Meet the Friends | Hannah Stocking, Lele Pons & Twan Kuyper


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    I Love you videos

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    What happend to your teeth hannah😬🤯😳😲🤤🤤👹💩🤠👺

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    this was made on my b-day

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    Tradution:Traduz em português❤

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    I love you so much Hannah stocking and Lele pons and all ur friends and tell Lele pons I love @escape the night love y'all.!!

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    I'ma a kid my name's not kogee Clark my actual name is Seneca Clark I'm using my mom's phone


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    Hannah stocking and Lele Pons in lebsian strap on

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    I love you guys

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    Ughhhh i love your outro so muchhhh

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    5:27 the hair goes but the clother are in the place lol

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    I’m not proud of this comment section

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    I want that sheep 🐑 UwU

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    0:14 his pants is wet 😂

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    It’s my birthday today

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    Why did you put that black stuff on you teeth

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    The friends meets amigo

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    Can I please have a heart by Hannah love you

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    He reminds me of david dobrik

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    0:24 Look at the gouts *im dying* They got scared 😂😂😭😭

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    @J 97 goats, for Christ sake.

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    @J 97 "gouts"

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    Your spelling=Pain

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    Does he not notice or say anything about her 2 lost teeth lol 😂

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    Big fan

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    Dat ending bro!


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    Hahaha lol the part when Matt said:” never told me that your friends are AWSOME that’s just DOPE!🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼

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    Stupid dog looks so ugly

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    I hate you so much you spoiled t

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    Lol some dumb kid is gonna go around lighting their ass on fire while joke they will.... I mean I nearly tried it too....

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    Now he love loves ur friends more than u lol

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    Lol could lele have found any bigger pants than that...... Lol she could fit her feet in 1 pair 6x lol 😂 lol 😂

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    I wanna have the types of friends in the beginning of the video..... Just like u and lele's relationship

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    BTS obsessed they are not friends anymore,this is a old video lele betrayed Hannah search it up

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    Why was Matt wearing the same clothes for the whole video 😂

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    Dont even question it

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    Great vid

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    I love this funny lady one luv Hannah 🤣❤️💋

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    Are you actually bald