Mulatto - Muwop (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane


  1. Bama

    Bama38 хвилин тому

    That butt must be Nasty ! GROSS

  2. JJ Wil

    JJ WilГодину тому

    This is way better than WAP

  3. Lontell West

    Lontell WestГодину тому

    The GOAT

  4. Justin Redmond

    Justin Redmond2 години тому

    She stole it frome melly

  5. anonymous name

    anonymous name3 години тому

    I'm so excited to see her rise!

  6. Jamari P

    Jamari P4 години тому

    Shi im here from snap. I got sick uh lookin at dem mfin aids.....

  7. Maria Santos

    Maria Santos4 години тому


  8. Jay Thomas

    Jay Thomas5 годин тому

    This song so PHUCKing Cold!!! I don’t know what to do lol

  9. zouhra boubou

    zouhra boubou5 годин тому


  10. Nation Natural literature

    Nation Natural literature6 годин тому

    💪🏻 💪🏼 💪🏽 💪🏾 💪🏿 FL€XIBILIT¥

  11. Alizwa Mani

    Alizwa Mani7 годин тому

    ppl always wana jump to calling ppl plastic when she couldve just gained some weight since she was on that rap game show as a teenager , nothing is excessive enough in her looks to just assume that she got a ton of plastic surgery, this look could be achieved by just gaining weight.

  12. A Coleman

    A Coleman7 годин тому

    Gucci 💕💕💕

  13. Ray Warren

    Ray Warren7 годин тому

    The intro had the worse actors 😂 "mommy, mommy, mommy wake up! Gucci gf is here & boy is she freaky!" Like wtf they should've just cut that part out

  14. Jakeyla Lynch

    Jakeyla Lynch8 годин тому

    Can someone tell me what does muwop means ? 😭

  15. Jordan Bravo

    Jordan Bravo8 годин тому

    Only real ones remember the original Gucci mane song!

  16. Chelsea Sims

    Chelsea Sims8 годин тому


  17. Andrea Aikens

    Andrea Aikens8 годин тому

    Her look favors trina or is it jus me

  18. William Hoffman

    William Hoffman8 годин тому

    If you believe in the lord Jesus Christ like this comment 🙏 for the world 🌎

  19. Street Disciple

    Street Disciple9 годин тому

    We needa Latto and J.I. feature ASAP

  20. Ahmed Bakeir

    Ahmed Bakeir9 годин тому

    ربان يجدكم

  21. Quiny Wilson-Hernandez

    Quiny Wilson-Hernandez10 годин тому

    Her mom watching this: u didn’t get shot from me

  22. All finnish

    All finnish10 годин тому

    This shit thump latto 😍

  23. Fisher Amen

    Fisher Amen10 годин тому

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  24. Stacy Daley

    Stacy Daley10 годин тому

    Love the girls in this video black cuties for sure. Love it 😍

  25. BGBang Gang

    BGBang Gang11 годин тому

  26. Shavonta Cortijo

    Shavonta Cortijo11 годин тому

    I don’t like it but it’s good she got on her own 🤷🏾‍♀️

  27. mercedes cash

    mercedes cash11 годин тому

    I’m fuckin wit big lotto lol

  28. The girls Are upset

    The girls Are upset11 годин тому

    It’s the name.

  29. *** OutSpoken ***

    *** OutSpoken ***11 годин тому

    Yeah she cool!!!! 👍 👋👋👋

  30. Daniel Hernandez

    Daniel Hernandez12 годин тому

    Who else here from the xxl list bc they don’t know who she is💀

  31. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov12 годин тому

    It’s the justice for Breonna Taylor at the end for me ❤️ yess latto do yo thanggg

  32. HeavyDirtyNiners

    HeavyDirtyNiners12 годин тому

    song's trash

  33. Coolman Coolman

    Coolman Coolman12 годин тому

    #BoycottMarriage #avoidsinglemothers


    MISSBRITNEY033112 годин тому

    Keep thinking the back ground girl is Kelly Rowland

  35. MzCapricorn83♑

    MzCapricorn83♑12 годин тому

    This my shit 🤟🏾😜👑🎶

  36. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov12 годин тому

    Rap has died man

  37. Marco Boomin

    Marco Boomin13 годин тому

    I fs got old gucci vibes



    ❤️ Dear stranger whoever reads this: may You and your parents live over 100 years ❤️

  39. amber addison

    amber addison13 годин тому

    The girl from nellys hot in here video is in here🤩 wow

  40. nicole marshall

    nicole marshall13 годин тому

    Cant lie i do like the song lol but its weird seein and hearin her like this cuz i was introduced to her from the rap game ... lmfao i guess its safe to say her daddy aint her manager no more

  41. Jammal Austin

    Jammal Austin13 годин тому

    Nice baby

  42. Kwesi Paul

    Kwesi Paul14 годин тому

    Full effect Gucci Full effect

  43. Virat Sharma

    Virat Sharma14 годин тому

    Alone, By herself she built the kingdom that she wanted. 💥👌🏻👍🏻

  44. drako is comp

    drako is comp15 годин тому

    And then she look white then black I'm so confused

  45. drako is comp

    drako is comp15 годин тому

    Who realized she saying the n word

  46. no mon

    no mon7 годин тому

    She lightskin

  47. Yo Yo

    Yo Yo15 годин тому

    This slapped! 🔥🔥🔥

  48. Zacharyq Jordan

    Zacharyq Jordan15 годин тому

    Lol just cause u have fake looks doesn’t make u a good rap no one is going to even give u 1 m do you even listen to ur on songs 🗑🗑🗑🗑 thank god for Gucci

  49. Tyrone Perry

    Tyrone Perry15 годин тому

    Issa hit

  50. Sherry George

    Sherry George16 годин тому

    I like it ❤️🙏

  51. ForeverZoeful

    ForeverZoeful16 годин тому

    Rap has died man

  52. aliza goehner

    aliza goehner16 годин тому

    1:49 squat-twerking on a swivel chair in 5 inch heels. Dis bishhhhh 😍

  53. Lydia Ettienne

    Lydia Ettienne16 годин тому

    ALL the women in this video are BEAUTIFUL! Love to see it.

  54. nena R

    nena R16 годин тому

    Breonna Taylor that part♥️ #justice4Breonna

  55. Harlem Layton

    Harlem Layton17 годин тому

    Do you care about your fans

  56. Franz Biscuit

    Franz Biscuit17 годин тому

    Wow. Music these days really does suck.

  57. Tea All Shade badxh0mied

    Tea All Shade badxh0mied17 годин тому

    Yass justice for bree🙌🏾

  58. Terance Morrison

    Terance Morrison17 годин тому

    Its the big ole smile on gucci face for me

  59. Joker

    Joker17 годин тому

    We need an all girl rap album

  60. Kreased Kicks

    Kreased Kicks17 годин тому

    Ngl I like how she different from Megan, Cardi, and nicki The flow is something else man😂

  61. 3k subscribers without posting videos challenge

    3k subscribers without posting videos challenge18 годин тому

    She’s so underrated

  62. Allen Fitch

    Allen Fitch18 годин тому

    Gucci made this song great 🤩

  63. Angel Guerra

    Angel Guerra18 годин тому

    Gucci's your favorite well why didn't you wait for him

  64. Dakota

    Dakota19 годин тому

    Supa Peach and Young Lyric punching the air right now cause she made XXL

  65. inessosa

    inessosa19 годин тому

    I loved the beat on Gucci verse😍


    SWETA AGARWAL19 годин тому My god she z just love.. cuteness overloaded 🥺🤭🤫🙈🥰

  67. Gerda's Makeup Corner

    Gerda's Makeup Corner20 годин тому

    She looks like real life Bratz doll! 😍

  68. sarah k

    sarah k20 годин тому

    hi guys, I made a new singing account can you please support me and check it out ;)

  69. Deshann Robinson

    Deshann Robinson20 годин тому

    Guwop snapped once again

  70. Mike Little

    Mike Little20 годин тому

    I feel sorry for the younger generation all they have a ho's and thugs who don't know nothing encouraging them to be stupid

  71. K.W.

    K.W.20 годин тому

    We'll be fine

  72. NothinPodcast

    NothinPodcast20 годин тому

    im just gonna say they spending all that money pushing WAP when this song is way harder. Like sheesh

  73. Venisha Charlemagne

    Venisha Charlemagne21 годину тому

    Justice for Mrs breonna taylor god rest her soul rip

  74. Md yeasin

    Md yeasin21 годину тому My god she z just love.. cuteness overloaded 🥺🤭🤫🙈🥰


    ASHISH ARORA22 години тому Angels still exist🤫🤫

  76. Kyle McMahon

    Kyle McMahon22 години тому

    What beat is this again?

  77. Symmariposa

    Symmariposa23 години тому

    Damn Alyssa went hard..

  78. Litluck Trees

    Litluck Trees23 години тому

    Gucci came out fresh

  79. \[Y]/ Praise the sun

    \[Y]/ Praise the sun23 години тому

    Kids too young in the comment sections to know how bad of a song this really is. Freaky girl by gucci was a bop and this is a female empowering bop.

  80. Love Angel87

    Love Angel8723 години тому

    I would like to hear a collab with City Girls 🔥

  81. man lust

    man lust23 години тому

    hey found this guy on the youtube net. take a little time to listen. here's the playlist : . Big Lato Style!

  82. picledgolf

    picledgolfДень тому

    all I can see is pewdiepie nails and bathing suit

  83. Terri SG

    Terri SGДень тому

    I knew the beat sounded familiar this is the Outro and or intro beats from the Carter four Lil Wayne. Is the track on his album that he’s not rapping on. Straight gold LOL

  84. Анзор Арбузов

    Анзор АрбузовДень тому

    Заебись вроде

  85. XE Media TV

    XE Media TVДень тому

  86. Meshawnya

    MeshawnyaДень тому


  87. Ali Muhamad

    Ali MuhamadДень тому


  88. Steven Stahl

    Steven StahlДень тому

    Ohio sends it's respect to you

  89. Steven Stahl

    Steven StahlДень тому

    Beats are on 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  90. I’m just Stezzo

    I’m just StezzoДень тому

    Coming from xxl who tf is you

  91. Sapphire Gibson

    Sapphire GibsonДень тому

    I love the vibrant colors in this video it’s so aesthetically pleasing😍also the many shades and skin tones I’m seeing✨😌makes me so happy

  92. official Chardonnay

    official ChardonnayДень тому

    I bet some of the first season rap game contestants are mad right now💯💯 .

  93. Celina W

    Celina WДень тому

    The juul clip got me canceling

  94. King_Jay Bae

    King_Jay BaeДень тому

    She started off fire

  95. LiL BLEACH #1

    LiL BLEACH #1День тому

    7million simps wazzupp

  96. My life As lexii

    My life As lexiiДень тому

    wait cause what we not gonna do is dedicate this to breonna taylor ??? like is the money going toward her family or sumn cause ion get it period ?


    THICC VODKAДень тому

    *Clothes sponsored by Pewdiepie's Gaming Chair*

  98. Aidan McNamara

    Aidan McNamaraДень тому

    Wow a female rapper that doesnt make me want to rip my ears off

  99. Mia Klen

    Mia KlenДень тому

    This the same beat as lifted freestyle by young nation

  100. Taylor Golson

    Taylor GolsonДень тому

    ya"ll freaks hahahahahaha

  101. Gbred_Aries

    Gbred_AriesДень тому

    She went stupid with this one! This shit ride maddddd fucking hard!

  102. Chelcea Jackson

    Chelcea JacksonДень тому

    I think you have become more than any could have done! Sometimes nothing really comes out of some reality shows. I could tell you loved it and we're really fucking good. I don't hear much bout foxxy! Loved her

  103. Nina 13

    Nina 13День тому