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Mark Ronson - Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (Official Video) ft. Miley Cyrus


  1. fede tedeski

    fede tedeski14 хвилин тому

    1:10Che bel culo!!

  2. t e e G e e

    t e e G e e24 хвилини тому

    her voice in this one ! Miley has gotten better with age !

  3. sarah BAM

    sarah BAM33 хвилини тому

    Ich dachte das lied wäre 2012 raus gekommen🤦‍♀️🤣

  4. Matiko Chan

    Matiko Chan36 хвилин тому

    This song is amazing

  5. Yusuf Emre Gençtürk

    Yusuf Emre Gençtürk40 хвилин тому

    Nothing breaks this Mercedes

  6. Tomasz Nowak

    Tomasz NowakГодину тому


  7. domenic kre

    domenic kreГодину тому

    Nice song, nice car

  8. EssenceofLife

    EssenceofLifeГодину тому

    Kinda gives me First Aid Kit vibes🤨

  9. Amanda Jackson

    Amanda JacksonГодину тому

    Just realised this isn’t by First Aid Kit. Thought their voices sounded different 😂

  10. Gabriel Almeida

    Gabriel AlmeidaГодину тому


  11. Maria Troupe

    Maria TroupeГодину тому

    Sounds like stevie nicks class 👍

  12. 20cher09

    20cher09Годину тому

    Taylor James Does Not get Anything!!! She is No Relation to me!!!

  13. Eckbert Müller

    Eckbert MüllerГодину тому

    Miley stole jolene, now ronson stole them both

  14. 20cher09

    20cher09Годину тому

    I'm Not Sharing the Land with you Tweedle Dicks!!! What Are You going to Do About it??? I'll Be Waiting!!!

  15. bawimnieto

    bawimnietoГодину тому

    Polskaa ⬇

  16. Aristokrat-I Şansölye

    Aristokrat-I ŞansölyeГодину тому


  17. 20cher09

    20cher09Годину тому

    She looks like she is in a real bad mood!!!

  18. Alicia Kincaid

    Alicia KincaidГодину тому

    *Nothing breaks like a heart 💔*

  19. Octaterabeta Alphabetagamma

    Octaterabeta Alphabetagamma2 години тому

    sound like, jolene jolene joooleeeene 😍😍😍😍😍

  20. Octaterabeta Alphabetagamma

    Octaterabeta Alphabetagamma2 години томувідео-wOwblaKmyVw.html

  21. Toni Brasil

    Toni Brasil2 години тому

    Aos 1:09 o que se nao faz um cantor pra nao se manter o "topo"

  22. Sabine Lagmara

    Sabine Lagmara2 години тому

    If you pay close attention to the video its 10x deeper. 1.wrecking ball on her mirror.2 kids practicing shooting our next generation.3 her crashing into the house.lesbians kissing .4 those football players kneeling.5 kids using filters almost got hit.6 black fridays special got people going crazy.7 she let's go of the steering wheel meaning Tesla cars.8.last she is pretending to be jesus against the car meaning we choose material over anything these days .there is so much more. coming from a 90s rap and hiphop far the best video in a long time great voice and great meaning.

  23. Azwan Jeong

    Azwan Jeong2 години тому

    Why this song only receive 73k views, and why does Taylor swift's stupid breakup song got billion views,lol

  24. *Blue Bear*

    *Blue Bear*2 години тому

    She's changed a lot since wrecking ball




  26. WolfyBloxXT

    WolfyBloxXT3 години тому

    my eyes are forever broken from those strippers >.

  27. SAM8897tengo

    SAM8897tengo3 години тому

    Miley doesnt even sound like Miley anymore. 😶

  28. Harry TM

    Harry TM3 години тому

    This song reminds me of Lana Del Rey

  29. Nicole Bella

    Nicole Bella3 години тому

    The Song is sooo Underrated

  30. Hun Ádám

    Hun Ádám3 години тому

    1:11 But who Drives?

  31. Tita Savarese

    Tita Savarese3 години тому

    Mark Ronson _ I just love him! One of the best producer ever...makes me even love Miley Cyrus in this song _ What a song, what a SOUND !!!!

  32. Larry DeCript

    Larry DeCript3 години тому

    Ok guys. This song isn't THAAAAAT good. Chill the fuck out.

  33. angie eddie

    angie eddie3 години тому

    B 0 minutes to get the soda for you soda for you soda and your family your day off my vehicle this vehicle this evening vehicle this evening vehicle this evening vehicle this morning I sent a text to text the teachers you get a chance to a chance to a tea Saturday morning I would like like 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🍰

  34. Vikas jjj

    Vikas jjj3 години тому

    Finally a genuine song from miley

  35. Lila Franscatian

    Lila Franscatian4 години тому

    I love country miley so much

  36. slush

    slush4 години тому

    Love it!♥️💋🥰😻😘

  37. Fabio Carone

    Fabio Carone4 години тому

    At 3:02 man jump into miley car without onboard camera's (on the roof and under external mirror). in next scene, miley drive car with camera's

  38. areg aguilera

    areg aguilera4 години тому

    Love this song ...🎶😍😱

  39. katherine michelle

    katherine michelle4 години тому

    Me encantó 💗👑

  40. Рустик Бамблби

    Рустик Бамблби4 години тому

    IN GTA!!!

  41. Bruno Delgado Castro

    Bruno Delgado Castro5 годин тому


  42. Waldi Podolanski

    Waldi Podolanski5 годин тому

    What car is she driving?

  43. Lil Rich

    Lil Rich5 годин тому

    Mark good job

  44. Allison Bravo

    Allison Bravo5 годин тому

    sooo good !!!!!!!!

  45. Farhan Khan

    Farhan Khan5 годин тому


  46. maria couto

    maria couto5 годин тому

    This reminds me the music jolene

  47. Алексей Шмидт

    Алексей Шмидт6 годин тому

    Ебать а снимали то на нашем мосту

  48. Andrea Noonan

    Andrea Noonan6 годин тому

    Could she have copied off of First Aid Kit's sound any more?

  49. Sally M

    Sally M6 годин тому

    Queen! This song deserves more attention!

  50. ᖇEᗷEᑕᑕᗩ ᑎᑌTEᒪᒪᗩ ღ

    ᖇEᗷEᑕᑕᗩ ᑎᑌTEᒪᒪᗩ ღ7 годин тому

    Here’s a riddle for you: 2 identical twins are sitting on 2 identical chairs next to each other, the chairs are at the same height but one of the twins are sitting higher up than the other... how come? Comment your answer here👇

  51. Alistar Sebastian

    Alistar Sebastian7 годин тому

    Clean W220

  52. Kyle Byrne

    Kyle Byrne8 годин тому

    Has to be my fave miley cyrus song so far 👏👏

  53. Mp-One Android

    Mp-One Android8 годин тому

    why does this have almost 73 million views only?

  54. Mehmet Ali Kaya

    Mehmet Ali Kaya8 годин тому

    at 1:10 you can see her but

  55. M R

    M R8 годин тому

    *Nothing breaks like staying in Yemen*

  56. Paulina1010107

    Paulina10101078 годин тому


  57. GD GamerTag

    GD GamerTag9 годин тому

    Why is everyone talking about Miley Cyrus. Yes she sang the song and was good at it. But it was really Mark Ronson that made this song good.

  58. gean hoo

    gean hoo9 годин тому

    looks like humanity is falling apart

  59. Cloud yeah

    Cloud yeah9 годин тому

    Miley, Mark .. You are contributing to the evil and the distortion of future generations. For your ego and your vanity You charge the price to the innocent souls who look at you and listen to you. You are in your musical competence of the poor, ridiculous who basically beg the simple and genuine people to give you Glory. Nothing destroys a heart more than what you do. Bullets and guns instead of balloons and games and lousy sex that has nothing to do with love

  60. Hjoh

    Hjoh4 години тому

    Cloud yeah you are not getting it.

  61. Quicklysaw6

    Quicklysaw610 годин тому

    Liked the song but what a discussing and atrocious music video. The whole thing is a lie and a political statement because she refuses to accept this country is not what she wants it to be.

  62. milton lopez

    milton lopez11 годин тому

    why am i hearing this now ?

  63. Mohammad Khawajah

    Mohammad Khawajah11 годин тому

    Fu**ing art

  64. Юстин

    Юстин11 годин тому

    Я только сейчас заметил что песнб снимали в киеве

  65. peterson etienne

    peterson etienne11 годин тому

    Could someone told me the meaning of that song? Because I heard before some of her songs in the past was because the situation she was going through with her boyfriend. Now she a married woman I guess she happy now.

  66. Pan49

    Pan4912 годин тому

    The wrecking ball on the mirror ... where can I buy one of them?

  67. Brighty

    Brighty13 годин тому

    Nothing breaks like a fart

  68. Eve ill Anderson

    Eve ill Anderson13 годин тому

    didn't realize she was just another part of the world.. #EatThis

  69. Isabella Hazelwood

    Isabella Hazelwood14 годин тому

    I'm not really sure if I like it yet

  70. Joseph Tull

    Joseph Tull16 годин тому

    I still want the old Miley back she's turned

  71. sarbjit gill

    sarbjit gill17 годин тому

    Great need to show your bum because your voice is good enough to sell. Dont know why showing bum is becoming a trend these days.


    ERNEY TITIMBO17 годин тому

    Cómo DISFRUTO Melodía para mis oídos La escucharé asta que la odie!!! 💕🎶

  73. Manuel Abarca

    Manuel Abarca17 годин тому

    gracias por tanto 💕

  74. Disques Coeur Rouge

    Disques Coeur Rouge17 годин тому


  75. Brandon

    Brandon17 годин тому

    This sounds like a throw away song from her godmother

  76. Valois

    Valois17 годин тому

    Never quite connected to her earlier stuff even though her talent was undeniable - watched this and it's like it suddenly all makes sense. She's brilliant.

  77. Colin McMahon

    Colin McMahon19 годин тому

    Its going to happen. Even if once only, ever. Its going to happen.

  78. Colin McMahon

    Colin McMahon19 годин тому

    You WILL say "Sorry" to ME. To my face. My ears. My losses.

  79. Colin McMahon

    Colin McMahon19 годин тому

    Destination: Seattles Best? Say Sorry when you get here.

  80. NDEYE ndiaye

    NDEYE ndiaye19 годин тому

    U a star ⭐️

  81. Jerry Flanders

    Jerry Flanders19 годин тому

    That outfit she is wearing...OMG Is she smoking 4 leaf clovers? I've been waiting on her to do a magic trick.

  82. Christian Marín

    Christian Marín20 годин тому

    1:08 el culo de Miley , denada

  83. Steve Moore

    Steve Moore20 годин тому

    Heard this on the radio today after several months travelling and not hearing 'pop music'. I thought, damn this is a good song. I should look it up later. Couldnt believe it was miley cyrus. I couldnt stand this girl. Or any new pop music for that matter. I hope she keeps this style up. Breath of fresh air

  84. Steve Moore

    Steve Moore20 годин тому

    the video is still terrible though

  85. Wolfie Girl

    Wolfie Girl20 годин тому

    When you love your car too much you can't leave it xD

  86. Tutti

    Tutti20 годин тому

    I really love this new Miley ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  87. Julie McLean

    Julie McLean21 годину тому

    Sounds like Dolly Parton wrote this one.

  88. Becky Haokip

    Becky Haokip21 годину тому

    My favorite song

  89. Timothy L

    Timothy L21 годину тому

    This song makes me want to pee into the middle of the toilet to make more noise.

  90. Timothy L

    Timothy L21 годину тому

    Does anyone else pee into the side of the toilet to make less noise?

  91. Colin McMahon

    Colin McMahon21 годину тому

    Like a light bulb. Absolutely!

  92. Colin McMahon

    Colin McMahon21 годину тому

    "A/C Travel Converter"

  93. Colin McMahon

    Colin McMahon21 годину тому

    (..just a little tiny bit faster with its message.) Don't ask.

  94. Emmanuel Ivan Alzate

    Emmanuel Ivan Alzate21 годину тому

    Me encanta la miley!!!!❤❤❤

  95. Ultradude

    Ultradude21 годину тому

    This is a far cry from Miley's first videos on UAreporter. It was her and her friend just messing around in the kitchen or somewhere. lol

  96. serious22

    serious2221 годину тому

    1:10 is a bit unnecessary & typical sexism but otherwise cool video & great song.

  97. Dean Smith

    Dean Smith22 години тому

    1:08 thank me later

  98. gaming fox

    gaming fox22 години тому

    Nothing nothing breaks like a heart nothing nothing gonna save us know 💔😢

  99. Nightly Dreamer

    Nightly Dreamer22 години тому

    I thought this was Lana Del Rey’s song lol

  100. Mario Le

    Mario Le22 години тому

    Falling in love when I heard it the first time. Play it again and again!

  101. Quincy Track Club

    Quincy Track Club22 години тому

    Channeling her inner Madonna.

  102. Sarah Lemon

    Sarah Lemon22 години тому


  103. Raffy Lee

    Raffy Lee22 години тому

    Sounds like a Dolly Parton song. ( I LOVE DOLLY PARTON!!!!)

  104. Ollie

    Ollie22 години тому

    Love this song! Love Miley's new music!

  105. nicoo__m

    nicoo__m22 години тому