MERRY CRINGEMAS (Jake Paul Litmas Reaction)


  1. Addy Rottenberg

    Addy Rottenberg8 годин тому

    *Stares at thing in hair All video*

  2. julija blatnik

    julija blatnik9 годин тому

    that little bit danny rapped was better than that entire song

  3. landen White

    landen WhiteДень тому

    There’s a little piece of dandruff in his hair and I can’t take my eyes off it

  4. Chrislmaoo

    ChrislmaooДень тому

    I love the disconnect between UAreporterrs and their fans, he and many others deadass think adults watch them

  5. Emre Staber

    Emre StaberДень тому

    I'm glad I'm not a twelve year old girl.

  6. Batman The Dark Knight

    Batman The Dark KnightДень тому

    Hey why the fuck couldn't he learn at least the first step to knitting? 3:11

  7. Thy book loving centerist

    Thy book loving centerist19 годин тому

    Exactly. He literally just stuck needles in yard and started moving them around.

  8. Matthew Christoff

    Matthew Christoff2 дні тому

    Christmas is Litmus. The real question: Is it more acidic or basic?

  9. Lps Shopping ProductionsTM

    Lps Shopping ProductionsTM2 дні тому

    I’m viewing this video about 7 months and 1 YEAR late, so Uhm. “I’m a little reindeer!”

  10. Senator Blair

    Senator Blair2 дні тому

    Is it just me or is Logan Paul and Jake Paul becoming the same person. Like I forget they're two separate ppl

  11. madelyn Rodriguez

    madelyn Rodriguez2 дні тому

    Honestly Jake Paul's video hurts me because Christmas is about jesus not this stuff😔✋

  12. I Miss Cameron Boyce So Much

    I Miss Cameron Boyce So Much2 дні тому

    my Christmas bop. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYSSSSSSS~ oh wait it’s July @~@

  13. GoldenUnicornForever

    GoldenUnicornForever2 дні тому

    ~Merry Christmas~

  14. T Darbyshire

    T Darbyshire3 дні тому

    im a little reindeer

  15. Sammyg Stefan

    Sammyg Stefan4 дні тому

    As a heroin addict I would accept you into my NA group Danny you are therapeutic to me

  16. 1ryanfire1

    1ryanfire14 дні тому

    does anyone have any HeRoiNe?

  17. Perry

    Perry4 дні тому

    jake paul is the type of person to search himself up on the internet

  18. gacha KK

    gacha KK4 дні тому

    You are amazing

  19. Heir of Sugar

    Heir of Sugar4 дні тому

    My scientefic ass thought it's called litmus

  20. BJR 14

    BJR 144 дні тому

    When Jake Paul looks better as a deformed grandma

  21. Purple Cornbread

    Purple Cornbread5 днів тому

    Greg gReg grEg greG



    Na I happily missed it... Like ALL of the rest of his videos.

  23. GlassOfJuicePlz J

    GlassOfJuicePlz J5 днів тому

    I flipping loved that intro

  24. GlassOfJuicePlz J

    GlassOfJuicePlz J5 днів тому

    1:01 “Does anyone have any heroine?😏”

  25. Inbedded

    Inbedded5 днів тому

    red and green on the C H AAAA I N S

  26. Gucci Quack

    Gucci Quack5 днів тому

    I'm a little reindeer

  27. -E • Motion-

    -E • Motion-5 днів тому

    For some reason, while I was watching this, I was eating a salad and I got a lettuce leaf on my fork and blew on it to try to cool it off. I’m strange that way.

  28. L I F E

    L I F E2 дні тому

    Never feel shame for blowing a leaf. I do it all the time.

  29. Kawaii Heathen

    Kawaii Heathen6 днів тому

    Notice how many voice cracks Jake has throughout the whole song. 😂

  30. Langley M Neely

    Langley M Neely6 днів тому

    Im a little reindeer! Lmao!

  31. cunt killer

    cunt killer6 днів тому

    G R E G R R E E G R E G

  32. gamingLegacies

    gamingLegacies6 днів тому

    Putting an actual rapper in the video is a terrible decision because it just highlights how terrible Jake is It's like you're watching a 144p video that briefly flashes to HD, and then when it goes back you realize just HOW bad it was the whole time

  33. Lunacrush 4256

    Lunacrush 42567 днів тому

    who else was distracted by the white piece of whatever that was in danny’s hair

  34. L BANNA

    L BANNA7 днів тому

    * voice cracks *, oop no it’s just autotune

  35. Random FanGirl

    Random FanGirl7 днів тому

    Jake rapping was painful to hear.

  36. Kaat Vanden Berghe

    Kaat Vanden Berghe7 днів тому

    4:24 hes not even knitting, hes just putting two sticks under a thread of wool 😂

  37. anxious person

    anxious person7 днів тому

    does anyone notice how danny looks really young at the front but his side profile is like an entirely different person oof can relate

  38. Sophia Gh

    Sophia Gh7 днів тому

    The soldier!!!!

  39. seth Sweeney

    seth Sweeney8 днів тому

    "But idk dude, Jake Paul rapping like- i don't think i'll ever be cool with it." FOR REAL DUDE! I WOULD VISIBLY CRINGE EVERY TIME I HEAR JAKE PAUL.

  40. Caca Head

    Caca Head8 днів тому

    It’s nowhere near Christmas and I’m watching this

  41. Lachlan Crimston

    Lachlan Crimston8 днів тому

    I think this music video gave me cancer

  42. Jack D 3

    Jack D 38 днів тому


  43. Uxeaii

    Uxeaii8 днів тому

    Thank you Jake, now I'm even more suicidal

  44. cancerous lump

    cancerous lump9 днів тому

    We're not all rich jake

  45. Yettobethrownoutlemon

    Yettobethrownoutlemon9 днів тому

    “Hi my name is Danny I’m an addict, daddy should have never raised me on I’m gonna kill Santa Clausss” -falling in reverse

  46. IsabelleT !!!

    IsabelleT !!!9 днів тому

    I’m a LITtlE REindEeR!

  47. Makayla Wetter

    Makayla Wetter9 днів тому

    I love the face you made when you said lucky. Killed me.

  48. nO

    nO10 днів тому

    I have cancer

  49. Courtney Zelazny

    Courtney Zelazny11 днів тому

    Old lady Jake Paul at the beginning is actually count olaf.

  50. Jennifer Deng

    Jennifer Deng11 днів тому

    my expectations for litmas were low but holy fuck its worse than i could ever imagine

  51. Moo Hi

    Moo Hi11 днів тому

    ℓιтαяℓу иσ σиє αвѕαℓυтℓу иσ σиє. ʝαкє ραυℓ: ¢нιѕтмαѕ ιѕ ℓιт

  52. Arrow Playz17

    Arrow Playz1711 днів тому

    The flip flops in the background totally throw off the theme of the video.

  53. Cat Food

    Cat Food11 днів тому

    When you hear copyrighted music and get worried, but then realize the vid is from 2017 so it makes sense