentários My: Lil Peep 💔

  16. Rusty Stewart

    Rusty Stewart20 годин тому

    Peepers I love you in my eyes the best song our youth. Could and need to hear

  17. Master

    Master20 годин тому

  18. someoneofall

    someoneofall21 годину тому

    He said I think I will die alone inside my room

  19. Lul Lul

    Lul Lul21 годину тому

    Omg i love the fist 20sec 😫💔

  20. MeltingFlame583

    MeltingFlame58322 години тому

    Rip lil peep

  21. Shanti Beckert

    Shanti Beckert23 години тому

    So much more than Perfect 🙏

  22. Shrek 69

    Shrek 6923 години тому


  23. enes ip3k

    enes ip3k23 години тому

    Yeah life is beatiful but ı dont like beatiful...

  24. Skater Nob

    Skater NobДень тому

    2 0 1 9 #peepforever

  25. NikOwnzYu

    NikOwnzYuДень тому

    Man the lyrics are so real and i get em. Life sucks sometimes, but the fact that both the bad and good shit is only possible through humans, or love, etc means life is beautiful. But we learn and grow from it and its what makes us stronger ie this is this generations way of evolution. Yes its a little weak compared to the other generations but its what we are really feeling. All of that together makes life beautiful. Lil peep is a fucking legend.

  26. DqnkDaddy 33

    DqnkDaddy 33День тому

    U think shes adorable she thinks that u are inpropable

  27. Germanjumphouse

    GermanjumphouseДень тому

    i was a happy person before Lil Peep xD

  28. Vero Salvador

    Vero SalvadorДень тому

    Ils viennent de comprendre ! 😩

  29. Vero Salvador

    Vero SalvadorДень тому

    He says he do! Wtf? So sad ! RIP my dear🙇Californication ! 😢

  30. D Major

    D MajorДень тому

    And If You Ever Need A Friend Then Ya Got Me",And In The End When I Die Would You Watch Me,"And If Tried Suicide Would You Stop Me Would You Help Me Get A Grip Or Would You Drop Me",Run Away Make Friends With The Moon,Why You Trippin' You'll Be With Ya Friends Soon There Comes A Time Everybody Needs To Save Fate",I Think Imma Die Along Inside My Room"🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Whole Song Dope But These Lines Stucc Wit Me

  31. Giovanna Sad bro

    Giovanna Sad broДень тому


  32. Ms.JoKeR13

    Ms.JoKeR13День тому

    "I think that life is BEAUTIFUL 🎶 " "Best thing ever said". " Life is Beautiful don't take it 4 granted"

  33. Random Youtuber

    Random YoutuberДень тому Rip peep

  34. Donald Trump

    Donald TrumpДень тому

    Some fan peep.❤️

  35. Donald Trump

    Donald TrumpДень тому

    Gus had a vision of the world he wanted to share the vision of love, innovations, creativity, and reedom. He was gracefully transparent in his struggls and triumphs,gus showed his fans and the world they are not on this journey alone. Gus was a voice for those who didn't have a voice a vorice for those who coudn't express what they were feeling us's message deserves to live on. Throuah is music, art, and fans he will be immortal For that, we thank yo All of you, From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for sharing Gus's visiorn. T hank you for keeping his pirit alive. You are not alone. There is hope. "Look at the sky tonight, all the stars have a reason, a reason like mine and I'm fallin' to pieces.

  36. Reckless Derp

    Reckless DerpДень тому


  37. Fallen Beats

    Fallen BeatsДень тому


  38. WhosBlare

    WhosBlareДень тому

    Damn, I just wanna say this shit hit me hard. I love you peep so much. 😞 everyday I think about you and listen to your inspirational music. Fuck man, I hate that you passed :( you’ll live forever through your music, died a legend 😪

  39. K27

    K27День тому


  40. tudor obedeanu

    tudor obedeanuДень тому

    The really sad part about this song is the fact that everything he says it's true... 😭 😭 💔 💔

  41. Kubeł Wody

    Kubeł WodyДень тому


  42. Zhanna Hasanova

    Zhanna HasanovaДень тому

    думаю что не так и понимаю что на лице нет татуировок

  43. Ca595

    Ca595День тому

    No one: White girls: i love lil peep the new album is my favorite

  44. Kliché Krazy

    Kliché Krazy2 дні тому


  45. Kim Nulla

    Kim Nulla2 дні тому

    Miss U Baby💔

  46. Adam Jakobsson

    Adam Jakobsson2 дні тому

    Lil peep is the best lil. Rip lil peep

  47. Kamil Griefer

    Kamil Griefer2 дні тому

    Tomorrow is my grandfather's funeral.. and im listening to this...

  48. xxmounir xxx

    xxmounir xxx2 дні тому

    idk why that song move ur inside x and peep legends 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜❣💜💚💙💚🖤🌍🌏🌎🐥🐥🐥🐥

  49. Taccy

    Taccy2 дні тому

    This shit hits hard because my dad was just diagnosed with a form of cancer where there is a fast growing tumor in his brain and it’s inoperable... god always has a plan and I hope this plan will be the one me and my family are hoping for...

  50. Bloop Bish

    Bloop Bish2 дні тому

    I can relate to this so much, it's really fucked up how many people have depression now a days, my lil cousin, 9 has tried multiple times to kill herself, I'm 12, has had 1 attempt, I personally think life has no purpose but to destroy.

  51. Lightflash

    LightflashДень тому

    I think you're right that a ton of people around one have depressive appearances, but one only notices the tremendous amount if their surrounding is overflooded by them. I personally think that these numbers(of people with Depression )will climb even higher to an extend that can't anymore be unseen because of the way this whole world is working/ evolving (More performance pressure, greater despair, etc.). I hope this made any sense.

  52. Lilnoob 2.0

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  53. Lilnoob 2.0

    Lilnoob 2.02 дні тому

    Fake fake fake fake fake RIP

  54. Justice Webb

    Justice Webb2 дні тому

    I only love dead musicians and it’s so sad! Kurt Cobain, peep, and xxxtentacion.

  55. Maddox Maddox

    Maddox Maddox2 дні тому

    R.i.p peep

  56. Satan Herself

    Satan Herself2 дні тому

    Yo when y'all post sad comments other ppl are asking if u okay and stuff and care and its crazy that our fandom is so supportive. Love you guys❤ love you Gustav❤🙏

  57. Rosebud Skerrett

    Rosebud Skerrett2 дні тому

    Can’t decide what’s more beautiful, life.. or this song..

  58. Johnny Bravo

    Johnny BravoДень тому

    Song's part of life my dude

  59. Abel Aguero

    Abel Aguero2 дні тому

    Se me paro la pichula tengo 10 años y me gusta lil pep espero nueba cansion

  60. killmaself XII

    killmaself XII2 дні тому


  61. XtK - Muz1c

    XtK - Muz1c2 дні тому

    Rip Bro!!!

  62. Emmanuel Valerio

    Emmanuel Valerio2 дні тому

    This Video needs more likes fr

  63. dama dram

    dama dram2 дні тому

    2019 ❤

  64. dowol _

    dowol _2 дні тому

    I miss you "PEEP" pls come back 😭😭

  65. Mr. ShadowWolf

    Mr. ShadowWolf2 дні тому


  66. Mr. ShadowWolf

    Mr. ShadowWolf29 хвилин тому

    +Amanchik Slv понятно, мне тоже его жаль хоть я его с 2017 после смерти о нем узнал...го взаимку

  67. Amanchik Slv

    Amanchik Slv34 хвилини тому

    +Mr. ShadowWolf очень. любимый исполнитель с 2016ого

  68. Mr. ShadowWolf

    Mr. ShadowWolf36 хвилин тому

    +Amanchik Slv ага, тебе его тоже жалко?

  69. Amanchik Slv

    Amanchik Slv51 хвилина тому

    аж плакать захотелось

  70. Refes

    Refes2 дні тому

    Elena te iubesc

  71. Syrax XD

    Syrax XD2 дні тому

    Ok no joke my name is Gustav

  72. MоR3еS 7Ver

    MоR3еS 7Ver2 дні тому

    2017. Lil Peep 2018. XxXtentasion. LEGENDS NEVER DIE! 😭💔

  73. Valter Vajda

    Valter Vajda2 дні тому

    without you life isn't beautiful anymore 💔

  74. Училка Математики

    Училка Математики2 дні тому

    Ты...я знаю ты не прочтёшь этот коменнтарий потоиучто ты сейчас на небе, не ответишь...знай...я скучаю 💞

  75. AJ Explorer

    AJ Explorer2 дні тому

    :c i dont understand why hurt :c

  76. GangsterGranny

    GangsterGranny3 дні тому

    Its peep

  77. mohammed hadji

    mohammed hadji3 дні тому

    يحي لي يسمع اغاني تعك

  78. Havířov Parkour Team

    Havířov Parkour Team3 дні тому

    R.I.P. PEEP :(((

  79. Hacchi

    Hacchi3 дні тому

    I want to die

  80. Kacper Zajączkowski

    Kacper Zajączkowski3 дні тому

    Xxx tentacion rrip😭😭😭😭😭😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😭😫😭😫😭:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(

  81. Kristian Moroch

    Kristian Moroch3 дні тому

    RIP Lil peep 2017

  82. xxmounir xxx

    xxmounir xxx3 дні тому

    that all right

  83. ghost girl

    ghost girl3 дні тому

    legends never die

  84. Zachary Zoba

    Zachary Zoba3 дні тому

    Dad: Turn that off Me:Why?? Dad: We have bigger speaker downstair

  85. Daniella Lalenayou

    Daniella Lalenayou3 дні тому

    “ Run away an make friends wit the moon🌙 , why you tripping you’ll be wit your friends soon...” 💔

  86. angeljt Angel

    angeljt Angel3 дні тому

    Follow mee plssss

  87. Ruslan Draganov

    Ruslan Draganov3 дні тому

    I'm watching you

  88. Kortexcc TBC

    Kortexcc TBC3 дні тому

    I Think imma die alone inside my room(

  89. Horse lover36

    Horse lover363 дні тому

    *RIP PEEP*

  90. Donner Andray

    Donner Andray3 дні тому

    rip peep,your spirits is always with us

  91. Why you Bullying me

    Why you Bullying me3 дні тому

    If you like lil peep put thumb up

  92. Some Guy

    Some Guy3 дні тому

    *Depressed* *Plays this* *Gets even more depressed*

  93. Angelina Anaya

    Angelina Anaya3 дні тому

    I just noticed that he has no face tats only me?

  94. layla the uncorn 17273936798490

    layla the uncorn 172739367984903 дні тому

    roses are red my name is not Dave this makes no sense microwave meep meep go to sleep lil peep rip lil peep(+_+)

  95. pedro greg

    pedro greg3 дні тому


  96. Morty BS

    Morty BS3 дні тому

    Love Lil peep! ❤❤❤

  97. Nathan Siller

    Nathan Siller3 дні тому

    Damn i rly wanna meet him and x maybe i will in a few days 😭

  98. itsalex xoxo

    itsalex xoxo2 дні тому

    +Nathan Siller _please don't.. they wouldn't want you gone_

  99. Nathan Siller

    Nathan Siller3 дні тому

    +Angela Sanchez i know they did

  100. Angela Sanchez

    Angela Sanchez3 дні тому

    They already passed away bro...

  101. Eldoo Fortnite

    Eldoo Fortnite3 дні тому

    i love lil peep

  102. BlackJohn

    BlackJohn3 дні тому

    14/3/19 today one more day without you😢 rip gus💔

  103. Kubeł Wody

    Kubeł Wody2 дні тому


  104. f g

    f g3 дні тому

    This is very good song peep. We love you peep. I think life is beautiful. I live in Russia . 🥀

  105. Alex Gavryliv

    Alex Gavryliv4 дні тому

    Просто шедевр...

  106. Kelvyn Talier Oliveira

    Kelvyn Talier Oliveira4 дні тому


  107. OrXan ALiyev

    OrXan ALiyev4 дні тому

    R.I.P. ''I think imma die alone inside my room '' .. ♥

  108. Аллах Хагбар

    Аллах Хагбар4 дні тому

    Бляя жалко его лайк из россии

  109. RighteouSinner

    RighteouSinner4 дні тому

    Lil Peep inspired me to start making Music again - I wish I could have made a song with him and help spread his message..

  110. Tricser

    Tricser2 дні тому

    +Maddox Maddox oh is he?

  111. Kylie LeCloux

    Kylie LeCloux2 дні тому

    Idk I just feel like it's mad disrespectful to use a dead idol as self promotion... Best of luck though

  112. wmj lohyg

    wmj lohyg2 дні тому

    Stop posting this on every fucking video

  113. Maddox Maddox

    Maddox Maddox2 дні тому

    RighteouSinner You are amazing

  114. ac0z

    ac0z2 дні тому

    He actually has good music ill give him a chance to blow up

  115. Pllrin ïnor

    Pllrin ïnor4 дні тому

    You Are beautifull ! 💔