1. Angel Nieblas

    Angel Nieblas3 години тому

    Damn bruh I’ve missed this lowkey🤧

  2. McKissick Raymond

    McKissick Raymond3 години тому

    0:40 Ian:Ma TrEaSuRe

  3. Tyrell Hills

    Tyrell Hills7 годин тому


  4. Tyrell Hills

    Tyrell Hills7 годин тому


  5. きのきのこ

    きのきのこ10 годин тому


  6. VCbeastYT

    VCbeastYT11 годин тому

    who else is whatching this for the 10th time in 2020 hoping for anthony to come back

  7. Legendary Hamster

    Legendary HamsterГодину тому

    Nobody cares when year you watch

  8. Nyes daddy Harder 2.0

    Nyes daddy Harder 2.010 годин тому

    No point, it wouldn’t be the same sadly

  9. Pink Bubble Gum

    Pink Bubble Gum17 годин тому


  10. Av. deviqs

    Av. deviqsДень тому

    I watched them when I was 7

  11. tillisover playz

    tillisover playzДень тому

    Can someone give me sandwiches SHUT UP

  12. Justin filipe Gutierrez

    Justin filipe GutierrezДень тому

    We missed the old smosh why did you bloody stop why just why who gives a crap about the new smosh

  13. Dum Drag0n

    Dum Drag0nДень тому


  14. Ajay

    AjayДень тому

    This was so funny to watch and this video was made so long ago lol

  15. Yohanes Melaku

    Yohanes Melaku2 дні тому


  16. Keysaint Yes!!!

    Keysaint Yes!!!2 дні тому

    The fact that they filled the house with trash

  17. Luis Pena

    Luis Pena2 дні тому

    The good old days🥺

  18. Jose Ast

    Jose Ast2 дні тому

    Jeez 8 years has passed damn I feel old now

  19. Shawn Jordan

    Shawn Jordan2 дні тому

    Crappy car

  20. Foolish Fool

    Foolish Fool2 дні тому

    This would be so useful now. Imagine all the toilet paper you could copy and paste.

  21. Callum Jenkins-Parton

    Callum Jenkins-Parton3 дні тому

    They predicted the name of the new apple magic keyboard

  22. PeekerJ

    PeekerJ3 дні тому

    3:07 "We didn't add anything funny here, so unpause the video, dumbass."

  23. Captain Levi

    Captain Levi3 дні тому


  24. Crow

    Crow4 дні тому

    We need more of these OG videos... 😭

  25. Leonie Harper

    Leonie Harper4 дні тому

    2:25 Me when mom says no McDonald's for 2 years


    FREDDIE REAGAN4 дні тому

    Nice one

  27. vivid -_-

    vivid -_-4 дні тому

    The nostalgia

  28. Mr owl L.

    Mr owl L.5 днів тому

    Plot twist: that girl was his cousin

  29. Heath Harris

    Heath Harris6 днів тому

    Moral of the story: SAVE YOUR THINGS!

  30. lil man

    lil man6 днів тому

    Old memories and I still love them

  31. wallhalla

    wallhalla6 днів тому

    The " *SHIT GO BACK* " button is always useful

  32. Kirsty Blanks

    Kirsty Blanks6 днів тому

    I miss old smosh so much good ideas and funny

  33. Thomas Liao

    Thomas Liao6 днів тому

    Ian: You'll pay for what you've done Also Ian: Can't even get his money properly

  34. Nautilee Wind

    Nautilee Wind7 днів тому

    will this be deleted during the Apocalypse ?

  35. ᴇʟʟᴀᴛʜᴇʟᴏsᴇʀ

    ᴇʟʟᴀᴛʜᴇʟᴏsᴇʀ7 днів тому

    If I had a keyboard I would copy and paste my pug, my money, my blankets

  36. Adrian gabriel Linares

    Adrian gabriel Linares7 днів тому

    0:35 That reminds me monika from the ddlc

  37. Fast Dog Runners

    Fast Dog Runners7 днів тому

    Video off UAreporter please

  38. Jsimo05 34

    Jsimo05 347 днів тому

    Smosh in my opinion are shit now this is real smosh


    AGGBKYSE7 днів тому

    pretty sure copy pasting money will give off the same serial number for every copy so its pretty much worthless

  40. minson lee

    minson lee8 днів тому

    Miss the good days when I did't have to wark

  41. Kendra Blakney

    Kendra Blakney8 днів тому


  42. Jackeline Carranza

    Jackeline Carranza8 днів тому

    If TheOdd1sOut replies to this comment, I will shut up.😊 so plz reply

  43. Legendary Hamster

    Legendary HamsterГодину тому

    Shut The Fuck Up!

  44. That’s So Fetch!

    That’s So Fetch!6 днів тому

    Fuck off.

  45. Status- Prune

    Status- Prune6 днів тому

    Jackeline Carranza that’s never going to happen

  46. Future co

    Future co9 днів тому


  47. JetSetRetardFuture

    JetSetRetardFuture9 днів тому

    1:05 kore ga requiem

  48. harsha

    harsha9 днів тому

    0:55 mr beast be like

  49. Vulturelikes games

    Vulturelikes games9 днів тому

    Who else remembers when it was just Stevie,Anthony, And Ian

  50. 3auka88

    3auka889 днів тому

    Hot chick? Right 💩💩💩💩

  51. I Subcribe

    I Subcribe11 днів тому

    I like This More than what is today.

  52. clownwitch

    clownwitch11 днів тому

    i missed the *SHUT UP*

  53. Jarl

    Jarl11 днів тому

    Ive probably watched every old smosh video about 20 times

  54. blue boi laugh

    blue boi laugh11 днів тому


  55. Sp1derVortex

    Sp1derVortex11 днів тому

    What happened to this channel jeez

  56. Sp1derVortex

    Sp1derVortex11 днів тому

    @bagas lukmatara makes sense

  57. bagas lukmatara

    bagas lukmatara11 днів тому

    @Sp1derVortex i think bcz antony left from this channel... Bcz he was founder of smosh ... And he can't ENJOY again with this channel so he resign from smosh... And almost of video story in this video made by anthony and ian..

  58. Sp1derVortex

    Sp1derVortex11 днів тому

    Ik he left, I meant what happened to the good content that Smosh used to make?

  59. bagas lukmatara

    bagas lukmatara11 днів тому

    Anthony left smosh in 2018/2016

  60. Kastella Brucal

    Kastella Brucal11 днів тому

    This brings me memories before i miss anthony being in smosh tho ☹️

  61. Status- Prune

    Status- Prune6 днів тому

    Melody Ponce even if he was back the videos wouldn’t be the same

  62. Rigby The Beast

    Rigby The Beast12 днів тому

    whats the song they play on the key board does anybody know

  63. MrSpankMan

    MrSpankMan12 днів тому

    2:45 that one episode of spongebob with squidward

  64. Aliya Playz

    Aliya Playz12 днів тому


  65. Haider Ifti

    Haider Ifti12 днів тому

    I forgot to save -Anthony pidilla

  66. Roblox Girl

    Roblox Girl13 днів тому

    This video was posted when I was one

  67. Karim Sherif

    Karim Sherif13 днів тому

    I miss the old ones they were so funny I want them back

  68. Karim Sherif

    Karim Sherif13 днів тому


  69. Mizigun

    Mizigun13 днів тому

    *I want to watch new Smosh comedy like this*

  70. Lisa Crossley

    Lisa Crossley13 днів тому

    Me too :(