lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to


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  3. SlamDunkyX

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    Longest video ever

  4. deepdeepblueocean

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    Every time I enter youtube into the address bar I keep going to this page...guess i've spent too much time here.

  5. Dude Guy

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    She still not gonna know what anything on the test means

  6. Cheri Jia

    Cheri Jia4 дні тому

    OMG I can't believe this live stream is not longer available :(

  7. Bl00d th1rsty

    Bl00d th1rsty5 днів тому

    Rest in pease, for the work is done and the songs been sung my child.

  8. Video service provideer

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    Bruh mans really out here with a total of 200 million views

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    She has ascended to the level of the gods

  11. piil

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    the sheer amount of times i listened to this livestream doing homework, projects, studying, or just relaxing is hitting me rn. 13,000+ hours of music. i’m still processing that.

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    Well..... it was good while it lasted

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    El video más largo de UAreporter

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    RIP legend

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    art for kids hub

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    For some reason, I keep going to this link instead of the right one

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    Even though the video is down, I can still comment... 2020 gang?

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    This comment section is pure gold.

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    Long fought battle has ended

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    See you space cowboy...

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    13,165 hours, 23 minutes and 44 seconds... now THAT is perseverance...

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    it stopped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hope she’s now taken a bath

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    13,165:23:44? We may be here a while

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    This stream was 2 years long! Jesus!

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    ITS NOT AVAILABLE!? Did we use too much time for youtube for live!? 😅

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    Still here)

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    why tf people still on this video?

  35. Luca Dichiera

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    goodbye everybody. this was a good one. beautiful stream it was. shame to see it go

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    god i can't believe this is over

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    I'd like to think that our study girl went off to pass school with flying colors. She had just been accepted into her favorite university with a handsome scholarship. Her parents have gotten her a nice car for her work. Her parents watch as she packs the last of the luggage in the trunk. It's time to go, our study girl is ready to move on into the next chapter of her life. Her parents are trying to hide the tears in their eyes. She used to struggle holding a pencil properly, but now she is grown and off on her own in such a large world. They exchange one last goodbye, and our study girl is off on a long road trip to university. She thinks back to the past, with her endless hours of studying. She also remembers her beloved cat, which unfortunately passed away some time ago. While cats weren't known for caring, this one did. And it accompanied her through every hard exam she studied for. But the cat wasn't the only thing that was with her all those years. She stops at a gas station to fill up her car and take a bathroom break. Before she drives off again, she pulls out a familiar cassette from the glovebox. Along with that, she also pulls out a cassette player from a compartment. Immediately, she jams the cassette in the player and presses the play button. It was emotional to say the least. Everything about it brought her back. The slow and calming hip hop, the soft piano instrumentals, and even the crackles from the old cassette player was enough to get her through the toughest times. She starts to tear up, nostalgia hitting like never before. If her cat had been there, the moment would've been perfect. It was hard to move on from the simpler life at home, but she knew her journey wasn't done. For now, she continues to study. Despite the absence of the cat, her dorm mates have taken a liking to her study habits. Studying used to be a chore put off until tomorrow, but our study girl had a seemingly magical influence over them. After their lectures, they had a ritual of gathering around in the library, where they sat at a circular table with all of their books and laptops. Our study girl always led the pack, and once she played that cassette, they studied. They studied until time was lost track of. During one of these sessions, our study girl looked up, seeing all of her friends reading and taking notes, while enjoying doing so. She didn't say anything, but her face indicated pure bliss. To her, the greatest thing was not her own accomplishments, but rather inspiring others to reach theirs.

  40. Abdullah M.

    Abdullah M.Місяць тому

    @Erica is epic stolen is stolen,

  41. Erica is epic

    Erica is epicМісяць тому

    Abdullah M. Calm down, it’s not like he stole it from you

  42. Abdullah M.

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  43. Abdullah M.

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  44. Abdullah M.

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    So long

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    wow I’m sort of impressed by all this background lore

  48. chris odenweller

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    still so sad RIP

  49. The Mickey Squad

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    The end of an era

  50. El Primo Brown

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  51. XxWinterFlare

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    FYI, the livestream was on for 13,164 hours. Or something like that.

  52. karen

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    Hey the quarantine won't be that long The quarantine:

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    You are dumb

  55. Alex E

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    I wonder how much money chilledcow made from this damn

  56. Music, struggles in our society.

    Music, struggles in our society.2 місяці тому


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    Damn , she was streaming for almost two years straight now

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    Dou buh momento este directo es el directo más largo del mundo

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    You’re lying

  62. Joseph Schlatter

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    I miss this stream :( it always took me back to when I first started listening to lo-fi at the end of that summer, right before school started back up again... ahhhh 懐かしい~

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    same bro same

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    Hello randome pepole wowh see this mesage

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    Miss her :/

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    she eventually stopped. wow.

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    Bring it back please!!!

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    she finished studying..Good luck study girl.

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    Imagine that was only question 1😭😂

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    I still got this link in my liked videos ;)

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    Stop 💔

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    Please make it available again


    PRAWDZIWY POLAK3 місяці тому

    Only Gods can access this area now

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    only ogs will remember

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  80. Fangzhou Omanid

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    13165 hours of homework, that is why “homework” is uncountable.

  81. stojan bg

    stojan bg3 місяці тому

    Happy birthday

  82. Big Dick

    Big Dick3 місяці тому

    R.I.P always in my times of study's

  83. Dancing in the 80s

    Dancing in the 80s3 місяці тому

    This was one of the most memorable streams UAreporter ever had...

  84. vancroll

    vancroll3 місяці тому

    and all those moments will be lost like tears in rain

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    WTF why?

  87. maryam muhammad

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    She failed the test guys.

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    @MephilaZ_ F

  90. MephilaZ_

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  91. Lori hasasackofpotatoes

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    Me: studies for an hour Her: Forever~