Miley Cyrus Carpool Karaoke



    MISHTI11 хвилин тому

    'The Climb' is the best song ever

  2. remuel dignos

    remuel dignos3 години тому

    Use this as “ I need a Taylor Swift Carpool Karaoke “ button

  3. Manuel Cornejo

    Manuel Cornejo14 годин тому

    Lmao 😂 the tongue 👅

  4. minnie nixon

    minnie nixon16 годин тому

    i dont want him to sing

  5. Ruthie Noël Caffrey

    Ruthie Noël Caffrey21 годину тому

    Did you catch that sideways “STOP” sign? Love y’all fo’EVA! 🤣







  8. Francisco Dsouza

    Francisco DsouzaДень тому

    Yeah like how does he know all the songa

  9. Kaylane França

    Kaylane FrançaДень тому

    Esperando ele fazer isso com a Lana del Rey rsrs



    miley is so absolutely gorgeous and her voice is so amazing

  11. d b

    d bДень тому

    Really?? She has ONE car?? 😂😂😂

  12. Fadlyazimi

    Fadlyazimi2 дні тому

    Ageeeenz mo

  13. Bayu Primagara

    Bayu Primagara2 дні тому

    Hay Jimmy, Carpool blackpink God 🙏

  14. Ms. B Cubas

    Ms. B Cubas2 дні тому

    Hi you should have Sabrina Carpenter Karaoke 🎤 with you next time

  15. Geovan Wahlbrink

    Geovan Wahlbrink2 дні тому

    They look too much at the panel, is it where the lyrics are at?

  16. Dipali Patel

    Dipali Patel2 дні тому

    I like the Miley Cyrus who was Hannah Montana.

  17. Raghav Mantri

    Raghav Mantri3 дні тому


  18. Raghav Mantri

    Raghav Mantri3 дні тому

    Not funny dear when it's just sad or pathetic or

  19. Raghav Mantri

    Raghav Mantri3 дні тому

    This is really bad work for all those years dear you know it too. Just meet me.

  20. alex h

    alex hДень тому

    Dude shut up

  21. Raghav Mantri

    Raghav Mantri3 дні тому

    That is the worst singer ever but i haven't seen enough yet guide me dear

  22. alex h

    alex hДень тому


  23. Raghav Mantri

    Raghav Mantri3 дні тому

    It's even uglier when she tries to hide it with make up. And i know she trims her nostril hair no lasers yet

  24. alex h

    alex hДень тому

    Stfu hater

  25. Stuart Smith

    Stuart Smith3 дні тому

    After watching this, I am thinking how similar her voice is compared to Sia or even Lady Gaga, so how about duet???

  26. Neil N

    Neil N3 дні тому

    Miley is great, but her hair looks terrible. This is what fake products and consumerism does to your body.

  27. Lek Intarit

    Lek Intarit4 дні тому

    Love Miley ❤️🇹🇭🇺🇸

  28. Game of Thrones

    Game of Thrones4 дні тому

    Sometimes they are just reading the lyrics from display

  29. Tanoo Theaneau

    Tanoo Theaneau4 дні тому

    It is in this video that I understood that james has the words of the songs in front of him he doesn't know them all

  30. Liban Gaming Channel

    Liban Gaming Channel4 дні тому

    If you're listening to this in January 2021, you're a legend. :)

  31. Bob Jones

    Bob Jones4 дні тому

    She can sing!

  32. Rafael Odon

    Rafael Odon4 дні тому

    oh gosh, her voice tone is the best, even talking

  33. Bare Foot

    Bare Foot4 дні тому

    That girl can sing 😋

  34. Fran Tini

    Fran Tini4 дні тому

    I fucking love her

  35. Abbie leigh

    Abbie leigh5 днів тому

    Milly did you cut your hair cause in wreking ball you had no clothes on and short hair

  36. Shayla Chattams

    Shayla Chattams5 днів тому

    Love her😍

  37. makayla's nations

    makayla's nations5 днів тому

    I love when she hit that note in party in the USA

  38. Lovisa Glave

    Lovisa Glave6 днів тому

    I‘m crying as hell during ‚wrecking ball‘. It‘s such an overwhelming song... 😍😍😭

  39. Lovisa Glave

    Lovisa Glave6 днів тому

    When I hear this song, I can cry by now...😂😂😭😫

  40. Bored Banana

    Bored Banana6 днів тому

    I wanna hear her do a concert singing Hannah Montana songs

  41. Devon Morgan

    Devon Morgan7 днів тому

    And we can get a good night's break from the gym at work at least come in and get a few fast learner a chance for meeting

  42. ᴋᴀᴄᴇʏʟᴀᴄᴇʏ

    ᴋᴀᴄᴇʏʟᴀᴄᴇʏ7 днів тому

    3:08 was beautiful asf

  43. Aracely Herbas Ortiz

    Aracely Herbas Ortiz7 днів тому

    El coche de detras be like sin saber que delante tenia a una diosa empoderada😂😍😍😍

  44. Maribell Beier

    Maribell Beier7 днів тому

    At wrecking ball Cover high at 10?omg but her eyes are so little?...

  45. lil rambo

    lil rambo8 днів тому

    hate her or love her she got some bops 😂

  46. Kyesha Williams

    Kyesha Williams8 днів тому

    Her voice has changed so much from Party In The USA

  47. DBR Graphixx

    DBR Graphixx9 днів тому

    terrible this woman. Fitted and cheap. Should have left it with Hannah Montanna. As a singer, I can't take her seriously. Embarrassing try to do it like Madonna. but that didn't work. Laughing stock.

  48. AiPheeScott

    AiPheeScott9 днів тому

    3:50 Lol shadow here was a dead giveaway the car was being tolled 😂😂

  49. Freya Beedle

    Freya Beedle9 днів тому

    theres always gonna be another mountain

  50. Freya Beedle

    Freya Beedle9 днів тому

    love miley

  51. Mia Vlogs

    Mia Vlogs9 днів тому

    The car behind when they were singing wrecking ball like 👁o👁

  52. sandra karagunovic

    sandra karagunovic9 днів тому

    Pat Toomey

  53. D elliz

    D elliz10 днів тому

    Wow I never thought she could sing that good. She is beautiful too, does anyone have her phone number 😉📱

  54. Eden Dolev Berti

    Eden Dolev Berti10 днів тому

    4:06 if this was lsd

  55. Amanda Smith

    Amanda Smith10 днів тому

    Not a fan of Miley!


    XGREENYBOYX10 днів тому

    Oh WoW

  57. Rosita Iannone

    Rosita Iannone10 днів тому


  58. j0317

    j031711 днів тому

    Miley is sooooo talented

  59. MrTwister2

    MrTwister211 днів тому

    Who else think that she should revisit someday with her new album Plastic Hearts?

  60. Emilio Cueto

    Emilio Cueto11 днів тому

    Hanna,montana 🤔🤔🤔😄😄😄😱😱😱😱

  61. Lily Hansen

    Lily Hansen11 днів тому

    Chills. Litteral chills.

  62. SepraTV

    SepraTV11 днів тому

    Damn.. I love Miley...

  63. karl gustav

    karl gustav11 днів тому

    omg ,her tattoos..............

  64. Rogério Santana

    Rogério Santana12 днів тому

    She reminds of a young Madonna, the looks, the talent, the assertiveness, and the wit. She's certainly been influenced by the Queen.

  65. Alva Mathews

    Alva Mathews12 днів тому

    Absolutely LOVE your program

  66. Ian Cummins

    Ian Cummins12 днів тому

    Her voices literally gave me chills

  67. Tiana Montalvo

    Tiana Montalvo12 днів тому

    Hannah Montana should help him get to work

  68. Duje Simić

    Duje Simić13 днів тому

    James, your devotion to learn every song, is incredible.....

  69. Sherry Kathcart

    Sherry Kathcart13 днів тому

    Wow..that was great!

  70. kaylyn Alexander

    kaylyn Alexander13 днів тому

    James and Miley actually harmonize very beautifully!

  71. Naval Kumar Shukla

    Naval Kumar Shukla13 днів тому

    It's pretty ironic that seeing James crying actually made people laugh.

  72. Berenice Herchenroeder

    Berenice Herchenroeder14 днів тому

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  73. walter Thorne

    walter Thorne14 днів тому

    #missemmamystic @missemmamystic

  74. Paulo Pereira

    Paulo Pereira14 днів тому

    She has a lovely and beautiful voice.

  75. Paulo Pereira

    Paulo Pereira14 днів тому

    Both are wonderful !!! Love them.

  76. Taryn RONNING

    Taryn RONNING14 днів тому

    She’s a raw real talent

  77. jacelynn shadbolt

    jacelynn shadbolt15 днів тому

    Her voice just hits different like I don’t know how to explain it. It’s just so good.😂😂😂

  78. Badgirlshae

    Badgirlshae15 днів тому

    0:56 😍😍

  79. martin narcis

    martin narcis16 днів тому

    One true talented girl

  80. Connagh stokes

    Connagh stokes16 днів тому

    Got some pipes James man what a legend I wish to god I could sing!

  81. Connagh stokes

    Connagh stokes16 днів тому

    Honestly I was never really attracted to Miley but after this vid I am so fucking in awe 😍 she is unbelievable 🤭

  82. Kim Cote

    Kim Cote16 днів тому

    How fucking great is Miley and James too.. Love her.

  83. Mia Losh

    Mia Losh17 днів тому

    Here on 2021 early (jan. 3)

  84. The 100

    The 10017 днів тому

    Is James reading these song of something or does he just know every song by every artist ever

  85. Jamie Reed

    Jamie Reed15 днів тому

    They probably have him memorize them before shooting :)

  86. Lola T

    Lola T17 днів тому

    Loveeeee Miley

  87. Sabri10k

    Sabri10k17 днів тому


  88. Andy Ashby

    Andy Ashby17 днів тому

    Farout.what a voice..

  89. Sajad Pir Ahmadian

    Sajad Pir Ahmadian17 днів тому

    Einstellungsbescheid der Europäischen Staatsanwaltschaft durch Vorlage eines medizinisch-psychologischen Gutachtens in der Satzung zum Marktausgleich durch Offenlegung

  90. phughesphoto

    phughesphoto18 днів тому

    Ohhhhhhhh she has her gorgeous engagement ring on! 💔 I love her voice!!

  91. Bungeebrain 68

    Bungeebrain 6818 днів тому

    Usually James can compete with who he is with. Miley Blows him out of the water

  92. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name17 днів тому

    Yes.. i just wanted him to b quiet here lol

  93. Aman rajput

    Aman rajput18 днів тому

    Why Miley voice is the best thing in this carpool and why her dress is so uncomfortable in this carpool ..

  94. albrzohar

    albrzohar18 днів тому

    Do y'all think after the surgery Miley had, she will be able to sing in the same color she had before in her voice?

  95. Ashi

    Ashi4 дні тому

    What surgery?

  96. Theresa Heyer

    Theresa Heyer18 днів тому

    they're so funny!!!!great talent!both.

  97. Allyson San Filippo

    Allyson San Filippo19 днів тому

    they need to put out a single together

  98. Geir Arne Nilsen

    Geir Arne Nilsen19 днів тому

    Godt nyttår

  99. Trinity Johnson

    Trinity Johnson19 днів тому

    Miley’s carpool karaoke is my favorite !!!!

  100. Tristan Butler Roblox

    Tristan Butler Roblox20 днів тому

    If i was Miley i was never going to shush she has a swwet voice

  101. Jordan Lee

    Jordan Lee20 днів тому

    shes so Clasic

  102. Milan Josimov

    Milan Josimov20 днів тому

    Still Ariana is the best

  103. ʞiɯ ɐllǝu

    ʞiɯ ɐllǝu20 днів тому

    okay, Milan Josimov.

  104. ofri gabizon

    ofri gabizon20 днів тому

    i love miley so much❤

  105. kesia maria

    kesia maria21 день тому

    so am I the only one who gets harry styles vibes from her👀♥️

  106. Shahni Wiki

    Shahni Wiki19 днів тому

    They are both cool and not afraid to be themselves

  107. Kat Culbertson

    Kat Culbertson21 день тому

    That treasure troll broach tho

  108. Mr. J

    Mr. J22 дні тому

  109. Bits And Bobs

    Bits And Bobs22 дні тому

    Does anybody here sing? Can you write the lyrics to this?