my favorite tv shows 📺 (according to a film major)


  1. Maggie Williams

    Maggie Williams10 годин тому

    Atlanta + community!

  2. Caroline German

    Caroline German10 годин тому


  3. Caroline German

    Caroline German10 годин тому


  4. Aralis J

    Aralis J13 годин тому

    I think you'd love Please Like Me, it's an australian sitcom following the life of a newly out gay guy and his friends, it feels a lot like New Girl at times, just darker in humor and a little more rural lol I'm guessing a lot of people have rec'd it, but Normal People is such a beautiful show!!! And in terms of stand up, you might like Hannah Gadsby... I'm not sure, like her comedy is almost not comedy but I love all the specials you mentioned, so you might like her stuff too? Dunno

  5. Alayna Jordan

    Alayna Jordan14 годин тому

    I fell in love with your earrings and I immediately bought them, ha. I'm not one to impulse buy!

  6. Ana D

    Ana D14 годин тому

    *doesnt see avatar the last airbender on the list* "impossible, perhaps the archives are incomplete"

  7. 2gunmoya

    2gunmoya15 годин тому

    Umm great introduction..subscribed!

  8. Jael Reyes Nolasco

    Jael Reyes Nolasco16 годин тому


  9. Kira Repici

    Kira Repici16 годин тому

    cant wait to make my way through some of these shows. thank you

  10. emilia r

    emilia r17 годин тому

    youre such a cutie and pretty and emit high iq energy i wanna be like you when im like 20, even if you may think youre not perfect in my eyes you are ily ash

  11. Pearl Papellero

    Pearl Papellero17 годин тому

    ru pauls drag race is a great show if you just want to be entertained, there is beautiful fashion and art. but the contestants also talk about their lgbt struggles and can be quite eye opening

  12. Spencer cava

    Spencer cava17 годин тому

    Hahaha yes

  13. Momnah Yasin

    Momnah Yasin18 годин тому

    Really old and cringe but ugly betty and revenge.


    Kaya-Quintana.nl19 годин тому

    BoJack is my spirit animal❣️

  15. Veskovic A.

    Veskovic A.20 годин тому

    Can we finally talk about how weird the song "My Humps" is? You said we will talk about it in a 50 outfits video

  16. leila b

    leila b20 годин тому

    ily so muchh!!!

  17. Chinue Maynard

    Chinue Maynard21 годину тому

    I love your vids🙂

  18. Ana CC

    Ana CC21 годину тому

    I highly recommend "Pose", specially now that you've moved to NY. It is such an amazing show exposing the struggles of the LGBTQ community back in the 80s, it brings in actually places, characters from real life movements.

  19. Kacey Testerman

    Kacey Testerman22 години тому

    I loved this so much can u do movies too!? 🥺

  20. Laura Ziessler

    Laura Ziessler22 години тому

    Hey Ashley, I love your channel! But lately, there have been several critical youtube videos about you, and I think that a response to them is something you should think about. Overall, I think you are a very unproblematic youtuber, but there are always things to improve on for everyone! No hate, I of course am still supportive of your content, but I'm also in favor of constructive criticism!! :))

  21. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov22 години тому

    If you guys liked gillian in “love” you should definitely check out her other show “community” which is on Netflix, it’s very funny and amazing

  22. Sophie

    SophieДень тому

    One of my absolute favourite shows is The End of the Fucking World. Such a cinematically beautiful show and amazing soundtrack but it’s also brilliantly funny, it will make you laugh and make you cry!

  23. Grace Nickel

    Grace NickelДень тому

    I highly recommend "Clique" especially since you seem to have a bit of a thing for Scottish accents :) It's truly incredible.

  24. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov22 години тому

    Can you please make a video on how to make friends as a young adult/adult! I'm 20 and going to cosmetology school in Chicago, even in a big city it's so hard to find friends.

  25. Breadbin

    BreadbinДень тому

    You HAVE to watch after life by Ricky Gervais!

  26. Nanoek Bos

    Nanoek BosДень тому

    The intro is very refreshingly efficient

  27. Rose m

    Rose mДень тому


  28. Bb homemaker

    Bb homemakerДень тому

    Ashley girl why did you have to ruin it for me? Why could you just post a link to petitions and support blm without making it about yourself? You were one of the only asian youtubers i stanned and you had to ruin it

  29. Bb homemaker

    Bb homemakerДень тому

    + 'broke student' role you had and apparently your parents are pretty wealthy smh i loved you so much. it's okay to come from a wealthy family, just dont lie about it maybe

  30. Reagan White

    Reagan WhiteДень тому

    Ashley!!! Thank you so much for this video!!!! I love when you talk about film and tv. You could convince me to watch anything. I’d love to hear more! Pleaseeee make more recs/video essays/reviews about film and tv!

  31. Marvyn Fuller

    Marvyn FullerДень тому

    Ash please don’t do a video acknowledging any negativity you get. Your positive attitude is your superpower x

  32. Alessia Camosetti

    Alessia CamosettiДень тому

    Parks and Rec was literally my go to every time I felt kinda depressed, never failed to make me smile

  33. VintageCanvas

    VintageCanvasДень тому

    LOVE seeing how many British tv shows you watch!X

  34. Poppy

    PoppyДень тому

    If you like shows that make you question morality or our ways of life definitely watch "Last Man On Earth"!!


    HEAVEN SIMONДень тому

    Love this. @Heaven_royal follow me on IG

  36. allyson cruz

    allyson cruzДень тому

    You should totally watch Skam (Norway)! It focuses on topics such as relationship difficulties, identity, eating disorders, sexual assault, homosexuality, mental health issues, religion, and forbidden love! Its such an incredible show! It also managed the show to come up as remakes here in the US, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, & The Netherlands!

  37. Kassandra Ni

    Kassandra NiДень тому

    You should watch Netflix's Daredevil----not kidding but the show is so good and I'm not a fan of MCU. Best, from a fellow film major at UCSB.

  38. Kirzzz

    KirzzzДень тому

    I have two things that I recommend first: Robin William's comedy routines; they are f ing hilarious, second: The Office; it is such a hilarious show and it always makes me forget about the struggles in my life

  39. sophia chong

    sophia chongДень тому

    fleabag and russian doll are incredible

  40. couch potato

    couch potatoДень тому

    please watch new girl you will love it

  41. Grace Carlson

    Grace CarlsonДень тому

    Can you please make a video on how to make friends as a young adult/adult! I'm 20 and going to cosmetology school in Chicago, even in a big city it's so hard to find friends. This is so new to me now being out of high school and finding other adult friends!

  42. Ems l

    Ems lДень тому

    Watch The Leftovers it's an amazing heartbreaking show... and the soundtrack is amazing

  43. thealiceftw

    thealiceftwДень тому

    agreed! but this is so spoiler alert!

  44. Kiarra Mccullough

    Kiarra McculloughДень тому

    First day watching your videos and already obsessed. You really know your fashion it’s so exciting to watch and your a funny Taurus ♉️ 💁🏽‍♀️

  45. Emmie

    EmmieДень тому

    You need a podcast!! 😇

  46. yroohj gouy

    yroohj gouyДень тому

    If u want to be more depressed pls watch when they see us

  47. Simone Lees

    Simone LeesДень тому

    Atypical!!!!! Also sex education! Also everything's going to be okay on Stan.

  48. Bex Hollins

    Bex HollinsДень тому

    i just watched the first episode of years and years and without spoiling, its astounding how scary the possibility of it is.

  49. yroohj gouy

    yroohj gouyДень тому

    talking it through because a lot of stuff happens very fast. i also recommend looking up theories after!

  50. cece monet

    cece monetДень тому

    Try out midnight gospel on netflix and killing eve (which you can watch on hulu). Also you really need to make a podcast, since the first video I've watched from your channel I've been feeling like I need a podcast because just sitting and listening to you talk gives off such a chill vibe for me.

  51. Lunática Joyería

    Lunática JoyeríaДень тому

    I recommend The OA, it's my favorite

  52. Cori ZaydaC

    Cori ZaydaCДень тому

    First off, I have never wanted to be someones best friend more in my LIFE. Secondly, Ash should really watcch Dead to me and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. i think she’d like it

  53. Sarah MacDonald

    Sarah MacDonaldДень тому

    The movie Snowpiercer

  54. Elena Damian

    Elena DamianДень тому

    Ok, i know I'm late, I know this video is not about clothes, I know y'all do not care BUT.... Your channel helped me so much. I found a style I really like, I actually bought clothes I really like and it's the first time I ever bought a skirt and a dress. And that's all beacouse of you. Ily thank you so so much Ashley.

  55. Caleb Bezuidenhout

    Caleb BezuidenhoutДень тому

    You Me Her

  56. Lee Cormier

    Lee CormierДень тому

    the taste in film, the makeup, the camera quality, the dad jokes. a masterpiece of a video ily ashley 🥺

  57. Dominique Woods

    Dominique WoodsДень тому

    I loved these recommendations! Garth Marenghi's Darkplace is a good dark British horror-comedy series. Just started Derry Girls (hella funny Irish accents). Ohhh and Midnight Diner is one of my fav (Japanese Netflix series) and Troll Hunter (Norwegian "found footage doc") is so good you'll be rewatching forever....xD (also also Grace and Frankie but I'm almost 30 and love Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin). P.s. I re-listen to good podcasts too lol

  58. sophiaernestal

    sophiaernestalДень тому

    thank u so much for this video!! def gonna watch a lot of these now!!💓🌸✨💕🌹🌸💓🌸🌸

  59. violinka0517

    violinka0517День тому

    Amazing list, thank you for the recs!! Something I think you might like based on these is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. An absolutely unique way of film-making and musical-making, created by and starring Rachel Bloom, one of the greatest talents of our times IMO. It centers around an extremely important issue which is not often depicted, let alone so well and so... realistically (kinda), on television: mental health (no more info to avoid spoilers). There is a lot of second-hand embarrassement, especially towards the beginning, but it has SUCH a well-written plot, ingenious music, and possibly the most amazing character developments through four seasons I have ever seen.

  60. space stark

    space starkДень тому

    watch killing eve!! PWB produces is and i think wrote the first season, very powerful strong women!

  61. Coco Chichi

    Coco ChichiДень тому

    Nice suggestions on films or series we can watch. Everytime we are done watching a series on hbo or netflix we always think hmmmm what should we watch next???😅 Btw, me amd my boyf are trying to grow our youtube channel. Please🙏 take time to check it out and press like and subscribe. 😁 peace and love. 🤗

  62. sun :3

    sun :32 дні тому

    I feel like watching “house” but I’m ace and I know one of their episodes was criticized for dehumanizing and discriminating asexual people so I’m actually looking for alternatives...? Would grey anatomy work? Idk pls give out suggestions

  63. Davanti OwO

    Davanti OwO10 годин тому

    You could just skip that episode. House is actually iconic and it was written almost a decade ago. Of course the values and themes were different for the time but that shouldn't hold you back from experiencing great stories

  64. Sarah Roloff

    Sarah Roloff2 дні тому

    i highly recommend watching “circle” on netflix! it’s a movie. but my sister and i stumbled upon it one day and it was like a hidden gem. it’s about all of these people who vote someone out of the circle every few minutes and it kills them until the last person. it is really interesting how prejudice comes into play. i recommend watching it with a friend and talking it through because a lot of stuff happens very fast. i also recommend looking up theories after!

  65. Naomi Saddhadhika

    Naomi Saddhadhika2 дні тому

    If u want to be more depressed pls watch when they see us

  66. jovana kostic

    jovana kostic2 дні тому

    havent even watched most of them, but having ashleys word on it, all of them are UNDERATED

  67. yAtsAhHh cRuZzz

    yAtsAhHh cRuZzz2 дні тому

    I love your fashion week vids, they really inspired me😊

  68. Life Lea

    Life Lea2 дні тому

    okay the first 20 seconds and I'm already sold. I'm also a student who studies in communication...

  69. okow tina

    okow tina2 дні тому

    I need to ask you this: have you ever watched “Bacurau”? It’s an amazing Brazilian movie, I think that you will like it

  70. DiamondDigger 63

    DiamondDigger 632 дні тому


  71. okow tina

    okow tina2 дні тому

    you would loooove jane the virgin!!

  72. Natálie Sováková

    Natálie Sováková2 дні тому

    OMG, am I the only one who thought that House was the hot one?


    B10MECHANICAL2 дні тому

    Fleabag is so good! Its got that dry Brit comedic sense with a bit of US black comedy sensibility thrown into the storytelling. I was trying to describe it to a friend and ended up saying ‘like Peep Show with a Bojack Horseman streak’. I didn’t think of Fargo but it totally sits in that vein too. Also sorry to be nitpicky but didn’t Boo get hit by a bicycle, then a car and then another bike?

  74. arielzshell

    arielzshell2 дні тому

    I’m watching Jigsaw, it’s a bit hard to continue, I still watched until now he’s talking about vegan, and the cow Lucky and how she was killed so he can eat the steak... makes it very hard to continue

  75. helloxrai

    helloxrai2 дні тому

    definitely watch extracurricular btw.... its a korean drama..available on netflix

  76. Julia Alves

    Julia Alves2 дні тому

    One show that everyone seems to overlook but deserves the attention would be DARK. It's a german TV show that takes the idea of time travel to a whole another level. It is crazy, it will give you goosebumps, you will not sleep, it is that good. Changing the topic, I would really like to say, I am so glad that someone finally recognized the TV show Maniac, it is such a good show, soooo unique and worth watching.

  77. Olivia Pasion

    Olivia Pasion2 дні тому

    omg right as you said "I would kill a small child" a family walked by my house and their baby started screaming... I thought you edited that in and I got lowkey disturbed hahahah

  78. Ariana Bellchamber

    Ariana Bellchamber2 дні тому

    Love is so underrated!!!!

  79. Caro S

    Caro S2 дні тому

    Stay strong, most of us are feeling the same way, just lacking the usual, general drive and finding it hard to find joy within your same old four walls while literally all days blend together. I'm not writing that to say that you shouldn't complain, but to tell you that you're not alone girl 💓 Also, I thoroughly enjoyed this video, hearing your thoughts on all those shows was really thought-provoking. Thanks for brightening up an otherwise rather bad day! :D

  80. bon

    bon2 дні тому

    You owe me nothing ever

  81. bon

    bon2 дні тому

    I officially applause your choices

  82. bon

    bon2 дні тому

    Make your experience about you at my expense... I dare you

  83. Rowan A.

    Rowan A.2 дні тому

    I also have a mind-blowing relationship advice: “If someone gets to know you and chooses to leave , how can they be right for you ?"

  84. Katherine Beal

    Katherine Beal2 дні тому

    you should watch community!!!! it's my most favorite sitcom ever

  85. Laurianne Brisebois

    Laurianne Brisebois2 дні тому

    you would loooove jane the virgin!!

  86. pumpk

    pumpk2 дні тому

    I need to ask you this: have you ever watched “Bacurau”? It’s an amazing Brazilian movie, I think that you will like it

  87. Stephany Quinto

    Stephany Quinto2 дні тому

    Little fires everywhere!