MY HIT LIST ... Best & Worst Luxury Makeup


  1. LB

    LB2 години тому

    Would love a drug store version of this!

  2. Helen Celeridad

    Helen CeleridadДень тому

    What I'm curious about is the No. 7 Airbrush Away Skin Perfector. Have you tried this?

  3. Nancy Hernandez

    Nancy HernandezДень тому

    Hey I caught a mistake on your vids!! That Natasha Denona Crystal top coat was labeled as NARS. I had to go back thought I was tripping again

  4. Chris Harrison

    Chris HarrisonДень тому

    No drug store brands

  5. April

    April2 дні тому

    Can we see a luxury dupes for these products video?

  6. Jazz G.

    Jazz G.3 дні тому

    I loved the false alarm with the snizzing😂it was so funny♥️love Tati

  7. Alyse Novetti

    Alyse Novetti4 дні тому

    Try the Tarte blush in Glisten for an Orgasm dupe! The shade is a bit deeper of a coral but has the same gold shimmer effect and is super similar to Pearlescent Pink. Peaceful is another good one, a bit more pink than coral and not as dark as Glisten. Plus the Tarte blushes don't break me out :)

  8. VVV MMM

    VVV MMM4 дні тому

    With the Natasha denona Chroma shadows you have to scrape it and use it as a loose pigment after it dries out, otherwise it’s a waste of nearly $40 (CAD)

  9. Reagan E

    Reagan E5 днів тому

    I’d love to see a medium ground video. Things that aren’t drug store prices nor luxury- like the $25-$60 range. I couldn’t fathom spending these prices (my logic is there’s always going to be something cheaper and better for that price tag so I can’t rationalize myself to buy these) but I feel a little more boujee than the drug store sometimes

  10. Michaela Miller

    Michaela Miller5 днів тому

    Wait... Pearlescent Pink has been discontinued?!? Noooooo that’s like my fave blush tf?!?! 😭😭😭

  11. Skyler Gironda

    Skyler Gironda7 днів тому

    Loveeee this, please do more!! Any firms, so insightful and helped me with future purchases!!!

  12. Alyssa Alburez

    Alyssa Alburez7 днів тому

    OOOO do some more videos like this please!!!!! Go store by store, brands in Sephora, Ulta, Walgreens!

  13. Tammy Nelson

    Tammy Nelson8 днів тому

    Tati, try a Nars blush without the shimmer....their shimmer blush gets blotchy on me too

  14. Gin Kanade

    Gin Kanade8 днів тому

    As a YSL beauty advisor if you love the Tatouage stain or the YSL stain series in general and want something more hydrating so that you can wear all day every day, try the new Water Stain formula. VERY hydrating, 40% water and EXTREMELY high shine. The colour is also very pigmented!!! So do give the YSL Water Stain a look at if you're interested in getting a stain from them you can wear a few days in a row~

  15. mistral 111

    mistral 1118 днів тому

    Please talk about various ways of applying foundation... beauty sponges vs different types of brushes.

  16. Radoslava Bodnárová

    Radoslava Bodnárová9 днів тому

    I would love you to do more like the best/worst in each category (bronzer, highlighter, foundation, etc. ...) :)))

  17. Bella Manatrizio

    Bella Manatrizio10 днів тому

    more of this! do drugstore edition

  18. Lol Haha

    Lol Haha10 днів тому

    Bust down tatiana

  19. Kristi Blok

    Kristi Blok10 днів тому

    For a NARS orgasm blush dupe - try Milani's baked powder blush in Dolce Pink! I ♥️ it!

  20. Lendy Irigoyen

    Lendy Irigoyen11 днів тому

    Yes with drugstore!!!! & a in between 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  21. Brittnee Axe

    Brittnee Axe11 днів тому

    Could you test the covergirl active foundation? I've tried it and I'm having trouble with it, with and without a primer. I want to see what your opinion is and maybe see if I should try something to help fix it.

  22. laura Lynn

    laura Lynn11 днів тому

    Love the bun

  23. Christina Campdera

    Christina Campdera11 днів тому

    Have u tried Hourglass Veil loose setting powder?

  24. aisha m

    aisha m11 днів тому

    I just love your videos 😍😍😍 they are so refreshing and fun , loads of love from India Tati ♥️

  25. Kimboly Tran

    Kimboly Tran11 днів тому

    Tati: “this is so good” Me:*looks at price* Tati: “this is my absolute favorite” Me:Dear Santa...

  26. Liz Nagy

    Liz Nagy11 днів тому

    I recently got the Nars liquid blush in Dolce vita and wondering how the heck you put it on to not make you look like a clown


    LIFE OF JUST ME! CHANNEL11 днів тому


  28. Peggy Thompson

    Peggy Thompson11 днів тому

    A drugstore one would be amazing. You makeup looks stunning in this video. Have a wonderful peaceful night

  29. Yvette AB

    Yvette AB12 днів тому

    I would love to know exactly what eye makeup and just all makeup Tati has on in this video. Gorgeous!

  30. trangbaang

    trangbaang12 днів тому

    YSL pen!!!

  31. Jody Diou

    Jody Diou12 днів тому

    I'd love a medium priced and drugstore brand best and worse list. I'd also love to see you try on products. Keep up the great work.

  32. Adele Elzinga

    Adele Elzinga12 днів тому

    Loved this. Drugstore please ❤️

  33. Beth Boyle

    Beth Boyle12 днів тому

    Another orgasm dupe is by sleek makeup. I think the shade is called rose gold but it's an even better shade match than w&w. Love you girl and you're so damn gorgeous it hurts!

  34. Jules Harding

    Jules Harding14 днів тому

    I LOVE best/worst from a brand or category videos! a la Jamie Paige

  35. tiffeaney

    tiffeaney14 днів тому

    Love this more especially drug store!!! Lol

  36. Tracie McBeth

    Tracie McBeth14 днів тому

    Love this! All brands PLEASE! Creating a list to purchase. My wish list! Thanks so much.

  37. Tanya Reichel

    Tanya Reichel15 днів тому

    I miss when you put in what was on your face in the description 😫😫😫😫😫😫

  38. Erin 1984

    Erin 198415 днів тому

    My first natasha denona product was the chrome topper in the mauve duochrome and I was not impressed. For the price it went back to the store.

  39. Erin 1984

    Erin 198415 днів тому

    Nars orgasm dupes- colourpop more is more blush stix and becca flowerchild (which I bought from Marshall's for $7!)

  40. Amanda Mulder

    Amanda Mulder15 днів тому


  41. erene alexandra

    erene alexandra15 днів тому

    the balm cosmetics has a blush called hot mama which I think is even better than nars

  42. K. K

    K. K15 днів тому

    Tati , Tropic Hues from Laura Geller and Bobbi Brown Antigua Illuminating Bronzing Powder (it’s just a pink blush with golden shift ) are both great dupes . Once I had no Orgasm left at all , just little powder in the pan and I finished the other cheek with Antigua and I couldn’t tell the difference 😂

  43. Maud Berthier

    Maud Berthier15 днів тому

    Your hair is amazing 😍 and your makeup is so beautiful !! Always perfect Tati ❤️❤️

  44. Pascale Pascale

    Pascale Pascale15 днів тому

    Sleek blush is very similar to nars orgasm

  45. Stephannie Hurt

    Stephannie Hurt15 днів тому

    What eyeshadow do you have on? I love it!!!

  46. Vanessa Smalls

    Vanessa Smalls15 днів тому

    I think you use so much creamy producuts.. fenty is one of the brands that needs a matt matt matt base for everything. Cause rihanna has oily skin she says.. so it's logical to make all the products with a matt finish. ☺️

  47. Eddie Garcia

    Eddie Garcia16 днів тому

    Females just love your real self instead of trying to change it it's not good for you in the long run

  48. Rice&beans &rock&roll

    Rice&beans &rock&roll15 днів тому

    Oh Sssssh

  49. Céline Khilán

    Céline Khilán16 днів тому

    I have been at Sephora tody to get some of these products that's from your favourites. I really miss a list of these favourites in the description box! I also miss a couple of pictures that you insert in your videos with the product you are talking about (that I still wish would be shown a little bit longer than it is in your videos now). I really appreciate your work, videos, all of it! I'm watching all of your videos❤️🤗 So I hope that you will read this, and consider it 😇🥰 × Have a good one! × xoxo😄

  50. Liz Holland

    Liz Holland16 днів тому

    Tarte Glisten is similar to Nars Orgasm and is a fantastic formula

  51. Kristi Neff

    Kristi Neff16 днів тому

    I knew going in, I cannot afford any of this. Still watched. I don’t know why, but Tati really turned me off with this video. I have never felt that way towards her. Hum....