My Father Left Our Family For Another Woman



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  2. Susan Mburu

    Susan MburuМісяць тому

    Sometimes life is just sad . l have never had a person to call my own dad

  3. Elizabeth Brackett

    Elizabeth BrackettМісяць тому

    I don't know who made this but I feel you!!

  4. Shahzad Akhtar

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  5. Charmari Harmon

    Charmari HarmonМісяць тому

    I've been through something like that but it's different.

  6. angelisa manigault

    angelisa manigaultДень тому


  7. Dolly D'cruz

    Dolly D'cruzДень тому

    Its sad that your country has no rules for women who blindly trusts their man ,marry him have kids and then get shutted out by their husbands for another woman..!!!! WHY THE HELL DID YOUR FATHER PROMISED GOD TO BE WITH YOUR MOM FOREVER.....GOD DIDN'T MADE THIS TYPE OF WORLD...SHAMEFUL !!!!

  8. Iris The stupid bts fangirl

    Iris The stupid bts fangirl2 дні тому

    This happened to me :

  9. your local crackheaded mailman

    your local crackheaded mailman2 дні тому

    i'd break his neck

  10. sanc_rel

    sanc_rel3 дні тому

    Do white ppl actually just leave a relationship just like that? Like wtf "I like someone else now"... Dafuq why ruin a child and woman's life just to leave them.. Fukin white ppl

  11. Aish Jalo

    Aish Jalo3 дні тому

    My dad left my brothers and mum and i when we were little i feel like he left because of me as he was their for my brothers life and sometimes i would go to bed crying at night yet my mum still loves him i havent seen him for 11 years.

  12. Monokuma is real

    Monokuma is real3 дні тому

    Happened to my girl, I understand you, but my father hide it and cheated like BOI WTF

  13. Just Ice

    Just Ice4 дні тому

    She has blue hair ?????

  14. Anupama Dinesh

    Anupama Dinesh8 днів тому

    idiot my dad will never do that

  15. Jasmeen Kaur

    Jasmeen Kaur8 днів тому

    At least he didn't cheat on her mom

  16. Milica Jovanovic

    Milica Jovanovic10 днів тому

    Awww the end ez happy

  17. Lisa And Margo

    Lisa And Margo11 днів тому

    The same thing happened to me and I’m called Lisa Zhang

  18. Ryan In Pieces

    Ryan In Pieces12 днів тому

    What a “great” father.

  19. Lynn lisa

    Lynn lisa12 днів тому

    This is so weird. My name is lisa and the same thing happened to me. The only difference is that I hate my father and i haven't seen him for a long time

  20. Isis Neal

    Isis Neal12 днів тому

    This what actually happened to me like I was so sad

  21. Declan Cee

    Declan Cee13 днів тому

    Wtf was that vitch rlly born wit blue hair 😳

  22. Mark's Toys Channel

    Mark's Toys Channel14 днів тому

    3:14 did any body saw the WT!pF?

  23. solar

    solar14 днів тому

    Its called a divorce fucktard

  24. solar

    solar14 днів тому

    Yeah its called an affair duh

  25. saul ibarra

    saul ibarra15 днів тому

    How old are you all?

  26. Roblox F.U.N.

    Roblox F.U.N.16 днів тому

    2:43 lol her mom sprayed her with the hose

  27. Priya Srivastava

    Priya Srivastava17 днів тому

    All in all mom is a good person..... Now should find a job, date a nice guy and make daughter proud of her

  28. t series

    t series17 днів тому

    Yes I'm gamer to G. Game A. Apple M. Mouse E. Eat R. really

  29. Manal Shoaib

    Manal Shoaib17 днів тому

    Do ppl share their stories?

  30. Dijedaffi Doofeyman

    Dijedaffi Doofeyman17 днів тому

    Cute voice

  31. Bearlover Burritolover

    Bearlover Burritolover18 днів тому

    I have the same story but my mom left us

  32. cross over

    cross over19 днів тому

    Last year I saw the comments on this video and most of the comments was about how the art style looked like storybooth`s . This year I saw the comments again and it`s just talking about the story instead of the art style.

  33. Brooklyn

    Brooklyn19 днів тому

    ik what ur going through bc i went through it when i was 5

  34. Skippi Skip Production LLC

    Skippi Skip Production LLC21 день тому

    Marriage is a covenant, and if the love is lost, then parents should still stay together for the sake of the child and the commitment on the wedding day.

  35. Yesenia Delgado

    Yesenia Delgado21 день тому

    That is not a loyal man

  36. It's Jeff!

    It's Jeff!21 день тому

    Omg idc about this. Literally I have dad's. Can't blame me for mine. He left my man when I was 9 months old. Flew to Spain with his new gfriend and my step sis and lil bro when I was 3. Last present= I WAS 5!!! Last talk/call= MY 6TH BDAY! HE TALKED ABOUT HIS NEW CHICKENS AND EGGS!

  37. IveBeenMemed - Gaming

    IveBeenMemed - Gaming22 дні тому

    0:03 elastigirl

  38. Tabby Warren

    Tabby Warren23 дні тому

    My parents got a divorce when I was 5 or 6 years old and I had to go to counseling for it because I was so upset and I understand why they got a divorce because they yelled at each other ALL the time and everyday I ended up crying in my room but somehow my brother wasn't as bothered by it. Now my dad is engaged and so is my mom and they seem happy but there are certain things I still wish were the same.

  39. Sonic Buzzar

    Sonic Buzzar23 дні тому


  40. There 4 You

    There 4 You23 дні тому

    I don't Care if my dad finds another Woman I want him out of my Life Forever.

  41. Quebits Tech

    Quebits Tech23 дні тому

    Now the thing is that, sure, he shouldn't have called her by his girlfriend's name, but honestly, it's his choice if he wants to stay with his wife or not. The fact that "they are a family" doesn't remove the father's rights on meeting someone else. This comment is gonna get so much hate, but hate if you hate I guess.

  42. im a worm

    im a worm24 дні тому

    why does the mom low-key look like billie Ellish

  43. Chrisanne Terry

    Chrisanne Terry25 днів тому

    My mom and dad were together 4 only 11 years.I'm 8 and my brothers 5

  44. Ashley Jeeyou Lee

    Ashley Jeeyou Lee26 днів тому

    2:34 bitch, it’s not ur mom’s fault you ungrateful child. Ur dad probably cheated.

  45. Ronny Thamer

    Ronny Thamer26 днів тому

    I'm crying because my dad left us a family of 4 kids for another girl which I hated my whole life I am so relatable because my mum was crying and she was the one who did everything I feel you 😥😥😥😥😥

  46. Max Nightmare

    Max Nightmare26 днів тому

    I relate to this

  47. Iva Rukavina

    Iva Rukavina26 днів тому

    Hair dye is genetic?

  48. Joel Clark

    Joel Clark27 днів тому

    1 like=10000000000 kicks in the balls for that father

  49. 4ever PoTAEto

    4ever PoTAEto27 днів тому

    1:00-1:20 I suddenly cried... imagining my dad falling in love with another woman and leaving my mom and I together... me and my parents aren’t that close tho when I hit puberty, I started getting mad at them for no reason, started getting depressed and self harming. I used to be close with my dad but yea. We’re a little bit better now😊 I’m smiley againnnn at least in front of them *o my gosh* I got carried away sorry😂😂*

  50. Josue E Santiago

    Josue E Santiago27 днів тому

    I've. Gone through worse than any of these videos

  51. Dikshya Sitoula

    Dikshya Sitoula27 днів тому

    I'm facing the same this entire time and I can just brust into tears each night thinking about our happy family back then. I'm helpless my father doesn't want to leave me and my brother and my mom still looks upto him thinking he will love her back someday. I just feel shocked everytime I try remembering all of these😭😭

  52. alicia reyna

    alicia reyna28 днів тому


  53. Diego Jose Serrano Gonzalez

    Diego Jose Serrano Gonzalez28 днів тому

    You do not have to move in with that woman

  54. Clair Sarmiento

    Clair Sarmiento28 днів тому

    At your mom

  55. Clair Sarmiento

    Clair Sarmiento28 днів тому

    Try to be bad again

  56. Lisa And Margo

    Lisa And Margo29 днів тому

    Wait, wait, wait My names is LISA and my dad left my mum for another woman and he had 4 children I’m 😡

  57. Harly Quinn

    Harly QuinnМісяць тому

    😭😭😭 omg

  58. Angelo Saavedra

    Angelo SaavedraМісяць тому

    My dad cheated on my .mom too..,.. But my mom told me too not remember him and try to finish school

  59. Amena Suratwala

    Amena SuratwalaМісяць тому

    This is exactly my story but . . . . He didn’t left us and everything is fine now🙃

  60. Minerva Wolf

    Minerva WolfМісяць тому

    The Dad in the video is a POS, and he is disgusting.

  61. 37648 Lol

    37648 LolМісяць тому

    Ok so, this happened to me. So my mother, brother, cousin, and father move out of our old house into a new apartment. I though of it as nothing since it was basically an upgrade and it was in the same town(I was about 4-5). When we moved into the apartment my dad wasn’t there, I didn’t question it but was confused. A few months later when my mom picked me up from school she had him on the phone explaining to me how he left our family for another woman. I was heartbroken. As a first grader I was torn and was so confused. My family was broken and every one was just distraught. Years pass, my family is happy with just my mom, brother, cousin, and myself. My did lived away supposedly giving my mom money. At times we would have no power and my mom had to figure out ways to keep up warm. Until summer 16 we lived in that apartment. Long story short we got evicted because the asshole forgot to pay up. We ended up moving to a whole different town and he decides he wants to be back in my life. I hate him. He tries to make decisions for me and he just ends up ruining my life more and more. I’m miserable with him in my life. Everything about him gets me angry like hearing his voice gets me so upset. I often have bursts of uncontrollable rage.

  62. J

    JМісяць тому

    If polygamy marriage is acceptable this poor girl could have more normal life 🤔

  63. Melishew Melishew

    Melishew MelishewМісяць тому

    Mine is the same like her

  64. Somana Akter

    Somana AkterМісяць тому

    Bad dad

  65. Wisline Deshommes

    Wisline DeshommesМісяць тому

    My name is Catalina I wearable My mom said to my sister to badyst me it was time for me to go to bed after that i was crying because I was scared that someone whod take me but now I no that noone would take me again it because my sister said that to me my mom hair is black my hair is black to my sister hair is black to again bye I love you.😊

  66. Platano Man

    Platano ManМісяць тому

    This kid has dumb ideas.

  67. Carolina Janda

    Carolina JandaМісяць тому

    why do you have blue hair

  68. Mila Parker

    Mila ParkerМісяць тому

    her eyebrows look like the NIKE logo

  69. Jaxtr

    JaxtrМісяць тому

    This story made me cry becouse this is just like how life went

  70. Sillylilemogirl22

    Sillylilemogirl22Місяць тому

    This is heartbreaking.... that poor mother...

  71. HightRetardet Person On Youtube

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  72. Zoe Skaggs

    Zoe SkaggsМісяць тому

    I really don't think you should leave your family, but we have to be grateful that he had the common sense to not cheat.

  73. Shahiba Rozali

    Shahiba RozaliМісяць тому

    Ahahahaha 'she's a kind person'. What kind of nice person dated another women husband??

  74. olivia perry

    olivia perryМісяць тому

    I didn't know blue hair was a family triat

  75. Brieana Ai

    Brieana AiМісяць тому

    A good person never interfers to other's marriage. Fucc ur dad

  76. Isabelle _

    Isabelle _Місяць тому

    This is why I don’t want to get married and gosh that dad lost everything

  77. Chloe Duggan

    Chloe DugganМісяць тому

    One like one dad is a but who agrees

  78. Asliati Asril

    Asliati AsrilМісяць тому

    My BFFs used me to do their school work:(


    JEENN RINGGGМісяць тому

    Mine the opposite

  80. Its Allison

    Its AllisonМісяць тому

    Not trying to be rude, but does it annoy you when she says Mum. ( No hate )

  81. Bar abis

    Bar abisМісяць тому

    I can't stand it.!!!!!😢😭

  82. Dj Humphries

    Dj HumphriesМісяць тому

    I understand people changing their hearts but he legit just sat there and left his own

  83. Shahzad Akhtar

    Shahzad AkhtarМісяць тому


  84. ejay Rivera

    ejay RiveraМісяць тому

    My classmate told me she found out that her father didn't die from a crash and he died by suicide because his wife was cheating on him

  85. Machinegun 6997

    Machinegun 6997Місяць тому

    She should’ve said: “ I don’t wanna meet your whore”

  86. Jebet Mwende

    Jebet MwendeМісяць тому

    Hit him

  87. Sonic son bm _Chan_ :D Sonsonic

    Sonic son bm _Chan_ :D SonsonicМісяць тому

    One dislike = 99919292827288111,2828272 slaps for dad

  88. Taniya Hill

    Taniya HillМісяць тому

    Hey my name is Taniya and when this happened I was 10 years old and my dad leave us to be with a another woman

  89. Sam Samson

    Sam SamsonМісяць тому

    *Find solace by watching the NEW Netflix SHE-RA cartoon. Season 2 She-Ra trailer is out now, btw.*

  90. unbelievable _mkd

    unbelievable _mkdМісяць тому

    I can understand you😔

  91. Hawksfanboy11

    Hawksfanboy11Місяць тому

    My dad the same

  92. Snatched Sis

    Snatched SisМісяць тому

    Lol relatable, My dad cheated on my mommy for 2 years tho ☺

  93. Jake Maddox

    Jake MaddoxМісяць тому

    How can people be naturally born wið blue hair?

  94. Michelle Cooper

    Michelle CooperМісяць тому

    This happened to me

  95. amai mahou

    amai mahouМісяць тому

    "long story short," *talks for 5 minutes*

  96. David Henry

    David HenryМісяць тому

    That reminds me of my freind he hates his dad he left them and ended up starting a new family with kids he doesnt contact him in fact every one on his dads side doesnt contact him

  97. 5amukai

    5amukaiМісяць тому

    plot twist:the girlfriend was actually a boyfriend

  98. mk Alqaissi

    mk AlqaissiМісяць тому


  99. y z

    y zМісяць тому

    Your dad is a loser.

  100. Anonymous Commenter

    Anonymous CommenterМісяць тому

    If he was my dad I woulda slap that thot across his face

  101. Panda Boy

    Panda BoyМісяць тому

    If my father left us for another woman i will set on fire his house

  102. Χρύσα Βι

    Χρύσα ΒιМісяць тому

    I would have gone to meet the bitchy girlfriend and just grab her by the hair and spinning her untill she screams....SHE SHOULD NOT GET WITH A MAN THAT IS MARRIED AND HAS CHILDREN!!!!!WTF YOU BITCHHH...THAT DOESNT SHOW ANY KIND OF RESPECT TO THE POOR FAMILY...

  103. immature nether

    immature netherМісяць тому

    lmao when her mom sprayed water at her face

  104. Eric W

    Eric WМісяць тому