Mac Miller and Ariana Grande - The Way (One Love Manchester)


  1. Renad_99_Ariana

    Renad_99_Ariana3 години тому

    Who remembers that? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Ira Bansal

    Ira Bansal9 годин тому

    Wow this hits me so hard

  3. Corinne Cardamone

    Corinne Cardamone12 годин тому

    Miss you Mac❤️

  4. Katie Grande

    Katie Grande12 годин тому

    I never thought he would be gone this soon💔

  5. Xandy Butera

    Xandy Butera14 годин тому

    I love you always

  6. lol.claire

    lol.claire19 годин тому

    This was the last time Ari would ever perform the song “The way” with Mac Miller

  7. Moönchild

    Moönchild20 годин тому

    this is so tender and so heartbreaking at the same time

  8. katherine cordova

    katherine cordovaДень тому

    2 years later wow

  9. Marlena Rozner

    Marlena RoznerДень тому

    This makes me so sad but I also think this is just a sweet song

  10. Mariah Eskel

    Mariah EskelДень тому

    Your amazing Ariana

  11. Romy GBE

    Romy GBEДень тому

    heartbroken, 2 years ago since the attack and mac is a angel now....... we love u and we miss u💔🐝

  12. Estefania

    EstefaniaДень тому

  13. Owain Fryer

    Owain FryerДень тому

    this broke my heart

  14. Sergio C

    Sergio CДень тому

    May 22,2017 we love 22 beautiful angels we never forget you 🐝❤️

  15. Bulletproofbitch boca

    Bulletproofbitch boca2 дні тому

    2 years since Manchester & also seeing Mac there... I'm sobbing 😶💔

  16. Asmara Zaffar

    Asmara Zaffar2 дні тому

    Cant bel8eve it been 2 yrs since manchester

  17. Decent balderas

    Decent balderas5 днів тому

    Her new music is trash Cause people are supporting her Getting thru this Like it was just a bad boyfriend She peaked

  18. Charisma B

    Charisma B2 дні тому

    Decent balderas she literally got ptsd from the attack. everyone should support her and respect for getting through it

  19. Pol

    Pol5 днів тому

    This hits me harder and harder the more i watch it

  20. MARUちゃん

    MARUちゃん5 днів тому

    i miss u mac

  21. Allison godoy

    Allison godoy6 днів тому

    I’m still crying

  22. Carmen uwu

    Carmen uwu6 днів тому

    Hmm yeah i still here... crying :(

  23. Jéssica

    Jéssica6 днів тому


  24. Rylan Haymore

    Rylan Haymore8 днів тому

    Wish she would play this song live again... one of my favorite songs from the early 2010’s

  25. Izabel Pereira

    Izabel Pereira8 днів тому

    Sei lá, o jeito que eles tinham uma química nos palcos era diferente.

  26. Denise H

    Denise H11 днів тому

  27. Fluox Trix

    Fluox Trix12 днів тому

    2019 ! Rip Mac Miller 😢🇧🇷

  28. Alin VH

    Alin VH12 днів тому


  29. Dawn Fisher

    Dawn Fisher13 днів тому

    Even though she Coudnt do the high note she still sounded beautiful

  30. Cal Mag

    Cal Mag13 днів тому

    r.i.p mac l

  31. Jazmyn Gold

    Jazmyn Gold14 днів тому

    Damn first her grandad then her fans and then her true love, she can’t catch a break

  32. Nadrey Toualy

    Nadrey Toualy15 днів тому


  33. Pamela Aranzazu

    Pamela Aranzazu15 днів тому

    Does anyone know if she has performed this since this day?

  34. Zack Skizz

    Zack Skizz15 днів тому

    3:08 she tried

  35. Radhika Nalegave

    Radhika Nalegave16 днів тому

    R.I.P Mac Miller💞

  36. Itzel Bojorquez

    Itzel Bojorquez17 днів тому


  37. Yasith Amaratunga

    Yasith Amaratunga17 днів тому


  38. Jeanne.

    Jeanne.17 днів тому


  39. sophie

    sophie18 днів тому

    his stage presence was always wonderful, performing made him so happy. 🥺


    ET'S REACTIONS18 днів тому

    It's sad looking back and seeing how happy they were I wanted them to get back together but he died 😭😓

  41. Allan George

    Allan George18 днів тому

    God bless u Mac! We all miss you! R.I.P.

  42. Nina Ćerimi

    Nina Ćerimi18 днів тому

    I cried, Mac rest in peace! ❤❤❤❤

  43. Anika

    Anika19 днів тому

    They look SO in love wow

  44. Sriya Guduru

    Sriya Guduru19 днів тому

    rest in peace to a beautiful soul

  45. ʌoᴉƃ .ɔ

    ʌoᴉƃ .ɔ19 днів тому


  46. Sarah Parker Bowman

    Sarah Parker Bowman19 днів тому

    This makes me feel tingly ❤️ so beautiful and sad too

  47. Living_Life_With_Ashlyn

    Living_Life_With_Ashlyn19 днів тому


  48. Jessica Putri

    Jessica Putri19 днів тому


  49. lucia

    lucia20 днів тому

    im crying

  50. its likuna

    its likuna21 день тому

    Rn im watching all of their performances and it gives me chills the way they looked at each other, the chemistry, the energy, its rlly unfair, they literally were so good together 😩🖤

  51. carolina lastra

    carolina lastra21 день тому

    I gonna cry

  52. ariana gb

    ariana gb21 день тому

    im crying so hard

  53. ariana gb

    ariana gb21 день тому

    im crying so hard

  54. Kyrah Prackauskas

    Kyrah Prackauskas21 день тому

    they were so cute together. rip mac miller

  55. Xx-Dark-xX 1

    Xx-Dark-xX 121 день тому

    Wish u were here Mac I miss u sm🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 1 Like= 1 prayer for Mac

  56. crystal nicole

    crystal nicole22 дні тому


  57. Ariana Army x zjzj :v

    Ariana Army x zjzj :v22 дні тому

    Extraño a Malcom, tenían tanta química con Ariana y se notaba cuanto la amaba.

  58. 은채

    은채22 дні тому

    Miss u .. Malcom 😭

  59. ari gra

    ari gra22 дні тому


  60. loud introvert

    loud introvert23 дні тому

    Shit this is hard to watch

  61. Las Arbol

    Las Arbol23 дні тому


  62. Vivi' Deniss

    Vivi' Deniss24 дні тому


  63. Kristina Veliganio

    Kristina Veliganio24 дні тому


  64. A Dub

    A Dub24 дні тому

    You can tell from her body language that he is her safe place. This song compared to the others are two different vibes. 💔💔

  65. Romina Aguirre

    Romina Aguirre25 днів тому

    i miss them

  66. Sofia Cardoso de Sousa Gomes

    Sofia Cardoso de Sousa Gomes25 днів тому

    Coisas que eu nunca vou superar

  67. Aubry Medestomas

    Aubry Medestomas26 днів тому

    Back then, this performance give love and joy but now it gives hurt 😢

  68. Nicole Wagensel

    Nicole Wagensel26 днів тому

    :( me pone sad ver esto

  69. Sean Lundblade

    Sean Lundblade26 днів тому

    I see the pics in this performance I'm so sorry for your Ariana I know u will always love him no matter what people say

  70. jack kinnear

    jack kinnear26 днів тому


  71. ellinsss ava

    ellinsss ava26 днів тому

    Mac....I'm so sorry...R.I.P...

  72. くらも

    くらも27 днів тому

    the way の幸せなサウンドがすごい好き

  73. Ariana Heart

    Ariana Heart27 днів тому

    OMG IM CRYING, R.I.P Mac Miller, May he rest easy, 😭😭😭😭

  74. Audrey

    Audrey28 днів тому

    I never got bored with this performance like IDK why

  75. Karyna Lopez

    Karyna Lopez28 днів тому

    Ariana grande tem uma das vezes mais potentes que eu ja ouvi ...

  76. rob middleton

    rob middleton28 днів тому

    They were so suited!

  77. Heart Vinas

    Heart Vinas28 днів тому

    I miss mac😭

  78. softtleo

    softtleo28 днів тому

    I miss Mac [*]

  79. Dani Gabriel

    Dani GabrielМісяць тому


  80. Amelia A

    Amelia AМісяць тому

    it’s crazy how fast things can change🥺😭💔 rip Malcolm

  81. Toño Gomez

    Toño GomezМісяць тому

    Thank u next

  82. O'Hara To Harris Official

    O'Hara To Harris OfficialМісяць тому

    i’m crying❤️❤️❤️

  83. delaneyonfilm

    delaneyonfilmМісяць тому

    I hope she finds someone with a similar chemistry as her and Mac - it was truly special

  84. susie

    susieМісяць тому

    omg this video have a lot of pain... the terrorist attack in Manchester and Mac... this is just too much for me😔

  85. Cynthia Perez

    Cynthia PerezМісяць тому

    This is so sad R.I.P Mac

  86. Abi Ireland

    Abi IrelandМісяць тому

    Mac was her soulmate and now he’s gone 😓 I’m in tears 😭😢

  87. Karina Suharningsih

    Karina SuharningsihМісяць тому

    Maybe this moment is very beautyfull....n difficult for forget... i think they are the best couple....but i think in this performance ariana grande more agresive ...n mac miller jut smile😁😁😁

  88. arianagrande foreveeer

    arianagrande foreveeerМісяць тому

    this performance breaks my heart....... rest in peace mac 🖤 you will always be in our hearts

  89. Itss Birdyyy

    Itss BirdyyyМісяць тому

    rip love you

  90. Atel

    AtelМісяць тому


  91. malcolm

    malcolmМісяць тому

    anyone else crying ??

  92. Hsjsc Hskshsj

    Hsjsc HskshsjМісяць тому

    Im not crying, u are !

  93. Celeste Payan

    Celeste PayanМісяць тому


  94. Anne Mascarenhas

    Anne MascarenhasМісяць тому

    It’s was my birthday 😭😭😍💖 Ariana grande is my favorite 😍😍😍😍😍

  95. TYG Vlogger

    TYG VloggerМісяць тому

    Cant believe that now we wont be able to hear this in live again :( Im crying

  96. Henrique Silva

    Henrique SilvaМісяць тому

    Eu shippo p smp eles' esse som' o clip' essa live .. 🎤♡ 💕

  97. Soňa Racety

    Soňa RacetyМісяць тому

    We Need To Stay Strong...

  98. Ceyda Özek

    Ceyda ÖzekМісяць тому

    the fact that we never can see this again makes me sad

  99. Analía Velázquez

    Analía VelázquezМісяць тому

    I miss them

  100. Anna Jensen

    Anna JensenМісяць тому

    R.I.P Mac R.I.P Mac R.I.P Mac R.I.P Mac R.I.P Mac R.I.P Mac R.I.P Mac R.I.P Mac R.I.P Mac R.I.P Mac R.I.P Mac R.I.P Mac R.I.P Mac R.I.P Mac R.I.P Mac R.I.P Mac R.I.P Mac R.I.P Mac

  101. Diana

    DianaМісяць тому

    That's was a good performance