Making Donuts - Ten Minute Power Hour


  1. Bitemypotato 757

    Bitemypotato 7573 хвилини тому

    I have not sold weed. I smoked it all the time in the past tho. I'd love to have Dan as a dealer

  2. Nutmeg

    Nutmeg21 хвилина тому

    I have only known Willow for twenty minutes but I would die for them

  3. M.J. Bacino

    M.J. Bacino46 хвилин тому

    Dan has me shook when he said “she”

  4. Falling In Zero Gravity

    Falling In Zero Gravity2 години тому

    7:54 yesterday, i woke up sucking a lemon


    XxRADIO-STATICxX2 години тому

    Y’all should make part 2

  6. eepmew

    eepmew3 години тому

    I want one

  7. infernalHeart

    infernalHeart3 години тому

    Danny vored yeast

  8. Medusa Animation

    Medusa Animation3 години тому

    12:50 is beautiful!!

  9. Madelynn Applebottom

    Madelynn Applebottom4 години тому

    I appreciate Aron’s Billie Eilish reference

  10. riley jenkins

    riley jenkins6 годин тому

    *sings French national anthem* "Oh wait that's God save the queen "

  11. briennabradley

    briennabradley11 годин тому

    You better be using grade b maple syrup for that. You gotta use the best stuff

  12. briennabradley

    briennabradley11 годин тому

    Willow is so freaking cute! She's being so awesome and patient. Willow is the mother baking with her two 4 year olds for the first time XD

  13. POTATO

    POTATO14 годин тому

    This so called "Willow" is clearly a DUDE

  14. Shtizzy

    Shtizzy11 годин тому

    @POTATO ... she's transgender. She was a male but she wants to be a female.

  15. POTATO

    POTATO12 годин тому

    @Shtizzy Don't lie to me I know Transformers arn't real

  16. Shtizzy

    Shtizzy12 годин тому

    She's trans, chief.

  17. Unicatsus

    Unicatsus14 годин тому

    Dan’s instant regret when the vanilla hit his tongue has me dying 😂

  18. Thomas Leblanc

    Thomas LeblancДень тому

    Willows a girl??

  19. Shtizzy

    Shtizzy12 годин тому

    She's trans.

  20. Ashley Newton

    Ashley NewtonДень тому


  21. Loveolicious

    LoveoliciousДень тому

    Oh hey, my name's Willow too :D

  22. Will Ratkey

    Will RatkeyДень тому

    bone ape tit

  23. Cusaul

    CusaulДень тому

    4:08 but I wanted more

  24. Daniel Watson

    Daniel WatsonДень тому

    Willow is so pretty i love her and her energy!

  25. ohboi 123

    ohboi 1232 дні тому

    Everybody gangsta till Dan puts his hair up

  26. bluedawnflower

    bluedawnflower2 дні тому

    Willow angrily saying "Krispy Kreme's got NOTHING on me" is so iconic. We love her.

  27. Father

    Father2 дні тому

    Not to be NSFW but I would LITERALLY *_DIE_* for Willow.

  28. 2 - D

    2 - D2 дні тому

    Блинб,я Эрен по жизни. Даю приблизительный перевод его слов: -Когда мы уже можем их есть (пончики)? - Эрен,пожалуйста... - НО ЭТО ТО,ЗАЧЕМ МЫ ИХ ДЕЛАЛИ!

  29. Lizzie M

    Lizzie M2 дні тому

    Grumps supporting the LGBTQ+ community and respecting pronouns makes me ♥♥♥

  30. Kiwi- Melon101

    Kiwi- Melon1012 дні тому

    If Kiss from a Rose isn'ot in Dan's new under the covers album ill be very sad

  31. Carter C.

    Carter C.2 дні тому

    13:04 what song was that

  32. Santos Bustamante

    Santos Bustamante3 дні тому

    I want a full cover of seal "kiss from a rose" from danny and arin

  33. Nathaniel

    Nathaniel3 дні тому

    Has Ninja Sex Party covered Kiss From A Rose? If not, they should!

  34. Imagine Wagons

    Imagine Wagons3 дні тому

    Arin: Another buttplug looking thing Dan: Not everything has to go in your but... Willow: No... he's right

  35. armawillo

    armawillo3 дні тому

    dan singing god save the queen instead of the star spangled banner makes my day

  36. LunarMadness

    LunarMadness3 дні тому

    12:16 arin vioelntly beats dough to the brink of death

  37. Kurliz Makara

    Kurliz Makara3 дні тому

    Tbh I wanna know whag legend arin was talking about

  38. Naief Alromi

    Naief Alromi3 дні тому

    wait can a video be demonetized if it has dan mass murdering tiny creatures ?

  39. Slushel Husky

    Slushel Husky4 дні тому

    is willow trans?

  40. Slushel Husky

    Slushel HuskyДень тому

    @Ellie Blunden wow rude, it doesn't matter if it's my business I asked a question to confirm my suspicions.

  41. Ellie Blunden

    Ellie BlundenДень тому

    Most likely, yes. That really isn't any of your business though.

  42. Gilbertisok _

    Gilbertisok _4 дні тому

    Willow's a meme lord a no one can change my mind

  43. • Prince Zomboツ •

    • Prince Zomboツ •4 дні тому

    _bone ape tit_

  44. joshua wiley

    joshua wiley4 дні тому


  45. Linda/Lidel Steini

    Linda/Lidel Steini4 дні тому

    I love Willow and how throughout 80% of the videos you can just see her mentally going "jesus christ what have I gotten myself into, why did I agree to do this???"

  46. NarcoBlue

    NarcoBlue4 дні тому

    i freaking love when they break into kiss from a rose... true friendship

  47. ChrisLin

    ChrisLin4 дні тому

    *clap clap clap* ғʟᴏᴡᴇʀ ʜᴏᴜʀ

  48. jerry

    jerry4 дні тому

    12:52 u welcome

  49. duckswithteeth

    duckswithteeth4 дні тому

    1:22 kevin price did not like that

  50. EntityLvr

    EntityLvr4 дні тому

    the amount and variety of things that Arin puts in his mouth each show is astounding. Also, I have a rainbow version of that tiny cat spoon. Tiny cat spoons are awesome

  51. Giana Busiel

    Giana Busiel4 дні тому

    Tiny cat spoon!

  52. jeepers

    jeepers4 дні тому

    Willow matches the Grumps' energy so perfectly. I would love to see her on a guest grumps episode. She's so funny! 💓

  53. The bad habit

    The bad habit4 дні тому

    Alright y’all calm the fuck down about willow lmao

  54. Ellie Blunden

    Ellie BlundenДень тому


  55. Professional Loser

    Professional Loser4 дні тому

    Theres this donut chain in my home state Louisiana called southern maid and it never really moved out of the state. There are a few shops in Texas and one or two in Mississippi. And every day they make new donuts in the morning and at 4. So everyday at 4 you can go there and you can get fresh donuts. If you're driving through I'd recommend it. They're literally the best donuts I've ever had.

  56. Dragoon 4003

    Dragoon 40034 дні тому

    What song were they singing?

  57. Jackie B

    Jackie B5 днів тому

    I appreciate the Grumps using her proper pronoun ❤️