My School Stories


  1. Rumplank

    RumplankГодину тому

    that art teacher would be dope

  2. Georgia Simpson

    Georgia Simpson3 години тому

    I I' I'm I'm G I'm Go I'm Gon I'm Gonn I'm Gonna I'm Gonna J I'm Gonna Ju I'm Gonna Jum I'm Gonna Jump I'm Gonna Jump O I'm Gonna Jump Ov I'm Gonna Jump Ove I'm Gonna Jump Over I'm Gonna Jump Over t I'm Gonna Jump Over th I'm Gonna Jump Over the I'm Gonna Jump Over the n I'm Gonna Jump Over the ne I'm Gonna Jump Over the net I'm Gonna Jump Over the ne I'm Gonna Jump Over the n I'm Gonna Jump Over the I'm Gonna Jump Over th I'm Gonna Jump Over t I'm Gonna Jump Over I'm Gonna Jump Ove I'm Gonna Jump Ov I'm Gonna Jump O I'm Gonna Jump I'm Gonna Jum I'm Gonna Ju I'm Gonna J I'm Gonna I'm Gonn I'm Gon I'm Go I'm G I'm I' I

  3. It's Ripley

    It's Ripley3 години тому

    98% of what you learn is a waste!

  4. Lisee Pig

    Lisee Pig3 години тому

    I dare you to draw something and put it in the background of one of vids but have it in every scene

  5. jess-junk

    jess-junk4 години тому

    At my school when we lost teeth they gave us a small case shaped like a tooth to out the tooth in that was on a string so you could wear it as a necklace. So that was cool.

  6. The Loler1273

    The Loler12736 годин тому

    Meaning of homework Half Of My Energy Wasted On Random Knowledge

  7. LK.Volatus

    LK.Volatus7 годин тому

    I want to be taught by your art teacher… NOW

  8. Ciara Oreilly

    Ciara Oreilly7 годин тому

    In my school we have little tooth necklaces. Now thinking about it was weird... 😕

  9. Paniyah VidsLOL

    Paniyah VidsLOL7 годин тому

    The position that the guy on 1:38 reminds me about Bendy and the Ink Machine 🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Fist_punch95

    Fist_punch957 годин тому

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  11. Luna_ Wolf178

    Luna_ Wolf1787 годин тому

    My friend asked for me to draw her.... i did.....oof

  12. Ben H

    Ben H8 годин тому

    Yes they do I’m in the 5th grade

  13. Paula Munoz

    Paula Munoz8 годин тому

    Don't worry i was shy also

  14. Pokemon _040

    Pokemon _0409 годин тому

    i h

  15. panda lover

    panda lover9 годин тому

    4:40 me if I became a teacher.

  16. panda lover

    panda lover9 годин тому

    Mental Abuse To Humans That is math

  17. panda lover

    panda lover9 годин тому

    They use little plastic chest for teeth.

  18. Bry*Dreams

    Bry*Dreams9 годин тому

    At my elementary school they would and still do give you a case that is the shape of a tooth and is a necklace

  19. chuktime

    chuktime9 годин тому

    I fit in a category called the loner's everyone HATED (insert triggered sound here)

  20. TheRedEye 15

    TheRedEye 159 годин тому

    Hehe they soooooo

  21. Kyra Woodburn

    Kyra Woodburn10 годин тому

    That's not true. If you don't want to be called on make eye contact, because it you don't make contact then the teacher will call on you to embarrass you in front of and class and show that you were not paying attention. MAKE EYE CONTACT. It's happened to me before it's bad.😬

  22. Lumine The werewolf

    Lumine The werewolf11 годин тому

    Emvolopes yup

  23. Hillary Olguin

    Hillary Olguin11 годин тому

    Why do teachers do that

  24. D Bro's

    D Bro's11 годин тому

    Yep they do

  25. Gaming Fun

    Gaming Fun12 годин тому

    if only jaidens friends in school knew she would grow up to be jaiden animation with 5.1m subs

  26. Sweaty Pete

    Sweaty Pete13 годин тому

    My elementary school gave us little treasure chests for our teeth, don’t get me wrong it still sucked that was the only special thing I remember about it

  27. ITZ cRaZY gaMeZ

    ITZ cRaZY gaMeZ13 годин тому

    School 😥 Home 😂

  28. CrispyMemes21

    CrispyMemes2113 годин тому

    So true your like drawing a Dino and look at you for a minute and their like ARE YOU DRAWING , DO YOU LIKE TO DRAW !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  29. Vakis Papapostolou

    Vakis Papapostolou13 годин тому

    At My school we use envelops for our teeth also Im really good at Drawing Im the art kid in My class 😂😂

  30. bts forever

    bts forever14 годин тому

    ok the quiet kid one is me hAh

  31. random rush

    random rush14 годин тому

    my school still does teeth envolopes

  32. Kathryn Helms

    Kathryn Helms14 годин тому

    Now there are little plastic chests for teeth

  33. JadeTiger

    JadeTiger14 годин тому

    I can relate to being the class artist

  34. Saif Ahmad

    Saif Ahmad15 годин тому

    00:51 I remember that once my tooth fell out and I went to the medical room getting the envelope and when I got home I tried to convince my mum that my tooth envelope was a suspension card which she actually believed until I told her I was joking. This was rare for me because I was the good A+ student who was well behaved and I have a really strange sense of humour.

  35. SharkieYT Vløgs

    SharkieYT Vløgs15 годин тому

    Is there a emo anime nerd? Cuz that’s me -hi jaiden-

  36. Queen of Vampires

    Queen of Vampires16 годин тому

    I'm shy and sensitive....high five

  37. Cloister Black

    Cloister Black18 годин тому

    2:44 this is so f funny i can't stop laughtin XD

  38. Paul Koffi

    Paul Koffi18 годин тому

    I I l I lo I lov I love I love y I love yo I love you💗 Love this video you are the best

  39. Nathan Varela

    Nathan Varela19 годин тому

    I've always bin shy but I always make friends with really out going people

  40. Brain Devloper Dimensional

    Brain Devloper Dimensional21 годину тому

    It seems like your school time was depression time. I was a super shy guy in my class but still half of the class was my friend and the other half was enemy.

  41. Indonesia Faiq

    Indonesia Faiq21 годину тому

    That's gotta be the best pirate i've ever seen So it would seem (Pirate of the Caribbean song)

  42. Y_Afaneh

    Y_Afaneh21 годину тому

    Tomorrow is the end for the first term of grade 12 for me, then I only have two terms left and I'm done with this torture, but the problem is in the UAE on top of the SAT and IELTS there is a new equivalency requirements which is EmSAT, basically SAT but from UAE's ministry of education, at first it was only for locals now everyone should do it, whether you're studying American curriculum or IG or IB or Arabic curriculum u should do it, it's 5 subjects, Arabic, English, math, physics, chemistry.

  43. Aubrey_Playz_ ROBLOX

    Aubrey_Playz_ ROBLOX22 години тому

    F Fu Fuck it.

  44. Maxime Van den Eynde

    Maxime Van den Eynde22 години тому

    I am the art kid as well 😁🖌🖍✏🎨🖼

  45. Maxime Van den Eynde

    Maxime Van den Eynde22 години тому

    I would like to be your friend

  46. Chie Emy Epi

    Chie Emy Epi23 години тому

    am shy but not quiet but noisy

  47. Pigeotto

    Pigeotto23 години тому

    I guess art teachers are always weird, wherever they are.

  48. Loxi

    LoxiДень тому

    Atleast... I know... how to read?

  49. weirdoandrew

    weirdoandrewДень тому

    I'm here after she got on UAreporter Rewind.

  50. weirdoandrew

    weirdoandrewДень тому

    I'm here after she got on UAreporter Rewind.

  51. M1 NeeT

    M1 NeeTДень тому

    its hard to be art kid on the class, especially the quiet one. theyre like, always ask the same question lol

  52. Jeff Flink

    Jeff FlinkДень тому

    2:36 The student mind in a nutshell...

  53. Eryka Rojas

    Eryka RojasДень тому

    I’m the quiet student to but I am only quiet in class

  54. One_way_izzy333

    One_way_izzy333День тому

    They do still put teeth in little envelopes



    Hey why does that emo drawing look like me

  56. Max Guilliams

    Max GuilliamsДень тому

    The same thing happened to me in First Grade but we were in the middle of a test. I don't know why I shared that with the comment section

  57. KillerKay

    KillerKayДень тому

    I'm also probably one of the nerds too.

  58. KillerKay

    KillerKayДень тому

    I'm one of the emo kids in my school (probably the only one)

  59. Ice Cream Dreams

    Ice Cream DreamsДень тому

    Maybe they do

  60. Processleaf Vlogs

    Processleaf VlogsДень тому

    It’s 7:00 in the morning I stayed up all night watching YOU XD XD

  61. Processleaf Vlogs

    Processleaf VlogsДень тому

    They still use those packets XD

  62. Kenny Renne

    Kenny RenneДень тому

    People ask me to draw them stuff and I don’t care when the do but I don’t have the time so when I say yes but I charge $10.00 😂😂

  63. BombDefuser6710

    BombDefuser6710День тому

    I got saturday school and the track coach "busted" me out

  64. Genesis Evardone

    Genesis EvardoneДень тому

    Welp.. I let myself chug on my blood when a tooth came off and I was like Me: Just think it taste strawberry.

  65. etha2760 etha2760

    etha2760 etha2760День тому

    someone asked me to draw them so I did but theeeeen they asked me to frikken draw there water bottle! ME: he he nope :3

  66. Nathan Pelton

    Nathan PeltonДень тому

    Yeah we do but we go to the nurse

  67. Smiley 18081

    Smiley 18081День тому

    And Jaiden I'm the same thing I am a child that is shy

  68. Smiley 18081

    Smiley 18081День тому

    Jaiden they don't put the tooth in a envelope they put it in a tiny chest

  69. Limpocat25

    Limpocat25День тому


  70. Top Hat Insomniac

    Top Hat InsomniacДень тому

    First 30 seconds involved me just holding my thumbs up to the screen yelling heck yeah that's education for ya!

  71. Top Hat Insomniac

    Top Hat InsomniacДень тому

    Secondary note I just geeked over how cool art kids drawings were and asked them questions about what they liked to draw and how. Which led to me getting yelled at because I was disturbing their only peaceful time. PS I got yelled at a lot for being curious in school. Odd concept huh?

  72. Master of Agumon

    Master of AgumonДень тому

    at my school we have little necklaces and they opened for your tooth

  73. An Intellectual Top Hat

    An Intellectual Top HatДень тому

    Wow, this video is still popular 2 years later.

  74. Jose Contreras

    Jose ContrerasДень тому

    An Intellectual Top Hat I know

  75. Dandy Lionz

    Dandy LionzДень тому

    Im artsy in school but no one ever talks to me so i dont have that problem :D

  76. JaKoby LeVan

    JaKoby LeVanДень тому

    Hey jaiden geuss what i love your videos and i am a shy blob to so i can relate

  77. Jakemeister119 Da Broski Brawler!!

    Jakemeister119 Da Broski Brawler!!День тому

    We use tiny plastic treasure chests for our chests.

  78. Jakemeister119 Da Broski Brawler!!

    Jakemeister119 Da Broski Brawler!!День тому

    I meant for your tooth

  79. Super meme generator 4 -

    Super meme generator 4 -День тому


  80. H Sulka

    H SulkaДень тому

    My school had little teeth lockets. They were just like little boxes in the shape of a tooth.

  81. Galactic Muffin BOY

    Galactic Muffin BOYДень тому

    im an anime nerd

  82. Ethan Tofu

    Ethan TofuДень тому

    I’m the anime nerd

  83. Galactic Muffin BOY

    Galactic Muffin BOYДень тому


  84. Ethan Tofu

    Ethan TofuДень тому

    Galactic Muffin BOY, ANIME GANG!

  85. Galactic Muffin BOY

    Galactic Muffin BOYДень тому


  86. Orene

    OreneДень тому

    My school had these amazing little necklaces that was a plastic tooth, and it opened up so you could put the tooth in it XD

  87. John Smith

    John SmithДень тому

    Wait, teachers call in people who don't raise their hand ALL THE TIME. If a lot of hands were up I actually raised my hand to lower the chance of being called on. And it was like that with almost all teachers. You had to go to the blackboard and solve a math problem and it didn't matter if you raised your hand.

  88. georgia bun playz

    georgia bun playzДень тому

    i’m mute

  89. anton fredricson

    anton fredricsonДень тому

    My catagory was metalheads

  90. Maya Pitre

    Maya PitreДень тому

    Some people ask me to draw them Something random and I always draw anime

  91. Nyan Cat

    Nyan CatДень тому

    They give you little treasure chests for your teeth now.

  92. Katie-Lee James

    Katie-Lee JamesДень тому


  93. frlolz

    frlolzДень тому

    did both the track teacher and the tennis coach get fired for sleeping with each other or just her? O.o

  94. Mafalda Bradge

    Mafalda BradgeДень тому

    When do you guys go to school?

  95. ItzShadowHyper

    ItzShadowHyperДень тому

    *We are Gamer*

  96. Wolfie A

    Wolfie AДень тому

    They still do the thing with the tooth ;-;

  97. Jack

    JackДень тому

    When everyone tells on me on everything 2:47

  98. - poppy -

    - poppy -День тому

    Not funny, Nice try sherlock

  99. Base Guy

    Base GuyДень тому

    I WISH I HAD AN ART TEACHER LIKE THAT- Coolest thing my art teacher ever did was play Disturbed while we drew

  100. Rainbow Diamond

    Rainbow DiamondДень тому

    EMO'S ME!!!!!!

  101. Yo tengo animations slide on your girls diems boi

    Yo tengo animations slide on your girls diems boiДень тому

    None had asked that WHY!!?!?

  102. Zoe Tripodi

    Zoe Tripodi2 дні тому

    I’m very artsy and when I draw, I’m in my element, it’s hard to get out of it. And when people say that it’s I’m rlly good, they keep on saying my name, and because I don’t want to talk to people I try to not talk to them, but then I end up having to, then I loose my concentration.

  103. Nyleve A. Vanger

    Nyleve A. Vanger2 дні тому

    "Heh heh... no." Can relate.

  104. League of Pokemon

    League of Pokemon2 дні тому

    He was going for the black eye so he is forced to wear an eye patch but he got two instead

  105. its_just _aidan

    its_just _aidan2 дні тому

    Jaiden I play tennis, it is my fav sport

  106. Clorox Chan

    Clorox Chan2 дні тому

    I lost so many teeth in school I ended up being known as the girl who pulled her teeth out.

  107. Kiyren Lee

    Kiyren Lee2 дні тому

    I'm a anime nerd

  108. NoName 2019

    NoName 20192 дні тому

    R.I.P Jaiden 2:47 lol

  109. NoName 2019

    NoName 201913 годин тому

    +Erik Allen thx for the correction

  110. Erik Allen

    Erik Allen16 годин тому