Mass shooting at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California


  1. ecstaticity

    ecstaticity19 годин тому

    Guess y'all Americans should just stay at home if you wanna be alive. The country is a shit storm.

  2. GamingSapien

    GamingSapienДень тому

    "the deadliest mass shooting in twelve days", "filled with hundreds of people", in the images... no one dancing, dance floor empty... another HOAX nothing to see here...

  3. revealer007

    revealer007День тому

    Yet another failed Episode in the 17th season of the miniseries: "CNN - Duping Stupid Americans"

  4. revealer007

    revealer007День тому

    C.oncocted N.ews N.etwork!!! Any questions.

  5. Ashren 4328

    Ashren 4328День тому

    This was a real shooting that took place in Thousand Oaks there's nothing false about it now they're saying the officer that died was killed by Friendly Fire I guess you deniars are going to believe that they just hid that officer behind the desk where nobody will see him. Maybe he didn't give enough parking tickets or meet his quota, that's how to get rid of them now these days pretend there's a mass shooting kill two birds with one stone no guns you guys are idiots

  6. C Standridge

    C Standridge2 дні тому

    CNN needs to work harder. They used to produce a better quality of propaganda. This is just pitiful.

  7. mike page

    mike page2 дні тому

    Anyone else go look for videos from here rather than just listening to what people were saying?

  8. Legal Fiction Natural Fact

    Legal Fiction Natural Fact2 дні тому

    at least he killed a cop! :D

  9. Matt Cardell

    Matt Cardell2 дні тому

    Yet more fake news to try take your guns America. Looks at the fake news cnn is saying about the yellow vest protests. Mainstream media is all fake news and propaganda to control the sheeple.

  10. Bruce Boyer

    Bruce Boyer5 днів томувідео-DO1PUW90vFU.html WATCH them admit that there were TEN armed cops there when the first shots were fired, TEN coward cops ran; college kids left to be executed!

  11. Thomas Frotton

    Thomas Frotton5 днів тому

    They're not even trying to make it look real

  12. Rubik’s Boy200

    Rubik’s Boy2009 днів тому

    This cunt don’t have a sole such a crack of shit.

  13. Rubik’s Boy200

    Rubik’s Boy2009 днів тому

    Wow another staged bull shit. It was only 9 shots in the video what about others did they got knifed.

  14. denwhatt

    denwhatt10 днів тому

    When it's nobody you know getting killed it's fake news, assholes, i know someone that was in that club, go suck DT dick with that no sense b.s

  15. first last

    first last8 днів тому

    denwhatt why are you being so naive and lapping up the media propaganda? first of all, more than half of the people who know this is fake, or a hoax, are not even trump supporters. Second, don't you find it ia bit odd that the victims on tv shown crying didn't even have any tears in their eyes and smirking the whole time? i challenge you to go find one video showing a victim with tears in their eyes and post the link here. third, do you have any idea the chances of probability that victims from the las vegas massacre were also involved in this shooting as well? those are astronomical odds my friend. As a black man, you should be more skeptical and worried about this than the average American. because your people went through numerous hoaxes and false flags at the hands of the government and cointelpro agendas. get your head out of your ass and wake up to whats going on.

  16. aj329vchsvcgcvmsmcvk

    aj329vchsvcgcvmsmcvk12 днів тому

    Boy.. you guys must be terrified, how are you going to control billions of people that are waking up?

  17. 1Americanatlarge

    1Americanatlarge12 днів тому


  18. Andy Karn

    Andy Karn13 днів тому

    What the Fuck???? Hundreds of people, chairs smashing through windows, mayhem. blood and chaos. I saw one person in a deserted club. What the fuck is CNN doing?????? Bunch of cunts

  19. Daniel Ruiz

    Daniel Ruiz13 днів тому

    A short barrel hand gun...CNN reporters are almost describing real things. Identifying these horrific and sometimes real events still needs to include magic words like lunatic or insane or some form of mental health issue other than terrorist.

  20. Charla Lee

    Charla Lee13 днів тому

    Is Minister Farrakhan going to be the scapegoat for shooting too or they going to get some other old ass civil rights leader out of moth balls instead.

  21. Jason Crockett

    Jason Crockett13 днів тому

    CNN stands for/ complete nonsense nonstop/

  22. Green Dust

    Green Dust14 днів тому

    Lies ALL LIES!!

  23. dylan storm trooper der

    dylan storm trooper der14 днів тому

    fake terrorists never poop the band or florescent vest directors so why should bands hire security? its called extortion:)-

  24. Richard Williams

    Richard Williams14 днів тому

    This sounds like it was planned some kind of sacrifice ting a gwan ya suh SMBH

  25. ThePltsweet

    ThePltsweet14 днів тому

    Call it for what it is. Domestic terrorism. White on white crime. White genocide.

  26. beatleographer 1

    beatleographer 115 днів тому

    This is the biggest FAKE NEWS story CNN has ever done. you people saw the video,,, no line dancing, no hundreds of people, no screaming and running for the door. And if you look close you can see the fire from a couple of shots and the fire line goes straight up, not across as would be if shooting at people. FAKE < FAKE < FAKE, from the lie masters of news, Corrupt News Network !!

  27. Cool Breeze

    Cool Breeze15 днів тому


  28. Mike gary

    Mike gary15 днів тому

    Fake shooting

  29. Will Varney

    Will Varney15 днів тому

    FAKE FAKE FAKE !!!!! Stop with this bullshit !!!! Y’all are sick and disgusting . You need Jesus the only thing that will save you!!!

  30. AnthonyG

    AnthonyG15 днів тому

    Operation Disarm The Goy

  31. lettertube

    lettertube15 днів тому

    I came here to write a comment about an empty bar where "hundreds" of people were line dancing...see the video? 2 people in that bar...False Flag. Glad everyone else sees this BS and made comments.

  32. Kathy Young

    Kathy Young15 днів тому

    Nobody in the place. Obvious fakery. Crisis actors.

  33. BeastMode FIAZCO

    BeastMode FIAZCO16 днів тому

    Crisis Actors

  34. His Gayness Baron von Cockenknocken

    His Gayness Baron von Cockenknocken16 днів тому

  35. Free Speech

    Free Speech16 днів тому

    Bad crisis actors. Terrible. we will see them all again in some other hoax shooting with different hair styles.

  36. Henry Black

    Henry Black16 днів тому

    Including crisis reporters

  37. Free Speech

    Free Speech16 днів тому

    why this guy has accent? CNN planting reporters as well?

  38. Henry Black

    Henry Black16 днів тому

    This English guy is a mature student doing his PhD in US - he is not a spy honest.

  39. Simon Mercurialis

    Simon Mercurialis16 днів тому


  40. Leonardo Favio

    Leonardo Favio17 днів тому


  41. Christopher Kupetz

    Christopher Kupetz17 днів тому

    Liberals must have bought all meth with that $500 dollars that Soros gave them.. because their acting is getting worse and worse as the false flags go a flyin'

  42. sexobscura

    sexobscura18 днів тому

    Who is to blame for this event Is it ISIS or Nicki Minaj

  43. Henry Black

    Henry Black16 днів тому

    Black ops.

  44. Raberuji

    Raberuji18 днів тому

    Jimmy, when's the last time you had a deskpop ?

  45. S0uthp4w68

    S0uthp4w6818 днів тому

    "Filled with college students" doesn't look like there's anybody in the place to me

  46. Ian Johnson

    Ian Johnson18 днів тому

    Bad acting.

  47. Ike Knighten

    Ike Knighten18 днів тому

    I have no more tears my heart goes out to all families and more but to mostly to the Housely families I am here thoughts and prayers

  48. gtbarnes11

    gtbarnes1118 днів тому

    4:21 "blood everywhere!" lol Shirtless and backward hat wearing dudes in a "country" bar lol Had to make it a country music event since 30-40 of the actors were at the hotel shooting year earlier(country music show)A last minuet decision to explain the familiar faces. No time to put them in "country western" garb. only 1 or 2 in cowboy boots/flannel and no cowboy hats??? Line dancing street thugs!???

  49. Matixx Thelonious

    Matixx Thelonious18 днів тому

    *You are FAKE NEWS*

  50. Tate mctate

    Tate mctate18 днів тому

    Even the students are lying about what happened

  51. Shengqi Xiong

    Shengqi Xiong18 днів тому

    CNN is a bunch of lame government gaslighting LIARS,

  52. anglianchannel

    anglianchannel18 днів тому

    the worst shooting since the last worst shooting

  53. Phntm27

    Phntm2718 днів тому

    Maybe stop having country music events

  54. David Champagne

    David Champagne18 днів тому

    look up highimpact FLIX.. someone filmed it.nobody there!!!!! lies!!!!

  55. David Champagne

    David Champagne18 днів тому

    LIARS NOBODY WAS IN THE BAR!!! full of shut!!! People wake yo this is a lying media!!!! empty bar!!!! look up highimpact flix..

  56. Nun yer Busyness

    Nun yer Busyness19 днів тому

    Thousand Hoaks

  57. the one who sees the truth 123

    the one who sees the truth 12319 днів тому

    Fake ass shit it's all about gun control trying to get to public to cry out for gun control. Crazy Democratic shit.

  58. EleFantMonty

    EleFantMonty19 днів тому

    Rest In Peace to everyone who passed away on this very sad night.

  59. Ke Da

    Ke Da20 днів тому

    where are the people who supposed to "dogpile" on the floor? why is one guy looking bored in the right side of the video that was filmed inside the bar? CNN is a big joke. you guys (CNN) should feel ashamed. fake news really fits perfectly.


    IBALL UFALL20 днів тому


  61. Regi Mor

    Regi Mor20 днів тому

    This has to be the biggest joke of CNN's history of fabricating the fabricated. There is absolutely NO hysteria or panic or terror in this bar!!!! WTF is going on here people. The bar was empty!!!! The people making statements are clearly actors "bad" actors at that!! Do you see what you are being asked to believe? This is nothing but a gun grab!!! Wake the "F" up PLEASE!!!!! News is suppose to be reported bias free, politic free, and told truthfully and unapologetically.

  62. Gregory Davis

    Gregory Davis20 днів тому

    False Flag CNN FAKE NEWS.

  63. luke torres

    luke torres20 днів тому

    such an obvious tactic the deadliest shooting in 12 days. and I am supposed to go oh my God only 12 days this is getting out of control. we're onto you

  64. Ivanka B

    Ivanka B20 днів тому

    no people, no screeming, no blood, no music, no dancing ... it's a massacre alright. LOL

  65. Kitt Katt1229

    Kitt Katt122920 днів тому

    Two guys at a bar = hundreds of people. No music and empty dancefloor = dozens of students line dancing. One guy running out the back door = dozens of people in a panic, breaking windows to escape. Nine gunshots in nine seconds = rapid fire. A guy squinting his eyes and making faces with no tears = scared to death surviver... Sounds logical. Don't get me wrong, there could have been a gun incident since an officer was pronounced dead. But it could have easily just been a bar closing up for the night and a few staff members having fun until some drunkard barges in and shoots in the air. Still sad, but *WAAAYYY!~* to over exaggerated.~


    ARYANONE NEWRACE20 днів тому

    Mass shooting= none shot never happened lol

  67. Dan Maloney

    Dan Maloney20 днів тому

    What are you guys smoking? Your words, CONTRADICT the damn TAPE! FAKE NEWS. You should be shut down, Even your founder hates you.

  68. Deb Wood

    Deb Wood20 днів тому

    I guess these people are wanna be actors

  69. Snafu Snaps

    Snafu Snaps20 днів тому

    Fake news the vid clearly shows no mass you are the enemy of the people Fake News

  70. Arif Salih

    Arif Salih20 днів тому

    Bullshit..... just another false flag. Where the footage of people being shot?

  71. j sixx

    j sixx20 днів тому


  72. j sixx

    j sixx20 днів тому

    I don't see hundreds of students no panic, idk about everyone else but i,am not convinced EXTREMLY CRINGY WATCHIN THESE WITNESSES LIE DISTURBING. CNN is a disease to our people we need get ride of them flase flags!!

  73. H M

    H M20 днів тому

    Cnn spreading there lies again and again , fake news at it's fakest !

  74. dylan storm trooper der

    dylan storm trooper der20 днів тому

    active pooper alerts on the 11s:)-

  75. Hance Howard

    Hance Howard20 днів тому

    Did anyone see the video??? There was no one in there. One guy was leaning on a rail with his hand in his chin. The dance floor was empty lol. Wth are they smoking??

  76. Paws4Mercy

    Paws4Mercy20 днів тому

    OMG its the same exact guy from LAST MAN STANDING IN PARADISE video of the fire ALSO CNN . imagine that

  77. Paul Knight

    Paul Knight20 днів тому

    Fake news at its worst

  78. TBD

    TBD20 днів тому

    Where is the crisis actor saying I don’t want condolences, I want gun control?

  79. Truth Rock

    Truth Rock20 днів тому

    Guns don't kill people, only people kill people. Whether we have gun or not it's really not about the gun control, it's about the culture and mental health. Israel has a lot of guns, most of the women too served in the army and know how to use a gun and many have guns. They hardly have accidents like this.

  80. now what

    now what20 днів тому

    Worst crisis actor ever.. total joke.

  81. Jay M. Gee

    Jay M. Gee20 днів тому

    Do whatever it takes to shame this lying bastard into admitting he lied about the entire staged event. Never EVER let this fool walk the streets without the good people of America shaming him! We’re so, so sick and tired of pieces of shit like this guy who are using scare tactics to take American’s freedoms and firearms away and you can bet, the day is coming real, real soon when you will wish you still owned your own weapon. Your day is coming you wanna be biker loser. What did CNN pay you? $100 bucks? But now you’ve lost your dignity and any respect for yourself...if you ever had any! Another group of Left wing, Liberal college students’ who’s professor asked if they wanted to attend “a drill”... You people are completely destroying the America that our forefathers fought and died for...they died so that you could continue living free without limits but what you all are doing to this country is turning it into something that true Americans don’t even recognize. If you want to save our America...make Liberalism a crime, punishable by death and start by rounding up the Liberal professors from Liberal colleges and universities who want to see our America dropped to her knees! WE THE PATRIOTS, OF THE 🇺🇸 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ARE HERE TO FIGHT AND DIE FOR THIS COUNTRY AND IT’S PEOPLE! WE WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

  82. s j

    s j21 день тому

    Its a pitty these so called gunmen don't go intoCNN and shoot all of them, but as you know with these false flag events, All of the CNN crew would be there the next day and still say they where shot and killed, and all the sheeple would still beLIEve it happened

  83. s j

    s j21 день тому

    False flag, no one in the bar as gunshots go off, no bodies no blood no broken glass? Explain that one sheeple and CNN ..????

  84. 2R8U

    2R8U21 день тому

    How do you kill 12 people with nine shots in an empty bar, they were hiding so well they seem to be invisible. No one is upset, not a single tear from the girl, they usually cry if something so horrific happens, but she is tough, that barstool didn't even leave a mark even when tranpled on top of it. The guy was trying to show producers he could cry on cue.

  85. Setesh

    Setesh21 день тому

    The bar is empty yet "it's the deadliest shooting in twelve days" huh? CNN looking like fake news after all (-‸ლ)

  86. Ali Ali

    Ali Ali21 день тому

    You guys think this is a staged fake story

  87. TBD

    TBD20 днів тому

    Ali Ali yes

  88. Adrian Nava

    Adrian Nava21 день тому

    Great actors

  89. dididothat

    dididothat21 день тому

    We saw the video no hundreds of people it was an empty bar one guy just sitting there while the shots where fired they intervied people sayiny they were stomped on someones not telling the truth the video or CNN (FAKENEWS) who to believe this is a hard one

  90. Genya Lyons

    Genya Lyons21 день тому

    video has been edited. does not show original footage now.

  91. Jennifer Mendez

    Jennifer Mendez21 день тому


  92. Jeffrey Spradley

    Jeffrey Spradley21 день тому

    But wait, the hospital said 11 people were brought to Los Robles. Ten were treated and released. One passed away. Yet this guy said 11 confirmed dead. Now who can't count? The hospital staff or CNN?

  93. John A

    John A21 день тому

    Ian David Long took care of 3 of Stephen Paddock's 2017 left overs. The person who takes Ian David Long and Stephen Paddock's left overs continues their legacy.

  94. John A

    John A21 день тому

    You find them in the same place of gathering and you hit the jackpot and reach news media fame.

  95. Anthony Godinez

    Anthony Godinez21 день тому

    This is very much real and for all of you that you do not believe it you are ignorant and stupid ass people that I know I am sorry but this is 100% real I know Cody Kaufman's parents I graduated with them plus I heard one of my cousins got shot so this is 100% real it's in my County you don't believe me hit me up call me and we'll talk about it

  96. Melenkurion Abatha

    Melenkurion Abatha21 день тому

    I would like to know who pays off these cops?

  97. Melenkurion Abatha

    Melenkurion Abatha21 день тому

    Really bad crisis actors. False flag psyop. Very obviously fake. Trump is right. Fake news!

  98. 1inAtrillion

    1inAtrillion21 день тому

    more fake news - an empty bar in the video. LIARS

  99. Gettin Bigger

    Gettin Bigger21 день тому

    what are you guys smoking. this is staged. there was hardly any one there. have you actually watched the inside video. libtards

  100. Justin Green

    Justin Green21 день тому

    CNN is so full of it the videos show empty dance floors

  101. Crisis Cunt

    Crisis Cunt21 день тому


  102. Timmy Pitcher

    Timmy Pitcher22 дні тому

    Found out CNN lied about this shooting the Bar was empty at the time of the shooting the cell phone video showed an empty dance before 9 shots rang out its funny how they can fake news the only thing the video showed was 2 people inside

  103. lzy4202 J

    lzy4202 J22 дні тому

    As a Chinese,I can tell u American People why u have so many shooting events, Born in Fredom,Die in Random.That's the Price.

  104. Joshua Oakley

    Joshua Oakley22 дні тому

    I knew this shooting was a false flag attack, when they told us he wore a ski mask to conceal his identity, but posted about it on social media and shot himself.........makes no sense. The shooter was likely a cop, or FBI. nobody witnessed him walk to the back and shoot himself. A club full of people. Fishy fishy.

  105. Barbara M.

    Barbara M.22 дні тому

    CNN said there were hundreds of people there. WHERE?? Something isn’t right with any of this. Something isn’t right with the California fires. What is horrific is the proof of melted metal from some of the cars in the fire which PHYSICALLY could not melt with natural fire. It is also horrific to know that there are people in the CA fires that captured lasers from the sky on camera PROOF that something unnatural was at hand. The most chilling of all is that people are so blind and unaccepting of truth they call it a conspiracy theory but when there is a fake mass shooting with no one in the bar everyone is freaked out. JUST MIND BLOWING.

  106. Chris Cobb

    Chris Cobb22 дні тому

    Why do so many dumb shits believe this shit