Millionaires vs Minimum Wage: Did You Earn Your Money?


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    I'm here for Graphan Stephen but I love everyone on this panel

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    Tim is a jackass

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    “I’ll die a d-cup”

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    Tierra seems like wifey material

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    If anyone could be a millionaire there would be much more of them ;)

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    Graham is a badass rich dude

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    I would of used this chance to make connections with the millionaires

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    Tim will most likely always stay in the same wage bracket

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    Is it really worth sacrificing everything in life just for money?

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    Bru Graham's brain when the qeustion are you afraid to spoil yourself is spending more than 20 cents on coffee spoiling myself i mean i mightve over poured the coffee powder a few times

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    Is it just me or does Christianna really look similar to Christina in Divergent?

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    Shaved Head Dood with the Beard: He is making the error of thinking that peoples current affairs are static or fixed and that they can't move up economically. Around the 7:30 mark he states that people who took a big risk and it failed are proof of systemic problems. I doubt that considering that failure is not final, defeat is not fatal.

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    According to Thomas J. Stanley's book, The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy, only 20% of millionaires inherited their riches. The other 80% are what you'd call nouveau riche: first-generation millionaires who earned their cash on their own. The U.S. leads the world in the number of millionaires. America has added 675,000 new millionaires over the past year, bringing its total to 18.6 million people. So that means there are 3,720,000 who inherited their wealth. 3.7 million, or just slightly more than the population of Toronto out of 331,071,877 or 331 million meaning that 1.1178% of Americans inherited their millions. Huh, American dream is indeed live and well.

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    I liked the answer of the guy who said “it’s our responsibility to be generous” he has been raised well.

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    so we not gonna talk abt how da girl lowkey looks like cardi b

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    4:38 Cardi C guys

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    Damn I relate so much to Christiana (yellow jacket) you can tell she’s really intelligent

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    Millionaires don't earn their money. Worker's earn their money by directly PRODUCING things of value to society. What really pisses me off are the youtube millionaires, who are basically "court-jesters" for us all to laugh at. They do NOT deserve it.

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    Graham: I want more money because psychology. Other Girl: I want more money to help family.

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    i think that it is our moral responsibility to give back to the less fortunate. I don't know much about Graham but seeing how he views money, it seems like he really tends to hoard as much as he can and it is sad that society thinks that should be okay. i understand that he earned it, but morally he should feel obligated to help the less fortunate and the fact that he doesn't is really annoying.

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    I think Tim has his heads in the clouds. Money will always determine possibilities and if it doesn't, then it holds no value.

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    Anyone else know Graham

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    yup hes awesome

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    It's never that simple though, they(millionaires) are talking with a bias because they've made it. The fact that they've succeeded doesn't mean that is all on them, circumstances matter, there is always a risk. You can't just simply say that if everyone worked harder they would be millionaires that's just so naive and the way they talk about it make it seems like being poor is a choice, which is a popular far right ideology. This thematology is actually a bit phillosophical, on one side the belief is that everyones life is just a consequence of their actions (most people with this ideology usually believe in god), the other belief is that just your own actions doesn't necesarilly dictate the way that your life goes and that luck plays an important role. Many people mistake the second belief as a way to say that you should not work hard and that's just a misinterpretation. You should always try your hardest but failing to achieve your goals is most of the time just a part of life and you should not be too hard on yourself and just keep trying for the best with what resources you have.

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    Big government kills millionaires numbers

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    Tim is a full fledged marxist and probably worships karl marx and Bernie Sanders

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    I work to survive

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    I m gonna spoil myself after I have enough money to do so and still have enough for later

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    Let’s admit, everyone came for Graham

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    I can’t stand anyone but Tierra. They are all blowhards.

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    Were you looking away whenever Graham was speaking?

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    rude much

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    I feel like no one pointed out the question was "CAN you become rich by hard work" not "WILL you become rich by hard work"

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    They did my boy Graham so dirty making him stand next to that 6'8 guy 😂😂

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    5:06 thats enough said. shows the difference in their mindsets

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    I LOVE Tierra’s voice it is soooo soothing

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    Bro I subscribe to graham on youtube

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    Pretty cool video. Its crazy how the millionaire people think from the minimum wage people. Not only do people need the education on how to create income but they also need the drive to want it. Most people don't have the education nor the drive.

  49. Mr. TWOTIMES

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    Self-made millionaires have the same mentality. Be prepared, trust yourself, and keep trying until it works out. Simple. The story of Alibaba's CEO or JK Rowling are good examples.

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    Probably the most civil one I’ve seen thus far

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    The bald guy seems like have a lot of excuses

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    My dad started a landscaping company 2 years after he cane here from Cuba... he worked from 6:30-8:00 everyday except Saturday... for 3 Years... Yes that’s the sacrifice you have to take to become successful. What benefits did he have ??? Not able to talk English, nor read or write bc he left school at 9 grade.. his parents died when he was 17, with 9 siblings to take care of ? Call that what luck

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    I’m very impressed with Tim. He’s eloquent, smart, respectful and... did he lie? NO. DID HE STUTTER?

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    Ofc Graham didn’t step forward for spoiling your self😂

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    A utopian society without money. Dream on hippie. The whole world would look like downtown LA. Without a scedule or the demand to work the whole world would become alcoholics sleeping till 3pm snorting thier lives away.

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    That big guy is giving me Wilson Fisk vibes

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    Capitalism is a disease and the people who do well within the system are addicts.

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    Stop blaming successful people for your own failures

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    tim should definitely move to china

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    2:54 Guy with no business attempts to lecture guy with highly successful business about business. Example of why guy with no business will never have a successful business.

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    8:23 her mic was going wild lol

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    Millionaires are so useless everybody hates them

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    No you're just envious of them

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    Most millionaires and billionaires who earned their money instead of inheriting it, or stealing it, worked smarter, not harder.

  65. Sleepy Sleepy

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    Life is so scary. Like I'm a teen and have no experience of the outside world bc of quarantine (and other things) and my parents have never taught me about credit and how to pay a bill. Honestly, my heartaches when I think of the future and how much I have to learn. This is very inspirational and gives me more of a clue to life, thank you💕

  66. Sleepy Sleepy

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    @CJ Gagner thx so much, have a good day and thx I feel more confident

  67. CJ Gagner

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    Stay positive! You don't have to learn it all at once. You'll pick things up and gain experience as you go. Assuming you have a good relationship with your parents, start by asking them about those things. Then go out and look things up on your own. There are a bunch of resources out there but avoid "get rich quick" schemes. I'd suggest looking into Dave Ramsey. He does a pretty good job of laying out the steps to building wealth. If you like what Graham Stephan had to say in this video, find his channel on UAreporter (same for Dave). It won't be easy but if you're a teen and already thinking about financial stability, you're already ahead of the game!

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    My father built his company without any investors and worked his ass off using the money he saved over years of fixing cars to build it up to start then made it into something great

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    Wait I need to know- who asked the millionaires for advice? Cause if you want more money- ask how the millionaire made theirs.

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    Not everyone can go into real estate that’s how we got 2008

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    Tom cruise

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    “Your gonna die from your implants!!!” “That’s what I wanted, I’ll die a D cup.” I’m dying omg 😂😂😂

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    How do you turn 1000 into being rich?

  74. Montrosesister12

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    Who cares about being rich. With a ton of money comes a lot of issues. I work. I'm not hungry, I have a roof over my head next to really great neighbors, if I want something and if I don't have it I set it as a goal and get it.

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    I would buy “die a D cup” merch

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    lol The amount of capitalism apologia in the comments and these "self-made" millionaires is just astoundingly nearsighted to me.

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    How do I get middle ground on my college campus? the link is not working

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    Graham for the win

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    There’s a Tom Cruise doppelgänger in this video, anyone else kinda see it too?

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    Difference between them are,minimum wage think working hard gets you somewhere,while the Millionaires know its about working smart(and hard for some of them,but mostly smart)

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    It’s funny a lot of entrepreneurs and celebrities that were successful didn’t have good grades in school

  82. David Edwin

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    I think it's because school doesn't teach all the skills it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. It teaches a lot of conformity and group think as well as the basic foundational subjects. The entrepreneurs I know have a fearlessness about them that you won't find in your average nine-to-fiver.

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    when the millionaire girl (sorry, i forgot her name...) said " I bought a $4000 hairless cat" I can only IMAGINE Graham screaming "FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS ON A CAT?! I GOT MINE FOR FREE" or something like that lololol. I had this video recommended to me because I am a fan of Grahams youtube videos

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    Graham with his 20¢ Iced latte coffees and Credit card advice videos Lol love his Videos and advice

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    aka hard workers vs. people who brushed school off

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    bald guy has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. And I love Tierra!

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    Need minimum wage from the third world vs millionaires from the first world. "Just work hard, brah"

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    Lol Graham always being Graham

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    "I'll die a D cup" had me rolling xD

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    Don’t forget white privileged people

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    Like Tim or not but his point on the contributions of systematic oppression plays a huge role

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    One of the best debates were everyone listened and respected everyone else’s opinions and views.

  93. The empty Nothing

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    Minimum wages vs millionares Starring: the vanoss crew as the minimum wage workers. Faze clan as millionares.

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    am i the only one that thinks she kinda look like cardi b

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    8:22 whos breathing into the mic?

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    Or crying