My School Stories


  1. Phuong Linh Ngo

    Phuong Linh Ngo14 хвилин тому

    Hey, if you didn't know, many Vietnamese schools (and maybe more) may often call students who don't have their hands raised to find out if they were listening to the lecture or not. Give a like if any of you has a same-same! Thanks

  2. Sparrow Wilson

    Sparrow Wilson5 годин тому

    I was named after captain jack sparrow

  3. Ethan Ha

    Ethan Ha6 годин тому

    I have a weird school story. So where I live in the winter we get a lot of rain. It’s like pouring. I was in 8th grade. It was 4th period. We were just doing normal school stuff. The alarm then rings once. Which I thought was weird cause it wasn’t supposed to. 1 second later and another one sounds. I immediately know it was a fire alarm. Everyone started like yelling in confusion. The procedure is to go out into the PE field to get away from the fire but it was raining. Like what is supposed to happen. So everyone still followed the procedure and went outside. We stood out there for like 10 minutes until we got to go back inside. That’s not the end. A week later in PE class. Before I say the story I have to explain. In PE we had to wear specific clothes for PE it was a t shirt and shorts. Alright so It was raining once again. We have a shower Bell which was supposed to ring. I heard on ring. I thought it was the shower bell. Then I heard the second one and I was just tired at this point. I am supposed to go out in the open when it was raining. Kinda stupid. We later learned it was cause the rain leaked into some wiring that activated the alarm. Kinda ironic.

  4. Wizard world

    Wizard world8 годин тому

    We use these tooth chest things in my school

  5. Amira Smit

    Amira Smit10 годин тому

    I got a tooth necklace with a tooth with a compartment which you put you tooth in

  6. Unipup 455

    Unipup 45511 годин тому

    Meaning of math Mental Abuse To Humans

  7. Unipup 455

    Unipup 45511 годин тому

    I have lots of crazy school memories

  8. Isabella Francisco

    Isabella Francisco12 годин тому

    me, an artist people always ask me to draw them i can relate

  9. Nora Bowyer

    Nora Bowyer12 годин тому

    at our school we get a necklace that has a tooth shape container and put the tooth in that

  10. SqiudTHEkid ROBLOX and more

    SqiudTHEkid ROBLOX and more12 годин тому

    I gave this video 100 likes on 200 accounts

  11. Chancey C

    Chancey C13 годин тому

    After each grade is done, I forget everything taught in that grade

  12. payton and presley do stuff

    payton and presley do stuff14 годин тому

    Sadly schools don't have evallops anymore that use these weird boxes

  13. carlos tilghman

    carlos tilghman14 годин тому

    I am the art kid too! Literally... my initials spell art

  14. Jennifer Adams

    Jennifer Adams14 годин тому

    My school used plastic tiny treasure chests

  15. Lennon Cordery

    Lennon Cordery15 годин тому

    FREAKING CATHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Rebecca Cochrane

    Rebecca Cochrane15 годин тому

    Omg I want that art teacher he seems SICK BROOOOO

  17. Rebecca Cochrane

    Rebecca Cochrane15 годин тому

    Ever since people realized I could draw dragons in 3rd grade, in recess I was always asked to draw a dragon. So I started off actually TRYING and then.. I went to speeding and for SOME reason they were really good which I was kinda weirded out by.. Soo yeah I can definitely relate

  18. Ray Holmberg

    Ray Holmberg16 годин тому

    we have boxes now.

  19. Moirachu

    Moirachu18 годин тому

    If I were to Describe myself in school: Emo, Anime Geek, Quiet, Art kid (._.)

  20. Morgan Davidson

    Morgan Davidson18 годин тому

    At my old school they put their tooth, in a tiny treasure chest and you wear it around your neck!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😅😂😂🤣😂😅 Like if you same

  21. Stewie Just Said That

    Stewie Just Said That19 годин тому

    I’m the drawing person

  22. Strickland Family

    Strickland Family20 годин тому

    I’m an art kid. (And I’m 10)

  23. Devyn Howe

    Devyn Howe20 годин тому

    I was a bad child very bad

  24. Kawaii_ Candy

    Kawaii_ Candy20 годин тому

    Hey Jaiden, Can u draw kawaii people? I'm just wondering cause I ❤️ kawaii stouff

  25. Brann Olive

    Brann Olive20 годин тому


  26. Swimology

    Swimology22 години тому

    Your teacher sounds like me lol

  27. Mr Random

    Mr Random23 години тому

    Flip I am the shy kid at school

  28. Marley Guhan

    Marley Guhan23 години тому

    i,m just NORMAL (>

  29. zjdbfneknd jzusbwjdj

    zjdbfneknd jzusbwjdj23 години тому

    Im in 4th i lovet

  30. Evil one wolf Pro

    Evil one wolf ProДень тому

    The first one u

  31. Emse

    EmseДень тому

    I'm like the same person as jaiden

  32. StillOffIntoTheNight Gacha

    StillOffIntoTheNight GachaДень тому

    Also the teachers call on me, my hand isn't freaking raised. They're like, "Do you know?" And I'm like, *"If I FU**ING KNEW! I WOULD'VE RAISED MY HAND!"*

  33. StillOffIntoTheNight Gacha

    StillOffIntoTheNight GachaДень тому

    2078 anybody?

  34. Brianna Smith

    Brianna SmithДень тому

    My school gives you a little plastic locket and the string is floss and the locket is shaped like a tooth there’s also a tooth treasure box

  35. Eyeless_aa

    Eyeless_aaДень тому

    my school puts the teeth into these tooth shaped containers

  36. Lilia Perez

    Lilia PerezДень тому

    No they dont

  37. alyssa c

    alyssa cДень тому


  38. Sabrina Hansen

    Sabrina HansenДень тому

    I’m popular, but I’m not an obnoxious- try too hard- jerky girl, I’m just nice to ppl. Life lesson for ya

  39. Dahyun jjang

    Dahyun jjangДень тому

    How could you remember something from now to grade 1. Because “uhm” I can’t even remember anything and I’m still Grade 6. I guess my head is broke ._.

  40. henry curiel

    henry curielДень тому

    My school uses the mail package tooth thing...

  41. Subscribe to PewDiePie - DevioraMiracule

    Subscribe to PewDiePie - DevioraMiraculeДень тому

    1:21 I'm a nerd and a geek. A nerd-geek? A neek? A gerd?

  42. Subscribe to PewDiePie - DevioraMiracule

    Subscribe to PewDiePie - DevioraMiraculeДень тому

    I also have friends so wtf

  43. Julia Von der Lancken

    Julia Von der LanckenДень тому

    I’m not very good at art and I’m one of those people that likes music more than art but in elementary school we had an art teacher that would play Bach or something, make us close our eyes and then “feel the music” but I didn’t really care so I just sat there like WTF....

  44. Rylan da Silva

    Rylan da SilvaДень тому

    3:14 i realate SOOOOOO much

  45. Rylan da Silva

    Rylan da SilvaДень тому

    I don’t remember anything about grade six and im in grade six

  46. Maya Joyce

    Maya JoyceДень тому

    that emo kid was an exact representation of me

  47. Leah Fosdick

    Leah FosdickДень тому

    My elementary school had a plastic treasure chest for teeth

  48. Hannah Wiebe

    Hannah WiebeДень тому

    frickin CATHY

  49. MultiMega Wolf

    MultiMega WolfДень тому

    {\__/} ( -_- ) (>🍦🍩🍪🍭🥧🧁🌮🍔🥪🍟🍕

  50. twinmommysustae

    twinmommysustaeДень тому

    yes they do

  51. Chey Crow

    Chey CrowДень тому

    Friggin cathy

  52. fortnite players

    fortnite playersДень тому

    They do I'm in primary school they do at least 2 time a day

  53. DeAshley Life

    DeAshley LifeДень тому

    I was in the category of the Anime nerds 🙃

  54. bluestar nerd Keith

    bluestar nerd KeithДень тому

    anime nerd emo

  55. Faith Garcia

    Faith GarciaДень тому

    In my school if we loose are tooth we go to the nurse and she gave us a little cehst

  56. Faith Garcia

    Faith GarciaДень тому


  57. Gemnaid 99

    Gemnaid 99День тому

    Best ticher

  58. Disney Freak

    Disney FreakДень тому

    2:47 👩‍🏫: “Pop quiz!” 👱🏻‍♀️: -Jaiden

  59. The less rare diamond

    The less rare diamondДень тому

    Just 1 year ago my nose was bleeding and I just silently raised my hand and waited dripping blood on my desk, hand and school shirt the substitute teacher didn't look until the end of the lesson (20mins later) and I had too change into my P.E shirt and was the last to get my lunch (we were doing a rewrite of a book). Love your videos btw!

  60. Fireworkannon !

    Fireworkannon !День тому

    I can relate. Drawing is a blessing, and a *curse*

  61. onion tv vlogs

    onion tv vlogs2 дні тому

    they still do those teeth bags as I'm still in primary/elementary school

  62. Rreze Rreze

    Rreze Rreze2 дні тому

    Sorry Jaiden

  63. Rreze Rreze

    Rreze Rreze2 дні тому

    you are just like me jenden

  64. Glenz Entertainment

    Glenz Entertainment2 дні тому

    Realatable XD

  65. annie x

    annie x2 дні тому

    u know whenever someone looks over at my art, i flip it over and draw a theoddonesout themed person id also write wat

  66. KiwiGamingCSGO

    KiwiGamingCSGO2 дні тому

    _I got offended by the seizure joke.. I have them :(.... Other then that it's a great video!_

  67. xyizitxy uxktzktzit

    xyizitxy uxktzktzit2 дні тому

    I'm a emo and anime nerd

  68. kat eat foodies

    kat eat foodies2 дні тому


  69. Lucy Pollock

    Lucy Pollock2 дні тому

    12 years? We have 14 plus university! And the 14 years are all required, and thats not even counting nursery years!!!

  70. Zoe Hiner

    Zoe Hiner2 дні тому

    My school has the envelopes.

  71. Xxxangel_norahxxX Gaming and blogs

    Xxxangel_norahxxX Gaming and blogs2 дні тому

    Ya they still do envelopes

  72. Jacobee SCHMITT

    Jacobee SCHMITT2 дні тому

    *Friggen Cathy*

  73. RaulPlays Official

    RaulPlays Official2 дні тому

    1:25 and 1:30 me Both mixed together

  74. Lps_Kpop_Sisters

    Lps_Kpop_Sisters2 дні тому

    My school uses chests to put your tooth in.

  75. Vidhu Kant Sharma

    Vidhu Kant Sharma2 дні тому

    I don't remember what i studied this year...

  76. Garrett Oakden

    Garrett Oakden2 дні тому

    they do where I am

  77. Saskia Zavod

    Saskia Zavod2 дні тому

    My school has little tooth necklaces in the shape of a tooth.

  78. Em Candy Luka

    Em Candy Luka2 дні тому

    Hello Jello Nello *Read more*

  79. Th3 Fr0g

    Th3 Fr0g3 дні тому

    My tooth came out while blowing my nose. Dont ask. I dont know either.

  80. Travis Griffing

    Travis Griffing2 дні тому

    Th3 Fr0g F


    IDEK IDEK3 дні тому

    In my head when the teacher calls on somebody and the teacher has some sort of laser gun and when he called on somebody he would shoot it at them and it was just random where he picked


    IDEK IDEK3 дні тому

    In my school (yes I’m in elementary but don’t judge me) if you loose a tooth they give you a bigger tooth that acts like s case and you put your tooth inside and they have a litter rubber string that makes it a necklace

  83. Jun

    Jun3 дні тому


  84. Harry Page

    Harry Page3 дні тому

    They definitely still have those teeth packets

  85. Mia Elgal

    Mia Elgal3 дні тому

    Hello In Estonia: tere Milk In Estonia: Piim Youtobe In Estonia: sinutoru Cow In Estonia: lehm Im from Russian😎

  86. Harvey Goo

    Harvey Goo3 дні тому

    They do still use them teeth envelopes

  87. Braixen The Killer Fox

    Braixen The Killer Fox3 дні тому

    I‘m an Anime nerd ._.

  88. Quirky Toons

    Quirky Toons3 дні тому

    2:45 my math teacher everday 2:46 me when the teacher reads my work out loud

  89. Alpaca Pineapple

    Alpaca Pineapple3 дні тому

    That happened to me my tooth came out in the middle of class

  90. ItsGalaxyPlayZ Official

    ItsGalaxyPlayZ Official3 дні тому

    Blood pressure: 0 *2 seconds later* 1,000,000,000 Krazy art teacher/tennis coach: IM GONNA JUMP OVER THE NET!!! Other kids: wut?

  91. Stephanie Laye

    Stephanie Laye3 дні тому


  92. Isandra Anderson

    Isandra Anderson3 дні тому

    2:48 I INSTANTLY SPIT OUT THE APPLE THAT WAS IN MY MOUTH.................................................................EMBARRASSING 😅😅😅

  93. Ryujin The Third

    Ryujin The Third3 дні тому

    I dont remember anything from kindergarten up

  94. Alex Carrasquilla

    Alex Carrasquilla3 дні тому

    3:06 A similar thing happened in my Spanish class, but I actually answered the question

  95. jack ragland

    jack ragland3 дні тому

    the teacher at 2:33 needs to learn logic 101

  96. Gracie Flowers

    Gracie Flowers3 дні тому

    I say yes but I never do...

  97. Mr. Oreo kreme

    Mr. Oreo kreme3 дні тому

    School gives me depression...........

  98. LakeChris's Creation

    LakeChris's Creation3 дні тому

    My school has this little treasure chest they put the tooth in

  99. Gacha Girls

    Gacha Girls3 дні тому

    They still do teeth envelopes 😂

  100. Tiffany Gillespie

    Tiffany Gillespie3 дні тому

    My school gives us a necklace with our tooth inside a bigger plastic tooth

  101. Jack Tesla

    Jack Tesla3 дні тому

    Don’t trust a edited comment

  102. ooo Gamer Player

    ooo Gamer Player4 дні тому

    Your same as me in SHY

  103. Yuki Hibara

    Yuki Hibara4 дні тому

    # relatable