Mac Miller and Ariana Grande - The Way (One Love Manchester)


  1. tillyk fans

    tillyk fans13 годин тому

    Her name is Ari she taught me love she taught me patience that is amazing 💁‍♀️ (I kept it PG) she is truly amazing tho she's one of my idols 💗

  2. Amanda A

    Amanda A14 годин тому


  3. faceonbizzle

    faceonbizzle21 годину тому

    why i'm watching this😔❤️

  4. mguest1020

    mguest102022 години тому

    Who else cried?

  5. mguest1020

    mguest102022 години тому

    RIP Mac. We all miss you!

  6. Videoorbiter

    VideoorbiterДень тому

    Nothing says white trash like a neck tattoo.

  7. Ms.sunflower

    Ms.sunflowerДень тому

    Im crying

  8. #KD GANG

    #KD GANGДень тому

    this is so sad 😩😩 RIP MAC

  9. melisa merchs

    melisa merchsДень тому


  10. The Disco Godfathers

    The Disco GodfathersДень тому

    this shit gives me chills

  11. Wicked

    WickedДень тому

    She looks so much more happy and confident ;(

  12. Lujayne Rashid

    Lujayne RashidДень тому

    R.l.P Malcom. You are such a beauty

  13. Carol Anne

    Carol AnneДень тому


  14. Wilhelm Decker

    Wilhelm DeckerДень тому

    Wow she's basically on stilts

  15. Wilhelm Decker

    Wilhelm DeckerДень тому

    He can't even fuckin rap

  16. Reece Clive

    Reece CliveДень тому

    R.I.P Mac you fucking legend we love you

  17. mediocrecat

    mediocrecat2 дні тому

    I think that out of all Ariana's relationships, Ari and Mac are my favorite. It's so sad that he passed away, knowing that Pete and Ari were getting married...

  18. Allie H

    Allie H2 дні тому

    Their stage presence was incredible, it’s so heartbreaking to know this will never happen again RIP Mac😭💞

  19. Hope is in God

    Hope is in God3 дні тому

    Mac miller 😥😥😫💜💜

  20. Nico Yasurek

    Nico Yasurek3 дні тому

    Mac 😔😔

  21. Bellesima Gailve

    Bellesima Gailve3 дні тому

    One Love Mac Miller ❤❤❤ RIP 💜

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  23. morethancoupons2010 Meiz

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    LEXI GRAVES3 дні тому

    luv it rip mac =(.

  25. Rovi 7

    Rovi 73 дні тому

    Miss you Mac😧😭😭

  26. Akum Akumka

    Akum Akumka3 дні тому

    why she's so happy here? this is two weeks after menchester attack...

  27. OfficialyCakeowo

    OfficialyCakeowo3 дні тому

    Wished I could say thank you to Malcom, cause he was an angel

  28. Connagh stokes

    Connagh stokes4 дні тому

    Miserable Twat At 1:09 hahahaha R.I.P Loved Forever Brother

  29. Mackenzie Frecloud

    Mackenzie Frecloud4 дні тому

    i miss you, Malcolm.

  30. Juan Vittar

    Juan Vittar4 дні тому

    Que injusto es el destino... un día tienes a alguien a tu lado y al siguiente solo vive en tu memoria

  31. emily Huggins

    emily Huggins4 дні тому

    The way he looks at her, they were meant to be. RIP MAC MILLER, You we’re gone to soon


    ALICE PICCARDI4 дні тому


  33. Samya Rafaelly

    Samya Rafaelly4 дні тому


  34. jimmy

    jimmy5 днів тому

    were they dating at the time this was???

  35. Ericka Turner

    Ericka Turner3 дні тому

    Yes 💔

  36. wania b

    wania b5 днів тому

    She and Mac should've gotten engaged, then married instead

  37. YounG Gawd

    YounG Gawd5 днів тому

    One like =one rip to mac miller 💝

  38. Melda Hiet

    Melda Hiet6 днів тому

    This breaks my heart 😭

  39. Leticia Lyra

    Leticia Lyra6 днів тому

    Thank you Malcom... 😭💔

  40. Dania Benitez

    Dania Benitez6 днів тому

    I love the chemistry between Ari and Mac but it isn't the same the chemistry between Ari and Pete is much deeper

  41. Mama Love

    Mama Love7 днів тому

    It breaks my heart how happy Mac Miller is here 😥 They just goof around like lovesick puppies and it’s hard to watch!

  42. Jackelyn Campos

    Jackelyn Campos7 днів тому

    for malcolm

  43. QueenMaresha Kingdom

    QueenMaresha Kingdom7 днів тому

    Nooo mac 😭😭😭rip Mac miler

  44. Salmaa Ajzannay

    Salmaa Ajzannay7 днів тому

    who is crying? :(

  45. kez

    kez8 днів тому

    anyone here after thank you, next ;’(( rip legend🙏🏻




  47. Antonio Garza Is iconic

    Antonio Garza Is iconic8 днів тому


  48. Stefany Flores Pulcha

    Stefany Flores Pulcha8 днів тому


  49. E Presley

    E Presley8 днів тому

    They were so in sync and in love 💔

  50. aline silva

    aline silva9 днів тому

    0:59 😍😍😍

  51. Melina Schneider

    Melina Schneider9 днів тому

    Cryyy☹💔R.I.P Mac 💔💔

  52. murilo silva

    murilo silva9 днів тому

    ariana grande me and you always mac miller loved love

  53. Sesina Birhanemaskel

    Sesina Birhanemaskel9 днів тому

    Its so heartbreaking that he left the world thinking ari was gonna get married. 😪😢😭 they could have been together

  54. samantha montefalco

    samantha montefalco9 днів тому

    Ariana's hair is 😍

  55. Christina La

    Christina La9 днів тому

    Imagine being behind one of those people carrying a kid on their back or being behind a sign

  56. Patricia Patunia

    Patricia Patunia9 днів тому

    The way they look at eachother warms my heart and I’m just in bits they could of been so happy together u can tell she regrets ending everything with him🥺😭❤️

  57. Patricia Patunia

    Patricia Patunia9 днів тому

    I miss him so fucking much it’s unbelievable!😭

  58. Lamisa Khan

    Lamisa Khan9 днів тому


  59. underneath aj

    underneath aj9 днів тому

    who’s here after the thank you next music video came out?

  60. murilo silva

    murilo silva9 днів тому

    love loved mac miller ariana grande

  61. Laugh Livex

    Laugh Livex9 днів тому

    Who’s here after the thank u next video

  62. murilo silva

    murilo silva9 днів тому

    loved ariana grande mac miller

  63. murilo silva

    murilo silva9 днів тому

    mac miller thnk you ariana grande

  64. Tania Trinidad perez

    Tania Trinidad perez10 днів тому

    fan de Ariana

  65. Sammy T

    Sammy T10 днів тому

    I firmly believe Mac was her soulmate and Pete was just a rebound for her. It’s so sad that they’ll never have that happy ending

  66. Jamie Wetmore

    Jamie Wetmore10 днів тому

    what does she say at the end!!!!!!

  67. Hollie Tynan

    Hollie Tynan10 днів тому

    Hold up I was in hospital for 2yrs and I couldn’t go on my phone so did he die or sank

  68. Series Legendas

    Series Legendas10 днів тому

    miss him :(

  69. Jurnee Spelliman

    Jurnee Spelliman11 днів тому

    Crying. This really was true love.

  70. Joe Jungle

    Joe Jungle11 днів тому

    Omg I'm crying😭😭😭😭

  71. DevaJones03

    DevaJones0311 днів тому

    1:08 the dude in the black shirt who drug him to this concert? he clearly was NOT feeling it, he looks like somebody ran over his pet cat.

  72. Ayeitz Chandler

    Ayeitz Chandler11 днів тому

    So sad how Mac passed away. As someone who struggles with addiction it hits home. Feel so sad for his family and Ari. Idc what anybody says they were the best together 💙

  73. Monica Galvao

    Monica Galvao11 днів тому

    Mac 😢❤

  74. Ana Castillo

    Ana Castillo11 днів тому

    The way he smiled at her at the end...

  75. Harry CL Wong

    Harry CL Wong11 днів тому

    Who cried watching this vid?

  76. Jennie Radeva

    Jennie Radeva11 днів тому

    Wish I could say thank u to Malcolm,cause he was an angel....

  77. Andrea Cordero

    Andrea Cordero12 днів тому

    Who else saw the woman holding a paper with "for angels" on it at 2:58? 😱


    DONALD TRUMP12 днів тому

    Rest in peace, Malcolm 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  79. Dulce Nalle

    Dulce Nalle12 днів тому

    Como me encantaba verlos juntos todavía no me la creo que el ya no este dios mio 💔

  80. Al

    Al12 днів тому


  81. Lee-anne Tobias

    Lee-anne Tobias13 днів тому

    Miss you Mac

  82. J C

    J C13 днів тому

    I'll never forget how hard he supported her through this. It's a shame things didn't work out. He still had hella love for her.

  83. Space Clover

    Space Clover13 днів тому

    i loved these two together, i know they can no longer be together since mac has passed but it’s so sad that they broke up. i wish mac to rest peacefully and ari strength and love 💜

  84. Antoin Rodrego

    Antoin Rodrego13 днів тому


  85. Evi de Haan

    Evi de Haan13 днів тому

    I’m crying 😭

  86. Atlanta Sauvage

    Atlanta Sauvage13 днів тому

    Hot garbage

  87. Maria Romero Piaggio

    Maria Romero Piaggio14 днів тому

    Ay 💔

  88. NyancyPeekachew

    NyancyPeekachew14 днів тому

    He died in love...

  89. Eilish Subliminals

    Eilish Subliminals14 днів тому

    *i love you, Mac. gone way too soon.*

  90. Febe Van Den Bossche

    Febe Van Den Bossche14 днів тому

    3:05 everytime i come back to this vid i drop a comment bcs it breaks my heart all the time

  91. Febe Van Den Bossche

    Febe Van Den Bossche14 днів тому

    It’s still so crazy that he’s not here anymore... i miss you ❤️

  92. leire heaslip

    leire heaslip14 днів тому

    True love ♥♥

  93. Jess loves ariana

    Jess loves ariana14 днів тому

    i miss max

  94. Jess loves ariana

    Jess loves ariana14 днів тому


  95. Ellie Dumouchel

    Ellie Dumouchel14 днів тому

    my angel mac

  96. Nina

    Nina15 днів тому

    I wish a guy looked at me the way Mac looked at Ariana💔

  97. jenna khan #selenator

    jenna khan #selenator15 днів тому

    who is next ? for thank u

  98. Sierra Lawrence

    Sierra Lawrence15 днів тому


  99. Natalie Cooper

    Natalie Cooper15 днів тому

    Not being disrespectful just trying to brighten up ur day 1:36 what that tongue do

  100. Lauren Charlotte

    Lauren Charlotte15 днів тому


  101. i'm simona

    i'm simona15 днів тому

    i miss them so much..🖤

  102. Grace Bediako

    Grace Bediako16 днів тому

    This moment Ariana and Mac were having problems😢