Miley Cyrus - Live from Whisky a Go Go - Zombie #SOSFEST


  1. b akle

    b akle23 хвилини тому

    This performance will always give me goosebumps ✨

  2. Luiz Meira Dos Santos Meira

    Luiz Meira Dos Santos Meira35 хвилин тому

    Caraca a Miley Cyrus vai resgatar o Rock! ?

  3. Sticks

    SticksГодину тому

    amazing performance..... delores is smiling in heaven!!!!!

  4. Michael Carolan

    Michael CarolanГодину тому

    Brilliant awesome , this singer is supreme , she nailed this one

  5. Isadora M

    Isadora MГодину тому


  6. HPLoveMalt

    HPLoveMalt2 години тому

    It's like if Stevie Nicks and Courtney Love had an irish child

  7. Joel Jeremy

    Joel Jeremy2 години тому

    This reminds me of the old days before 2010 when i was a young fella and knew almost norhing about this world

  8. alexboheme1986

    alexboheme19862 години тому


  9. Mal Leyland

    Mal Leyland2 години тому

    Immense performance ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Carolina Marques

    Carolina Marques2 години тому



    SARA ROSE3 години тому


  12. MyWayofEverything

    MyWayofEverything3 години тому

    Her voice is incredible and this song shows it off perfectly.

  13. Veronica Modón

    Veronica Modón3 години тому

    Miley Cyrus deja el pop y únete al rock, sos una crack en este genero.

  14. Urshita Kataria

    Urshita Kataria3 години тому

    Man I wish I could've seen this live 🎸💀😳😭

  15. Urshita Kataria

    Urshita Kataria3 години тому

    In my *opinion* it's better than the original

  16. Riwanki Wahlang

    Riwanki Wahlang4 години тому

    That voice though😱😱 and not to forget the guitarist😱😱

  17. Karla Daniela Paredes Mendiburo

    Karla Daniela Paredes Mendiburo4 години тому

    :') te amo

  18. Cynthia Vissani

    Cynthia Vissani5 годин тому

    que se hace la rockera esta sucia

  19. Caio

    Caio5 годин тому


  20. Daph

    Daph6 годин тому


  21. Кутагым сегэм

    Кутагым сегэм6 годин тому

    Эх кутагым хаманда кайтармайзар мы?

  22. krystal martinez

    krystal martinez7 годин тому

    She killed tht performance 💯

  23. casey

    casey8 годин тому

    that guitar solo gives me chillllllls

  24. Lilith

    Lilith8 годин тому

    what a fucking tribute!!! Bless those vocal cords

  25. keep dreamin

    keep dreamin10 годин тому

    so miley goes from pop singer 2 rock n roll star

  26. Ruby Jay

    Ruby Jay11 годин тому

    Thank you thank you thank you Miley. This one was one my Dads favourite songs. He committed suicide last year, and hearing this song really made me feel something for the first time in a long time. Thank you. FUCK YEAH MILEY!

  27. Yellow -

    Yellow -12 годин тому

    Her voice at a low register like this is incredible

  28. Pablo Diz

    Pablo Diz13 годин тому

    Brutal!!!! Brutal !!! I didn't expect it!

  29. JadeLiv

    JadeLiv13 годин тому

    THIS PERFORMANCE IS OUT OF THIS WORLD! I can't believe her talent! She is made for rock pop hip hop r&b soul ANYTHING ABSOLUTELY

  30. Pedro Guzmán

    Pedro Guzmán14 годин тому

    Jesus. This is life changing. I liked her before but now I can't stop listening to this. I hope she does a lot more rock songs.

  31. Emanuele Santoro

    Emanuele Santoro14 годин тому

    This Is Miley 💗

  32. Vanessa Panella

    Vanessa Panella15 годин тому

    Trovo questa esibizione , un vero spettacolo, una delle migliori interpretazioni di questa canzone.... wow

  33. toby miller

    toby miller15 годин тому

    Holy shit! This is amazing. Miley is straight up on fucking fire right now!!🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️

  34. mommy2.0 hville

    mommy2.0 hville15 годин тому

    RIP Dolores O'Riordan this was a beautiful rendition of your classic vocals by Miley !

  35. Renan Teixeira

    Renan Teixeira17 годин тому

    E quem diria q o PK é guitarrista da Miley

  36. Jesús Guillen

    Jesús Guillen18 годин тому

    Is macht better ... the besth .. i like ....

  37. Bobbie Angel Mendoza

    Bobbie Angel Mendoza18 годин тому

    Smiley 4 life... wild I'll never stop loving her

  38. God is Most High

    God is Most High19 годин тому

    Any recommendations on similar songs to the feel of this one? Thanks

  39. Brian McDonald

    Brian McDonald19 годин тому

    She was just going through a phase that every young adult goes through but she was a famous child more to live up to! A lot of stuff to work out internally but I like her renditions of the classics

  40. Marco Antonio González

    Marco Antonio González19 годин тому

    Good job Miley This is your style, your voice is fucking perfect for the rock!

  41. Allyson Atencio

    Allyson Atencio20 годин тому

    I love this woman. I feel so proud of calling her an inspiration since childhood till now and so on

  42. HollowKing1798

    HollowKing179821 годину тому

    It's Ashley O

  43. Núbia Souza

    Núbia Souza22 години тому

    Essa música na voz dela, ficou sensacional

  44. Ivy Neverly

    Ivy Neverly22 години тому

    she sings very well bro

  45. Margaret Massey

    Margaret Massey22 години тому

    wow....just WOW!!!!

  46. Joao Carlos Mariano

    Joao Carlos Mariano22 години тому


  47. Samantha Vianey Rivas Niebla

    Samantha Vianey Rivas Niebla22 години тому

    loving every Miley era

  48. Teresa Hernandez

    Teresa Hernandez22 години тому

    WTH 🤩

  49. Serkan

    Serkan23 години тому


  50. BVpinkninja

    BVpinkninja23 години тому

    is the gutiarist maluma? lol

  51. Serkan

    Serkan23 години тому


  52. Janice

    Janice23 години тому

    ive watched this way too many times

  53. Constance Terry

    Constance TerryДень тому

    Miley Cyrus is infinitely uncategorically indestructibly .....................totally the frickin' shht..................and unapologetically so. Slay on it work it!!!!!!!

  54. Asma Didi

    Asma DidiДень тому


  55. İdil Gök

    İdil GökДень тому


  56. İdil Gök

    İdil Gök14 годин тому

    @Beyond Abyss I know. They are in my Spotify playlist. I listen every day lol

  57. Beyond Abyss

    Beyond Abyss21 годину тому

    Check her new rock influenced album. It came out just a couple of days ago.

  58. BENJE B

    BENJE BДень тому


  59. emel karagozlu

    emel karagozluДень тому

    Miley please make a rock album!

  60. Beyond Abyss

    Beyond Abyss21 годину тому

    It just came out a couple of days back.

  61. Raul Wilson

    Raul Wilson22 години тому

    she already did it, stream plastic hearts

  62. Vlone

    VloneДень тому

    All these sped old heads in the comments nutting rn

  63. Steven Allen

    Steven AllenДень тому

    This is the sickest thing I've seen all year, totally fucking amazing!

  64. Vlone

    VloneДень тому

    Every Disney character goes ape shit and ends up bald

  65. D.arlene

    D.arleneДень тому

    Ella es como la version americana de Alejandra Guzman cuando canta canciones de rock! 😱 tiene voz muy bonita!!

  66. Karla Carrillo

    Karla Carrillo4 години тому

    Lo mismo pensé ♡

  67. Eduardo Piedras

    Eduardo PiedrasДень тому

    Gracias a pocos músicos tan buenos como tú, muchos que amamos el Rock tenemos una esperanza que el rock tiene salvación, eres maravillosa!

  68. PiKA

    PiKAДень тому

    I grew up with her i really proud were is she.She open the doors for others

  69. dimey

    dimeyДень тому

    A duo with Steven Tyler? Dream on?...

  70. Pabllo vittar quenga

    Pabllo vittar quengaДень тому

    Canta muitoooo

  71. Pabllo vittar quenga

    Pabllo vittar quengaДень тому

    Deusa maravilhosa

  72. Pabllo vittar quenga

    Pabllo vittar quengaДень тому

    Perfeição dona de mim

  73. Pabllo vittar quenga

    Pabllo vittar quengaДень тому

    Te amo

  74. Karen Hernandez Sulzer

    Karen Hernandez SulzerДень тому

    I just love her a lot for real! She is amazing!!!!!

  75. Santi Martos

    Santi MartosДень тому

    Can we keep rock miley 4ever? Thanks :3

  76. Danielle Doyle

    Danielle DoyleДень тому

    ❤️ 🇮🇪🍀

  77. luis rea acosta

    luis rea acostaДень тому

    Wooooow!! me gusta muchísimo su estilo rockero de los 80s, su voz rasposa, fuerte, entonada... es buenísima, hacia ya falta escuchar una interprete de buen calibre!!

  78. ―héctor ・ω・.

    ―héctor ・ω・.День тому

    i've seen this video so many times it's unhealthy

  79. ―héctor ・ω・.

    ―héctor ・ω・.День тому


  80. James Clark

    James ClarkДень тому

    Wow rockstart kills it xxx

  81. Angel Emelia

    Angel EmeliaДень тому

    The guitarist was just sick🔥🔥

  82. Andiara Rodrigues

    Andiara RodriguesДень тому

    Botou p Fuder SIM!

  83. Aneta Sz.

    Aneta Sz.День тому

    Amazing voices !

  84. Jules Løve

    Jules LøveДень тому

    No la merecemos

  85. Ibrahim Negm

    Ibrahim NegmДень тому

    I introduce you to Hanna Montana 😃

  86. Sha[Na]Leaaa

    Sha[Na]LeaaaДень тому

    I will never understand why she is so underrated.

  87. Karine Manuela Matos Alves

    Karine Manuela Matos AlvesДень тому


  88. Eileen Crowley

    Eileen CrowleyДень тому


  89. Me Em

    Me EmДень тому

    I bet Dolores O'Riordan i smiling down this is the best cover I heard Miley out there doing her thing

  90. Ulissa Cantu

    Ulissa CantuДень тому

    swearrrr she gives me chills 😩💛

  91. Saul Longoria

    Saul LongoriaДень тому

    I love. 🖤

  92. pwincess gigi

    pwincess gigiДень тому

    Miley should sing some good old rock n roll with Post Malone. I can already picture it, they have such good taste.

  93. Beyond Abyss

    Beyond Abyss21 годину тому

    Check out her new rock and roll album she released last Friday.

  94. Helen Chay

    Helen ChayДень тому


  95. Waxspinner X

    Waxspinner XДень тому

    R.I.P. Delores Your Wonderful Music Will Live On Forever, Thank You


    SALSA DEL ISTMOДень тому


  97. Moha

    MohaДень тому

    No I don’t thinks you understand I AM OBSESSED

  98. A J

    A JДень тому

    She utterly slays this.

  99. Fábio Filho

    Fábio FilhoДень тому


  100. Ana Carolina Sebba

    Ana Carolina SebbaДень тому

    It’s almost better than the original


    MARKY MARKДень тому

    What an amazing performance

  102. Archit Dutta

    Archit DuttaДень тому

    Name one genre Miley cannot RULE. I DARE YOU.

  103. Jack D

    Jack DДень тому


  104. Hags Hnld

    Hags HnldДень тому

    Imagine being there

  105. Zak T

    Zak TДень тому

    This is on her new rock album 'Plastic Hearts'. Hope everyone is checking it out. Insanely good and shows off her talent.

  106. Santi Martos

    Santi MartosДень тому

    nana (anime) vibes!!!