Lizzo Twerks In Her THONG at NBA Game


  1. Gopinath Karunanithi

    Gopinath KarunanithiДень тому

    She is a nutcase for sure.

  2. Ttg Murphy

    Ttg MurphyДень тому

    Nothing wrong with having some confidence true but still dont have the right to show your ass its kids im not a hater just saying there were kids sorry dont wanna be rude

  3. Jonseon

    JonseonДень тому

    Everyone's talking about the children but adults don't want to see that either.

  4. Freddy Vasquez

    Freddy VasquezДень тому

    It’s not healthy.

  5. James

    JamesДень тому

    You can "embrace your body" with your clothes on

  6. Smurphzilla BANGGANG

    Smurphzilla BANGGANGДень тому she really can twerk

  7. Latishia Pittman

    Latishia Pittman2 дні тому

    I love it! Lizzo fan over here.

  8. That-dude-with-a-really-long-ass-screen-name.Ha-you-actually-read-it.

    That-dude-with-a-really-long-ass-screen-name.Ha-you-actually-read-it.2 дні тому

    Lizzo is just a insecure disgusting creature. Also body positive movement is just bullshit. It's nothing more than a political apparatus to force men to accept low caliber women. Have you noticed that men who women throw themselves at don't look like their body positive female counterparts feminists are constantly shoving down men's throats?

  9. RCWorks

    RCWorks2 дні тому

    That's not a lizzo it's a hippo.

  10. Sean

    Sean2 дні тому


  11. Conrrado Torres

    Conrrado Torres2 дні тому

    Wouldn't this fall under public indecent exposure since there were children present at the game🤔

  12. Buster 928

    Buster 9282 дні тому

    That is one DISGUSTING SUPERPIG...

  13. R Stone

    R Stone2 дні тому

    Nothing can be in good taste or subtle. Less is more. G fab is not fab. Trash.

  14. Migfunny

    Migfunny3 дні тому


  15. Apache Chief

    Apache Chief3 дні тому

    It’s okay because her ass is repulsive

  16. Summer Reign

    Summer Reign3 дні тому

    Every time I hear her music I think of ass crack all over the place. NOTE to yourself - you Can be big and beautiful without being big & disgusting/nasty!

  17. Summer Reign

    Summer Reign3 дні тому

    Disgusting. Inappropriate. Thirsty. Ignorant. Sickening. Wrong. Did I mention disgusting! Belongs in a strip club not at a game. I want someone to give me 5 positive words that makes this right... Anyone?

  18. Christopher Adrasse

    Christopher Adrasse4 дні тому

    Ion care,Lizzi can still get it😍🤣

  19. tara Toes

    tara Toes4 дні тому


  20. ¿

    ¿4 дні тому

    Uuhhh, don't think this was really "her" :/

  21. A Parks

    A Parks4 дні тому

    Gosh shes so beautiful look at her face and feature beautiful, that was extra the thong thing at least she should hve worn shorts ,her friend should hve told thats not taseful and her attitude its nice to be excited and happy not so loud.

  22. Bad Taste

    Bad Taste4 дні тому

    How did they not tell her to go home???

  23. Alan Bravo

    Alan Bravo5 днів тому

    Someone tame this beast 🤦‍♂️

  24. memes for life

    memes for life5 днів тому

    "that's my baby"

  25. Jacob Paradis

    Jacob Paradis6 днів тому

    Nobody wants to see that

  26. _6_I_X_ KILLS

    _6_I_X_ KILLS6 днів тому

    Why you guys always talking about her weight stop hatin

  27. An Mar Eli

    An Mar Eli6 днів тому

    Gross and trashy... Barf

  28. Aladeen Xavi

    Aladeen Xavi7 днів тому

    so nobody gonna address the elephant in the room ?

  29. mak 10

    mak 107 днів тому

    I'd be fine with it if she had a nice phat ass... Its just flat and bumpy tho


    LIGHT YAGAMI7 днів тому

    Can't wait for her heart attack

  31. Tipsy Canoe Canoe

    Tipsy Canoe Canoe7 днів тому

    How many famous celebrities, musicians and athletes are with BBW OR BBM? Everyone's all in support for BBW / BBM and body positivity but who's truly invested and walk the walk?

  32. Rylan Rathwell

    Rylan Rathwell8 днів тому


  33. Nesgames 100

    Nesgames 1008 днів тому

    The whole stadium was prolly shakin

  34. 1973cableguy

    1973cableguy8 днів тому

    So gross.

  35. Bulk Cones

    Bulk Cones8 днів тому

    gronk. probably a putrid police informant. get off the radio with your poison.

  36. xXCůmblaster69Xx

    xXCůmblaster69Xx8 днів тому

    What a pig

  37. A Penandroll

    A Penandroll8 днів тому

    Beyond disgusting.

  38. Elle

    Elle8 днів тому

    I can’t believe she did that. Smh

  39. HiByebtwn

    HiByebtwn9 днів тому

    SHE HAS TOOMuch Body Positivity. No one would ask for that.

  40. Jamal Jenkins

    Jamal Jenkins9 днів тому

    She should of been arrested for doing that in front of children. California truly is a evil liberal place.

  41. Dragonblazzer969

    Dragonblazzer9699 днів тому

    Do it in a night club = Confidence, you're doing your own thing. Appreciated. Doing it in public, in front of kids = Vulgar, trashy, stupid.

  42. Bani Chavez

    Bani Chavez9 днів тому

    There is nothing wrong with her body, is the things she does whit it . I find it really gross and inappropriate , I’m speaking for me tho don’t get it wrong

  43. Prophet YouTube

    Prophet YouTube9 днів тому


  44. Harvey Briones

    Harvey Briones9 днів тому


  45. Princesslatera Andrez

    Princesslatera Andrez9 днів тому

    That was just plain tacky. She just made herself look hella desperate and insecure.

  46. NYC

    NYC9 днів тому

    She's obviously a narcissist

  47. Brett F.

    Brett F.9 днів тому

    Lmao, she oozes so much insecurity.

  48. Lombardi Sheet

    Lombardi Sheet9 днів тому


  49. Derek’s Gaming Adventures

    Derek’s Gaming Adventures9 днів тому

    So much for solving world hunger 😔

  50. Nate Lane

    Nate Lane9 днів тому

    there is a difference between confidence and being fat

  51. Brad Moore

    Brad Moore9 днів тому

    Fine line between obese and thicc

  52. lord of the Sith liberal slayer

    lord of the Sith liberal slayer9 днів тому

    Cover that hail damaged ass up !!!

  53. MommyImHungry

    MommyImHungry9 днів тому

    she seems genuinely funny and like an actually entertaining person but like jesus christ why this

  54. Tough Shit

    Tough Shit9 днів тому

    No one says shit when Cardi B and Beyonce are naked, Lizzo has every right to flaunt and show her beauty....ppl talk shit but still watch that booty twerk 🙂👏

  55. roddy PROF.E.T.

    roddy PROF.E.T.10 днів тому

    Can’t wait till this whales 15 minutes of fame are up

  56. Oshe Shango

    Oshe Shango7 днів тому

    @GG Why Well, that's not the first time someone has capitalized off being fat.

  57. GG Why

    GG Why8 днів тому

    Her selling point is being fat and that’s it

  58. Dainaliz Feliberty

    Dainaliz Feliberty8 днів тому


  59. Evil Ed

    Evil Ed9 днів тому

    Definitely true - fingers crossed 🤞🏽

  60. Kennedy

    Kennedy10 днів тому

    Big pun never taught this people any lessons. 🤦‍♂️


    CRDESIGNZ10 днів тому

    Its called. Do anything to be famous

  62. Swanky

    Swanky10 днів тому

    If a male did this he would be charged with 48 different counts of assault and 93 charges of rape

  63. Yo boi Sweaty dog

    Yo boi Sweaty dog10 днів тому


  64. Madelyn McNeill

    Madelyn McNeill10 днів тому

    *”LEBRON* *JAAAAAMES”* *time* *stamp:* 0:23