My First Spray Tan at One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Tanning Salons | One Star Reviews


  1. Adam Vargo

    Adam Vargo5 годин тому

    *I was ORANGE*

  2. X. Y.

    X. Y.17 годин тому

    Yo that flame shirt is dope

  3. shrekcrap123

    shrekcrap12321 годину тому

    Cringe af😂

  4. Cai Kween

    Cai KweenДень тому

    He turned into a different person

  5. CEGaming

    CEGaming2 дні тому

    *I was orange*


    TheGRIFFINLORD3 дні тому

    He looks like a skinny Ethan Klein


    YOUNG_ NIKO4 дні тому

    You awkward as fuck

  8. Vinh Hoang

    Vinh Hoang4 дні тому

    I think the only thing that got sprayed was the inside of his speedos he wanted her so bad cringey but he is cool tho and also funny in his own wierd way.

  9. Cameron Mansky

    Cameron Mansky4 дні тому

    How many times did she check to see if you was bulging???

  10. Krteček

    Krteček6 днів тому

    i can smell the soy from just looking at him

  11. GuidoAnchovy B

    GuidoAnchovy B6 днів тому

    whoever edits these needs some kind of award


    SPENCER GILES6 днів тому

    I’m not a robot 6:28 makes robot noise

  13. Ben Rosenberg

    Ben Rosenberg6 днів тому

    This guy reminds me of Michael Cera

  14. spongebob square pants

    spongebob square pants7 днів тому

    You look like Mr.bean in the thumbnail

  15. dijo dim

    dijo dim7 днів тому

    I really wonder why people comment on other's shirt or pants.. I mean let people wear what they want... I don't give a shit if someone's wearing a 90s shirt or 80s .. The funny part is the people who like to comment about other's will be the first all pissed off if they got similar treatment

  16. Air Strike Technologies

    Air Strike Technologies7 днів тому

    No side effects at all! 10 years later ….. Non Hoskins Lymphoma. That shit is stabilized with the same chemicals on "round up" weed killer. The anti-bacterial agents in that tan is the same chem compound used in anti coagulant in Round Up! DO NOT put this shit on your body, it DOES dry and aureate, you ARE breathing this shit into your resp system.

  17. A day in the life of an Asian

    A day in the life of an Asian8 днів тому

    0:14 Who thought that was what we thought it was....

  18. ur a thot

    ur a thot8 днів тому

    he said “i’m cool with nuts” then she said “😐”

  19. ILustris

    ILustris8 днів тому

    He’s so awkward when leaving

  20. ThiccGecko

    ThiccGecko8 днів тому

    I can relate to him so much I’m just as or more awkward

  21. trentbateman

    trentbateman8 днів тому

    It’s like an early version of Louis Theroux- minus the sophistication, wit and intelligence. Oh and the height.

  22. joifire

    joifire8 днів тому

    Omg she maybe too nervous BUT customer service training !

  23. Adamvonblunt Adamvonblunt

    Adamvonblunt Adamvonblunt9 днів тому

    fuck this shit is cringe as fuck

  24. Ethan Huynh

    Ethan Huynh10 днів тому

    The effects are so bad they're good

  25. Sky Raven

    Sky Raven11 днів тому

    I don’t know why people get aggressive once the bad reviews get mentioned. I mean they’re not doing a very good job are they

  26. Kitchen Kitten

    Kitchen Kitten11 днів тому

    *i was orange*

  27. King of Thrift

    King of Thrift12 днів тому

    The video was awesome but this comment section is the funniest thing I’ve read all year!! 😂🤣😂

  28. Pixelated Adorable Noises

    Pixelated Adorable Noises12 днів тому


  29. Night Shadow

    Night Shadow12 днів тому

    Oof. This man sufferzz

  30. Chef 3.14

    Chef 3.1412 днів тому

    My mans was trying to spray more than just a tan

  31. Juan D Giron

    Juan D Giron13 днів тому

    Bro you a cool dude but you got no game bro

  32. KingOfThePrince8133

    KingOfThePrince813313 днів тому

    why this dude so akward especialy at the end when he was talking to the girl and the akward smiles

  33. don dony

    don dony13 днів тому

    white people are uncool in all thr shit they're doing bruh lmaoo its like every thing they do is the ultimate goal of becoming black , music , tanning , penis size , everything

  34. Frecklestein

    Frecklestein14 днів тому

    8:25 literally cringing so hard

  35. Sea Mac

    Sea Mac15 днів тому

    Best review ever....

  36. Kristijan Penić industriesTM

    Kristijan Penić industriesTM15 днів тому

    he was so happy when he was naked and talking to that girl

  37. Manish Kumar Singh

    Manish Kumar Singh15 днів тому

    Dude u are Indian, we are born tan

  38. Tine ivanič

    Tine ivanič16 днів тому

    One star reviews is the best thing ever

  39. Tyler Miller

    Tyler Miller16 днів тому

    8:28 the fuck was that?

  40. Brvndon Tube

    Brvndon Tube18 днів тому

    Wow your awkward

  41. xo cam

    xo cam18 днів тому

    protect taji at all costs

  42. Stacey Smith

    Stacey Smith19 днів тому

    I think his smile is awkwardly fucking adorable!!!!!!

  43. Aaron Barnett

    Aaron Barnett19 днів тому

    This guy is comedic gold. From is outfits and persona to the editing of the videos. Amazing.

  44. Jessie Dorn

    Jessie Dorn20 днів тому

    Did i see him turn red? At the end talking to the babe?

  45. Bryn Diesel

    Bryn Diesel20 днів тому

    Cheapest rip off of Steve Brule EVER. Wtf happened to VICE??? Seriously???!!

  46. Bryn Diesel

    Bryn Diesel20 днів тому


  47. M.J Hyland

    M.J Hyland21 день тому

    5 stars for the host of '1-star Yelp reviews' show. Awesome!

  48. Jourdon Johnson

    Jourdon Johnson21 день тому


  49. Adrian

    Adrian22 дні тому

    The cameraman knows they are digging each other

  50. Adrian

    Adrian22 дні тому

    More specifically or only...

  51. Adrian

    Adrian22 дні тому

    This bihhh is gonna kill this dude when they get together bruhh

  52. Flat Banana

    Flat Banana22 дні тому

    you look like a dipped overcooked buffalo wing

  53. Diego Arevalo

    Diego Arevalo22 дні тому

    why does he remind me of shia labeouf

  54. trippie redd took an L

    trippie redd took an L22 дні тому

    I feel like he was awkward on purpose

  55. the newz

    the newz23 дні тому

    The sexual chemistry between him and the spray tan girl

  56. Barrios Groupie

    Barrios Groupie23 дні тому

    He's already brown

  57. E X P L I C I T - C R I T I C I S M

    E X P L I C I T - C R I T I C I S M24 дні тому

    YELP reviews were crushed, destroyed and thrown into Garbage. YELP is a scam and sham site for both the consumer and the businesses.


    JAMERVITALITY25 днів тому

    i fuck with this too the fullest he need too do a movie it would be funny asf and that white bitch can get the dick

  59. Claudia KittyDisco Boland

    Claudia KittyDisco Boland27 днів тому

    L#LoveYourWork T :) Good on you x Orange is the nu glamour glue.

  60. 20 subs with no Videos

    20 subs with no Videos27 днів тому

    Is this where Donald Trump got his tan spray