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  1. Ethereal Iridescent

    Ethereal Iridescent37 хвилин тому

    Midsomma [2020] HD f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E ---------------------- all subtitles play? ➥t.co/AaycIfHQRK?123-easywatch /Midsomma/ Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??21qad

  2. NOISE

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  3. Leo TakeOver

    Leo TakeOver20 годин тому

    "Its seems cool" -Dani

  4. Charles Helander

    Charles HelanderДень тому

    Symbol from hereditary on the ceiling of the church! at 1:30

  5. Omry Goldwasser

    Omry GoldwasserДень тому

    I wonder how Swedish people feel about this film considering some people think this is accurate to real life

  6. Nived Pr

    Nived PrДень тому

    I liked midsommar more than hereditary. Dont know why many people hate this. Its a very unique horror movie and i loved it so much.

  7. マッドライフ

    マッドライフДень тому

    When I see who's the director and I see HEREDITARY movie in the same line I said OK let's give him a second chance, but that was the worst thing I have ever done in my whole life.. I was thinking there's nothing worst than HEREDITARY but I absolutely was wrong, this movie is shitty as fucking hell, don't even think to waste your time.

  8. Marton Denes

    Marton DenesДень тому

    BEFORE YOU WATCH! This movie is not scary but at the end really unsettling. I didn’t get bored but if you easily get bored consider that for almost 2 hours nothing “extra” happens but it’s still important because at the end of it all that’s the story. You probably won’t have a panic attack during the film but might have a mental breakdown at the end of it. Oh and don’t watch it with your parents because some scenes might be awkward. I learned that the hard way

  9. frances lawless

    frances lawlessДень тому

    When those two jumped off the rock to their deaths Danni responded by wanting to leave asap, she acted traumatized but stayed and watched the second one jump. To me, her first response was to deny or control certain behaviors within herself which are generally not desirable or openly admitted as pleasurable to the self. But because the crowd watches without any concern she too stayed and went along with a new way of being. By the end of the movie she was quite happy with her lack of concern and despite all the others screeching and wailing she embraced her new freedoms. Is this movie Stockholm syndrome.

  10. nije bitno

    nije bitnoДень тому

    For those who didnt watch this movie: the scenes are really long and boring, trailer is much better then the movie.

  11. yusef yabani

    yusef yabani2 дні тому

    although she smiled, i am sure she can't be happy in the village. they force her to have same feeling, same idea, same action and same life style. there is no freedom. she wanted the place where she belonged to and believed she found it. but after the celemony, when she can't be a queen any more, she must suffer from those heavy communism life like sleepless without medicine due to crying baby. keep taking drugs and break her brain to stay there? we modern people can't return to primitive life. to obtain individual freedom from society, we fought against powerful leaders such as kings and created history. anyway, where is the police?many years many people disappear from that village, what are they doing?

  12. ryan bodha

    ryan bodha2 дні тому

    Nice green fields 👌 as a black guy I would fire up the BBQ

  13. Lorraine Castle

    Lorraine Castle2 дні тому

    i just finished the movio and... I feel like i'm high, i even hear people screaming out of my house, i´m scared

  14. Madam Gigi

    Madam Gigi2 дні тому

    Yoooooooo! What did I just watch? But the sex scene had me in stitches 😂😂😂😂😂 And can we talk about how deep it was when they cried with her?

  15. Alice Alice

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  16. Cellie V

    Cellie V2 дні тому

    After watching this movie, I will never accept an invitation to attend a summer festival in Sweden.

  17. hoo hoo

    hoo hoo3 дні тому

    The scary thing is when you realise how vulnerable and easily manipulated you are. I felt myself sympathising with the sect sometimes, I felt myself feeling happy for Dani for finding a community, I felt myself jealous over the “solidarity” they had in Hårga, and this is exactly how cults recruit people. I’d be gone in a second of this was real.

  18. frances lawless

    frances lawlessДень тому

    Me too

  19. Wisco9er

    Wisco9er3 дні тому

    This is a good movie and at the same time it's clearly some sort of fetish turned into real life by the director. It's better than the stuff nowadays, but then again that's not saying much.

  20. Omry Goldwasser

    Omry GoldwasserДень тому

    The movie is supposed to be like a fairytale, not an accurate representation of Swedish culture

  21. Mrityunjay Kadadevarmath

    Mrityunjay Kadadevarmath3 дні тому

    WORST movie 👎, I don't know why some people are calling it as scary or unsettling waste of 2½ hours.

  22. The Notorious. K.I.D

    The Notorious. K.I.D3 дні тому

    So I’m an hour and a half into this movie, and holy fuckin shit!!!!!

  23. Commander Russels

    Commander Russels2 дні тому

    yeah I know the girlfriend is annoying ;)

  24. Jorge of Albion

    Jorge of Albion3 дні тому

    I just watched this with my grandmother. Never watch this movie with your 76 year old grandmother.

  25. Tabetha Roadhouse

    Tabetha Roadhouse3 дні тому

    Oh no!!! I saw my grandma scrolling through movies..she stopped and said hmm midsommar? 🤔 Luckily i had already watched it. So i said no grandma you're not allowed to watch this. She is 84. Dear god i hope she listened.

  26. Trep Boy

    Trep Boy3 дні тому

    this is the worst movie of all time ,no joke !

  27. Etoile2004

    Etoile20043 дні тому


  28. Maria Jungkookie

    Maria Jungkookie4 дні тому

    It’s just good in the trailer but if you watch it, you just waste your fucking 2 hrs

  29. Maria Jungkookie

    Maria Jungkookie4 дні тому

    Nonsense movie, we didn’t enjoy it

  30. I'm God, BEOOOTCH

    I'm God, BEOOOTCH4 дні тому

    I'm like 10 minutes into the movie and I can already say that that guy has shitty friends. He's kinda shitty too though.

  31. Pennydaddy

    Pennydaddy4 дні тому

    Bill Skarsgård had said that once he watched this, it fucked him up lmao

  32. Spencer Harrison

    Spencer Harrison5 днів тому

    I watched this movie for the first time while tripping on acid for the first time. I was also on edibles, I had no idea that my friends were gonna play it. This was about a week ago and I genuinely think my mental condition has deteriorated slightly and I can’t shake the feeling of being kinda uneasy all the time

  33. Valentíno

    Valentíno3 дні тому

    Spencer Harrison damnnn sorry you had to experience that shit

  34. Spencer Harrison

    Spencer Harrison3 дні тому

    Valentíno I remember feeling like my friends were trying to induct me into a cult and just feeling like that was my last night alive. I was on the other side of the country away from my family visiting my friend and I just felt Iike If anything bad happened there was nobody there to save me lol

  35. Valentíno

    Valentíno4 дні тому

    holy fuckin shit what do you remember from the experience?

  36. Lee Nevil Cilia

    Lee Nevil Cilia5 днів тому

    If this is anything like the original Wicker Man, I am going to love it!

  37. Psycho Bread

    Psycho Bread5 днів тому

    This & Mother! Two awesomely fucked up Movies

  38. Nostalgikk J

    Nostalgikk J5 днів тому

    Wow, just wasted an hour on this shit!

  39. You lose

    You lose6 днів тому

    Brother... are they in romania?

  40. A F

    A F3 дні тому

    It's filmed in Hungary.

  41. Pixel1962

    Pixel19626 днів тому

    I think that Mr Aster will do for horror films, what Steven King did for horror novels...

  42. Latin Salad

    Latin Salad6 днів тому


  43. Salty

    Salty6 днів тому

    I love this movie, that smile makes my day

  44. Solcculent

    Solcculent6 днів тому

    This movie gave me closure 🥰

  45. palmtreeacnh

    palmtreeacnh7 днів тому

    I'm very confused, yet intrigued

  46. andrew caca

    andrew caca7 днів тому

    dissolve absofacto

  47. Piya Sharma

    Piya Sharma7 днів тому

    Sometimes I think, this movie could have been made even more better, but unfortunately it force me to give it a mixed review. In most of the movies, the horror scenes are created or shoot in the dark or night..but this is the first movie which looks fresh and different through the trailer..but its not. But I loved the concept that how can people be intimidated during the day.

  48. Ashwini Kumar

    Ashwini Kumar7 днів тому

    Bawaal trailer hai be

  49. eIeqvnce

    eIeqvnce8 днів тому

    this movie bruh I can't

  50. Marko Safy

    Marko Safy8 днів тому

    I'm confused , still in shock , WTF i just watched ? , its not a horror at all , was more as a comedy to me , WTF was that SEX scene at the end , I was rolling with tears laughing ... Its the weirdest insanest bizarre movie I ever watched honestly

  51. Magic koopa The mystic

    Magic koopa The mystic8 днів тому

    Good movie and all, but why does this and like 9 other tallers and clips in a playlist by gorillaz

  52. nguyenthuy truongvinj Reviews

    nguyenthuy truongvinj Reviews8 днів тому

    1 hour songs

  53. Zainab Gulshanara

    Zainab Gulshanara8 днів тому

    Watching this made me feel like I was on a drug trip or something lol Weird ass movie

  54. Lingesh K

    Lingesh K8 днів тому

    The trailer reminds me of the nightmare I had while watching this the first time.

  55. Gr8Success

    Gr8Success9 днів тому

    what a great movie . so sick and tired of those superhero crap . at last something interesting .

  56. Desera Martinez

    Desera Martinez9 днів тому

    Is it scary that this is my favorite movie? I'm still in grade school

  57. Pink Desert-Rose

    Pink Desert-Rose9 днів тому

    People who don't understand the movie will qualify it as a horror movie only. This movie is a psychological thriller layered by occult meanings. This movie is full of occult and understanding the symbolism gives it more depth.

  58. Anna

    Anna9 днів тому

    Anyone knows other movies like that? I really liked that one!!

  59. nkosana khumalo

    nkosana khumalo9 днів тому

    I'll confess I realised on my second watching that those guys pretty much knew the fucked up stuff the cult did before going. I think that detail made me hate Christian more!!! Burn

  60. Jc Cortes

    Jc Cortes9 днів тому

    I saw this movie guy's two days ago!! Definitely the Worse movie ever made!! And I'm not exaggerating One bit!! Totally rubbish!! It doesn't even make a fuking sense!! Wasted time!!

  61. 3ds max

    3ds max10 днів тому

    If they only do that every 90 years then why did the one lady say she'll be happy when it's her to turn to jump? And wouldn't everybody be dead in 90 years anyway? They built that whole place too. Some parts I don't get at all.

  62. 3ds max

    3ds max10 днів тому

    The ending fire scene was done so well I could feel the heat and smell the smoke.

  63. Austin Martin

    Austin Martin10 днів тому

    Stupid film plain and simple. Over hyped and underwhelming. A complete waste of time and I can't believe I paid full price for something that I wouldn't even watch if someone paid me to. People sucking the directors dick because they had some pretty shots and decent music.

  64. Brendan Milburn

    Brendan Milburn8 днів тому

    1. You're opinion isn't fact. Sorry you didn't like it, but that doesn't make the people that do like it dumb or wrong. It's all a matter of opinion. 2. People like this movie because of it's a disturbing exploration of grief and toxic relationships, not because of the visuals and music (though those are well done too).

  65. Ali Jawad

    Ali Jawad10 днів тому

    1:57 I've watched the director's cut and don't remember this scene

  66. Tabetha Roadhouse

    Tabetha Roadhouse3 дні тому

    Thank you! I was wondering myself.

  67. Natalie

    Natalie10 днів тому

    "Tomorrow's a big day :)" "Is iT sCaRy?"

  68. Dora Mn

    Dora Mn11 днів тому

    1:56 I don't really remember this scene 😕

  69. Selva Vicky

    Selva Vicky11 днів тому

    The music is damn creepy

  70. Deril rajendra

    Deril rajendra11 днів тому

    HOLD MY SUN!!! 🌞

  71. magical asian

    magical asian11 днів тому

    Hi Chidi.

  72. Pint

    Pint11 днів тому

    Its not always rainbows and butterflies

  73. jacobo patiño

    jacobo patiño11 днів тому

    I love it

  74. MilkyWay Gaming Yt XD

    MilkyWay Gaming Yt XD11 днів тому

    Did anyone else see Gally from The Maze Runner???

  75. k nyas

    k nyas12 днів тому

    I am now utterly terrified of sunlight and flowers

  76. Mihr Mihroe

    Mihr Mihroe12 днів тому

    Because of this my sister is afraid of swedish people.

  77. 凛_Nika rin

    凛_Nika rin9 годин тому

    Worn out Testicles you cruel cruel human being

  78. Worn out Testicles

    Worn out TesticlesДень тому

    Take her to Ikea, then leave her at the entrance with only one way out.

  79. PennyK61

    PennyK6112 днів тому

    This is disgusting

  80. M U

    M U12 днів тому

    I watched hereditary right before this, I can’t take all these pure emotional screams in these movies

  81. M U

    M U3 дні тому

    The Notorious. K.I.D you wear supreme.. nothing you say has any weight to it

  82. The Notorious. K.I.D

    The Notorious. K.I.D3 дні тому

    Hereditary was pure garbage.

  83. Rahul Chembakasseril

    Rahul Chembakasseril10 днів тому

    Bruh I did the exact same thing today......howwww

  84. Dylan Szukhent

    Dylan Szukhent12 днів тому

    paw patrol full episodes

  85. GAMEBOY 6666

    GAMEBOY 666612 днів тому

    Funny enough,everything in which they experienced were clearly sketched out and painted on the walls of every corner around that environment their eyes were wide shut not to have noticed on time.

  86. selena fanboy

    selena fanboy12 днів тому

    at the end she became their queen which means she's now one of them ???

  87. selena fanboy

    selena fanboy12 днів тому

    i just watched it yesterday and omg it's fucked up i couldn't handle all the scenes

  88. Antonio Valdespino

    Antonio Valdespino13 днів тому

    1:32 If you combine the faces of Scarlett Johansson and Emilia Clarke you get Florence Pugh.

  89. Myles Dragna

    Myles Dragna13 днів тому

    I hve not seen this movie, but I'm assuming "midsommer", sstands for midsommer solstice. And it's 2020 and there's still sects of people demonizing pegans uhh...

  90. Vinematic Edits

    Vinematic Edits13 днів тому

    One year anniversary! July 3

  91. Zender

    Zender13 днів тому

    Es mejor el tráiler que la película es bastante desgastante y yo lo pondría en el género de horror, esa es mi humilde opinión. Spoiler: No van a ver fantasmas ni brujas etc... Nadie va a poder volar, la película es bastante realista.

  92. Curtis Park

    Curtis Park13 днів тому

    My sister showed me the this trailer last night and told me never to watch it but for some reason it’s been stuck in my mind. I hate scary movies but at the same time I find my own fear to be so intriguing. I think I’m going to watch it and based on the comments I get the feeling I’m about to make a huge mistake!

  93. Sean Baker

    Sean Baker13 днів тому

    It’s not scary in a normal horror way, it’s just messed up. Most of the movie is quite beautiful but in a strange way.

  94. andmik 097

    andmik 09714 днів тому

    The best horror/thriller movies are those that manages to be scary without the use of jump scares or dark filmsets! The fact that the sun barely sets is scary enough

  95. EleFantMonty

    EleFantMonty14 днів тому

    Basically the white version of Get Out

  96. Brendan Milburn

    Brendan Milburn13 днів тому

    Not at all.

  97. TheMostW∆ntedeh

    TheMostW∆ntedeh15 днів тому

    Very good comedy movie