Luke Islam Receives Golden Buzzer From Favorite Judge, Julianne Hough! - America's Got Talent 2019


  1. Ainsley Isbell

    Ainsley Isbell24 хвилини тому

    "ugh broadway's just so good" THIS HUMAN IS ME

  2. EliteLuke88

    EliteLuke88Годину тому

    Deserved buzzer. No sad story which is good. The talent shines above sob stories. Many people with sad stories deserve it like kodi lee but others do not. Hope he goes far!!

  3. Bagulho Doce

    Bagulho DoceГодину тому

    Well deserved!!! Who’s cutting onion?

  4. Jasmine

    JasmineГодину тому

    So I was hoping to win agt because when my great grandfather was 103 years old he died. I never got to meet him...

  5. UncleOwna

    UncleOwna2 години тому

    He sat in front of me in the audience of "The Prom" today. He seemed to love it!

  6. Hayden Cuddy

    Hayden Cuddy3 години тому

    This got me In my feels, I’m crying now

  7. Salkhi Chadia

    Salkhi Chadia3 години тому

    Wawooooo amizing.... Love from 🇲🇦

  8. Bunga Fuadin

    Bunga Fuadin4 години тому

    Who’s crying? Im not. I swear. There’s just dust.

  9. wizza Ramírez

    wizza Ramírez4 години тому

    No entendí ni j pero llore jajaja

  10. Island Imperfection

    Island Imperfection4 години тому

    Omg that was incredible!

  11. kenjin kaoru

    kenjin kaoru5 годин тому

    Uruguay no más saludos

  12. Fairuz Efendy

    Fairuz Efendy6 годин тому

    gooooooood i love it

  13. Lethel Timberlake

    Lethel Timberlake6 годин тому

    They should keep Terry.

  14. J a n e l l e

    J a n e l l e6 годин тому

    The riff at 4:29 made me sob LMFAO icon

  15. juannn.ito

    juannn.ito6 годин тому

    look at him, he has the stage presence to be on broadway. Rooting for this kid

  16. thegameshows1

    thegameshows16 годин тому

    actually got goosebumps from his singing. My god he's good.

  17. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss6 годин тому

    Who else's cried after the buzzer?

  18. Howtien Liew

    Howtien Liew7 годин тому

    I hope to see him on Broadway some day, singing songs and touching souls.

  19. Krystal Ellis

    Krystal Ellis7 годин тому

    Your the best/I can’t believe how you can sing like that

  20. Sipan Othman

    Sipan Othman7 годин тому

    Name of the song in the end please

  21. AGibsonJ

    AGibsonJ2 хвилини тому

    "You Will Be Found" from Broadway production of "Dear Evan Hansen"

  22. Edilene Almeida

    Edilene Almeida8 годин тому

    Que voz linda! Esse garoto tem talento.

  23. Paulo Henryke

    Paulo Henryke8 годин тому

    I cry so much

  24. Justina Diaz

    Justina Diaz8 годин тому

    I just love this so much! I've watched it a million times ❤

  25. SKM _milk

    SKM _milk8 годин тому

    So I was hoping to win agt because when my great grandfather was 103 years old he died. I never got to meet him...

  26. M 7harbi

    M 7harbi9 годин тому

    What name song time 6:50 ?

  27. AGibsonJ

    AGibsonJ2 хвилини тому

    "You Will Be Found" from Broadway production of "Dear Evan Hansen"

  28. Fancy Dude

    Fancy Dude9 годин тому

    You deserve boy!! Congrats

  29. AllieLovesBTS

    AllieLovesBTS9 годин тому

    when they started playing dear evan hansen I started SOBBING

  30. aakinyi roseline

    aakinyi roseline10 годин тому

    Great 😘

  31. Bethiks Victor

    Bethiks Victor10 годин тому

    Did Simon said "He's got no idea what I am gonna do to him"? Looks like Simon likes him a lot

  32. Jana Tv

    Jana Tv11 годин тому

    Omg I'm crying 😭❤️ I love his voice and like...💕

  33. seabass450

    seabass45011 годин тому

    I don't see why the kid is crying... Shouldn't be crying at all... He should be happy! Too much emotionally folks on this show

  34. yogoya

    yogoya12 годин тому

    I love this kod! Great Job boy.

  35. lindsay roman

    lindsay roman12 годин тому

    I have watched this so many times and I cry each time.. I love him. his voice is amazing

  36. fly high

    fly high12 годин тому


  37. Wannabe 94

    Wannabe 9413 годин тому

    I love the slomo after the golden buzzer ♥

  38. Cierra Dunn

    Cierra Dunn13 годин тому

    He gave me goosebumps the moment he started singing. He deserved that golden buzzer! You go kid!

  39. Roberto Kun

    Roberto Kun13 годин тому

    Who else's cried after the buzzer?

  40. Hange Sergro

    Hange Sergro13 годин тому

    He sound professional af, great job kid

  41. N.K.F

    N.K.F13 годин тому

    And this is how a heart can break...

  42. Judy Schroffel

    Judy Schroffel14 годин тому

    Wow, he has a voice that you just want to hold onto. When he first started I the only one who stood up,held my breath and then cried...his perfect harmony reminded me of when he used to be mine!

  43. Fee Dee

    Fee Dee14 годин тому

    Amazing voice my dear, you are truly gifted. 😘🙌

  44. Bituin A.

    Bituin A.15 годин тому

    I saw his smile and I just clicked the Like button before he even sang. You are one talented young man. 😊

  45. Calvintimothy

    Calvintimothy15 годин тому

    Suaranya keren bgt sihh..

  46. Devil Kid

    Devil Kid16 годин тому

    Awz dat cute but I shall not be soft >:T ;-; ..

  47. Takhelmayum Romabati Devi

    Takhelmayum Romabati Devi16 годин тому

    5:25 The best motivation ever

  48. idc anymore

    idc anymore17 годин тому

    6:45 😂😂😂 Simon’s face

  49. idc anymore

    idc anymore17 годин тому

    He’s eye lashes 🥰💜

  50. EatPlums

    EatPlums17 годин тому

    He's a fat f-ggot.

  51. Shahed Shaheda

    Shahed Shaheda18 годин тому

    I wait for next performance , hardly , what time is it????

  52. Jordan Ev

    Jordan Ev18 годин тому

    This is my favorite audition ugh