Make the Shot, I'll Buy You Anything Challenge!!


  1. Antonio Banda

    Antonio Banda46 хвилин тому

    Bro I was the kid in the bike

  2. Ryan Z

    Ryan Z4 години тому

    Put it in 2x speed

  3. lil ghost_xd

    lil ghost_xd5 годин тому

    And I would like to play a games of fortnite with faze

  4. lil ghost_xd

    lil ghost_xd5 годин тому

    I had a dream of faze giving me 1000$ dollars I was the happiest thing on earth

  5. lil ghost_xd

    lil ghost_xd5 годин тому

    My dreams are doing a basketball challenge with faze clan like this

  6. Beltz

    Beltz6 годин тому

    Ok gonna be honest you guys are garbage at basketball

  7. ItsViision

    ItsViision6 годин тому

    Anyone know what happened to Roman, was he the thief?

  8. ProX Haseeb

    ProX Haseeb7 годин тому

    wow they have 4k resolution

  9. Aiman Alshawhati

    Aiman Alshawhati17 годин тому

    U stupid

  10. The Dragon with 1000 subs

    The Dragon with 1000 subs20 годин тому

    CLEAN The lens IM GET MAD Easily

  11. Joel Paramo

    Joel Paramo21 годину тому

    Can I 1v1 any of you guys on basketball I'm OG

  12. code yo123

    code yo123День тому

    Did leon and ingnacy join faze

  13. Aron Perez

    Aron PerezДень тому

    You should use random people that might need help with money, not your friends that really don't need those things

  14. ツ Cryptik_

    ツ Cryptik_День тому

    I just realized how bad all the FaZe members are at Basketball

  15. ツ Cryptik_

    ツ Cryptik_День тому

    It’s windy. The wind is blowing left at Adapt and the the ball goes right. 🧐

  16. Colby Peace

    Colby PeaceДень тому

    Jarvises jump shot is broken😂

  17. Matthew Cook

    Matthew CookДень тому

    Nikan is the biggest hypocrite

  18. Elliot Lindfors

    Elliot Lindfors2 дні тому

    244hz? Lol

  19. Uptee

    Uptee2 дні тому


  20. Oscar Banuelos

    Oscar Banuelos2 дні тому

    Oscar yuuuuu M

  21. Connor Booker

    Connor Booker2 дні тому

    Nerd Net Fortnite

  22. Prank and vlogs Alex

    Prank and vlogs Alex2 дні тому

    Do ya relize where there recording in rudy mancoso place where he made a video

  23. Saifan Ali

    Saifan Ali2 дні тому

    Jarvis:takes one step Kay:your insane bro

  24. Nezar Saleh

    Nezar Saleh2 дні тому

    “all their links are gonna be in the description” * Links aren’t in the description

  25. John Relg

    John Relg3 дні тому

    I feel like he doesn’t even try on his vids anymore 😑

  26. IT’S ME Grainy

    IT’S ME Grainy3 дні тому

    1 15 kid on bike

  27. Nano Nadeem

    Nano Nadeem3 дні тому

    I swear shaq has a better jumper then all these guys

  28. Neck if e a

    Neck if e a3 дні тому

    Part 2? Ohh what

  29. Nathan Boucher

    Nathan Boucher4 дні тому

    You got this from rug

  30. Surfer Safari

    Surfer Safari4 дні тому

    Faze rug coped this video

  31. Sampurn Srivastava

    Sampurn Srivastava4 дні тому

    Why is teeqo the best basketball player


    BEAST_MODE_ YT5 днів тому

    They are so bad at basketball its funny

  33. a bigg turddd who has noice hair boii

    a bigg turddd who has noice hair boii5 днів тому

    I’m surprised no stranger took anything

  34. RAXLAX

    RAXLAX5 днів тому

    I kept wiping my screen until i realised it was theyre camera

  35. Gass Grill

    Gass Grill6 днів тому

    5:23 dud i just have a seizure

  36. Hardsavo _

    Hardsavo _6 днів тому

    Ha ha ha ha did u see how teeqo shotsss and jarvis

  37. J a M e

    J a M e6 днів тому

    Jarvis is like: Imma clap these kids now

  38. BAYRyZe

    BAYRyZe6 днів тому

    Faze adapt the type I guy to overreact like he hit the shot

  39. Go0f-E

    Go0f-E6 днів тому

    Karen took the kids Tenser took the car


    AVOCADO MAN6 днів тому

    Who herd faze adapt at 2:59 say acreot

  41. TT Lenaris

    TT Lenaris7 днів тому


  42. Cameron Da Silva

    Cameron Da Silva7 днів тому

    7:08 who else saw that

  43. Stephen King9

    Stephen King97 днів тому

    Who else saw the court and was like Mexican basketball from anwar jabwai

  44. RatedForClout

    RatedForClout7 днів тому

    8:38 someone said nigga 👀

  45. ØmegaCurry 30

    ØmegaCurry 307 днів тому

    does anyone else just want to scream bc these shots r so easy but they just miss everything😂

  46. RAXLAX

    RAXLAX5 днів тому

    I would like this comment but your profile pic is dumb as hell 😂

  47. gurwinder singh

    gurwinder singh7 днів тому

    Adapt is type of guy that put soap in pool to wash his hands

  48. Sadequane Mustafa

    Sadequane Mustafa7 днів тому

    Hey Lets Find FaZe Jarvis in the description... What? The Commets Started To pop off🙁...

  49. Klownz

    Klownz8 днів тому

    This is way better than Rug’s vid of this

  50. Smexay

    Smexay8 днів тому

    244hz Monitor??!?!!?

  51. SWEATY :\

    SWEATY :\8 днів тому

    Jeez I thought lethal shooter trained u guys