Miley Cyrus - Live from Whisky a Go Go - Midnight Sky #SOSFEST


  1. N-li Nemka

    N-li NemkaДень тому

    ❤Miley i love you❤

  2. Ольга Мензорова

    Ольга Мензорова2 дні тому


  3. Ольга Мензорова

    Ольга Мензорова2 дні тому


  4. Kef OM

    Kef OM3 дні тому

    I love so much this sound !!!

  5. MikiMiku

    MikiMiku4 дні тому

    Hola 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎😃😃😌😌😌🤗🤗😌😃😃💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

  6. Roger Ramjet

    Roger Ramjet4 дні тому

    Okay, I must confess I have not been particularly interested in Miley's work before, but here she blows my socks off. The song is excellent and punchy (love the entire structure of the song - love the "call and response" thing that's happening with her band, love that hammering back beat) her voice has that perfect tortured rasp that I love, her delivery is amazing. I also love her stage persona here - she exudes an amazing sexuality while not making that the only thing happening - her vocal delivery, stage moves and emotionality are all in the right proportion. She shows camaraderie with her band (and boy, that band kicks ass!). She remains rooted in delivering the message of the song and demonstrates incredible capability - sort of like an evolution beyond Tanya Tucker and Brenda Lee. I'm going to check out some more of her stuff, but this performance kills!

  7. Roger Ramjet

    Roger RamjetДень тому

    @LUCAS LYNCH thanks, I'm gonna pick that one up...


    LUCAS LYNCH2 дні тому

    she just dropped an entire rock inspired album filled with great songs like this one! its called “plastic hearts”, my favs from the album are night crawling, angels like you and gimme what i want! you should definitely check it out!

  9. Lady Sarah

    Lady Sarah7 днів тому

    what happens when a 3-year old smokes cigarettes

  10. franco tito vincenti

    franco tito vincenti5 днів тому

    Shut up

  11. amaraimer

    amaraimer7 днів тому

    I love the guitarist as well, so much feelin!!

  12. craig gallagher

    craig gallagher8 днів тому

    Can't stop listening to this song!

  13. Ale Gonzalez

    Ale Gonzalez9 днів тому

    Argentina. 03:49 am... I'll be working at 8am.. And i'm right here playing the song over and over... and over.. and over again

  14. Josh V

    Josh V10 днів тому

    Sick, don't care if she a slut if she sings like that. Def not a meme.

  15. Millina Whotun

    Millina Whotun10 днів тому

    Buffalo Bills

  16. emerson carvalho dos santos

    emerson carvalho dos santos10 днів тому

    Love run with your music, make more plz. From: Brazil!

  17. Jader Rigo

    Jader Rigo11 днів тому


  18. Honnisoit Quimalypense

    Honnisoit Quimalypense13 днів тому

    I wonder what she's on though...

  19. Quantumese Boy

    Quantumese Boy14 днів тому

    I have a cat just like that.

  20. Shokhi Masuma

    Shokhi Masuma16 днів тому

    Today s pop Queen.All the best Miley.

  21. B B

    B B16 днів тому

    That sounds like a really difficult song to sing but she nails it every time!! Great job Miley!! 🥰🥰🥰

  22. D. S.S.

    D. S.S.16 днів тому

    Awesome voice! With love from Russia! 🥰

  23. Orlan Orlan

    Orlan Orlan17 днів тому


  24. Sara McKee

    Sara McKee17 днів тому

    The love I feel for Miley comes from the bottom of my soul.. 💜

  25. Kristofer Kristensen

    Kristofer Kristensen17 днів тому

    Never knowingly heard her sing until now and I'm completely befuddled. Did not expect such a mature, strong and rock n' roll-y voice to come out of her. Damn...

  26. Robert Henderson

    Robert Henderson17 днів тому

    I’m pressing 70 and this girl has me tied down.

  27. blastfromtheeast

    blastfromtheeast18 днів тому

    This is a killer version \m/

  28. Jhonatan Valdiviezo

    Jhonatan Valdiviezo18 днів тому

    Felicitaciones @MileyCyrus , por hacer que regrese la buena musica del Rock 🤟🤟🤟

  29. Antonio Zulian

    Antonio Zulian18 днів тому


  30. Timothy Manasco

    Timothy Manasco19 днів тому

    She's One of the Only People that I've heard that Sound's as Great or Even Better Live. Great Entertainers like Her are Rare. Great Preferences as Always.

  31. carlos morales

    carlos morales19 днів тому

    uff asi mas rockera suena muy cool esta cancion

  32. Karen Valero

    Karen Valero20 днів тому

    We need Rock back!!!

  33. ZOMBIE

    ZOMBIE20 днів тому


  34. Keith Mc Koy

    Keith Mc Koy20 днів тому

    Heard this version which is fantastic then I heard the album version which wasn't so fantastic.

  35. Jordan Lee

    Jordan Lee20 днів тому

    Love U Miley YOu da Bomb dude

  36. Magnus Danielsson

    Magnus Danielsson20 днів тому

    So beautiful and that voice. No more Pop only Rock music Miley

  37. Madison Support

    Madison Support21 день тому

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  38. Pamela Campani

    Pamela Campani21 день тому

    Miley Worshiping and Honoring at the Legendary Whisky a Go Go. Good Bless Rock and Roll !!!!

  39. Camilo Aguero

    Camilo Aguero22 дні тому

    Te amoo Miley❤👑

  40. Alex Smith

    Alex Smith23 дні тому

    DAMN! her voice is getting crisp

  41. Jordan Lee

    Jordan Lee23 дні тому

    Rokin the Charts Once again its MIley The Legend Cyrus

  42. MJ Smith

    MJ Smith23 дні тому

    I never get tired of this song

  43. renata benta coelho

    renata benta coelho24 дні тому

    Ela.podia cantar Tina Tunner

  44. Jason L Payne

    Jason L Payne24 дні тому

    As a "serious" music fan I feel like I shouldn't like this... but I do. Don't judge me because I don't owe ya nothin'. HA!

  45. Fabri P

    Fabri P25 днів тому

    The power of Miley!

  46. G Rodriguez

    G Rodriguez25 днів тому

    That energy was almost like a Chrissy from the Devinals performance

  47. linacyrus

    linacyrus25 днів тому

    her album Plastic Hearts just was released and already spent 3 weeks at #1 in rock albums charts on billboard!

  48. Galaxy Train

    Galaxy Train25 днів тому


  49. Andrew Zelasko

    Andrew Zelasko26 днів тому

    As tat ages itz antique white you know a crusty cream mmmm cream

  50. Günter M.

    Günter M.26 днів тому

    I see this for a while now. Venues begging for money. I realize it´s a hard time. but look on the bright side. You really think there will be no more live-music? Do you really think we will go down like this? After all of this is over someone is gonna grab some speakers from his basement, someone is gonna put up a bar and we will celebrate live again

  51. Günter M.

    Günter M.26 днів тому

    All grown up now. i love it

  52. Miguel Arévalo

    Miguel Arévalo27 днів тому

    Hola 😀😌😌💖💐🌸🌸👽👽👽👽👽👽😘🤗🤗🌺😘👽👽👽👽👽🌸🌸

  53. Patrick Thrasher

    Patrick Thrasher27 днів тому

    Ugh. 1.2M views, 5M goal, 1V = $5 and it'd be there. Glad there's some venue relief language in the new bill though (hope it sticks). Not sure who'd be getting the relief, but

  54. Willow Rodi

    Willow Rodi28 днів тому

    I fuckin love this woman! Fuck yes bringing the 80s rock back. Vocally scorching the place. Poor thing you can tell she was worn out by this song. She must have performed a few other songs before this because she’s not even going at her max potential. Still amazing as fuck.!

  55. Markus B.

    Markus B.29 днів тому

    I must admit, strong performance and good song. Her image as a vamp is good. Like this more than half naked on a wrecking ball... It is art, but the music must stay in the foreground. I think her voice is live. But the whole band is overdubbed later again by cutting the video to get a fat sound.

  56. Buk Hankie

    Buk HankieМісяць тому

    did not know christian bale played the guitar

  57. joaquim alves

    joaquim alvesМісяць тому

    deu show!

  58. Lxtta_ Love

    Lxtta_ LoveМісяць тому

    THE SYNTH PLZ !!!! Our queen's very fucking SOUL is sex

  59. thepalmify

    thepalmifyМісяць тому

    greetings from the netherlands, dear Miley. You are a diamond on top!

  60. Ale Gonzalez

    Ale GonzalezМісяць тому

    Awesome girl! !! Fit in perfect in Rock it!

  61. AA VFX

    AA VFXМісяць тому

    That's even better than the clip. You can see this song is very personal for her. Art/Life/Collide. Superb!

  62. Gym rat ! and rocker UK 86

    Gym rat ! and rocker UK 86Місяць тому

    Nice!!! 🎸🎸

  63. funk

    funkМісяць тому

    The bass sounds awesome! Does someone knows the name of the bassist?

  64. Omy Gerosa JustHen86

    Omy Gerosa JustHen86Місяць тому


  65. Oscar Torres

    Oscar TorresМісяць тому

    canta una d los plsmatics.creo q le das el tono.a plasmatics song next will b badass.

  66. Alex Baillie

    Alex BaillieМісяць тому

    I mostly listen to technical death metal, but Miley Cyrus is a superstar, that's for sure. Great song, and amazing performance, as always

  67. ЗемляПлоская КосмосаНет

    ЗемляПлоская КосмосаНетМісяць тому


  68. Juvenal Barria

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  69. ash

    ashМісяць тому

    best version

  70. Avery Bui

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  71. Rain Sullivan

    Rain SullivanМісяць тому

    i can't stop pressing replay, how long have i been here?

  72. BassBoXxXx

    BassBoXxXxМісяць тому

    U should join linkin park maybe perfekt new voice



    Love you baby...

  74. William Grant

    William GrantМісяць тому

    Am I the only one who thinks her voice is shot? Rasping and shouting is not singing. She needs treatment on the throat before it's to late.

  75. jesus bolivar

    jesus bolivarМісяць тому

    una con estilo Lady Gaga?

  76. jesus bolivar

    jesus bolivarМісяць тому

    Me encanta tu voz...

  77. Vinicius Solique

    Vinicius SoliqueМісяць тому


  78. Melania

    MelaniaМісяць тому

    how she looks hot in a mullet ?

  79. Mery Gomez Burgos

    Mery Gomez BurgosМісяць тому

    She is definitely the true rock GODDESS if our generation... Her voice is truly insane ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  80. PavillionPlaza 2009

    PavillionPlaza 2009Місяць тому

    LOVE YOU MileYY CyruS Yeah, it's been a long night, and the mirror's telling me to go To Sleep, see you for noW.

  81. junior Mallaba

    junior MallabaМісяць тому

    She is Rock Baby, beautiful girl! I love

  82. Dartell Omega

    Dartell OmegaМісяць тому

    I tell you this girl can do ANYTHING! She is so in tune with her inner performers voice--she knows instantly how to access it- every vehicle she chooses is SO RIGHT for her! Comes from her heart! Add her talent and you have an ICON!

  83. PavillionPlaza 2009

    PavillionPlaza 2009Місяць тому

    The sonG iS sOo gReaT-- The Midnight Sky is the Road I'm Taking

  84. Jennifer Martins

    Jennifer MartinsМісяць тому

    where is this version on spotify????????????? PLEASEEEEEEEE MILEY


    Carlos ANTONIO DA SILVAМісяць тому

    Miley promete essa cantora vai surpreender o mundo com sua voz linda

  86. Cesar Mejia

    Cesar MejiaМісяць тому

    I start to love her!

  87. Michael x

    Michael xМісяць тому

    Love this girl. I'm 63. Age may take my youth but it will never take my love of good music.

  88. Sorkar Asif Rahman

    Sorkar Asif RahmanМісяць тому


  89. Evelyn Cardenas

    Evelyn CardenasМісяць тому

    Aaah!! Great song! Miley ROCKS! Her album is right to be number ONE!!!!

  90. Grwnkd I

    Grwnkd IМісяць тому

    I need Miley and Tailor Momsen duo ASAP!

  91. mary freire mata

    mary freire mataМісяць тому

    She is the new Madonna

  92. Camille Elston

    Camille ElstonМісяць тому

    Can't stop listening to it over and over!

  93. Camille Elston

    Camille ElstonМісяць тому

    Absolutely wonderful!!!!

  94. Camille Elston

    Camille ElstonМісяць тому

    Wow... Miley... How much you have grown!!!! So impressed!!!

  95. Blair Lavoux

    Blair LavouxМісяць тому

    She's one of those artist with very recognizable voice. Plus her voice fits every genre, it's amazing.

  96. Raquel Viviane Mesquita

    Raquel Viviane MesquitaМісяць тому


  97. Eugenia Sanic

    Eugenia SanicМісяць тому

    Es una locura, me encanta

  98. Merlin Challenges Himself

    Merlin Challenges HimselfМісяць тому

    I want her to sing with jacoby shaddix so bad

  99. Fábio Souza

    Fábio SouzaМісяць тому

    I've heard it hundreds of times, I love this song, Miley is a wonderful artist

  100. Yunia Rosales

    Yunia RosalesМісяць тому

    i love how she always gives her heart in every performance, and she respects the audience by not lip-sync, and sounding even better than the recordings... she was proved her worth as an artist

  101. Lu1108 F

    Lu1108 FМісяць тому

    Iconic woman who actually found her genuine music genre 🤩

  102. DEA 5959

    DEA 5959Місяць тому

    The best in my heart 10:10 We Love Miley Cyrus ❤️🙈🤩💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  103. Ammar Malik

    Ammar MalikМісяць тому

    2020 belongs to her

  104. Robin Swallows

    Robin SwallowsМісяць тому

    Don't forget those 'la la la's'...make Stevie proud 👍

  105. lisa walsh

    lisa walshМісяць тому

    Iconic QUEEN! i am 51 years old and I've seen Miley grow since day one singing AND acting. And this BEAUTIFUL AND VERY TALENTED young lady can sing the heck outta any song. She will forever hold a special place in my heart❤❤keep up the GREAT work GORGEOUS😘