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Lil Pump - "Butterfly Doors" (Official Music Video)



    TRHFGRA17 хвилин тому

    Director: how many girls you want ? Lil Pump: ESSKEETIT !

  2. adammikolajewski500

    adammikolajewski50024 хвилини тому

    Super cars

  3. zxzSadBoyzxz

    zxzSadBoyzxz48 хвилин тому

    Am I supposed to pay attention to the ass or the song? Serious question.

  4. Parker Linnarz

    Parker Linnarz53 хвилини тому

    Good song... except for the fact that no Lamborghini EVER has had Butterfly doors.

  5. brawl ninja

    brawl ninjaГодину тому



    SEDDAR DEVECİГодину тому

    rusians left the chat TURKS JOİNED THE CHAT

  7. Miguel Morfin

    Miguel MorfinГодину тому

    shit goes hard cuddies

  8. Миша Горохов

    Миша ГороховГодину тому


  9. Tawane Rodrigues

    Tawane RodriguesГодину тому

    Brazil 🙃

  10. Coral Reef

    Coral ReefГодину тому

    How many times does he say "dope" ? Seriously 2 mins of shit

  11. Mike Chudah

    Mike Chudah2 години тому


  12. Mike Chudah

    Mike Chudah2 години тому


  13. drewmork1

    drewmork12 години тому


  14. Joven Y salvaje

    Joven Y salvaje2 години тому

    Berfla dorr lleis lleis la music denyerkin

  15. Mr.Question Mark?

    Mr.Question Mark?2 години тому

    1:12 that's 4 Lamborghini s

  16. Ozark Targaryen

    Ozark Targaryen3 години тому

    Da smak

  17. Yustina Anggu

    Yustina Anggu3 години тому

    In 2022 you carrier will die

  18. Tyny Yanges

    Tyny Yanges3 години тому

    Спиздил у лил морти бит

  19. InsaneTheReal G

    InsaneTheReal G3 години тому

    Butterfly doors > Racks on racks

  20. I'M JEZUS

    I'M JEZUS3 години тому

  21. BMX fe

    BMX fe3 години тому


  22. Вася Пупкин

    Вася Пупкин4 години тому


  23. Mr.Day Dkl93

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  24. вывывывы ывывыв

    вывывывы ывывыв4 години тому


  25. Arthur knoll

    Arthur knoll4 години тому


  26. 夏日炎炎的香蕉仔

    夏日炎炎的香蕉仔5 годин тому


  27. Mhmd. Arif411

    Mhmd. Arif4117 годин тому

    2017:Gucci Gang 2018:ESSKEETIT! 2019:Butterfly Doors

  28. lachlan fri

    lachlan fri7 годин тому

    ill buy a ticket to your show if u got them thick asain bitachs there

  29. Les Aventure Du Bob Fantastique

    Les Aventure Du Bob Fantastique8 годин тому

    CB on the beat, ho Butterfly doors (Brr) Jetski, Jetski Yeah Butterfly doors (Ooh) Space coupe look like a UFO (Whoa) Smokin' on dope (Damn) They call me Yao 'cause my eyes real low (Low) Pourin' up fours (Whoa) Baby mama whip a pot on the stove (Whip it) Ain't no joke (No) You the type of nigga go cry to a ho (Ho) Butterfly doors (Doors) Space coupe look like a UFO (Whoa) Smokin' on dope (Damn) They call me Yao 'cause my eyes real low (Low) Pourin' up fours (Whoa) Baby mama whip a pot on the stove (Mama) Ain't no joke (Brr) You the type of nigga go cry to a ho (Ho) If I go broke, I'ma kick doors (Kick doors) I'ma go back to sellin' nicks at the Citgo (Citgo) I can't go, no Hop on a flight if I ain't got my pole (Pole) Smellin' like gas through the border patrol (Patrol) I ran outta drank so I canceled my show, whoa I piss on these racks on the floor (Brr), oh I got a Glock in my trenchcoat (Uh-huh) Canceled the show, lost a 100K (100K) Made that shit back in like half a day (Half a day) Just got outta jail, got another case (Whoa) Jack a nigga car and his license plate (Goddamn) Two Lamborghinis with the butterfly doors (Butterfly) I feel like the old Gucci, bitch, I'm burnt and I'm froze (I'm burnt, yeah) Butterfly doors (Ooh) Space coupe look like a UFO (Whoa) Smokin' on dope (Damn) They call me Yao 'cause my eyes real low (Low) Pourin' up fours (Whoa) Baby mama whip a pot on the stove (Whip it) Ain't no joke (No) You the type of nigga go cry to a ho (Ho) Butterfly doors (Doors) Space coupe look like a UFO (Whoa) Smokin' on dope (Damn) They call me Yao 'cause my eyes real low (Low) Pourin' up fours (Whoa) Baby mama whip a pot on the stove (Mama) Ain't no joke (Brr) You the type of nigga go cry to a ho (Ho)

  30. Watchcube

    Watchcube8 годин тому

    these thoties are fire

  31. Erasmus Mungwariri

    Erasmus Mungwariri10 годин тому

    Be like me?

  32. Chewbacca Flocka Flame

    Chewbacca Flocka Flame10 годин тому

    Why is looking and acting gay some "G" shit now? G stand for gangsta, not gay. What the fuck... when did gangsta become gay. This is just crazy

  33. Mrs. Malik

    Mrs. Malik11 годин тому

    Butterfly negro


    MEGA KING11 годин тому

    *кто* *-русский-*


    DJ TREMOR12 годин тому



    ELITEGAM3R134 ON XBOX112 годин тому

    The original line is “CALL ME YAO MING BECAUSE MY EYE REAL LOW” just a heads up

  37. Im ROS

    Im ROS13 годин тому

    Warning!This song addictives

  38. Baldy’s Music Group Publishing

    Baldy’s Music Group Publishing13 годин тому

    Man if you wanted hear some real music First not saying this is bad because the beat is knocking but check out Boldbeats

  39. salt gang f4t3

    salt gang f4t313 годин тому

    Lil pump the type of dude to walk across the street and get hit by a boat

  40. Brendan Berney

    Brendan Berney13 годин тому

    why does this feel sped up

  41. Suko TV

    Suko TV14 годин тому

    Lil pump visit ice Kids r future viewers grate experience 👁👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😇Cx spirits is growing

  42. the prank master

    the prank master14 годин тому

    Butterfly 🐝🐝

  43. Baconator Aviator

    Baconator Aviator15 годин тому

    This is ruining music...

  44. Jeremiah Logwood

    Jeremiah Logwood15 годин тому

    I like this is Jeremiah

  45. Lauro Ryan

    Lauro Ryan16 годин тому


  46. Age Pinillos Hdez

    Age Pinillos Hdez16 годин тому

    Lil pum apoyo desde México

  47. Rey Kucera

    Rey Kucera16 годин тому

    Stop making homeless people famous rappers .

  48. Alex Monte

    Alex Monte16 годин тому

    Like your songs so much

  49. b diddy

    b diddy17 годин тому

    1:35 name

  50. b diddy

    b diddy17 годин тому

    1:35 name

  51. b diddy

    b diddy17 годин тому

    1:35 name

  52. b diddy

    b diddy17 годин тому

    1:35 name 1:35 name 1:35 name

  53. sebastian hacker

    sebastian hacker17 годин тому

    you are a good singer lil

  54. Jerron Brown

    Jerron Brown17 годин тому

    That beat goes hard with his flow🌹💘🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️

  55. Carolina Salas

    Carolina Salas18 годин тому

  56. Julian Mejia

    Julian Mejia18 годин тому

    Alguien español ??

  57. Rolando Garcia

    Rolando Garcia18 годин тому

    Lil Pumpkin 🎃

  58. Rhedda Seers

    Rhedda Seers19 годин тому

    Lil Wayne breathed on Lil Pump. Made him have a good song 🤨🤣

  59. Cvetomir Stefanov

    Cvetomir Stefanov19 годин тому

    Director : What do you want more in your clip, Lil, cars or girls? Lil Pump: Yes

  60. Adil Choudhury

    Adil Choudhury12 годин тому


  61. arklave

    arklave20 годин тому

    I hope your time in the limelight is shorter than your average song length.

  62. Jordan Amaral

    Jordan Amaral20 годин тому


  63. Mr Memek

    Mr Memek20 годин тому

    So many people has began to talk about russian comments that they're actually lost

  64. farhana ali

    farhana ali20 годин тому

    The girls are toooooooooooo hooooooooot

  65. Святослав пупиньн

    Святослав пупиньн21 годину тому

    Как всегда, пиздатый клип!

  66. Eva Wiseman

    Eva Wiseman21 годину тому

    0:13. Exhibit A - lil pump creates climate change

  67. Jonna .

    Jonna .21 годину тому Ayuwoki: escalofriante meme que se viralizó en redes sociales ...

  68. Wiktor_Vader ZRT

    Wiktor_Vader ZRT21 годину тому

    We Know What Theme Was Going Be In New Fast And Furious ...

  69. Wiktor_Vader ZRT

    Wiktor_Vader ZRT21 годину тому

    U F O


    DYLANSIO533 ROBLOX21 годину тому

    Butterfly Doors remix?

  71. Dexi Tofu

    Dexi Tofu22 години тому

    Lil pump Needs to get his car license before he fuck with those bitches

  72. Gods & Earths Network Of Supreme Knowledge

    Gods & Earths Network Of Supreme Knowledge22 години тому

    Go Head And Love This

  73. Elliot Hudon

    Elliot Hudon22 години тому


  74. Rafiky Forever

    Rafiky Forever22 години тому

    Lil pump es un millónariio🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  75. Big man tings Dele Ali

    Big man tings Dele Ali22 години тому



    КОСТЯ PLAY23 години тому

    Хай америкосам

  77. Duckface 421

    Duckface 42123 години тому

    Does anybody know his clothes at 1:36?

  78. Pary Mik TV

    Pary Mik TV23 години тому

    TOPPPP (RUSSIA blunt )

  79. Zoe Kubiszen

    Zoe Kubiszen23 години тому


  80. Commit cease all biological function

    Commit cease all biological function23 години тому

    Em could diss lil pump for fun and end his career

  81. Белый медведь

    Белый медведьДень тому


  82. Alejandro martínez

    Alejandro martínezДень тому


  83. Sparky

    SparkyДень тому

    аа уытчеяр сс р

  84. Shayan Mziri019

    Shayan Mziri019День тому

    Lil pump dead

  85. Alina Yusenko

    Alina YusenkoДень тому

    Як можна бути таким безбожним

  86. khùng khùng

    khùng khùngДень тому

    What Fast and Furious 9 actually will happen

  87. Orange dude

    Orange dudeДень тому

    Director: lambos and what else Lil pump:ok

  88. Stoney gaming

    Stoney gamingДень тому

    Butterfly doors like an U.F.O

  89. Danila Spree

    Danila SpreeДень тому



    YOURNAMEДень тому

    The like the love RIP lil pump 😍😍lil pump LOVE TOO THE LIKE 🎊

  91. Антон Афанасьев

    Антон АфанасьевДень тому


  92. Антон Афанасьев

    Антон АфанасьевДень тому

    Кто русский

  93. Заря DeadTeam

    Заря DeadTeamДень тому

    Батя твой

  94. Eugen Ion

    Eugen IonДень тому

    me: i don't like this song, it's trash also me after 20 seconds: butterfly doors, smash tits like UFO i wrote wrong, I know=)))

  95. Kylynn

    KylynnДень тому

    jet ski

  96. Ethan Armstrong

    Ethan ArmstrongДень тому

    have you ever seen a Chevy with the butterfly doors?

  97. Chicago Fights

    Chicago FightsДень тому

    Director: should we have this music video have a lot of females or a lot of cars lil pump: yes

  98. Jahvon Brown

    Jahvon BrownДень тому


  99. Jose Martinez

    Jose MartinezДень тому

    Beat is dumb hot but pump ass fr😭😭

  100. Dominik Robson

    Dominik RobsonДень тому

    How many girls do you need

  101. Lourdes Gasga Salinas

    Lourdes Gasga SalinasДень тому


  102. Júlio the news

    Júlio the newsДень тому