Match Sibling to Sibling | Lineup | Cut


  1. Cut

    Cut7 місяців тому

    Follow the Dae brothers on IG! Dae Yang - ​​ Dae Shik - ​

  2. bob bob

    bob bobМісяць тому

    never in my life would i have made the connection that these two are related, even after seeing them both so many times

  3. Cagla

    Cagla5 місяців тому

    It took a while but i found her, @definingdevonnie

  4. Charles Henderson III

    Charles Henderson III5 місяців тому

    What is the Jamaican girls insta thooooo

  5. Okxy Kate

    Okxy Kate6 місяців тому

    you should do one people matching best friends! 😂

  6. •Møçhî• UwU

    •Møçhî• UwUДень тому

    There is a lot black people but I respect them ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻✌🏻✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾✌🏿

  7. Vivian Pham

    Vivian Pham2 дні тому

    I love the girl who said “AW THEY’RE SIBLINGS”

  8. A blink Forever

    A blink Forever3 дні тому

    I waited for 7 months to comment this-: Happy rakshabandhan to all the siblings 🥺♥️

  9. Anayahplaytime S

    Anayahplaytime S3 дні тому

    Oh u. Not related to all: me: I was adopted

  10. laila

    laila6 днів тому

    the girl in the black jacket with the freckles is SOOO pretty

  11. andikan dan

    andikan dan6 днів тому


  12. Sahithi

    Sahithi7 днів тому

    first thing i noticed was her iron maiden shirt

  13. ArtsyPants

    ArtsyPants9 днів тому

    Theyre all so NICE

  14. ArtsyPants

    ArtsyPants9 днів тому

    I love how theyre all so comfy and ptheres like a funny and positive vibe in the room btw I love this

  15. sbsniperfox

    sbsniperfox10 днів тому

    When she said I bit her once to i though she said I did her once too

  16. thats me

    thats me10 днів тому

    This one was fun!! Lol

  17. Berry Edits

    Berry Edits12 днів тому

    Damn. The 1 girl that was gonna match them up is perfect “They related!“

  18. Alicia Czekirda

    Alicia Czekirda14 днів тому

    I would love to do this my sister has blonde hair blue eyes naturally and mines naturally black hair and brown eyes very different XD

  19. Adopt me Trades

    Adopt me Trades16 днів тому


  20. 4lex.1k

    4lex.1k16 днів тому

    the girl with the scarf has such a rbf

  21. michel Bruinsma

    michel Bruinsma16 днів тому

    Cool that they also have an African version of this now

  22. CrazedCosmo

    CrazedCosmo17 днів тому

    6:19 Had me dying (。>﹏

  23. Brandon Westfall

    Brandon Westfall18 днів тому

    "This is a story, tell it baby." lmfao

  24. Grace Aubrey

    Grace Aubrey19 днів тому

    Come on chocolates oh everybody chocolates that’s gonna be hard

  25. Kimmy Boo

    Kimmy Boo19 днів тому

    I’m from Jamaica toooo😌

  26. Handsome Mahlambi

    Handsome Mahlambi19 днів тому

    I love these lineup videos Getting my vibe right❤️✨

  27. Ishu ishu

    Ishu ishu19 днів тому

    If I were one of those ppl in guessing I'll just ask them to beat😂🤣in tht way ur siblings would always love to beat u while hate to be hurted Or annoyed😉

  28. ShiningStar4Y channel

    ShiningStar4Y channel19 днів тому

    omg I'd never guess

  29. coconut

    coconut19 днів тому

    the girl in the bomber jacket is so freakin gorgeous

  30. Adalynn And The Weirdos

    Adalynn And The Weirdos20 днів тому

    Me and my sister look NOTHING alike Edit: we also have noting in common

  31. Samuel Norris

    Samuel Norris22 дні тому

    The one aisan dude with short hair is a whole vibe

  32. Beyzanur Çakar

    Beyzanur Çakar22 дні тому

    That girl in the black shirt.. pls be my friend girllll! Ur energy is amazing wow

  33. MinyPiggy

    MinyPiggy23 дні тому

    3:40 you can see her sister's mouth drop


    KIMBAP BE KIDDING24 дні тому

    Idk why I cried with those hugs at the end

  35. Christoph Boumaaiz

    Christoph Boumaaiz24 дні тому

    i like the girl with the pink pants who is there with her sister. all of those people, guessing or siblings are too nice

  36. Dominika Konečná

    Dominika Konečná24 дні тому

    this energy bro i wanna be there

  37. Julia O.

    Julia O.25 днів тому

    I love this

  38. Naomi Yoo

    Naomi Yoo25 днів тому

    To be honest, I wanna be the girl with black shirt's sister cause she's funny and so I figured it'd be cool to have a sister like her. But I'm only given with 1 older sibling and he's a boy TvT

  39. Naomi Yoo

    Naomi Yoo25 днів тому

    My brother and I should be here. We're whole siblings but we don't look alike.

  40. Aislynn McCarroll

    Aislynn McCarroll26 днів тому

    2:18 was so fucking cute 😂 the girl was "oHhHh ThEy rElAtEd!!"

  41. Noah Söderström

    Noah Söderström26 днів тому


  42. CuteBangtanUwU

    CuteBangtanUwU28 днів тому

    Hahaha the first one who said everyone was right Oh MEH GwOSH

  43. 4 with sun

    4 with sun28 днів тому

    if you ever ask me to hug my siblings i would NEVER do it so i guess nobody in cut would guess they are my siblings xD

  44. SoapyT Is me

    SoapyT Is me28 днів тому

    If they made me and my brother and I hug they would guess wrong

  45. Robyn M

    Robyn M29 днів тому

    My favorite episode by far ❤️❤️

  46. Amanda Vang

    Amanda Vang29 днів тому

    Not gonna lie Asains in dis video=balance 😌👍

  47. Simi

    SimiМісяць тому

    I also had the same condition, my mum had my lil sibling when she was 41 n I was 20, she had me at 20 xD

  48. Life With Eisha

    Life With EishaМісяць тому

    I love theseeeee ! ❤️

  49. Lol Lol

    Lol LolМісяць тому

    I’m not gonna lie but white dude hell no I don’t feel him

  50. Sam Taliai

    Sam TaliaiМісяць тому

    The Asian brothers vibes be on💯😂

  51. kurtis howard

    kurtis howardМісяць тому

    If your nothing like your bothers and sisters theirs a 1/10 chance you ain't got the same father.

  52. hermione granger

    hermione grangerМісяць тому

    they would def catch me and my sister

  53. aleks life

    aleks lifeМісяць тому

    Haha love this! 😂

  54. Crackers Are yum

    Crackers Are yumМісяць тому

    Umm huge each other *they hugs* her:no not related

  55. Shannon

    ShannonМісяць тому

    This was hilarious. My brother and I could never do this though. We look too much alike they would get us immediately.

  56. Taliah Butler

    Taliah ButlerМісяць тому

    Those two siblings had good energy of everyone wanted to hug them two

  57. banana leal

    banana lealМісяць тому

    duuude my brother and I would be a wild card in this game! I'm average height, slim, straight light brown hair, green eyes. My (full!) brother is tall, larger body type (like, barrel chested!), curly dark brown hair, and grey eyes!

  58. Veronica Hart

    Veronica HartМісяць тому

    People could easily tell who my siblings are.

  59. Sir Theodore III

    Sir Theodore IIIМісяць тому

    Raa this is the guy who slept with a 1000 guys +

  60. Autxmn

    AutxmnМісяць тому

    I really like this episode!

  61. Ross

    RossМісяць тому

    I’m obsessed with the solo girl she’s how I’m tryna be

  62. SeigeClips

    SeigeClipsМісяць тому

    Thank you sisters Boi u been watching too much James Charles

  63. K.Nicole

    K.NicoleМісяць тому

    yall should have got some doppelgängers to trip them up

  64. SuperGagarin Bros.

    SuperGagarin Bros.Місяць тому

    The white glasses guy sounds like Jack Black. No? Just me? Ok..