Lindsey Stirling - Between Twilight


  1. Alejandro Paredes Campos

    Alejandro Paredes Campos10 годин тому

    Gran combinación de escenografía y un baile espléndido 😆

  2. Whitney Simms

    Whitney Simms10 годин тому

    One of my favorite songs and videos! Truly magical and what I pictured every time I listen🥰

  3. cat

    cat10 годин тому

    Derek Hough! My Favorite DWTS pro! He's so handsome and really suits this role :)

  4. Aleyandro 21

    Aleyandro 2110 годин тому

    fantastic, like the story the song conveys. 🎻🎻😊😊

  5. Josué Penz

    Josué Penz11 годин тому

    Pretty awesomeee Artemis Tour in Mexico Lindsey We lovee you!

  6. Alep D

    Alep D11 годин тому

    This music video it's exactly how I imagined when I hear it the first time🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️💫 I love you so much Lindsey!

  7. Cristian de León

    Cristian de León11 годин тому


  8. Aster Niktos

    Aster Niktos11 годин тому

    Me gusta ver como Lindsey sigue mejorando como bailarina y como sus videos siguen mejorando en calidad. ❤❤ Este vídeo es realmente mágico, Between Twilight me transmitía paz y calidez, pero con la historia de amor de Artemis y Orion tiene un sentimiento muy diferente. [Puede que no sea Orión pero sera mi headcanon por la eternidad]

  9. Fernanda Godinez

    Fernanda Godinez11 годин тому

    I love this video💗💗✨💕

  10. katherine calfuñanco

    katherine calfuñanco11 годин тому

    Very good excellent

  11. Isabela Gameiro

    Isabela Gameiro12 годин тому

    So pretty!

  12. Nicole Maricela

    Nicole Maricela14 годин тому

    I loviu ❤🎶🎻🎶is magic🌟

  13. Fangirl_ zocker

    Fangirl_ zocker14 годин тому

    This is incredibly beautiful ❤

  14. rockmemama86

    rockmemama8614 годин тому

    Wow! Just wow! This is my absolute favorite piece miss Lindsay! You have come a long ways from your first AGT experience. This was indescribable and brought me to teary eyes😢🤩🥰😭💖 I am so glad that you two did something outside of the DWS. Magic on the stage and Lindsay holy cow batwoman you have become an amazing ball room dancer!!! So beautiful💞

  15. Ernest Gamez

    Ernest Gamez15 годин тому

    Beautiful video

  16. treehamallama

    treehamallama16 годин тому

    Such beautiful music Lindsey, thank you for posting!

  17. Giada Monez

    Giada Monez16 годин тому

    Supercute couple! Love see two great talents work (and dance) together! Wish Lindsey could find the love of her life, just like in this amazing music video :))) love you!

  18. sakura esmeralda

    sakura esmeralda16 годин тому


  19. Kurt Lopez

    Kurt Lopez16 годин тому

    Reminds me of the soundtrack for the Ori games. I love it!

  20. Bibi Roman

    Bibi Roman17 годин тому

    Wow, this is simply GORGEOUS.

  21. Maidie Solis

    Maidie Solis17 годин тому

    I love every single minute of this video

  22. Larissa DePalo

    Larissa DePalo17 годин тому

    Masterpiece... just perfect 😍

  23. Sofia 123

    Sofia 12317 годин тому


  24. Людмила Ткаченко

    Людмила Ткаченко18 годин тому

    Обожаю романтические сюжеты. Музыка нежная и романтичная. Немного напоминает мультик «Рапунцель» и её волшебные фонарики. Скрипка завораживает.

  25. Lucy L.

    Lucy L.19 годин тому


  26. Luísa Tavares Pereira

    Luísa Tavares Pereira19 годин тому


  27. SukiSweetP

    SukiSweetP19 годин тому

    The angel butterflies, tho. ^_^

  28. Bill monck

    Bill monck20 годин тому

    This is one of the most beautiful spiritual videos I have watched on this journey I'm on. Absolutely stunning and inspiring. Another amazing download of codes. Namaste ❤

  29. ArtsyMe

    ArtsyMe20 годин тому

    Hol' up. I hope I'm getting this right but, if this is Lindsey's interpretation of the greek goddess of hunt and the moon Artemis (judging from her song Artemis ofc).... could this guy be considered the only man Artemis has ever had as a lover (whom she held as a dear friend and hunting partner too), Orion?

  30. Cristian dLS

    Cristian dLS20 годин тому

    TODAY STREAMING PARTY At 21.00 CST or 22. 00New York GMT-4 Please help us to support Lindsey #KSLL

  31. Тата Тернер

    Тата Тернер20 годин тому

    Очень красиво! Великолепное сочетание музыки, танца и видео ряда.

  32. A Xadian channel

    A Xadian channel20 годин тому

    But to be honest, you gave us a reason to learn a coregraphy.

  33. A Xadian channel

    A Xadian channel20 годин тому


  34. BlackAnima Mobile

    BlackAnima Mobile21 годину тому

    this song reminds me of the game the elder scrolls oblivion

  35. HingetsuguAgamand

    HingetsuguAgamand21 годину тому

    This music gives me big Ori and the blind forest Vibes. Wonderful!

  36. Gradus Lightman

    Gradus Lightman22 години тому

    Lindsey, ты чудо! Удачи тебе и счастья!

  37. Nightmare Beast

    Nightmare Beast22 години тому

    I thought she recreated the look of Daenereys at first

  38. Samara Cantos

    Samara Cantos22 години тому


  39. Anika Tasnim

    Anika Tasnim22 години тому

    Love lindsey 💜

  40. Panda Paint

    Panda Paint23 години тому

    Wow its really like frerys and Prince i think its like avatar but im not sVe that is was that but i think. But thats not what i want to say i want to say i play the Violine top and i dont know how you can play sooo good idk! If i play allbody say im worse but thats not u have only a worse Violine and i have a question. How long do you play the Violine?

  41. Kerbal Espace Space Aérospatial

    Kerbal Espace Space Aérospatial23 години тому

    Beautiful !

  42. Vanessa Mendes

    Vanessa Mendes23 години тому

    Maravilhosa como sempre ❤️😍

  43. Leanne Stotler

    Leanne Stotler23 години тому

    WOW! just wow

  44. John Jackowiak IV

    John Jackowiak IV23 години тому

    Wow I love this !! IG Jackofspades10

  45. Julia Oyana

    Julia Oyana23 години тому

    Precioso 😍😍😍😍muy hermoso todo

  46. Music Shared

    Music Shared23 години тому

    Lindsey does not leave your art you have the talent to touch much more heart with your heartstring for years than what represents statistics on the internet ♥

  47. Fatima Mojica

    Fatima Mojica23 години тому

    Me encanta, este video es maravilloso

  48. mitek mitek

    mitek mitekДень тому


  49. slenderman 123

    slenderman 123День тому

    She has the type of fantasies I want.

  50. Gigi Bust

    Gigi BustДень тому

    I just gonna put this here, Lindsey was robbed of that DWTS Champion title. PERIODT.

  51. saya nuha

    saya nuhaДень тому

    This is beautiful 😍

  52. Izaskun Muruzábal Lecumberri

    Izaskun Muruzábal LecumberriДень тому


  53. Btissame army

    Btissame armyДень тому

    واوووو حبيت 😮💜💜💜

  54. GeorginaNZ011

    GeorginaNZ011День тому

    I wish I could jump into the magical world of this video and stay there forever ✨ also just realised how much she looks like Jonna Jinton in this!

  55. Jean-Baptiste Galineau

    Jean-Baptiste GalineauДень тому

    Beautiful music and great fairytale movie ! A complete artist with many faces !!

  56. Tara McWiggan

    Tara McWigganДень тому

    Beautiful video for a beautiful song. This song literally brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard it, driving home from work on a winding country road on a dark October night last year. I couldn't believe my reaction. Listened a few more times that night and had the same reaction each time. Amazing music

  57. Aurore Obry

    Aurore ObryДень тому

    So much talent in one person. Incredible!

  58. Hayat Bakri

    Hayat BakriДень тому

    I everytime listen to one of your magical playing... I got gooooose bumps 😢😻💗💗 I love it .. I love it 😍😍

  59. Zita Licke

    Zita LickeДень тому

    So Beautiful ✨🦋✨🦋✨

  60. Margreet

    MargreetДень тому

    Somehow the first few scenes reminded me of Richard and Kahlan. I love this! The music is amazing and het dancing has really evolved.

  61. Bandit Wilson

    Bandit WilsonДень тому

    A better romance story than twilight

  62. Roscoe Leyda

    Roscoe LeydaДень тому

    Bill Leyda table

  63. Jeanne Anne

    Jeanne AnneДень тому

    Wow was she ever a match for him. Bravo

  64. Ginger Beer

    Ginger BeerДень тому

    Karolina Protsenko has effectively ended Lindsey Stirlings career but neither realise it yet


    ATHENA MIAДень тому

    This was so magical - the dance, the music, the scenery, all so breathtaking. I can watch this regularly, even with just the visuals - it’s meditative.

  66. alejandro Penrroz

    alejandro PenrrozДень тому

    lindsey quiero decirte como fan que amo lo que haces admiro tu voz, como bailas y sobre todo como tocas el violin

  67. jenna mitchell

    jenna mitchellДень тому

    this song is beautiful, it helps me get in touch with my feelings when i find myself going numb. i love the colours used in the video, it's magical

  68. Glenn Vanblaricum

    Glenn VanblaricumДень тому

    Wow just WOW! Amazing talent. Everything you do Lindsey is top notch.

  69. Jessica Reinke

    Jessica ReinkeДень тому

    the dancing.and music..yes yes yes

  70. Delia0692TV

    Delia0692TVДень тому

    We need more videos like this ♥️ Happy videos with a great story

  71. Delia0692TV

    Delia0692TVДень тому

    Just like fairy tale, something that you cannot stop watching because of the great magic ♥️

  72. Monica Paur

    Monica PaurДень тому

    Did anyone else have to rewind the video at 2:22 becaue their brain just couldn't keep up with the beautiful dancing? Dang that was cool!!

  73. Lisandra Mickaelly

    Lisandra MickaellyДень тому

    Perfect..... I loveeee

  74. Jane Alves

    Jane AlvesДень тому

    Ouvindo e imaginando como seria Corte de Rosa e Espinhos. Amei 😍

  75. Stacey martella-Ferris

    Stacey martella-FerrisДень тому

    Purely magical. I had chills and tears the whole time. Love

  76. Victoria Little

    Victoria LittleДень тому

    I have to ask, was this supposed to tell the story of Artemis and the hunter Orion, in a way? The white hair and woodland setting remind me of the Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt. If that's the case well done! The music and choreography are beautiful.

  77. Asian Buttahs

    Asian ButtahsДень тому

    I would say, that was a masterpiece!

  78. Rebel Girl

    Rebel GirlДень тому

    I think this is my 16th time watching this. I can't listen to enough of this magic!

  79. hen ko

    hen koДень тому

    Who else here is a Tolkien and sees this as Beren and Luthien?! 😃

  80. John K

    John KДень тому

    Best vibes from this song!! Video tells an amazing story to accompany the strings! P.S. Toss a coin to your Witcher