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  1. M3Lucky

    M3Lucky19 хвилин тому

    Fuck yeah Miley! She really excels when she brings her singing back to her country roots. Not only that but her songs really stand out because the successful fusion of country singing and contemporary pop is pretty unique


    MAY AFRAH5 годин тому


  3. Daniel Elkin

    Daniel Elkin5 годин тому

    Thursday 27 December 2018

  4. Beauty Kate

    Beauty Kate6 годин тому


  5. JoshuaTree International

    JoshuaTree International6 годин тому

    Sssss classee

  6. JoshuaTree International

    JoshuaTree International6 годин тому

    Why You drive this Mercedes?? BMW is better.. For young girl❤️😍❤️

  7. James Paul

    James Paul2 години тому

    Tesla Roadster 2.0 would be the best!

  8. lieroX316

    lieroX3166 годин тому

    Fufa, dont do it!

  9. malwina wojniak

    malwina wojniak6 годин тому

    Knugmk No Hej

  10. Nur Blacksea

    Nur Blacksea7 годин тому

    2:52 crushım tırnaklarına miley yazmıştı ve çocukla benziyolar aq wtf

  11. benim adım

    benim adım8 годин тому


  12. 2018 Ali

    2018 Ali8 годин тому

    I really enjoyed

  13. Skittles

    Skittles10 годин тому

    Alguien que haya venido por Iryna?

  14. Kamila Salcedo Diaz

    Kamila Salcedo Diaz10 годин тому


  15. don't look!

    don't look!10 годин тому

    Because only Miley is singing here, I don't get why Mark Ronson is in the title

  16. tim was here

    tim was here11 годин тому

    1:08 ur welcome

  17. claudia Giesta

    claudia Giesta11 годин тому


  18. claudia Giesta

    claudia Giesta11 годин тому


  19. Ulfried Gruber

    Ulfried Gruber12 годин тому

    Best song 2019

  20. Ben Fraser

    Ben Fraser12 годин тому

    I hope they are giving some of the profits to First Aid Kit! Conscience money.....

  21. Gregg Hause

    Gregg Hause12 годин тому

    There's nothing wrong with teaching kids how to use weapons more liberal indoctrination

  22. david garcia

    david garcia13 годин тому

    Video mierda

  23. uhuh

    uhuh13 годин тому

    Hey hey hey if it isn't Hannah Montana!!!

  24. jeremy Dickens

    jeremy Dickens13 годин тому

    There are a lot of people living without the Love & contentment only God can give you. We as a human race have to wake up, and see no soul picks anything about Ourselves, race faith, gender, location. We are killing each other over things no one has control over, Blessed are all souls, all over the world. Love and respect for our fellow human. Peace

  25. Lukas

    Lukas13 годин тому

    director: Miley, how many chasing cars do you want? miley: *absolutely yes.*

  26. Annoymous

    Annoymous13 годин тому

    Miley - Like Billy Ray - Comment

  27. Weirdlyoneoffs

    Weirdlyoneoffs14 годин тому

    I never thought I would like a Myley Cyrus song so much, but this is fantastic! The memories of an amzing holiday where it was played helps, but it is really good! I do however want someone to parady it with 'nothing breaks like a fart.' ;-D

  28. Nadja Bespalova

    Nadja Bespalova15 годин тому

    Narrator:you want car? Miley:No Narrator:? Miley:I want very much cars Narrator:crazy girl Miley:😅

  29. Korneliusz Kwas

    Korneliusz Kwas15 годин тому


  30. Skater Alex

    Skater Alex16 годин тому

    Never thought it was Miley chyrus Respekt

  31. Cinnigen5

    Cinnigen517 годин тому

    We did this in hip hop

  32. Rqid

    Rqid18 годин тому

    2 popular songs from the same family! This from Miley Cyrus And old town road from her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus

  33. Amanda Louw

    Amanda Louw18 годин тому


  34. Chante 57

    Chante 5719 годин тому

    J'adore cette chanson !

  35. Raiko Star

    Raiko Star19 годин тому

    I am not fan of Miley Curious in truth I never like her stuff but this is good

  36. Viktoria Shliaha

    Viktoria Shliaha20 годин тому

    Kiev one lOve

  37. mr.john

    mr.john20 годин тому

    O:28 literally me skipping classes with my friends 😂

  38. Jeremy Mack

    Jeremy Mack21 годину тому

    OMG I CSNT BRLIEVR EITHER what would you call a thing or'noun'that touches your HEART as GODS TIMING. LOVE THIS'D

  39. Safaa AlQadi

    Safaa AlQadi22 години тому

    Honestly this bust song i heard like old song 👌

  40. ryan rodrigo

    ryan rodrigo22 години тому

    Uma das melhores músicas.

  41. The Chiaroscuro

    The Chiaroscuro22 години тому

    T Pose for Dominance lol

  42. oscar alejandro amaya alfonso

    oscar alejandro amaya alfonso22 години тому


  43. Adriana Luptak

    Adriana Luptak22 години тому

    Getting major Jolene and Lana del Rey vibes... And I don't complain at all 😌

  44. Pamela Ramsey

    Pamela Ramsey23 години тому

    Im proud miley is doing better

  45. Xan Hamilton

    Xan HamiltonДень тому

    this track of miley, killed it.

  46. Nuruddin Idris

    Nuruddin IdrisДень тому


  47. NeonRosa

    NeonRosaДень тому

    How have I've not heard this before now? This were amazing!

  48. Nicol *:v

    Nicol *:vДень тому

    Mejor hubiera sido prosti...

  49. elfraissa.

    elfraissa.День тому


  50. Funkie karma

    Funkie karmaДень тому

    does anybody disease called just read comments

  51. Mariah Carey

    Mariah CareyДень тому

    Yo daddy famous from making OLD TOWN ROAD

  52. Tan Goo

    Tan GooДень тому

    viidéo de m**

  53. Ahmed Zh

    Ahmed ZhДень тому

    0:50 Jolene Jolene Jolene Oh I’m begging of you please don’t take my man The same vibes 💜💕

  54. Femme Fatale

    Femme Fatale6 годин тому

    Ahmed Zh yessse

  55. Ricardo neza

    Ricardo nezaДень тому

    love you Miley!!

  56. Nino Chaduneli

    Nino ChaduneliДень тому

    She’s real Singer!listen!

  57. Fast Reviews

    Fast ReviewsДень тому

    that's not her that is a cover

  58. Henley Chan

    Henley ChanДень тому

    This should be 1 billion+ views

  59. kinistrati

    kinistratiДень тому

    Yea dont ask miley or eny singer what she d wont in video just read the commnets all infos even time is in comments section

  60. V Chirasreshtha

    V ChirasreshthaДень тому

    The song reminds me of Avicii

  61. Igor Kayã

    Igor KayãДень тому

    Tema de A dona do Pedaço

  62. Franciscodaschagassilvadejesus Jesus

    Franciscodaschagassilvadejesus JesusДень тому


  63. Cherry Murphy

    Cherry MurphyДень тому

    Only miles sojg I like and I love it

  64. Seze Sandfi

    Seze SandfiДень тому

    I love your song

  65. xxxtentacion

    xxxtentacionДень тому


  66. Only Me

    Only MeДень тому

    Unsubscribed from James Charles..........without him defending himself. Nice one Miley

  67. Shivaaa raii

    Shivaaa raiiДень тому

    the best song ive ever heard in whole freaking life , and idk why ? i love it

  68. Fiona Mitchell-Wu

    Fiona Mitchell-WuДень тому

    i literally love this song

  69. JC Iglesias

    JC IglesiasДень тому

    Like a achy breaky heart

  70. Queen Billie

    Queen BillieДень тому

    Did anyone notice Miley on her wrecking ball? 0:16

  71. MileyCyrus VEVO

    MileyCyrus VEVOДень тому

    Queen Billie yes & you can see all the eras in the video

  72. The world of Julie

    The world of JulieДень тому

    I love Miley Cyrus 😘😍❤️

  73. Alys Fournel

    Alys FournelДень тому

    the meaning of the song is what makes me love it even more

  74. eyes2pearls -

    eyes2pearls -День тому

    leave that pop shit and come to the dark side you got the potential

  75. Alaura R.

    Alaura R.День тому

    I can't be the only one who likes the song but ABSOLUTELY DESPISES the video.?

  76. Luana Bolla

    Luana Bolla2 дні тому

    I love very much this song

  77. AH! Agora eu entendi!

    AH! Agora eu entendi!2 дні тому

    1:10 pause

  78. Drake Magnum

    Drake Magnum2 дні тому

    Willikers Mark Ronson knows how to make a terrific pop song. Props to Miley Cyrus as well. What a nicely produced video!

  79. Jaclyn Golden

    Jaclyn Golden2 дні тому

    She really disappointed me she used to be so beautiful and her voice used to be amazing I really used to look up to and then she turned into a slut

  80. MileyCyrus VEVO

    MileyCyrus VEVOДень тому

    Jaclyn Golden lol well. Who cares? If u will unstan / hate someone because of this then u never really liked her. The Wrecking Ball video has a message. A very important message but some of you still can’t understand it after 6 years... grow tf up.

  81. ツツSaffy

    ツツSaffy2 дні тому

    Mom: *No ice cream for you!* Me: *nOtHiNg bReaKs LiKe a hEaRt*

  82. Noz Islam

    Noz Islam2 дні тому

    Forgot that Miley could actually sing...

  83. immilunati

    immilunati2 дні тому

    Sene 2013 o zamanlar manitadan ayrılmışım ama nasıl efkarlıyım... neyse güzel şarkı akdkallsd

  84. excellent channel

    excellent channel2 дні тому

    Nooo, fucking ass ...

  85. Mohammed Abotahoon

    Mohammed Abotahoon2 дні тому

    I miss Hannah Montana




  87. Wendel Pires

    Wendel Pires2 дні тому

    That is a good song on a dancefloor 😉

  88. K W

    K W2 дні тому

    Hannah Montana moving mad these days...

  89. andrea giudici

    andrea giudici2 дні тому

    thanks me later @1:10

  90. Katie Holford

    Katie Holford2 дні тому

    I love you Mark and miley

  91. Abigail Feith

    Abigail Feith2 дні тому

    Tu peinado es re feo ,los ojos casi te quedan a la altura de la cola de tu cabello

  92. SRB Gamer

    SRB Gamer2 дні тому

    that ass

  93. Aleksandra Bormowska

    Aleksandra Bormowska2 дні тому

    Jedyne co jest do d... to gołe d... w teledysku i czemu ktoś uważa że widok okrężnicy,cudzej spoconej od tańca, kojarzonej z kałem jest sexy? Tak bezosobowy zadek jak śmietnik pod moją chatą bardzo mnie brzydzi.

  94. yugraaj sandhu

    yugraaj sandhu2 дні тому

    3:46 nothing breaks like car

  95. Mr Oasis

    Mr Oasis2 дні тому

    This song is hypnotic

  96. Danna Yazmin

    Danna Yazmin2 дні тому

    Donde quedó hana Montana ???? Es broma

  97. unterstr1ch

    unterstr1ch2 дні тому

    I just hope miley keeps making music like this.

  98. MileyCyrus VEVO

    MileyCyrus VEVOДень тому

    QUIT ._. NEW MUSIC 5/30 !!!!!

  99. MileyCyrus VEVO

    MileyCyrus VEVOДень тому

    Mikiki NEW MUSIC COMING 5/30!!!!

  100. MileyCyrus VEVO

    MileyCyrus VEVOДень тому

    NEW MUSIC COMING 5/30 !!!!

  101. QUIT ._.

    QUIT ._.2 дні тому

    +unterstr1ch love this song from iran (sry for bad englis)

  102. MikikiDesign

    MikikiDesign2 дні тому

    omg yes it's beautiful

  103. Carolina Olguin

    Carolina Olguin2 дні тому

    I love MILEY😘😘💖💖 I love Marc🤗🤗💙💙

  104. Travis Weber

    Travis Weber2 дні тому

    Kids motorcycle

  105. Ajitha Chellam

    Ajitha Chellam2 дні тому

    who else is love with miley performing the whole song driving the car

  106. Ajitha Chellam

    Ajitha Chellam2 дні тому

    may 2019 ....

  107. Juliette Sabrina

    Juliette Sabrina2 дні тому

    Feels like Lana Del Rey

  108. trust me

    trust me2 дні тому

    *NoTHING BREAKS LIKE A HEART* NOw I understand !!!💔💔😢😢💔💔

  109. TIE/LN Starfighter

    TIE/LN Starfighter2 дні тому

    rocking that double magwell?

  110. Filip Filak

    Filip Filak2 дні тому


  111. Danisuera

    Danisuera2 дні тому

    Her voice was made for Country music