MINO - ‘도망가 (Run away)’ M/V


  1. María Fernanda Serrano Aguilar

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  2. Alnaxjww M

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    Minoooo! We love u dear

  3. Marj Ilao

    Marj IlaoГодину тому

    I love this man

  4. ᴀʀᴍʏʙʟɪɴᴋ

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  5. 키키

    키키Годину тому

    노래 개조은데

  6. Yana Giselle

    Yana Giselle2 години тому

    Only Mino can pull this off, especially at 2:02

  7. Nancy Friskauli

    Nancy Friskauli4 години тому

    SOOO good

  8. xxxibgdrgn

    xxxibgdrgn4 години тому

    Mino ❤️🔥

  9. Potatofangirl

    Potatofangirl5 годин тому

    Still a masterpiece

  10. Thrynx

    Thrynx8 годин тому

    I came back here once in a while because I needed to hear this masterpiece again.

  11. Arsy Alya Hamdani Putri-004

    Arsy Alya Hamdani Putri-0049 годин тому

    I like the fact that i literally search for this song :")

  12. Necla Ülkü

    Necla Ülkü10 годин тому

    We love you:D

  13. Susie X

    Susie X10 годин тому

    People in my building are gonna eventually be upset that I play Mino every morning at full volume and you know what? I dont care. 😇 So addictive. 😊

  14. Aima Syuhada

    Aima Syuhada12 годин тому

    7 048 883

  15. ggomo bebe

    ggomo bebe12 годин тому

    this song needs 100m

  16. Caramel Kid

    Caramel Kid12 годин тому

    " Run away before i catch you "

  17. oso belles1

    oso belles112 годин тому

    Thursday $tr3@m


    IGOT7SUNSHINES13 годин тому

    Mino!!!! >< ♡♡

  19. b ee

    b ee13 годин тому

    아니 누가 자꾸 '송민호 도망쳐'라 검색하는데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  20. Winner Circle

    Winner Circle14 годин тому


  21. Aple Degracia

    Aple Degracia15 годин тому

    As in!!! The yt views got only 7M? Are they sleeping to this kind of talent and mesterpiece? Aggghh!!.

  22. Nurul Khotimah

    Nurul Khotimah15 годин тому

    Lagu bagus emang masi banyak yg masih underrate, sekarang siapa yg paling kuat fandomnya yg menang

  23. 丹音

    丹音16 годин тому

    Yg rapper always something else tho 😢😢❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. Blue iris

    Blue iris16 годин тому

    Aku harus adil sama dua pacar ku bang mino dan mas bobby

  25. nani?4 mnbn

    nani?4 mnbn16 годин тому

    Jgn bilang gue doang yang kesini buat selingan streaming MV BOBBY wehh #YGSTAN

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    Kamu tidak sendiri

  27. Blue iris

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    Tenang kamu tidak sendiri

  28. Tasya Diandra

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    Gatau sih ada yg pake ini as selingan apa ga, cuma kalo ketemu aku hai aku pacar junkyu

  29. Chesya Eky

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    aku pacar bobby

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    @Tan RubyLight dih nyebelin

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    Keep str3aming

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    love u

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    Fighting minooooo~~~

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    진짜 와이지 일 안한다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이 띵곡을 이렇게 보낸다고 ? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그나마 민호가 홍보 좀 해서 알게된거지 ㄹㅇ 뭐하냐

  38. kricha

    kricha20 годин тому

    Artist SONG MINO 💙

  39. Dhem De Mesa

    Dhem De Mesa22 години тому

    It’s been months already but my mind is still singing domangga ga ga ga ga gagagaga domangga

  40. ai koi

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    Tuyệt vời

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    Estoy Domanga gagagaga 24/7.

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    Mampir bang

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    Silahkan dik

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    Mampir lagi bang

  49. Pean Wei

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    This is what we called a masterpiece !!!

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  51. Nía Astankova

    Nía AstankovaДень тому

    Look at the views bruh .. I just don't get it, this is a work of art.

  52. aerizen l

    aerizen lДень тому

    Kajja 8M

  53. Ibhinqa Elihle

    Ibhinqa ElihleДень тому

    I accidentally found a masterpiece. I immediately became a fan of Mino. WOW

  54. Aishat Bello

    Aishat BelloДень тому

    He’s an artist! ✨

  55. chooi chooi

    chooi chooiДень тому

    want me to tell you something? I watch this MV and listen to it every day and never get bored. and in fact I like it even more! Sometimes I see people's reactions to the runaway and everybody says this is really ART. how should I put it? I AM SO PROUD AND LOVE MINO. THIS IS AN EMOTIONAL SONG WITH A VERY ARISTY MV 🔥 this song..this album..and this MV is worth more than 1 billion viewers 💓

  56. wa yo

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    let's go 8m guys!! keep streaming

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    썸내일 개역동적이다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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    7.025.437 515k 3.1k 34k 3.54M 02 08 27january 2021

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    YOUNG HEEДень тому

    mino cuteeeee

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    랩 미쳤네

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    Love mino

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    ga ga ga gagagagagagaggag

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    Drop here to support treasure's sunbaenim. Good job and good luck mino

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    와이지 진짜 일하자 아티스트만 일하면 뭐해 홍보를 안해주는데ㅠㅠ 속상해 주거ㅠㅠ

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    공감ㅠㅠ 도망가 뮵 보러 올 때마다 눈물 맺힘

  75. Julia Gonzaga

    Julia GonzagaДень тому

    Saw a TREASURE clip showing Haruto, Yoshi, and Hyunsuk's reactions while watching/listening to a certain "Do Mang Ga" song. Their reactions were so awesome that I had to search for the song like crazy! No wonder they reacted that way. This one is a masterpiece! My soon to be sister-in-law is a fan of Winner, btw, and she said Mino rocks! Cool!!!!!

  76. Faye florentino

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  77. sherlly nanda

    sherlly nandaДень тому

    I love him sooo much. Why he's so talented and me just a poor T T

  78. Vivian Trejo

    Vivian TrejoДень тому

    Aku akan sering berkunjung,setelah ke treasure Bobby dan akmu aku kesini

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    7 013 044

  81. Andy blink

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    Hopefully yoony's comeback next we are waiting for too long already but I know YG has better plans❤ hopefully💚

  82. Andy blink

    Andy blinkДень тому

    People where na you?

  83. Andy blink

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    Kaloka guys..... Stream anyone?

  84. Catherine Oserre

    Catherine OserreДень тому

    This song reminds me of Winner's Remember

  85. My Home

    My HomeДень тому

    I love the song so much And i love you mino 💓💓

  86. Aima Syuhada

    Aima SyuhadaДень тому

    breakup is romance love is runaway

  87. Citraaa3

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    Mampir lagi bang

  88. look peach

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    Love​ you

  89. cinnamon apple

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    His best song so far❤️❤️

  90. burn bom

    burn bomДень тому

    Who is the girl at 1.43 ?

  91. Aima Syuhada

    Aima SyuhadaДень тому

    his dancer

  92. Bunda Wawan IV

    Bunda Wawan IVДень тому

    song min song min hooo

  93. Yuliani Ani

    Yuliani AniДень тому

    Mantull rap nya

  94. W J

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    첫장면 영화 같당.....머시써...👍

  95. fai inseo

    fai inseoДень тому

    thank you mino

  96. fatkhiyah nur

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    The MV..... WOW, YG CGI

  97. Aima Syuhada

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  98. Vivian Trejo

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    I'm here

  99. lino lino

    lino lino2 дні тому

    im so sad, how is this song so underrated.

  100. lvnjrme lvnjrme

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    MV views yes....

  101. swe o

    swe o2 дні тому

    도망가 가가가가

  102. M'osechill M

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    Song Mino smooth rap style Song Mino smooth lyrics wise Song Mino smooth MV genius style Song Mino smooth emotion shows Song Mino smooth fashion style Song Mino smooth all-rounder genius coolest ARTIST. Song Mino smooth uniquely made only for INNERCIRCLEs ! Hey, you did great Mino! :)

  103. jiunch yvone

    jiunch yvone2 дні тому

    Sekarang kok lagu solo artis YG yang MV nya kayak film pasti ada tulisan "YG entertainment present" mantapp

  104. Gee A.

    Gee A.2 дні тому

    Let's all take the time to appreciate how this is such a well-made MV 👏🏼

  105. Gee A.

    Gee A.2 дні тому

    1:18 this part is in normal playback speed, not 1.75x or 2.0x 🔥

  106. Juannita Lidya

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  107. R R

    R R2 дні тому

    Still slaps the hardest

  108. Han

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    Mino deserve better

  109. Debonaire Pan

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    Just coming back here to listen to art

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    Fighting 8m

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