My Father Left Our Family For Another Woman



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  2. Maliya Goodwin

    Maliya Goodwin13 днів тому

    That is so mean

  3. Not saying it No one will know

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    I like you 💓

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    Where is your last videos?

  7. Cindy Romero

    Cindy Romero19 хвилин тому

    You think that is bad I never meet my dad ok you saw your dad at least once I never meet him he left my mom when she was giving birth to me he wanted a baby boy but he had a girl and that girl is me all my sisters tell me that it's my fault he left that if would have been a boy we would still have him you know how much it hurts me

  8. Cindy Romero

    Cindy Romero18 хвилин тому

    I'm sorry your just so lucky you get to meet your dad

  9. Kingsir Marcus

    Kingsir Marcus3 години тому

    You can meet your dad and at the same time have girl time! It’s ok you will be fine no matter where you are or who your with!😉😊

  10. Maryrose Appah

    Maryrose Appah5 годин тому

    Kudos to Lisa. She stayed by her mother and supported her when things got rough.

  11. DATgamerKIDtho

    DATgamerKIDtho5 годин тому

    Awww so cute and sad 😁-😰

  12. Holly Lollipop

    Holly Lollipop5 годин тому

    My dad gave me $10 bucks and walked out the door

  13. Purwanto Felisha

    Purwanto Felisha11 годин тому

    If im you lisa i will slap the dad

  14. Hodan Osman

    Hodan Osman13 годин тому

    You have a crap dad don't talk to him >:(

  15. AyBayCayDayEayFayGay

    AyBayCayDayEayFayGay17 годин тому

    Parents with multiple kids mix up names all the time without noticing. Heck, I’ve seen parents mix up their children’s name with their pet’s name. My own mom once referred to our dog with my dad’s name. And you know what? No one got upset about that.

  16. AyBayCayDayEayFayGay

    AyBayCayDayEayFayGay17 годин тому

    Her parents marriage has been shitty for years, their divorce was a good thing for them. Being a cunt to your dad because things didn’t work out for either of them is a shitty thing to do.

  17. William Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare20 годин тому

    Okay but I don't feel like anyone draws attention to this when a woman does this

  18. DonVonVideos / LonVonVideos

    DonVonVideos / LonVonVideos21 годину тому

    my dad left for some cigarettes i hope he's coming back

  19. Furry Furret

    Furry Furret22 години тому

    Isn't this against the rules of God?

  20. Jessica Sicat

    Jessica Sicat23 години тому

    Omg i cryi really cry im not lying because I imagine when our family bacame like that but i never wish that because there’s no family that wanted to have a broken family😢😭😔

  21. putul isha

    putul isha23 години тому

    What you did at last was compleately right. Please do support your mom. Women's heart are softer then men. I appriciate you. But if i were in your place i would have choosen my mom too. I would have also maintain a good reletion with my dad too. You are the best daughter. Because you maintaind both sides.



    The same thing happened to my friends family but she knew her father was bad for not loving her and her mom anymore then one day her father took her to his new home to meet his new Tamil such as his wife and his daughter and with his daughter he spoiled her giving her whatever she wanted and with her he got her nothing at all and then when her dad was taking a shower her step sister told her that her dad loved her more than my friend and then my friend grabbed her by the hair and beat her up and when the car came back and heard what she had done he smacked her and then he trapped his other new daughter and hugged her my friend looked at both of them and cried and yelled You don't love me and ran and her dad never saw her again

  23. Kūra

    KūraДень тому

    At least the dad was honest, he didnt hide it from his daughter, and their relationship was going downhill. Funny that another video that the wife is leaving the husband she isn't getting any hate.

  24. Mariestacyhalluja

    MariestacyhallujaДень тому

    hi i have somthing to tell you who are veiwing my parents are divorced

  25. Lucky Smith

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  26. Rochelle Ballah

    Rochelle BallahДень тому

    *Her voice is sooo beautiful and the story is so touching!* 🥺💕🙇🏾‍♀️

  27. Rochelle Ballah

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  28. Allison Breslin

    Allison BreslinДень тому

    How come all the people that do this are girls?

  29. Meja Pikturnaite

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    What crap of acent is that Lisa?!?!?!

  30. Makayla Scott

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    Check out Queen cat

  31. jay strom

    jay stromДень тому

    Ur dad is monstar a bich a Peace shit man ur dad is a bich

  32. Kronor

    KronorДень тому

    You always have rocks and your dad car windows to take your confusion out..

  33. Article 13

    Article 13День тому

    Well how sad is that

  34. Aeloul Lilian

    Aeloul LilianДень тому

    By the way, I hate these type of fathers because they hurt me a lot.. Even though, this is a good method of "you cry, you lose" 😭

  35. SwitchToAlive

    SwitchToAliveДень тому

    Lisa is such a stupid beetch.. how the fk would u defend your stupid cheater dad who destroyed your fkng family instead your mom who remained here for you ... She's so stupid damn... Just block your father's number and make him pay for everything your mom went through becuase of that Beetch named Vanesa ...

  36. Abigail Stair

    Abigail StairДень тому

    Love is a decision. If you chase that “infatuation” feeling, you will eventually leave. Feelings ebb and flow. If you do not chose to grow up and love your spouse through sickness, health, and old age, you will never discover the blessings that come from long marriage and secure children. The result of chasing after the immaturity of “infatuation” based relationships, especially when you have children, will be so much sadness. You will lose your children. They have a huge likelihood of substance abuse and even suicide. Divorce is so hard on the kids. They will resent you for the rest of their lives. They will see that you chose your own “happiness” at their expense.

  37. Dash Hu

    Dash HuДень тому

    Why does dad love anther girl

  38. Dash Hu

    Dash HuДень тому

    Why does dad love anther

  39. Boltzy Pajarillaga

    Boltzy PajarillagaДень тому

    I also Tried To Hold My Family Together Too.......But Of course....... I failed. (T-T)

  40. Inayat Shah

    Inayat ShahДень тому

    Your family is really weird

  41. joe miranda

    joe miranda2 дні тому

    Some things are hard to overcome. Sometimes, we wake up, and things just aren't the same. I still remember the last night I saw my Dad, the last night I still had him, my sister still had him, my Mom still had him... and the next morning, he was gone. I can still remember opening up his drawer, hoping it wasn't true, but it was, and it was empty. I can relate where this Miss blamed her mom, and I regret it still to this day, even after apologizing to her. Now, with all the things that have happened, I am training and educating myself to be a counselor for at-risk youth/young adults who come from broken homes, or just in general, helping people. Nobody should ever feel lost, alone, or unloved. God Bless you all.

  42. Mr Puskin

    Mr Puskin2 дні тому

    When I grow up i will make a video called I Break up with my old Girlfriend because she argues with me

  43. Gink the Outertale fox

    Gink the Outertale fox2 дні тому

    Mum and daughter ..forever and ever💖💖💖❤❤❤

  44. Anonymous Anonymous

    Anonymous Anonymous2 дні тому

    Wow that guy is soo fucking pathetic I hate the dumbass

  45. Yeet P

    Yeet P2 дні тому

    That sucks

  46. FASHA

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  47. v. Princvsa

    v. Princvsa2 дні тому

    You know what I would do I would NEVER EVER EVER TALK TO MY DAD AGAIN . :)

  48. ClutterBug

    ClutterBug2 дні тому

    why would a father do that?!!

  49. The Creative

    The Creative2 дні тому

    My mom broke up with my dad

  50. Josie H.

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    😮omg 😮

  51. Shekinah Coats

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    Oh my name is stephanie

  52. Isabella Barrera

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    Am I the only one who cried:(?

  53. Emily Batia

    Emily Batia2 дні тому

    Was she born with blue hair!?

  54. zarpija marabou

    zarpija marabou2 дні тому

    if my dad would do so he would already be dead

  55. Prank Universe

    Prank Universe2 дні тому

    At 3:24 her eyes look like the Nike swish

  56. Milah Merrick

    Milah Merrick2 дні тому

    How is it two decades but they been together for 17 years 🤔🤔

  57. Mareena and Solita

    Mareena and Solita2 дні тому

    Of this happened to your parents like this comment

  58. Abhay Pandey

    Abhay Pandey2 дні тому

    Hello Mona Lisa

  59. Alexis Jones

    Alexis Jones3 дні тому

    My mum and dad broke up

  60. Раиса The Кошка

    Раиса The Кошка2 дні тому

    Alexis Jones same..... it’s hurts

  61. Kayla Wilson

    Kayla Wilson3 дні тому

    Is this my sister’s story? Her name is Sofie. She’s my step sister.

  62. Juliet's_cousin .bbi00

    Juliet's_cousin .bbi003 дні тому

    I feel bad for her mom, 17 years and then every memory of the three together, is in the trash, because of another woman

  63. noel rosas

    noel rosas3 дні тому

    You know why because your older

  64. nightcore wolf

    nightcore wolf3 дні тому

    1ike = one chance for the mom to get a new boyfriend

  65. Dalissa Thibodeaux

    Dalissa Thibodeaux3 дні тому

    Umm this ACTUALLY HAPPENS to a lot of people not just you like my dad left me and my brother and mom and went and got married plus who else thinks that she sounds like props pig a little not in a bad way at all it's kinda cute plus your really smart and wise for such a young age god bless you Lisa Btw my nick name is lissa

  66. Jovanni Avila

    Jovanni Avila3 дні тому

    My parents where going through the same thing . my dad liked someone else. So I did something really bad to got rid of that person. I'm the type of person that will fight till my last breath if i have to

  67. Kyra Gant

    Kyra Gant3 дні тому

    To be honest i would be pissed if one of my parents left me and my other parent for a nother person. Like what's the point of marriage if you ant going to to comment to it. 😕😤

  68. Kike ThePlayer

    Kike ThePlayer3 дні тому

    Ive goon thru something like that my father left us we still visit him or me should i say

  69. priyadon

    priyadon3 дні тому

    This made me cry

  70. GodGirl78

    GodGirl783 дні тому

    1:36 highkey it does tho but ok

  71. 반탄Namjoon

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    Bro I would flip out at my dad tbh

  72. BlackPink Lover

    BlackPink Lover3 дні тому

    Okay, as fabricated that this channel can be, this could've actually happened. I believe it.

  73. Miss Tiny Gamer!

    Miss Tiny Gamer!3 дні тому

    Coraline long lost sister

  74. JK 6c

    JK 6c3 дні тому

    Karma is a bitch just wait daddy 😋

  75. GachaKitty

    GachaKitty3 дні тому

    i relate, my dad cheated on my mum and left us T-T

  76. KatiesGacha

    KatiesGacha3 дні тому

    I got influenza and died, ACTUALLY HAPPENED

  77. FlowerFox Gaming

    FlowerFox Gaming4 дні тому

    My mom and dad don't like each other so it just my mom sis and me with no dad my mom like a new guy My real dad

  78. SavageSaraskeXDGaming 0988

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    Is this a true story?

  79. Dee babes

    Dee babes4 дні тому

    ❤️ you Lisa!

  80. Jaylin Wou

    Jaylin Wou4 дні тому

    Here9s what would go on in a text if someone I loved betrayed ME. Person: *sends heart emoji* Me: *sends middle finger*

  81. Sascha Veloso

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    SJSHARKSNATION4 дні тому

    What the music

  83. Vanesa Jimenez

    Vanesa Jimenez4 дні тому

    3:17 that’s my name 🤔

  84. Alexa -plays

    Alexa -plays4 дні тому

    That will happen to me too, my dads talking to all girls I caught him in the act and I can’t take it anymore.And he wants another wife 😒

  85. Unicorn Dream111

    Unicorn Dream1114 дні тому

    One like=one kick up the bum for dad

  86. Marco Vera

    Marco Vera4 дні тому

    When I was little my dad died sad right 😭😤😟😥 I Miss him so much

  87. Mr. Goodmen

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    Did you know if you click it Will turn blue 👇

  88. Dragon

    Dragon4 дні тому

    I’m 24 I’ve had a girlfriend who left me for another man in high schooler she came back to me cause I had a successful job I said lol no I’m single

  89. Fredy Penafiel

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    Did your dad return

  90. Fredy Penafiel

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    I’m crying 😭

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    Fuck this guy😡😠

  92. cute marshmello

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    i live my mom and her bf it's so bad . My dad leave me this people and he go australia alone now my life is ok but without dad it wasn't realy good cuz my dad is my life my friend ad list i go with weekend with my dad oh i forget my name is Khongorzul

  93. Spiderman 3.0

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    Lol I have been binge watching you guys since yesterday and so far I’ve watched like a hundred of your videos or something I love your channel

  94. Jessica Messica

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    I hope this never happened

  95. Chloe A

    Chloe A5 днів тому

    I can't believe her dad said "Your mom is a strong woman, she'll recover from this" and places the responsibility on the CHILD to take care of her mom...seriously?? Like I know it's the daughter's decision to support her mom and be there for her, and she does choose to do so later on in the story--but to hear that from the one who LEFT, placing that on the daughter just wasn't right.

  96. Whenthanossnap Oof

    Whenthanossnap Oof5 днів тому

    How do you like just FALL IN LOVE WITH ANOTHER WOMAN. He was either cheating which would be kind of jumping to conclusions or he knew this lady and the were friends and then they fell in love or something but what I think is really messed up is that he called his own daughter is STEP DAUGHTERS NAME and didn’t go “oh sorry Lisa sometimes I get you two mixed up!” That might even be a little messed up but no. He just carried on

  97. Jewelgil Closet

    Jewelgil Closet5 днів тому

    This is so sad

  98. Gachagirl 101

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    I went to sleep ACTULLY HAPPEND

  99. A M

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    Why would someone just wake up and say I love another woman

  100. Really Robin

    Really Robin5 днів тому

    The 2.1 k dislikes are people who are cheating!

  101. Goldyfnaf Rocks

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    Hi my names Abigail and this is my story So when I was little I had no friends I guess I never really liked people. and when I entered school I made 2 friends but later I found out it was only a dare to be my friend. And it happened after the tragedy on my 6th Birthday. I had a dog named lucky. He would cross the street. and one day he got ran over that was the worst day of my life I lost all my friends. I grew depressed. but when I was second grade I got bullied. By boys I thought I would never make any friends and just gave up. But one day I met someone her name was ally. I didn’t say hi to her cause I didn’t trust her. But she kept asking me to be her friend and wouldn’t leave me alone. So one day I said yes cause I wanted it to end. but a couple days later I began to trust her more. But I was also scared cause well I was bullied and they treated her the same. So I thought she wouldn’t want to be my friend anymore. But she never gave up on me. me and ally are still friends today and I hope we’ll still be friends till we die. that’s my story of the best friend I ever had please put your story’s in the comments below.

  102. xxNICOLExx

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    Lol Lisa from blackpink sorry im just Fan of blackpink

  103. KoolKat456

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    My father died i have a similar experience

  104. Chase the Gamer

    Chase the Gamer5 днів тому grandma and grandpa died 3 years ago 😢😢😢😢😢😭

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    same thing happend

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    They u know what I like about u? Your little British accent