My Crush Didn’t Kiss Me Back


  1. Kannon Norton

    Kannon Norton7 годин тому

    my first kiss was when I was 8

  2. Josie Authers

    Josie Authers9 годин тому

    Major oof. Just... major oof.

  3. Yanina Robledo

    Yanina RobledoДень тому

    I want to have a gay friend

  4. Bigmark And Timmy

    Bigmark And Timmy2 дні тому


  5. husseinkid

    husseinkid2 дні тому

    Girl im not ganna kiss my first boyfriend nananannano if y kiss a boy y murder him nobody steals my kiss

  6. Flopsy Lopsy

    Flopsy Lopsy2 дні тому

    This is so cliche like super Like family guy Meg and the jock Dude

  7. Tippett Family

    Tippett Family2 дні тому

    My first kiss was in grade 1... I really regret that.😞 The guy that I kissed punched me in the face after I did that, How rude is that!?

  8. Valeriu Guriuc

    Valeriu Guriuc3 дні тому

    I had my first kiss on 7

  9. Azza Hafiz

    Azza Hafiz3 дні тому

    i had my first kiss at 8 on my crush

  10. Polish cobi Fan

    Polish cobi Fan3 дні тому

    Booo hoooo

  11. joaquin cardenas

    joaquin cardenas3 дні тому


  12. T12 vs J8 2006 vs 2010

    T12 vs J8 2006 vs 20104 дні тому

    My first kiss I was 5

  13. TopHatMan

    TopHatMan4 дні тому

    I'm just gonna say I'm gay my crush probably isn't gay...

  14. Don't Reset マシュー

    Don't Reset マシュー5 днів тому

    Why would you need bandaids for a stubbed toe?

  15. Cheeze Lizzie

    Cheeze Lizzie5 днів тому

    I had a crush. I asked him out and he rejected me, we hate each other a lot now. We used to be friends but now we are enemies One thing I do respect him for is the fact he never told anybody, even his close friends.

  16. Izzy Angel

    Izzy Angel5 днів тому

    My first kiss was when I was 6 , a boy had a crush on me I guess? Than he kissed me. Me: *Slaps boy in face*

  17. 77 Vorce

    77 Vorce6 днів тому

    Guess what no one cares almost everybody has a crush and also huh gayyy

  18. jewel and cousins

    jewel and cousins6 днів тому

    Wait her best friend is gay if I where her I will got in my mind (most embarrassing day of my life)

  19. Mohit Srivastava

    Mohit Srivastava7 днів тому

    That becomes so awkward when you feel something about someone and tell them but they do not feel the same way or they are already in a relationship

  20. Kimmy Garcia

    Kimmy Garcia7 днів тому

    He’s kinda young to be making that kind of decision...but eh, he may or may not regret it later in his life.

  21. Aryanna Hillberry

    Aryanna Hillberry7 днів тому

    ꀍꏂꋪ ꒒ꀤᖘꌚ ꋪ ꏳꋪꀎꌚ꓄ꌩ ꎭꀎꌚ꓄ꌩ ꀷꀎꌚꌩ

  22. Lizzy Beauty

    Lizzy Beauty8 днів тому

    That must be embarrassing

  23. princess.t.t princess.t.t

    princess.t.t princess.t.t8 днів тому

    *my crush didnt kiss me back*girl You have food omg

  24. Harley Ralston

    Harley Ralston8 днів тому

    Tell me why are all the hot boys gay like bruh

  25. JustJosh

    JustJosh9 днів тому

    who needs a band-aid if they have stubbed their toe? 🤷🏼‍♂️

  26. Rae

    Rae9 днів тому

    This is why, if I’m ever in a romantic relationship, I’m not making the first move.

  27. Anime CongregationClub

    Anime CongregationClub10 днів тому

    All the girls think I’m cute. But I’m gay. And they become sad because I say to them, “I have a great boyfriend.”

  28. Cherish Jade Balagot

    Cherish Jade Balagot10 днів тому

    I love the 👦🏻

  29. Hope Rodpatricks

    Hope Rodpatricks10 днів тому

    What does gay mean

  30. Anime CongregationClub

    Anime CongregationClub8 днів тому

    Boys love Boys. And I’m gay, and I have a boyfriend. 👬

  31. Abby Does art

    Abby Does art10 днів тому

    “I’m gay.” **instant regret**

  32. Zigo

    Zigo10 днів тому

    Y do u put bandades on a stubbed toe

  33. Dashie Panda

    Dashie Panda11 днів тому

    Tbh he kinda look like james charles

  34. Diego Serrano

    Diego Serrano11 днів тому

    Bru 🤔🤔🤔

  35. Justme Vlogs

    Justme Vlogs11 днів тому

    Oh my god he was gay 🤣🤣 Hella plot twist

  36. yellow tv

    yellow tv11 днів тому

    My first kiss was at a party and I nearly got laid haha I'm 10

  37. A Ghost

    A Ghost12 днів тому

    Never been kissed before maybe I’ll update this when I have ;-;

  38. Hanlie Twyman

    Hanlie Twyman12 днів тому

    1 day on scool me and my girl vrend kis in klas and 1 of my frend sie and he told the hol klas

  39. puppy gach life puppy

    puppy gach life puppy13 днів тому

    🖤 💗 💚 💙 💢 oh ohhh ohh if you 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  40. Leon King

    Leon King13 днів тому

    Lemme just say from looking at he the thumbnail RIP

  41. Sophia Davies

    Sophia Davies13 днів тому

    I’m gay too

  42. Felicita Maria

    Felicita Maria14 днів тому

    I've had my first kiss when I was 7

  43. Brad Kayton

    Brad Kayton15 днів тому

    Saddest moment

  44. Art Dela Cruz

    Art Dela Cruz15 днів тому

    They too young

  45. Dogski28

    Dogski2815 днів тому

    Why did he need a band-aid for a stubbed toe?

  46. AJ GANG34

    AJ GANG3416 днів тому

    from a movie

  47. the all mighty cotton candy unicorn

    the all mighty cotton candy unicorn17 днів тому

    So uh today my friend kiss me--horible btw

  48. qafer boi

    qafer boi18 днів тому


  49. forever miah

    forever miah18 днів тому

    Andi.... Read more

  50. X and Diamond gaming

    X and Diamond gaming18 днів тому

    First kiss was 13 on cruise I is still with her=>

  51. Angel JAMES Cardona

    Angel JAMES Cardona18 днів тому

    People cannot judge other people that are different

  52. Danny Pham

    Danny Pham18 днів тому

    Wow! This is a surprise

  53. Satisfying Kids

    Satisfying Kids18 днів тому

    Roses are red Violets are blue My heart is dead 💀 I’m such a fool

  54. Predator Plays

    Predator Plays18 днів тому

    Them *THOT* !!!

  55. PikaTube Gaming

    PikaTube Gaming19 днів тому

    Most eyes: WHAT THE HECK Most cute: Ok Most devilish: I dont care

  56. Latavia Lee

    Latavia Lee20 днів тому

    No kisses😊 Life's tough😣

  57. Chloe Clouse

    Chloe Clouse20 днів тому

    0:11 I'm sorry however did that did not take grammar classes "most cutest"??? I cant

  58. - X x - I n d i e - x X -

    - X x - I n d i e - x X -20 днів тому

    Jonah is MY FREINDS LOL

  59. Don't Kill Yourself Before You're Dead

    Don't Kill Yourself Before You're Dead21 день тому

    y'all need Jesus. seriously.

  60. The Meme Lord

    The Meme Lord21 день тому

    He’s gay what are the odds

  61. Addison Malow

    Addison Malow21 день тому

    my first kiss was in the girls bathroom in sixth grade with another girl (I’m bi)

  62. Blake Lochinvar

    Blake Lochinvar16 днів тому

    +The Other Sidewell you're gay but you rather have the sexuality in a boy's body. That's what most girls want so you're like a girl in a boy's body

  63. Addison Malow

    Addison Malow16 днів тому

    The Other Side THANK YOU

  64. The Other Side

    The Other Side16 днів тому

    Blake Lochinvar you just don’t get it, gender and sexuality are different, bisexual is liking both genders and gay is liking your own gender, transgender is wanting to be a different gender lmao, I’m gay and I don’t want to be a girl

  65. Addison Malow

    Addison Malow17 днів тому

    Look it up smart ass

  66. Blake Lochinvar

    Blake Lochinvar18 днів тому

    +Addison Malow no it doesn't you just can't admit you're gay. Lesbian means you want to be a boy gay means you want to be a girl you can't want to be both genders and have 2 sexuality

  67. Memeslist :D

    Memeslist :D21 день тому


  68. ZAY Simmons

    ZAY Simmons22 дні тому

    She put her lips on a gay boys mouth

  69. Amelia Armogan

    Amelia Armogan22 дні тому


  70. boi betterlife

    boi betterlife22 дні тому


  71. Black moon wolfgurl

    Black moon wolfgurl22 дні тому

    Oh no your ass going to military school no son of mine is going to be gay lol

  72. The Other Side

    The Other Side16 днів тому

    Black moon wolfgurl but they might

  73. Cinnamon_ 123

    Cinnamon_ 12323 дні тому

    I had my first kiss at 6 but on the cheek

  74. Princess Gleiyana Morial

    Princess Gleiyana Morial23 дні тому


  75. Zoe Vandermeulen

    Zoe Vandermeulen23 дні тому

    This is like the cutest story ever! 😂🙌🏻

  76. XxkittycatXx Cookie

    XxkittycatXx Cookie23 дні тому

    He’s gay but why

  77. The Other Side

    The Other Side16 днів тому

    XxkittycatXx Cookie bc he is

  78. Blue Oceans

    Blue Oceans23 дні тому

    Uhhhhh... Someone kissed when I was 4 and playing hide and seek

  79. -[PATRIOT 999]-

    -[PATRIOT 999]-23 дні тому

    👫 = 👪 👭 = 💀 👬 = 💀

  80. The Other Side

    The Other Side16 днів тому

    -[PATRIOT 999]- no, it’s 👫=👨‍👩‍👧 👭=👩‍👩‍👧 👬=👨‍👨‍👧


    MR KERMIT NOT REALLY24 дні тому

    What the fu plot twist ya girl I’m gay awkward silence nervously says ooookkkk so funny

  82. Randomguy4

    Randomguy424 дні тому


  83. The Other Side

    The Other Side16 днів тому

    -[PATRIOT 999]- wtf

  84. -[PATRIOT 999]-

    -[PATRIOT 999]-22 дні тому

    👫 = 👪 👭 = G💀A Y S 👬 = G💀A Y S

  85. Crystal Hill

    Crystal Hill25 днів тому

    There is this show Andi Mack and one of the boys in the show is named Jonah and one of the other boys is gay

  86. Razor Blue

    Razor Blue26 днів тому

    Why bra you can get big nudes with that face do not be gay

  87. The Rugged Jaguar

    The Rugged Jaguar26 днів тому

    My parents said they’d buy me a dog if I got 1k subs in a week! Help me out guys!

  88. Chole Roberts

    Chole Roberts26 днів тому

    when ur crush is gay

  89. Hiteshna Kalia - Beryl Ford PS (1415)

    Hiteshna Kalia - Beryl Ford PS (1415)26 днів тому


  90. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki26 днів тому

    this happend to me, i kissed my crush and........ she told the entire school , i was so sad that A) She dint like me back , B) She told the ENTIRE school

  91. Blue Seas

    Blue Seas27 днів тому

    Not sex

  92. Blue Seas

    Blue Seas27 днів тому

    I remember my first kiss and it was so embarrassing because we were on the buss we were sitting next to echother. And we kissed and the buss driver cought us. Sex

  93. Blue Seas

    Blue Seas27 днів тому


  94. Hinearokura Compain

    Hinearokura Compain27 днів тому

    He did not ask you out he asked if you could go to his party

  95. its fun layla cevrates

    its fun layla cevrates27 днів тому

    Wait you did not tell anyone

  96. Anabela Altamirano

    Anabela Altamirano27 днів тому

    Oof lol

  97. Anabela Altamirano

    Anabela Altamirano27 днів тому

    Oof lol

  98. King Yeti

    King Yeti27 днів тому

    That doesn’t matter that he is gay like one of my best friends friend is transgender but she is friends with my friend and I’m cool with her and that when she said she was I said I don’t care it doesn’t matter if you transgender. Because it doesn’t. So it’s good to have somebody to support you.

  99. Lore Van Belle

    Lore Van Belle27 днів тому

    I also want to have a friend that is gay (I have a friend who looks like he's gay.. but he doesn't want to admit it😂)

  100. Baby Flamingo

    Baby Flamingo27 днів тому

    I kissed someone It was my dad at father daughter dance

  101. Sorelle Ruby

    Sorelle Ruby28 днів тому

    Who wishes this channel had a real pic of the girl and the boy

  102. A Dancer Was Born

    A Dancer Was BornМісяць тому

    Squad who’s boyfriend is the guy who all the girls have a crush on I I 👇🏻

  103. naruto-kun & lady hinata

    naruto-kun & lady hinataМісяць тому

    AaaaaAaaaAAaah!he is gaaaaaaaay!

  104. QMC GAMER

    QMC GAMERМісяць тому

    Girls:want to go out Jona: sorry I'm gay Girl's: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  105. Mr. Alien

    Mr. AlienМісяць тому


  106. girl gacha movie

    girl gacha movieМісяць тому

    (don't mean to copy but) roses are red violets are blue he is gay so I was sad but he forgave me to😋

  107. Jhael rose

    Jhael roseМісяць тому

    That was veeeeerryyy akward

  108. Selin K.

    Selin K.Місяць тому

    Just casually saying ,,I‘m gay“. I didn‘t expected that😂

  109. Tallia Lancaster

    Tallia LancasterМісяць тому

    I was 6 when I had my first kiss but it wasn’t my fault the person just ran over and kissed me I hate him now

  110. Wilhelm Molde

    Wilhelm MoldeМісяць тому

    gay wot?!

  111. John Tieman

    John TiemanМісяць тому


  112. katrina

    katrinaМісяць тому

    I was 4 when I had my first kiss