My School Stories


  1. o wo cabuai

    o wo cabuai4 години тому


  2. Alice Sweetspoon

    Alice Sweetspoon5 годин тому

    I’m the ne- Anime nerd ( Only in my school)

  3. Nhung Phung

    Nhung Phung5 годин тому

    Me: *makes a picture for MY FREAKING FRIEND and gives it to her This RANDO kid: *sees the drawing Ronda kid: OMG DID ______ DRAW THIS FOR U My friend: yea....ummmm........ RANDO kid: *comes to ME RANDO kid: CAN U DRAW SOMETHING FOR ME me in my head: haha. No, freaking Timmy What I ACTUALLY SAY: SURE! I freaking hate myself 😢🤧 (No offence to any Timmy’s out there I’m just kidding but SorryThisIsSoLong...)

  4. Randall Scott

    Randall Scott6 годин тому

    I’m still in school

  5. Randall Scott

    Randall Scott6 годин тому

    I’m still in school

  6. Justina Muszynski

    Justina Muszynski7 годин тому

    frickin' cathy

  7. Vanessa's Youtube Channel

    Vanessa's Youtube Channel7 годин тому


  8. PichuMan and Puggy Epic Unboxing

    PichuMan and Puggy Epic Unboxing7 годин тому

    Also no the envelope with teeth is not a thing anymore

  9. PichuMan and Puggy Epic Unboxing

    PichuMan and Puggy Epic Unboxing7 годин тому

    I’m ok with school I’m good JUST THIS YEAR

  10. Banana Inc. Official 100

    Banana Inc. Official 1009 годин тому

    If you like this comment, then you get smacked by this 🥖. If you reply, then you will get sent to Pluto.

  11. LoboDeSombra 861

    LoboDeSombra 86110 годин тому

    “W-What happened? Wait, I’m not ready to be an adult yet!” Same Jaiden, same 😂

  12. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya11 годин тому

    My school had a necklace that had a tooth charm that opened and you would put your tooth in it

  13. SCYT

    SCYT11 годин тому

    Around a decade ago, I was in P3 (the Irish equivalent to 1st Grade) I lost my tooth in the middle of class and they stuck it to a piece of card lol. This is when I was 6 and it was my first tooth

  14. Paula Wardle

    Paula Wardle13 годин тому

    Take the I out of your name and boom you have my name.

  15. A million subs With no videos

    A million subs With no videos16 годин тому

    Two groups in my grade: 1. Viners, Gamers, and Memers 2. Normies, TikTok users, and Fortnite players

  16. Mayra Munoz

    Mayra Munoz17 годин тому

    At my school if your tooth came out they would just give you a treasure.🤣😂

  17. Queen of Spades

    Queen of Spades17 годин тому

    I'm in college, studying to be a teacher, and one of our teachers told us that when she goes to call on a student, she will not call on a student who is making eye contact cause it shows confidence

  18. EpicBaconHairy

    EpicBaconHairy19 годин тому


  19. Kobra Stryker06

    Kobra Stryker0620 годин тому

    I’m a anime nerd :)

  20. Arianna Woolf

    Arianna Woolf20 годин тому

    My school still uses tooth envelopes

  21. Maddie Fleener

    Maddie Fleener21 годину тому

    In my school we use tiny mini treasure chests

  22. cheesen boi

    cheesen boiДень тому

    Gues what o am in school it starts with a and it is not athlete

  23. Bailey Morgan

    Bailey MorganДень тому

    I didn't get a tooth envelope, I got a napkin...

  24. Jasmine Dicla

    Jasmine DiclaДень тому

    That "hehe... No". I said yes so I end up drawing my classmate with a ballpen



    sad your art teacher a perv?

  26. lorien 2005

    lorien 2005День тому

    Everybody has there fandoms Hmmmm mine is mcr Oh and mcr Oh yeah and Fall our boy And um... My chemical romance lol

  27. lorien 2005

    lorien 2005День тому

    My whole school stereotypes Athletes Cheerleaders Preps Meme people Vine people The emo kids The fake hot topic emo kids The douchebags who think limp bizkit is still cool And the metal children

  28. Caroline_thatsme Rivera

    Caroline_thatsme RiveraДень тому

    I’m the anime nerd

  29. Miranda Bryant

    Miranda BryantДень тому

    Im a shy socially awkward emo scares people anime lover and a artsy kid

  30. Cameron Gratrix

    Cameron GratrixДень тому

    yep we still have the tooth holder.

  31. Dragon- Shai

    Dragon- ShaiДень тому

    Your art teacher sounds like my photography teacher lol


    DIEGO LUCASДень тому

    My school had treasure chest.

  33. Rayhana Choudhury

    Rayhana ChoudhuryДень тому

    then highschool happened

  34. Rainbow Cray-Z

    Rainbow Cray-ZДень тому

    Tactics for not getting called on (but none of these things worked at my school because instead of raising hands we had a random name generator...I HATE THAT FRIKIN NAME GENERATOR) 1. Pretend you're taking notes because looking productive means you're too busy to answer 2. Pretend to sharpen a pencil or rustle through your pencil case looking for something 3. Look like you're confused 4. Look like you're ''thinking'' 5. Be that kid that has the weird reputation...the weird one. 6. Be in the corner of the room and don't look at ANYONE 7. Be that kid that has the bad reputation

  35. Avbtoast _

    Avbtoast _День тому

    I’m the soft kid in the class

  36. MackTEM 2006

    MackTEM 2006День тому

    Don’t forget the Pokémon card collector

  37. Ben Schwikkard Year 10

    Ben Schwikkard Year 10День тому

    They still do that!

  38. Micah Animated

    Micah AnimatedДень тому

    Art and quiet kid is so me in a nutshell and im will be animator when I grow uo

  39. Gacha RainbowQT

    Gacha RainbowQTДень тому

    I like history/A.P.

  40. Israr Raziqeen

    Israr RaziqeenДень тому

    I'm an anime nerd

  41. The awkward One

    The awkward OneДень тому

    I’m the only one in my class who fits in the weird nerd

  42. Doge Doge Doge Doge Doge Doge

    Doge Doge Doge Doge Doge DogeДень тому

    In about 3rd-5th grade I was actually pretty open and not quiet. Just the thing was I was annoying and not popular so I didn’t have much friends. It is weird that people in that school didn’t want to be my friend just because I was not “cool”, and popular, and that I was “annoying.”

  43. Roberto Tongol

    Roberto TongolДень тому

    Yarrghh !!!!

  44. Livy Fauza

    Livy FauzaДень тому

    My school has the tooth thing burning have to run to the freaking nurse with bloody hell on u get one there. God that sounds wromf

  45. Dead Grass

    Dead GrassДень тому

    My classes categories was some what similar 1. The annoying kids that no one likes 2. The bad boys/athletes 3. The “Too Confident” kid 4. The shy ones 5 the kids who think funny but they’re not (me) :( 6. The DUMB ones And the actual funny ones

  46. Cute doggo Pup

    Cute doggo Pup2 дні тому

    i'm sorry they stopped five years ago jaiden 1:08

  47. fortnite ttv try hard swety

    fortnite ttv try hard swety2 дні тому


  48. Kasper Haxen

    Kasper Haxen2 дні тому

    There still have the little teeth package

  49. Susan Rosario

    Susan Rosario2 дні тому


  50. Tweets 11

    Tweets 112 дні тому

    My elementary school did the tooth thing but they put it in a tiny plastic treasure box and you also got a piece of candy

  51. Umaru-Chan

    Umaru-Chan2 дні тому

    2:45 the smoothest thing I’ve ever seen lol except when steven hugs steven in SU

  52. Natalie Kurpius

    Natalie Kurpius2 дні тому

    I’m the quiet one too.

  53. Let’s Animate and Draw

    Let’s Animate and Draw2 дні тому

    I’m an anime nerd

  54. Audreysaurs Gamer

    Audreysaurs Gamer2 дні тому

    My college prep teacher asked us if we take band for our elective... College prep was our elective I regret it

  55. Unicorn gurl

    Unicorn gurl2 дні тому

    Treaser chest and one kid purposely rip her tooth out just to get a treaser chests 😆

  56. Amazing 1234

    Amazing 12342 дні тому

    I did that in second grade

  57. Stephanie Petersen

    Stephanie Petersen2 дні тому

    Yeah they do still use those little envelope things

  58. Daniel Cuevas

    Daniel Cuevas2 дні тому

    Stephanie Petersen my school used tiny treasure chests

  59. daily dose of football

    daily dose of football2 дні тому

    actually its 13 years of school lol

  60. Ellie Dove

    Ellie Dove2 дні тому

    We got little Treasure Chest to hold our tooth and that we lost in the middle of class... so yeah my school was weird

  61. Psychlych

    Psychlych2 дні тому

    I’m Canada they give us a plastic tooth necklace to put the tooth in

  62. Trenton Loftin

    Trenton Loftin2 дні тому

    I am anime athlete

  63. osita barbi

    osita barbi2 дні тому


  64. Noelia Hernandez

    Noelia Hernandez2 дні тому

    Me to !!!

  65. Mygaminggecko

    Mygaminggecko2 дні тому

    Jokes on you because I can draw myself

  66. Jerman Me

    Jerman Me2 дні тому


  67. Dragoboy Rizky Alfiansyah

    Dragoboy Rizky Alfiansyah2 дні тому

    Same as me jaiden, same ad me...

  68. Rishon D Souza

    Rishon D Souza2 дні тому

    Jaden :looking back there was a lot of blood involved with school Me : *HA THIS IS PROOF* Future me : fuck this if I had it they must have it

  69. Dragoboy Rizky Alfiansyah

    Dragoboy Rizky Alfiansyah2 дні тому

    Same as me jaiden

  70. Darkside Playz

    Darkside Playz2 дні тому

    Jaiden: anything to say ari? Ari the dog: *quacks and tweets* Jaiden: quack? Me: QUACK QUACK IMMA FREAKIN DUCK!!!!!! 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆

  71. Darkside Playz

    Darkside Playz2 дні тому

    Oof I hate school it sucks.... exept ma frens 😀🙂😋👍🏻👩🏼‍🎓< me

  72. Vitani ShadowHeart

    Vitani ShadowHeart3 дні тому

    In my school we threw a broken table out of the window ...

  73. Jess Rose11

    Jess Rose113 дні тому

    Yeah they still do the envelopes

  74. Jacob Greene

    Jacob Greene3 дні тому

    Peeps in my school... Shy ones Super smart ones Nice everyone ones Rude to everyone ones Know it alls even they are dumb ones Gamer ones UAreporter obsessed ones Teachers pet ones Psycho ones Sassy ones Spoiled ones Artsy ones Fartsy ones Talktomuchbutnotenough ones Trouble maker ones Jugey ones Harry Potter ones Phone addicted ones Netflix lovers ones My friend group

  75. Jacob Greene

    Jacob Greene3 дні тому

    I'm the opposite... I was loud, energetic, talked to everyone, and was plain insane

  76. Jacob Greene

    Jacob Greene3 дні тому

    Still am

  77. Luna da wolf

    Luna da wolf3 дні тому

    0:57 they do in my school ( I'm nine and they have these things that look like a tooth )

  78. Skylight_Draws QwQ

    Skylight_Draws QwQ3 дні тому

    Had my first migraine. I only know this cause this video

  79. Magolord Videos

    Magolord Videos3 дні тому

    If I don’t look at the teacher when she/he asks a question, they would call on me because they would think I wasn’t paying attention

  80. Codybear 52

    Codybear 523 дні тому

    I got a concussion in 1st grade from tripping over a tennis net sooooo that sucked🙁

  81. The dark Knight

    The dark Knight3 дні тому

    2019 anyone

  82. unicorns are cool

    unicorns are cool3 дні тому

    Facts about jaiden 1 funney 2 sarcastic 3self conscious 4over all awesome

  83. bruce mendoza mendoza

    bruce mendoza mendoza2 дні тому

    unicorns are cool suk

  84. elemental death

    elemental death3 дні тому

    At my school it was a case in the shape Of a tooth and ot was yellow

  85. Charliethebestpuppy

    Charliethebestpuppy3 дні тому

    We do treasure boxes for our teeth

  86. Fox Girl

    Fox Girl3 дні тому

    What are you in school Nerdy kid Popular kid Strange kid Tough kid Psycho girl kid who is friends with the strong mean kid The mean kid The Who cares kid Okay who are you ?

  87. Fox Girl

    Fox Girl3 дні тому

    I am the psycho girl and you are ?

  88. DreamyPastels Hetalian

    DreamyPastels Hetalian3 дні тому

    Oof it's gonna be back to school for me on 3th June. Pray for me y'all.

  89. All you need to know about

    All you need to know about3 дні тому

    Whenever someone tells me to sketch something I say - Me - Try doing it yourself don't you know how much time and efforts it takes me to make one sketch!? I made Elsa's sketch and it took me the whole night and you're saying make me one!???? The dumbo- Why don't you just say you don't wanna? Me-...... Dumbo-....... *AwKaRd SiLeNcE*

  90. Happy Pizza

    Happy Pizza4 дні тому

    And um no skools don’t use dose tooth holder things anymore same thing happened to me and I just took a tissue and put my tooth in my pocket

  91. Weird patrol

    Weird patrol4 дні тому

    if I was in that class I would be in the anime group cuz I like pokemon

  92. Alex G

    Alex G4 дні тому


  93. ally. r

    ally. r4 дні тому

    well enveloped made more sense, than our schools. We had a tiny treasure box that your tooth would go into, but at the same time. It was a necklace. I guess that's where all the funds go to

  94. Green Star Ponies

    Green Star Ponies4 дні тому

    When you ppl telling secrets Me : 3:01

  95. Green Star Ponies

    Green Star Ponies4 дні тому

    My school that has envelopes for your tooth they just had this little plastic treasure chest

  96. Treasure Malise vlogs

    Treasure Malise vlogs4 дні тому

    They do

  97. cleaning Kalmthout

    cleaning Kalmthout4 дні тому

    How Can people find you and get a autograph when... WE DONT EVEN KNOW YOUR FACE

  98. KhaosGamer2018 GD

    KhaosGamer2018 GD4 дні тому

    I want to have your high school art teacher!

  99. Cesar Campos

    Cesar Campos4 дні тому

    Same on all

  100. Chad McSwain

    Chad McSwain4 дні тому

    I don't really don't like school besides reading

  101. LightningWOOF_YT

    LightningWOOF_YT4 дні тому

    3:15 I RELATE SO FLIPPING MUCH. My twin.

  102. LightningWOOF_YT

    LightningWOOF_YT4 дні тому In’s a free ARE WE FORCED TO GO TO SCHOOL...?!

  103. My Cat Smudge

    My Cat Smudge4 дні тому

    Can you please draw a picture of me

  104. Lachlan Ponting

    Lachlan Ponting5 днів тому

    My front teeth fell out to at the same time