[MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - 마리아 (Maria)


  1. Geral Bravo Cerna

    Geral Bravo Cerna6 годин тому


  2. Speechless

    Speechless6 годин тому

    She was born to star

  3. elena

    elena6 годин тому


  4. Speechless

    Speechless6 годин тому

    10 Million congrats Hyejinie 👏❤

  5. José Juan R

    José Juan R6 годин тому

    10 M 🎉🎉

  6. José Juan R

    José Juan R6 годин тому

    10 M 🎉🎉

  7. Jiminie Oppar

    Jiminie Oppar6 годин тому

    At this point Hwasa has me whipped

  8. Dark Multi

    Dark Multi6 годин тому

    Burası Türklerin mekanı artık hadi naşlayın

  9. Jack Hammer

    Jack Hammer6 годин тому

    ❤️QUEEN👑 👑President Hwa Sa❤️

  10. Kamui V

    Kamui V7 годин тому

    İ love u my Queen👑

  11. ميمو فايرس

    ميمو فايرس7 годин тому

    My name is Maria

  12. Li Shu M.

    Li Shu M.7 годин тому

    Omg, there are so many things that could have so many meanings, like the outfits, the hair colors, the scissors, the water, the angles... I would never stop talking about the theories. I mean, this song has such depth... I sincerely feel bad for those who don't appreciate Hwasa.

  13. Camile Seokjin

    Camile Seokjin7 годин тому

    Diva♡ Linda ☆

  14. مياده جديد

    مياده جديد7 годин тому

    شو بحبااااا 💃🏼❤😍😍😍😍

  15. HippityHoppity I’mTooPoorToOwnAnyProperty

    HippityHoppity I’mTooPoorToOwnAnyProperty7 годин тому

    A bop as always, but I really shouldn’t have watched the first part while eating

  16. Yuii- chan

    Yuii- chan7 годин тому

    Hwasa é a mulher mais maravilhosa do k pop e ninguém vai mudar minha opinião!

  17. Duckydud

    Duckydud7 годин тому

    i bet loco in the army right now missing hwasa (just a random thought I wanted to mention)

  18. Cindi Hendi

    Cindi Hendi7 годин тому

    Those ppl at the beginning were eating necklace supplies ._.

  19. Meel Velazquez

    Meel Velazquez7 годин тому

    Esta canción de mi cabeza..ella es perfecta 😍

  20. darck love

    darck love7 годин тому

    Beautiful Queen

  21. Диана Балабекова

    Диана Балабекова7 годин тому


  22. Leasagna

    Leasagna7 годин тому

    This is why im a lesbian

  23. Mini Ryou

    Mini Ryou7 годин тому

    I love how she include tattoos and set her own beauty trends

  24. This is not ice cream, This is butter

    This is not ice cream, This is butter7 годин тому

    Hwasa doesn't have to reach the standards, she is so above them, standards try to reach her

  25. • Bunnymitts •

    • Bunnymitts •7 годин тому

    The amount of times I've listened to this song ... it's an addiction

  26. Moonlight _Rukka

    Moonlight _Rukka7 годин тому

    I just got a blackpink music video advert on this music video...but overall, I love the song 😭 💕

  27. Laziest Procrastinator

    Laziest Procrastinator7 годин тому


  28. Sarbast ahmed

    Sarbast ahmed7 годин тому

    سرانغهي 🥺💜🇮🇶

  29. Angee Gomez

    Angee Gomez7 годин тому

    Voy a fingir que nunca me hizo recordar a una canción de Redimi2 porque me encanta mamamoo....quede en shock cuando se saco la campera

  30. maiana lopes

    maiana lopes7 годин тому

    What a wonderful woman! I love Hwa Sa, strong, unpredictable, sensual. I loved the song, M / V. Maria is already on my playlist 😉

  31. Na Da

    Na Da7 годин тому

    All the dislikes are the people who weren’t at the dinner 😤

  32. Eda Karadağ

    Eda Karadağ7 годин тому

    Çok iyi şarkı beee (This song is adorable)

  33. Sahhil Chhetri

    Sahhil Chhetri7 годин тому

    10 millions views congrats babe

  34. EURIKA

    EURIKA7 годин тому


  35. Im that girl girl girl that loves kpop

    Im that girl girl girl that loves kpop7 годин тому

    *is it possible to be jealous of a the camera videotaping this*

  36. Rayson H

    Rayson H7 годин тому

    The only disappoint is there is no captions like seriously 🙄

  37. Laziest Procrastinator

    Laziest Procrastinator7 годин тому

    they didn't accept the subs

  38. Laziest Procrastinator

    Laziest Procrastinator7 годин тому

    i hate rbw

  39. mobi bn

    mobi bn7 годин тому

    Maria don't be sad . im here for you

  40. Catii Camino

    Catii Camino7 годин тому

    혜진이가 많은 노력과 사랑으로하는 모든 것... 이 여자는 내 마음을 아주 잘해

  41. medali arhzheuhekehejeiyefaoui

    medali arhzheuhekehejeiyefaoui7 годин тому

    My name is maria Aaaaaah hwasa You are queen I love you💜

  42. mobi bn

    mobi bn7 годин тому

    Every time i see this mv : sjjskskjdjdjdjjdjdjjdjdjd hwasa is real queen

  43. Elvina Mate

    Elvina Mate7 годин тому

    Korean version of RIHANNA 💙🔥🔥💚

  44. Seher ÖZDEMiR

    Seher ÖZDEMiR7 годин тому

    Queen you don't need a milk bath

  45. Heliene Ribeiro

    Heliene Ribeiro7 годин тому

    Amei cara muito lindo esse clip, a música então, tudo de bom.. perfeito a altura da hwasa ela meres

  46. Music Music

    Music Music7 годин тому

    Eu sou Maria hehehe... Quem aí tbm se chama Maria?

  47. NailaM

    NailaM7 годин тому

    Mamamoo is so fucking underrated and it pisses me off so much like-

  48. Laziest Procrastinator

    Laziest Procrastinator7 годин тому


  49. Blear K

    Blear K7 годин тому

    OMG, Hwa Sa is soo beautiful and amazing! I REALLY LOVE IT 💕💕💕

  50. Palak Varyani

    Palak Varyani7 годин тому

    My fav female artist 😍 i stan a queen😍

  51. Seher ÖZDEMiR

    Seher ÖZDEMiR7 годин тому

    100 bin yorum olsun şu yaa

  52. Sun flower

    Sun flower7 годин тому

    Congrats queen on 10Mil in 6days!!

  53. Mohamed Mousa

    Mohamed Mousa7 годин тому

    HWASA queen

  54. Shwe Zi

    Shwe Zi8 годин тому

    U betterrr win the Awardddd 🥇❤️❤️❤️

  55. Shwe Zi

    Shwe Zi8 годин тому

    I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu❤️

  56. Shwe Zi

    Shwe Zi8 годин тому

    Gooooooo Hwasaaaaaa

  57. Yeon Kaii

    Yeon Kaii8 годин тому

    Tbh you can tell that they made them shave their armpits is they didn't already XD

  58. So Happy

    So Happy8 годин тому

    Congratulations Queen 10M Go to 20M.. Momoo Fighting..

  59. バカNobody

    バカNobody8 годин тому

    *10M I’M SO HAPPY FOR HER !!!*

  60. joel rabin

    joel rabin8 годин тому

    To RBW : Our Queen Hwasa is well known among international fans so it’s time to hire an interpreter for subtitle purposes.. RBW, it’s time to be serious now

  61. SNSD my first love

    SNSD my first love8 годин тому

    Love you babyyyyy girl , I am obsessed with maria

  62. Min Yoonre. 민 윤레

    Min Yoonre. 민 윤레8 годин тому

    Our gurll really slayed this yowww, new Mamamo fan here😌💕✌🏻

  63. Don't Care About Lyrics

    Don't Care About Lyrics8 годин тому

    Everyone says that JK is a golden maknae But what about Hwasa 👸👸👸👸

  64. badbaby jimni

    badbaby jimni8 годин тому

    Cidden çok iyi bu kadın daha iyilerini hak ediyor.

  65. izcoffeemilk

    izcoffeemilk8 годин тому

    First MV that passed the views of it's 1theK version

  66. Christian Kamsu

    Christian Kamsu8 годин тому

    10M! YEAHHH

  67. 김소영

    김소영8 годин тому

    막컷 넘 귀엽잖아ㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  68. Seher ÖZDEMiR

    Seher ÖZDEMiR8 годин тому

    OMG 10 million!!!!!!!!!

  69. immeliiieu

    immeliiieu8 годин тому


  70. Natália santos Silva

    Natália santos Silva8 годин тому

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 eu amei muito bom 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  71. alexandra _

    alexandra _8 годин тому

    10 MILLIONNN~~~~~

  72. Shaiane Farias Durval

    Shaiane Farias Durval8 годин тому


  73. Katherine Ramirez

    Katherine Ramirez8 годин тому

    The people who gave you dislike, everything okay at home? All because it does not meet its stereotypes MARIA , HWASA , HYEJIN = QUEEN

  74. Ana Farisi

    Ana Farisi8 годин тому

    Por cierto, ¿alguien ha notado de que antes del lanzamiento de "María" el canal tenía 3,53 M de suscriptores? Y ahora tiene casi 3,7 M

  75. Ana Farisi

    Ana Farisi8 годин тому

    Esta mujer es ARTE y quien diga lo contrario es un ciego ignorante

  76. •K-pop__fan girl•

    •K-pop__fan girl•8 годин тому

    I'm so lucky bzc i know mamamoo and their songs i fell bad about ppl who dont know mamamoo


    ANAMIKA RAHMAN8 годин тому

    Maria.... My girl crush....😍

  78. Sahra Kaya

    Sahra Kaya8 годин тому

    Ahhh Ahhhh Mariaaaa -TURKISH MOOMOO

  79. Rey Romero

    Rey Romero8 годин тому

    Why are the guys so yummy and hot!!!!!

  80. Laziest Procrastinator

    Laziest Procrastinator7 годин тому

    idk im a lesbian

  81. Bogdan Di

    Bogdan Di8 годин тому

    Оу, я одна здесь слышу нотки Донхана Good night kiss? Это странно

  82. fred bravo

    fred bravo8 годин тому

    2:43 - 3:02 😍😍😍

  83. Paolo Perez

    Paolo Perez8 годин тому


  84. Stay Bang CHAN

    Stay Bang CHAN8 годин тому

    I discovered this song by chance while waiting for my faves in music show. and now this song is on repeat

  85. jungkook noona

    jungkook noona8 годин тому

    She may not be the prettiest but what I like about her is that she is just being her. She is so natural. She is genuine. And that is " real beauty". Arrrgh. Go get it girl. Love yah.