Miley Cyrus - Heart Of Glass (Live from the iHeart Festival)


  1. Adanilson Capel

    Adanilson CapelГодину тому

    Did it was a gass?

  2. Matt Hayden

    Matt Hayden2 години тому

    Debbie Harry would approve 👍

  3. Maggie Gray

    Maggie Gray4 години тому

    "Behind.....ind". Damn. Inflection...sick!!!!

  4. Martu :D

    Martu :D4 години тому

    0:50 /

  5. Gabriel Lima

    Gabriel Lima5 годин тому


  6. Wira Utama

    Wira Utama5 годин тому

    love you melly

  7. Alex SS

    Alex SS6 годин тому


  8. Zac Cosic

    Zac Cosic9 годин тому

    she rocked it !!!!

  9. Yessenia Sandoval

    Yessenia Sandoval11 годин тому

    Woow beutiful

  10. alberto copado

    alberto copado11 годин тому

    35 m de visitas y yo he aportado unas 2 m de vistas, me enamoró está versión :-) :-) :-) igual yo estoy lost inside...

  11. Selena Hendry

    Selena Hendry11 годин тому

    Love her so much she stays herself

  12. Edwin Lopez

    Edwin Lopez11 годин тому


  13. Hector Pulido

    Hector Pulido11 годин тому

    nothing to do with Blondie, it doesn't even reach her heels

  14. Celia Calleja vazquez

    Celia Calleja vazquez12 годин тому


  15. Centinelle 0987

    Centinelle 098712 годин тому

    This is not the artist that came out of Disney, this is in a whole new level. Stunning!

  16. Benjamín Gonzalez

    Benjamín Gonzalez13 годин тому

    La Amo me gustaria su version de anarchyn uk

  17. MARCI ana

    MARCI ana13 годин тому

    cadê os br depois do tik tok?

  18. Marelyne

    Marelyne14 годин тому

    Love u Miley❤️

  19. jakeline santos

    jakeline santos14 годин тому

    Sou apaixonada por ela canta muito 😍😍😍😍😍

  20. ryukdluffy

    ryukdluffy15 годин тому

    I thought she was going to play Hit the Lights by Metallica int he start with those drums haha

  21. Máximo Xavier

    Máximo Xavier15 годин тому

    There is a problem about this: now the music is hers!

  22. michael truthson

    michael truthson15 годин тому

    Noooooooooo fuq nooooooooooooo ugh wtf approved this!!!!??

  23. mollie fraser

    mollie fraser15 годин тому

    I MISS HANNAH MONTANA 😭😭it hits hard ok I was just watching it and was wondering is hannah montana really u 😔 😭😭my childhood is ruined I watched all episodes and the full movie,I've never gonna live the same 😭

  24. Fanny Vivas

    Fanny Vivas15 годин тому

    Una versión digna de la original, su voz atuendo aspecto todo es maravilloso ✨✨✨

  25. Melisa Centurión

    Melisa Centurión16 годин тому


  26. Yossy Montalvo

    Yossy Montalvo16 годин тому

    La Miley canta igual que yo cuando bebo de más 🤣🤣💕

  27. andré b

    andré b17 годин тому

    Miley always gives 100% on stage, I respect that. But check the original Blondie video for this song, Debbie Harry was just effortlessly cool. Sometimes less is more.

  28. Akielsen Friesen

    Akielsen Friesen17 годин тому

    😞😰 me gustaba más cuanld isl la película de hana montana era una chica muy linda carismática pero e eso no quedó nada ella era muy linda pero ahora es lo contrario me da asco

  29. Sheeraz Har Juan

    Sheeraz Har Juan18 годин тому

    I love her very much...all people who born in the 80 and around it....grew up on this music... Its like shes screaming all her childhood all the music that she grew on...i love her...shes really talented...and you can see she really connect to music...

  30. Michael Schmidt

    Michael Schmidt18 годин тому

    Netter Versuch.

  31. kendra payne

    kendra payne18 годин тому

    She is a God. And then she did my heart and became my dream wife 💖

  32. Rogerio Marques de Paiva

    Rogerio Marques de Paiva18 годин тому

    Miley Virus destroying classic song of Blondie/Debbie Harry

  33. TaylorGamePlays

    TaylorGamePlays18 годин тому

    Hi haanah montana

  34. y usds no lo hacen Macias

    y usds no lo hacen Macias19 годин тому

    Fantástico. Ese rock disco

  35. Laura Sophie

    Laura Sophie19 годин тому

    i thought i am straight, but since i saw this.. well

  36. Miavalentina Avalosnavoni

    Miavalentina Avalosnavoni19 годин тому

    Auque no la escuche seguido a ella HAY QUE ADMITIR QUE TODO LE QUEDA BIEN A ESTA MUJER

  37. Fedex

    Fedex19 годин тому

    She sings very well. Always sharp on key and damn she’s sexy....

  38. Lewster2000

    Lewster200020 годин тому

    wow, omfg Miley, you go Girl, Voice of an Angel, what a Rock Chick, Love it.

  39. FM

    FM21 годину тому

    Now I’m a fan!

  40. Ultra Instinct Gogeta

    Ultra Instinct Gogeta22 години тому

    Her voice is too deep for this song

  41. Don Don

    Don Don23 години тому

    If they added this to Guitar hero or Rockband It'd literally bring heaven to my room

  42. King grizzly sin

    King grizzly sin23 години тому

    ~soon turned out i had a heart of glass🔎

  43. Tyler Hiatt

    Tyler HiattДень тому

    I’m addicted to this cover

  44. GaRoger's Customs

    GaRoger's CustomsДень тому

    She can belt with the best. Bonnie Tyler meets Blondie meets Miley Cyrus.

  45. ANTONY S

    ANTONY SДень тому


  46. Levy Lopez

    Levy LopezДень тому

    Estoy obsesionada 🤩 con esta canción 🎶 me encanta 😻

  47. Ariel Melgarejo

    Ariel MelgarejoДень тому

    Exelente me gustó mucho su versión también y ella es hermosa una locura de mujer exitante es verla❤️😍

  48. Seth Seiden

    Seth SeidenДень тому

    Paul Stanley of Kiss wears the same outfit on stage???WTF

  49. Maria Espinoza

    Maria EspinozaДень тому

    La decadencia, lo que hace los problemas en la adolescencia

  50. leia zoe

    leia zoeДень тому

    I really miss those song lyrics comments

  51. Just Me

    Just MeДень тому

    Miley Cover > Original

  52. john wilson

    john wilsonДень тому

    Fuckin killed it!!! Awesome cover

  53. Mari

    MariДень тому

    this is the kind of music I would listen to every day💖 / esse é o tipo de música que eu escutaria todos os dias 💖

  54. Peter

    PeterДень тому

    She needs to wear a mask.

  55. Xd woba_nobe

    Xd woba_nobeДень тому

    Obsessed with this song

  56. Bruno Toledo

    Bruno ToledoДень тому

    O love Hannah Montana 👁️👄👁️

  57. Sam M

    Sam MДень тому

    miley has the cher did 40 years ago...but the blondie original is hard to me???call me anytime...

  58. Rocío Mariño

    Rocío MariñoДень тому

    No 👎 sorry

  59. Rocío Mariño

    Rocío Mariño22 години тому

    @Maria Jose Chavez i am free for say what i want

  60. Rocío Mariño

    Rocío Mariño22 години тому

    @Maria Jose Chavez the same as your answer, I have not asked. If I had put "I love it", you would not have told me anything surely 😘

  61. Maria Jose Chavez

    Maria Jose Chavez23 години тому

    No one asked

  62. HansZel

    HansZelДень тому

    She keeps getting better and better. Rock music suits her.

  63. Some Punk

    Some PunkДень тому

    Nothing on the original... what is this...

  64. Verco Aceves

    Verco Aceves18 годин тому

    A cover

  65. Gabriela D. Ciobanu

    Gabriela D. CiobanuДень тому

    oh my God...goosebumps from the first notes😭💖

  66. Teddy Wess

    Teddy WessДень тому

    Miley babe! If you ever wanna date an unknown British guy, I’m on standby for you. FYI I’d be happy to meet up wherever lol 😝 keep smashin it xxxx

  67. Jack Sparrow

    Jack SparrowДень тому

    Miley leaves nothing in the tank, she leaves it all on the stage.

  68. Dusti Stump

    Dusti StumpДень тому

    U r so rocking from teen star to the top top rock ✨ love it jus awesome 👏 u made my day was feeling bad with wrk life u videos jus made me at peace ✌️ power of music 🎵 rock on Miley have a awesome 👏 2021

  69. StandItAll

    StandItAllДень тому

    I hear you!!!!!\

  70. Andre La Grange

    Andre La GrangeДень тому

    Overrated as all hell she is such a strange looking woman

  71. bird boy

    bird boyДень тому

    Con ese vozarron tendría que cantar rock que voz tan prodigiosa y que pocos la conocen

  72. Cyrus Van Beethoven

    Cyrus Van BeethovenДень тому

    No disrespect, but it looks like a bird took a 💩 on her eyes.

  73. ʞiɯ ɐllǝu

    ʞiɯ ɐllǝuДень тому

    okay, rat.

  74. sca sca

    sca scaДень тому

    Gelungenes Cover

  75. Mary Fdez

    Mary FdezДень тому

    Better than Blondie ! Sorry Blondie was unique. Very unique, but Miley killed it.

  76. Rusty Calunod

    Rusty CalunodДень тому

    Sadly true

  77. Jose Cardenas

    Jose CardenasДень тому

    What a band!



    She's the face my friend kkkkk My God 🤣🤣🤣 🤣🤣🤣 She's more sexy 😊

  79. Maeve ThomsonGreene

    Maeve ThomsonGreeneДень тому

    I love her, but this song isn't hers......just saying...

  80. Sheylita zevallos

    Sheylita zevallosДень тому


  81. Julia Raafaelly

    Julia RaafaellyДень тому

    Conheci pelo tik tok 😎

  82. Oscar Ponce

    Oscar PonceДень тому

    Hanna Montana Rockstar!!

  83. cele :v

    cele :vДень тому


  84. Nicholas Brewer

    Nicholas BrewerДень тому

    So her commie band mates wear a mask , but she doesn't?

  85. ʞiɯ ɐllǝu

    ʞiɯ ɐllǝuДень тому

    because she's singing???

  86. susan thomas

    susan thomasДень тому

    Hell of a good job 👏🏻 BUT, blondies version is simply the best! Those guys killed it in every wonderful sense of the word! Watch Blondies version and tell me I’m not wrong!

  87. ʞiɯ ɐllǝu

    ʞiɯ ɐllǝuДень тому

    you're wrong. everyone has a different taste, there's no better or worst version of this song but there is only original and a great cover.

  88. memo io

    memo ioДень тому

    With all respect but not even close, sorry.

  89. Robert Dilley

    Robert DilleyДень тому

    Don't forget to bring a towel Sauna spa up

  90. Robert Dilley

    Robert DilleyДень тому

  91. Daniel Snake biker

    Daniel Snake bikerДень тому

    Hola Miley Cyrus no sé si me entiendes porque hablo español pero no sé cuándo te volvistes tan rebelde yo te quiero mucho de hecho soy una niña que pensó que eras como Hannna Montana pero ya se que no rompiste mi sueño de ser como tú hace 11 años 🖤ahora tengo el corazón partido

  92. Ana HAYRO

    Ana HAYROДень тому

    todas las personas crecen y cambian ahora ella esta feliz y se muestra tal y como es sin tener que fingir ademas no somos nadie para juzgarla y siiiiiii canta muy lindo pero una cosa es la musica y otra es el artista puedes seguir escuchando sus canciones sin que te tenga que afectar ella como persona

  93. Daniel Snake biker

    Daniel Snake bikerДень тому

    Pero aún cantas hermoso

  94. Guadalupe Morales

    Guadalupe MoralesДень тому

    Canta hermosss

  95. Robert Dilley

    Robert DilleyДень тому

    Oh a cool 😎 move with 2 peepz, feet on the belly on up. Wee i can fly

  96. Emily

    EmilyДень тому

    its mileys world and we're just living in it

  97. Virginia Mora

    Virginia MoraДень тому

    Holy shit that was awful. I came because everybody was like it's AMAZING!! NO ITS FUCKING NOT ! Off key and horrible vocals

  98. Makai Miller

    Makai MillerДень тому

    She reminds me of harley Quinn

  99. Maggy Ferreira

    Maggy FerreiraДень тому



    TOM OLDSKOOLДень тому

    3 meses tarde encontré esta presentación, barbara! que buena interpretación, nadie dice nada de los musicos pero que bien tocan eh excelentes también, y Miley.. que puedo decir Excelsa!!!

  101. Alexa Diaz

    Alexa DiazДень тому

    La amo✨🤧

  102. Gavin Morris

    Gavin MorrisДень тому


  103. Mahan Montazeri

    Mahan MontazeriДень тому

    Ruining a good song

  104. Cutting edge machines cramlington

    Cutting edge machines cramlingtonДень тому

    Not the right songs for her

  105. bored in the house

    bored in the houseДень тому

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus but I like this a lot

  106. Jose

    JoseДень тому

    She is born to perform, such an incredible and powerful artist.

  107. Heinrich TE

    Heinrich TEДень тому

    as a metal head I am satisfied with this cover

  108. Profe Libro

    Profe LibroДень тому

    What's with the screaming?

  109. Carol Dagostim

    Carol DagostimДень тому

    Soo perfect, the best version 🤩




  111. Pieter-Gerhardt Roos

    Pieter-Gerhardt RoosДень тому

    No, just no. Please just stop butchering classics