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Mark Ronson - Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (Official Video) ft. Miley Cyrus


  1. Jyoti sharma

    Jyoti sharma50 хвилин тому

    Love the song love miley..😘😘😘😘

  2. Trap Astronaut

    Trap Astronaut58 хвилин тому

    It's amazing!! 😍 🔝

  3. David Fernandez

    David FernandezГодину тому


  4. David Fernandez

    David FernandezГодину тому

    Te amooo❤️

  5. Willy Brown

    Willy BrownГодину тому


  6. Danny Dodds

    Danny DoddsГодину тому

    didn't like it at first, grown on me now tho!

  7. xoxo

    xoxoГодину тому

    What car is this ? 😋

  8. MercedesGeePee

    MercedesGeePeeГодину тому

    Mercedes-Benz S-Class W220 2003-2005

  9. Preetam Rawat

    Preetam RawatГодину тому

    3:50 ......did u saw something ☺

  10. primadonna

    primadonnaГодину тому

    can someone explain the video to me

  11. Unicorngamer 2555

    Unicorngamer 2555Годину тому

    READ THIS Nobody loves you Nobody thinks you're smart Nobody thinks you deserve to win But everyone has the same name: Nobody...💖

  12. a r d e n t pirson

    a r d e n t pirsonГодину тому

    the worst ever

  13. sabrina hamrick

    sabrina hamrickГодину тому

    This is pure trash.

  14. SureAct

    SureActГодину тому

    Zoso, tu sugi pula, nu piesa asta ruleaza, curva de ma-ta ruleaza in pula de negru, pisa-m-as pe tine de gunoi ce esti!!!

  15. nadie

    nadieГодину тому

    social criticism , i love it

  16. Seb Canet

    Seb Canet2 години тому

    She broke her father heart doing shit ! Now she's back and I really hope she ll continue on this way ! Love this song !

  17. Canal de um Idiota

    Canal de um Idiota2 години тому

    Eu fugindo dos policiais em 2019 por ser sapatão

  18. Саша Кеп

    Саша Кеп2 години тому


  19. Thiago Pinheiro

    Thiago Pinheiro2 години тому


  20. L.A. Bside

    L.A. Bside2 години тому


  21. David Fernandez

    David Fernandez2 години тому


  22. Darth Crim the Wise

    Darth Crim the Wise2 години тому

    Usually cannot stand any of these two but this song is great.

  23. David Martin

    David Martin2 години тому

    I really Love this song!!!! And Miley i admire you a lot😍 And the part of the ass reminds me when Britney showed her ass to the paparazzis back then. Wow good song probably one of My faves this year!

  24. Avrik Nice

    Avrik Nice2 години тому

    Ребят тут Русские есть вообще ?

  25. Sharriska

    Sharriska2 години тому

    "Thumb down", mostly because I don't like being mooned...

  26. pritpal singh

    pritpal singh2 години тому

    Miley was born to sing hit songs

  27. James Calley

    James Calley2 години тому

    Jolene gotta "dat ass"

  28. amitava mozumder

    amitava mozumder3 години тому

    there are so many symbolism in the video!! way too political for miley.

  29. stervoznaya

    stervoznaya3 години тому

    This song has so much soul in it, I fell in love with it immediately when I saw a short clip of Miley singing it live on the Stern Show. Miley is becoming a really serious mature singer I can't help liking her. The voice low and raspy is perfect as well, you just can't call this crap even if you don't like her and never took her seriously, it's time to admit - this young woman is talented af.

  30. Marcin Hary

    Marcin Hary3 години тому

    Dobra dupa ;)

  31. Hangu Florin

    Hangu Florin3 години тому

    i change my opinion about her after heard this song :D

  32. Sanfred

    Sanfred3 години тому

    Hi guys, you can check out an acoustic cover of this catchy song on my channel:)

  33. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson3 години тому

    Oh to be the heart she breaks, or the one that mends hers.. great song and video.

  34. Ana Toledo

    Ana Toledo3 години тому

    I love me some country Miley, but really Mark Ronson, was this song left over from Gaga's Joanne album?

  35. Arda Yılmaz

    Arda Yılmaz3 години тому


  36. G SHORTS:)

    G SHORTS:)3 години тому

    My Sexy Ex is back I'm singing this to her Every day! What a Song on loop 😢🎧🤘

  37. Malcolm Oliver

    Malcolm Oliver3 години тому

    Is anyone else getting Beyonce Formation vibes from this video?

  38. S D

    S D3 години тому

    I bet y’all like Miley back to showing skin again 😂

  39. Nathaniel Grokie

    Nathaniel Grokie4 години тому

    I didn’t like it..

  40. Ally York

    Ally York4 години тому

    Miley needs to stop showing off her ass and do a decent video with no nudity then maybe she'll get the respect she deserves as a serious artist.

  41. Stevi Boi

    Stevi Boi4 години тому

    In no fan of miley but I fuckin love this song!!!

  42. Dat One Haha

    Dat One Haha4 години тому

    This kinda reminds me of Lady Gaga's Joanne. Maybe because Ronson worked on that album too.

  43. Henni Smolander

    Henni Smolander4 години тому

    This is the prettiest song I have heard in awhile. Made tears in my eyes for some reason. Miley should always sing songs like these with that beautiful country tone.

  44. Jonathan araujo

    Jonathan araujo4 години тому

    Gente esse clipe essa música é muito melhor que as que a Ariana lançou

  45. Гум Сервис

    Гум Сервис4 години тому

    😃😃👍 Хорошо что ты изменилась😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💓💓💓

  46. Max Pfaff

    Max Pfaff4 години тому

    Here from SNL

  47. Carlo Chiariello

    Carlo Chiariello5 годин тому

    Hi guys, look at this cover, very beautiful! Leave a like and sign up for many other videos -->відео-nwERfiVjOIE.html

  48. Play Games

    Play Games5 годин тому

    01:09 (Ханна Монтана верснись!!!!!)

  49. micky08berlin

    micky08berlin5 годин тому

    When my day starts with this song ... I love it.

  50. Nujom Nujom

    Nujom Nujom5 годин тому

    To much bad song

  51. Jack Griffo

    Jack Griffo5 годин тому

    This is how am walking into 2019 ! Love you Myley...Country is your genre girl ! I can't say how much I love this song !

  52. Meera Wadher

    Meera Wadher5 годин тому

    Kinda like First Aid Kit

  53. Game Over London

    Game Over London5 годин тому

    Such a beautiful fucking sound that my ears didn’t realize they craved.

  54. Heddy Albano

    Heddy Albano5 годин тому

    gosto da musica miley e grande cantora

  55. Stephanie DiMambro

    Stephanie DiMambro6 годин тому

    Miley has such a beautiful voice

  56. Pamela osoria

    Pamela osoria6 годин тому

    I can’t stop listening this song I love it

  57. Groovy Smiler

    Groovy Smiler6 годин тому

    Buy it on iTunes!!!

  58. Daniel Tarique Gilgeous

    Daniel Tarique Gilgeous6 годин тому

    it has a cher vybe

  59. Groovy Smiler

    Groovy Smiler6 годин тому

    Daniel Tarique Gilgeous

  60. thechibisaur

    thechibisaur6 годин тому

    Is the car HOLO 💿?

  61. mani raju

    mani raju6 годин тому

    We love you miley

  62. svuchase24

    svuchase246 годин тому

    The lip synching could use some work

  63. Miles North

    Miles North6 годин тому

    Listening to her on SNL. Not a great singer by a long shot but actually better than I remember - provided it's kept in, or not too far from, a lower register. But her face...uff da! She's moon-faced and that's ecck!

  64. Groovy Smiler

    Groovy Smiler6 годин тому

    Miles North


    MANDA. MALINA6 годин тому

    Joleeeene joleneeeee

  66. Groovy Smiler

    Groovy Smiler6 годин тому


  67. Leewise

    Leewise6 годин тому

    Absolute crap, this isn't about art, music, or talented people, it's just weak middle-of-the-road rubbish forced on the masses because they want more money.

  68. Qseyo111 Kti

    Qseyo111 Kti6 годин тому

    Amo este video chabón

  69. Crucibelle

    Crucibelle6 годин тому

    Just saw Miley & Mark perform this on SNL... I LOVE this song! :)

  70. Kayla Rae

    Kayla Rae7 годин тому

    i love the underlying messages of the video. miley is such an important artist of this generation ♥️

  71. Kevin Domine

    Kevin Domine7 годин тому

    0:16 wrecking ball lol

  72. Dominique duarte

    Dominique duarte7 годин тому

    This flows

  73. Stephy F

    Stephy F7 годин тому

    I don’t really understand the concept on 2:39 can someone lmk

  74. thatonedrewguy

    thatonedrewguy7 годин тому

    Her voice is taking on a huskier, Bonnie Tyler-esque rasp, and it's the way she's meant to sound. Glad that Molly bled out of her system.

  75. Saría HeArT

    Saría HeArT7 годин томувідео-nwERfiVjOIE.html this is my cover of this song! Please listen it and write a comment.

  76. Michael Mercer

    Michael Mercer7 годин тому

    Trash, voice is annoying to me sorry

  77. Mattypuddingfingers

    Mattypuddingfingers7 годин тому

    Anyone else here because of her SNL performance?

  78. Willy Magnum aka Pill Cosby

    Willy Magnum aka Pill Cosby7 годин тому

    🔥🔥🔥Miley’s performance on #SNL🔥🔥🔥

  79. beennamedIcy

    beennamedIcy7 годин тому

    😍😍SNL just now 😍😁

  80. Groovy Smiler

    Groovy Smiler6 годин тому


  81. Samantha Garcia

    Samantha Garcia7 годин тому

    I like electricity more mark did a great job in that one

  82. J024

    J0247 годин тому

    The ass is nice but wasn't necessary.... we got your point years ago Miley; you're "edgy"

  83. Robert O

    Robert O7 годин тому

    First Aid Kit - My Silver Lining First time I hear it I thought, "yup, rip off"

  84. Stay Frost

    Stay Frost7 годин тому

    Bend over 😒

  85. IvyGamer21

    IvyGamer217 годин тому

    Anyone else notice the 69 in the football guy's shirt?


    CW PRODIGY7 годин тому

    I like the old Mercedes

  87. Sony O

    Sony O7 годин тому

    Miley was on the Howard Stern show brought me here.. I love this song

  88. myname righthere

    myname righthere8 годин тому

    2 words: JOLENE. VIBEZZZZ

  89. flowgod

    flowgod8 годин тому

    I dont like country music but its just the way miley does it that makes her a great musician

  90. Mckehl Bennett

    Mckehl Bennett8 годин тому

    Miley has more "eye game" than she's demonstrating in this video... It makes me think it's a psychological technique to make us love her more when she does start being bad ass (again) she's had a little break, grown her hair out... And I predict she's going to start making more videos like this and eventually she'll use her eye game to captivate us... I think I just had a psychological epiphany. No one probably understands what I'm even saying lol if you do your smart. Like if you do! 😉

  91. Dannye Gregory

    Dannye Gregory8 годин тому


  92. Eliza Hamlet

    Eliza Hamlet8 годин тому

    Who is better Like = Miley Cyrus Comment = Beyonce

  93. Michael G

    Michael G8 годин тому

    That arse has matured nicely.

  94. princess unicorn

    princess unicorn8 годин тому

    MILEYYYYー!🦄 I love Youuuuuuu!♡♡ I live in Japan🇯🇵 Come to JAPAN!!! JAPAN is great!!!👘🗻🍣 I study English for Miley! 日本で待ってます😃😃😃

  95. Always bored

    Always bored8 годин тому

    This sounds like joliene-Dolly Parton

  96. Luana Valeria

    Luana Valeria8 годин тому

    Yeah Miley, this is so incrible

  97. Jasmin Asg

    Jasmin Asg8 годин тому

    I love it 😿💖

  98. Olga Gromska

    Olga Gromska8 годин тому

    love the song and her voice is amazing

  99. bluegold21

    bluegold218 годин тому

    Hell.I am impressed by this broken heart.

  100. Chris Parker

    Chris Parker9 годин тому

    Mark Ronson is a dope producer and he’s from the same part of London as me which is cool.

  101. Moo

    Moo9 годин тому

    Awesome video, very tricky to film and so so so poetic. Well done to the crew who made this possible.

  102. ella ferguson

    ella ferguson9 годин тому

    *This world can hurt you~*

  103. Isabella Loja A

    Isabella Loja A9 годин тому

    un corazon roto🎚🙈💘💔💔

  104. Helen Hernandez

    Helen Hernandez9 годин тому

    Wow this is really good song. She actually has good music but I hardly hear it

  105. lyndon bailey

    lyndon bailey9 годин тому

    Definitely a Lana del rey vibe in addition to the dolly parton