MIDSOMMAR | Official Trailer HD | A24


  1. S. Potter

    S. Potter2 години тому

    I’m scared of Ari Aster now

  2. The The

    The The2 години тому

    Wicker-man retold. Looks good👍

  3. Jake Silva

    Jake Silva8 годин тому

    Omg the new Katy Perry music video looks great

  4. Blacky Chan

    Blacky Chan9 годин тому

    I've always wanted to join a cult just for shits and giggles😬

  5. Oliver del Toro

    Oliver del Toro10 годин тому

    Florence was incredible in Lady Macbeth, I'm really looking forward to seeing this!

  6. Scarlett

    Scarlett4 години тому

    She is SO GOOD in everything she’s in!

  7. Jonny

    Jonny10 годин тому

    The witch, it comes at night, hereditary, this movie and The Lighthouse coming out later this year... A24 has has revived horror movies for many people.

  8. Scott Sullivan

    Scott Sullivan10 годин тому

    The eating of pubic hairs and drinking of period blood are going to make the "Audience" RT score PLUMET! Watch

  9. LeeLee8686

    LeeLee868611 годин тому

    Reminds me of the Wickerman

  10. cashaiesha

    cashaiesha11 годин тому

    umm huh. it look like a cult. i would have left a long time ag


    ALANA GRACE11 годин тому

    Y'all so I'm watching this right and I didn't know will poulter was in it and so I screamed bc he’s the love of my life and my mom was like ???

  12. ColaRola

    ColaRola11 годин тому

    Will Felix make a video about this?

  13. inject .drano

    inject .drano12 годин тому

    The woman raising the little cup and drinking it with the rest "followers" reminded me of the koolaid suicide. The girls holding hands skipping reminds me of the Manson girls.

  14. TacoMuncher358

    TacoMuncher35812 годин тому

    dissecting that bear gave me 9th grade biology flashbacks

  15. Atlas

    Atlas14 годин тому

    You can put that violin music on anything and make it scary. Taking a dump? the violin starts playing

  16. Lady Susan

    Lady Susan15 годин тому

    This reminds me of the Jonestown story

  17. Michael Knox

    Michael Knox15 годин тому

    The Promised Neverland movie?

  18. Matt Taylor

    Matt Taylor18 годин тому

    Do ppl really think its just coincidence were seeing all these cult, satanic, sacrifice, possession movies and shows. I had to even cancel netflix. The original content on Netflix alone should wake ppl up to whats happening right in front of our eyes. Ppl r really naive. That dont care there throwing it in our face. Just look at almost every music video we see now. Scary world. I know nothing of this midsommar but i know they do infact have satanic rituials and many sacrifices. Why do u think u always here famous ppl or ppl in power say they sacrificed alot to get here. They have too if they want the fame and fortune. They r desensitizing us ppl. Dont believe it just do a little research.

  19. Jesus Gonzalez

    Jesus Gonzalez18 годин тому

    Another fucked up satanic film from A24 that I must watch!!!! Can’t wait!

  20. Ave ASMR

    Ave ASMR19 годин тому

    what is scary about this??? i don't get it

  21. kaal szn

    kaal szn21 годину тому

    pause the video then go to 2:15

  22. Narcodo Music

    Narcodo Music21 годину тому

    Want to experience real life horror? Look how prices rise at Walmart 😳

  23. Madeline Petty

    Madeline Petty21 годину тому

    Pause the video 2:13

  24. Walter Frisbee

    Walter Frisbee21 годину тому

    Did the ONE and ONLY brother not see GET OUT?

  25. Bir Zamanlar Kinoteatrda

    Bir Zamanlar Kinoteatrda21 годину тому

    the best part of trailer 2:06 - 2:07. I mean "breath" scene.

  26. mattersin

    mattersin22 години тому

    Her voice is very distinct...i couldn't date it. Cause i couldn't deal with it.

  27. MrDagr8rylz

    MrDagr8rylzДень тому

    A24 doing a horror movie... I got time for that

  28. Supreme Ameriterran Emperor

    Supreme Ameriterran EmperorДень тому

    Now I want to go to Sweden. ;)

  29. Nurusyazwani Sukirin

    Nurusyazwani SukirinДень тому

    Somehow reminds me of Suspiria but brighter

  30. Alex Mack

    Alex MackДень тому

    If Jordan Peele likes it, I'm down. Tbh

  31. El Bichote

    El BichoteДень тому

    Fake news

  32. /Awakened\

    /Awakened\День тому

    If you pause it at exactly 2:14 you will see the reason I will be having flashbacks after seeing this movie

  33. CHEERS!

    CHEERS!День тому

    Nobody: Midsummer: aAaA aAaA aAaA

  34. Adrian Ford

    Adrian FordДень тому

    Looks like a good documentary

  35. David Deleon Deleon

    David Deleon DeleonДень тому

    White people are scary af

  36. *.*,

    *.*,День тому

    I've said this before and I'll say it again. The script is written in such a way that many people will sympathize with the cult, maybe even the people who are scared of cults and rural white people.

  37. Aaron Albert

    Aaron AlbertДень тому

    Getting Wicker Man vibes

  38. Cody Compean

    Cody CompeanДень тому

    I Read the screenplay and if you have ever had a bad trip on shrooms or acid do not watch this movie lol

  39. Gabi X

    Gabi XДень тому

    As a Pagan myself, i really want to see this.

  40. evan

    evanДень тому

    Why are all ari’s films so beautifully shot?

  41. Ristina Ingram

    Ristina IngramДень тому

    Nah. Im good.

  42. Jessica  Hooper

    Jessica HooperДень тому

    I don't know if I can trust this director again after what he put us through in Hereditary

  43. OH MY GOD

    OH MY GODДень тому


  44. jon p

    jon pДень тому

    2:15 Courtney Love is BACK on the big screen!!

  45. nsxpetes

    nsxpetesДень тому

    I like the sicario soundtrack

  46. Terrance Johnson

    Terrance JohnsonДень тому

    That movie trailer score tho... 🔥

  47. Dennilson25

    Dennilson25День тому

    Hmmm... got a feeling that this trailer might not do the film justice. I'll def be seeing it, loved Hereditary.

  48. Oh yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeahДень тому

    1:49 wait why is it dark outside?

  49. Tae Aubrey

    Tae AubreyДень тому

    Another Ari Atser movie. Looks like I gotta set up an appointment with my therapist after seeing this because Hereditary still has me effed up.

  50. Vapsiainen

    VapsiainenДень тому

    I can't wait to see another film directed by Ari Aster. He became my favourite director after i saw Hereditary.

  51. Candeezy Marie

    Candeezy MarieДень тому

    That Ayahuasca Retreat I was considering is now a solid pass!!! Thank you scary movie trailer!!!

  52. Ansar M. Smith

    Ansar M. SmithДень тому

    Meh, looks kind of dumb. Seems like a script written by a stoned film student, but then actually got made lol

  53. Oskari

    OskariДень тому


  54. Dale Lacey

    Dale LaceyДень тому

    Didn't know Genesis P-Orridge had a cameo in this!

  55. Rokesha Govan

    Rokesha GovanДень тому

    I’m here from Jordan Peele saying its good

  56. T99 series09

    T99 series09День тому

    Come on! First The VVitch then Hereditary now Midsommar! I'm ready!

  57. Ultra Rare Sabra

    Ultra Rare SabraДень тому

    2:15 nuff said

  58. Salman Zaki

    Salman ZakiДень тому

    Even if this wasn't from the director of Hereditary, I would have still wanted to see this movie!

  59. glitterandglitz1

    glitterandglitz1День тому

    Y’all think in the stuff is just a movie I don’t know if that stuff really happens what movie show he was what’s really going on behind the scenes so you don’t know if people really do this on Midsummer

  60. *.*,

    *.*,23 години тому

    Only every 90 years! Don't tell anyone ;)

  61. Jenna Michelle

    Jenna MichelleДень тому

    I actually thought I clicked on the wrong trailer

  62. The Claxers

    The Claxers2 дні тому

    The director of us watched this movie and the hereditary and said this movie made hereditary look like a kids movie

  63. Robert Hilton

    Robert Hilton2 дні тому

    So many movies out these days about magic, the occult, demons, undead, paganism. I truly feel sorry for the coming generation.

  64. Alpha dogg zman

    Alpha dogg zman2 дні тому

    Dang shakespear wrote a horror movie

  65. Alex Babz_90210

    Alex Babz_902102 дні тому

    Damn Joseph Seed really branched out

  66. B R O N K

    B R O N K2 дні тому

    2:08 Oh unlucky

  67. corey yochum

    corey yochum2 дні тому

    this is dumb. peirodt

  68. Cairo, egypt

    Cairo, egypt2 дні тому

    Please make the music in the trailer a part of the soundtrack. I was sad when the music from the charlie trailer wasnt in the hereditary soundtrack

  69. Militant Twinky X

    Militant Twinky X2 дні тому

    I wonder if the one Black guy survives... 🤔🤔

  70. Alex Weiner

    Alex WeinerДень тому

    He dies and goes to the Good Place

  71. Pains Labyrinth

    Pains Labyrinth2 дні тому

    The Sacrament, Hereditary, and Stepford Wives all in one movie?... I'm in!

  72. Stay Woke Productions

    Stay Woke Productions2 дні тому

    Illuminati all over this shyt smh

  73. FoSho

    FoSho2 дні тому

    It’s the wicker man, minus Nic Cage. Hard pass from me.

  74. Xavier Pegasus

    Xavier Pegasus2 дні тому

    Horror movie in broad daylight? Very nice twist

  75. Jess C

    Jess C2 дні тому

    Saw this as an advert in another video, didn't skip.

  76. Mexlycan Lobo

    Mexlycan Lobo2 дні тому

    Brightness on the Arri Alexa camera all the way to the max. Post production more brightness to the already bright scenes.

  77. Mexlycan Lobo

    Mexlycan Lobo2 дні тому

    A combination of The Wicker Man and a Pagan party Ritual.

  78. Rented Rubber Gloves

    Rented Rubber Gloves2 дні тому

    Hey, where the hell is Bergerac?

  79. Nemoris Inferioris

    Nemoris Inferioris2 дні тому

    Please have Colin Stetson do the score for this film. He did an amazing job on Hereditary

  80. Nemoris Inferioris

    Nemoris Inferioris2 дні тому

    The shot at 0:40 is amazing

  81. Min Lee

    Min Lee2 дні тому

    The comments here are so much wittier than on other pages/forums. It's a special bunch that follows A24 and movies like this.

  82. Beth Hayward

    Beth Hayward2 дні тому


  83. Dan Rodelo

    Dan Rodelo2 дні тому

    Don't worry, Chidi will figure out what's going on

  84. Pele Main

    Pele Main2 дні тому

    Looks really good

  85. Santi Jauregui

    Santi Jauregui2 дні тому

    Another film about a demonic witch cult? I see what you’re doing here, aster.

  86. Corey Taylor

    Corey Taylor2 дні тому

    Love folk horror

  87. Tia R

    Tia R2 дні тому

    Y’all gotta take a read of Marcus Sedgwick’s ‘Midwinterblood’-parts of the film’s trailer have strong similarities with this book.

  88. Latiume Vea

    Latiume Vea2 дні тому

    It's the Wiker Man all over again

  89. Mr. Freeman

    Mr. Freeman2 дні тому

    this dude deserves the credit jordan peele's garbage is getting.

  90. Jackjack Ice

    Jackjack Ice2 дні тому

    Well peele is giving this dude all the credit but yea I agree ari is a horror master. Hereditary was one of the best horror films ever and this looks really disturbing

  91. Sukhbir21

    Sukhbir212 дні тому

    the violin! i like it!

  92. Carlos Lomeli

    Carlos Lomeli2 дні тому

    It’s like Get Out for White People

  93. Woman like Ahri

    Woman like Ahri2 дні тому

    rooting for this

  94. M Fagerström

    M Fagerström2 дні тому

    A24 pushes evil ...... Why not try to make a comedy?

  95. John Gray Atkinson

    John Gray Atkinson3 дні тому

    Ari Aster had me at Hereditary. What a great original horror film


    DOSTGOYEVSKY !3 дні тому

    White culture is a horror movie to jews I guess. Lol I could tell this movie was made by a Fucking jew right away. I looked it up and Yes its made by a jew.

  97. Naveen Kumar

    Naveen Kumar3 дні тому

    Sweden women are hot though mostly blonde

  98. J MAGIC

    J MAGIC3 дні тому

    Katy Perry.....?

  99. Talon Night

    Talon Night3 дні тому

    The hereditary sequel

  100. Sheev Palpatine

    Sheev Palpatine3 дні тому

    A24 is changing the horror genre for the best. And so is Ari Aster Edit:Jordan Peele said this movie is a masterpiece

  101. Lord Mamba

    Lord Mamba3 дні тому

    I bet you the black guy dies first. 😁

  102. foxylady246

    foxylady2462 дні тому

    He's the sacrificial lamb. They need the melinated blood to flow first

  103. Campy Camel

    Campy Camel3 дні тому


  104. Tanya Thomas

    Tanya Thomas3 дні тому

    And they portray her as the crazy one😯😑

  105. wa ge

    wa ge3 дні тому

    Us pagans can definitely bust down but not like this...... I'm EXCITED!!!

  106. MrHappyLlama

    MrHappyLlama3 дні тому

    Soooo much symbolism it ain’t even funny smhhhh

  107. Andreas Mavrommatis

    Andreas Mavrommatis3 дні тому

    If you look in the background during the Maypole dancing clips, you will notice the mountains are morphing

  108. Eric Rendon

    Eric Rendon3 дні тому

    Andreas Mavrommatis drug trip probably