1. Camille Torres

    Camille Torres5 годин тому

    I think they are triplets

  2. Brooklyn Hobbs

    Brooklyn Hobbs19 годин тому

    Tati should try and make herself look like there triplet that would be and awesome video😂

  3. Veronica Frias

    Veronica FriasДень тому

    I know they look like triplets all 3 of them

  4. Isabela Pastoriza

    Isabela Pastoriza2 дні тому

    Is it bad that I can tell the diffrence between them?

  5. McKenzie Byrne

    McKenzie Byrne4 дні тому

    All of there skin is UNREAL

  6. Megan O connor

    Megan O connor6 днів тому

    Her face is slightly fatter then hers😂

  7. Kal Love

    Kal Love6 днів тому

    They lowley look like they could be triplets

  8. Annie

    Annie6 днів тому

    if you close your eyes, it sounds like Tati is talking to herself

  9. Maria Julie

    Maria Julie7 днів тому


  10. pingui089

    pingui0897 днів тому

    OMG 😮🤭 wow I had no idea they were twins!!

  11. Sarah N

    Sarah N8 днів тому

    Thumbs up if you recognized her sisters from that x-files episode, and Tati from that forensic files episode 👍🏼

  12. Sarah N

    Sarah N8 днів тому

    My bad I meant unsolved mysteries, I’ve been watching them interchangeably

  13. s r

    s r9 днів тому

    Love the twins, they have an amazing personality

  14. Floral Preom

    Floral Preom9 днів тому

    its so cute seeing all of the family together

  15. Izzy B

    Izzy B10 днів тому

    i thought it was some weird edited thing like liv and maddie

  16. Adinda Rizky

    Adinda Rizky11 днів тому


  17. Lisa Parker

    Lisa Parker12 днів тому

    earrings did it for me. :)

  18. Drageadroth

    Drageadroth13 днів тому

    I absolutely love the X-Files reference!!! Tati, I love your videos and your all-over-the-place likes and personality. Watching these waiting to get your make-up. 😍😬

  19. xsingsthesorrow

    xsingsthesorrow13 днів тому

    Tati looks like Anna Friel here

  20. Nate 21

    Nate 2113 днів тому

    Erica's eyes are more apart so she is definitely prettier

  21. Evonna 559

    Evonna 55913 днів тому

    U guys look like triplets 🥰

  22. Feel Happiness

    Feel Happiness14 днів тому

    Here is a game for u guess who looks more expensive before watching the video 14:41

  23. Flo Cali

    Flo Cali14 днів тому

    You guys look like TRIPLETS! You are all so ADORABLE and BEAUTIFUL!!! Love this video!!!!

  24. cox cox

    cox cox15 днів тому

    More like triplets

  25. jayco palmes

    jayco palmes17 днів тому

    wait Erika has a twin?? I'm shook goowrl! I thought Tati edited the thumbnail haha

  26. Sahar Farooqi

    Sahar Farooqi18 днів тому


  27. Joey Yatra

    Joey Yatra18 днів тому

    It's crazy I can differentiate between The Twins!!!!

  28. Fitness Lass

    Fitness Lass18 днів тому

    you guys are sooooo gorgeous

  29. Kainaat Iqbal

    Kainaat Iqbal19 днів тому

    Love this! We need to see u all together a lot more!!!!!! Love ur sisters they’re so sweet x

  30. monica matos

    monica matos20 днів тому

    This was super-fun!

  31. Delikaadann

    Delikaadann20 днів тому

    And I thought there are three of Tati 😂

  32. Envy Rswie

    Envy Rswie21 день тому

    At 15:10 they literally blinked and nodded at the same time

  33. Updates SM3

    Updates SM321 день тому

    Their check bones and jawline said🔪

  34. Ainhoa Gallo

    Ainhoa Gallo21 день тому

    Imagine Tati opening the video saying "HI SISTERS"😂

  35. Ainhoa Gallo

    Ainhoa Gallo21 день тому

    I thoight they were fans who where identical to her😂

  36. Ainhoa Gallo

    Ainhoa Gallo21 день тому

    Can u follow me people?

  37. katy k

    katy k22 дні тому

    That thumbnail. Was confusing af

  38. my-amazing-journey

    my-amazing-journey22 дні тому

    Tati dancing in the background! I can’t! Omg!

  39. MandaZeBunny

    MandaZeBunny23 дні тому

    Hey, I was able to tell them apart! The one on the right is the one that has been spending a lot of time with Tati

  40. Elisa F

    Elisa F24 дні тому

    Am I here too much if I can immediatly tell them apart hahah

  41. Elisa F

    Elisa F24 дні тому

    But they're so similar tho I mean the way they speak and tell stories is just like Tati!

  42. Carolanne

    Carolanne25 днів тому

    Vous êtes superbe les filles ! Tati tu es ma youtubeuse préférée j’adore les makeup que tu es fais et tu es très inspirante comme femme ❤️ Ps j’ai toujours pensée que vous étiez des triplés hihihi 🙊