1. MrNonGod

    MrNonGodГодину тому

    Wait how did she die? They both where swimming in the water and the tide pulled her away?

  2. Help me rech 2k without a video!

    Help me rech 2k without a video!Годину тому

    The women has a right to be called a hero...

  3. Charity C. Evans

    Charity C. EvansГодину тому

    This popped up on my notifications. Who is she?😟

  4. shooglechic

    shooglechicГодину тому

    Naya done paid the ultimate price to save her heart, her son. It hurts so badly that she can't continue to be such a loving mom in person, but I know she's his guardian angel now.

  5. demolaygaming

    demolaygamingГодину тому

    This is some Titanic ish, so tragic, don't even know her but my heart still hurts.

  6. Arturo González

    Arturo GonzálezГодину тому

  7. iNINJAgamer

    iNINJAgamerГодину тому

    That’s amazing how she save her son’s life, but tragically she couldn’t save herself. 😢 ❤️ *Rest In Heaven Naya* ❤️

  8. Amarjeet Paul

    Amarjeet PaulГодину тому

    Om Shanti to the soul of Naya Rivera ji and May Her Soul Attain Moksha !

  9. Yournew Stepdad

    Yournew StepdadГодину тому

    She didnt save anyone. she sunk like a rock!

  10. h m82

    h m82Годину тому

    Sad, God bless her and her baby.

  11. Will Givens

    Will GivensГодину тому

    No one knows what happened. Speculation other than the fact that she is dead rest in peace the rest of this it's speculation

  12. Cody

    CodyГодину тому

    Wear a PFD don't be stupid people

  13. david Liwanag

    david LiwanagГодину тому

    Keep her in your prayers

  14. Alfredo Lejo

    Alfredo LejoГодину тому

    0:14 the way she parked her car shows carelessness carelessness and lack of preparedness is the real reason she died

  15. Robin Right

    Robin RightГодину тому

    I don"t understand, why couldn't she just hang on to the boat if she wasn't strong enough to lift herself out of the water? Not blaming her, of course, its just that she was sooooooo close to having them both safe. Poor thing, such a tragedy.

  16. Kenider Lopez

    Kenider LopezГодину тому


  17. Purified State

    Purified StateГодину тому

    How does a person that knows how to swim drowns? Don't mean any disrespect to NAYA. is there currents or??? Just seems weird

  18. Mark Youneva

    Mark YounevaГодину тому

    Wait what who? she mustered enough energy to carry her son back to the boat but couldn't she had held onto the boat? was the current in this lake that of the rapids? if there are strong under currents, are there danger signs posted? will they do a toxicology report? why no life jacket? in life we have to realize when tragedies happen, it isn't usually one thing, but a series of things either missed/ignored,etc that is the making of the tragedy. there are questions to be answered and lessons to learn. if this were mistakes on the parent's part, we all make mistake, but it should't cost us our life or for our kids to be left parentless.

  19. Magician12345

    Magician12345Годину тому

    geez thats creepy. they need to double up warning signs at the lake.

  20. Martha Jibbs

    Martha JibbsГодину тому

    Condolences to the 👪 dios Los bendiga todos

  21. Alan Smith

    Alan SmithГодину тому

  22. Alan Smith

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  25. Alan Smith

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  26. Alan Smith

    Alan SmithГодину тому

  27. Black Rhino

    Black RhinoГодину тому

    Fentinol anyone? She could have had a heart attack diving into cold water. Why is she a hero?

  28. Charlie Hay

    Charlie HayГодину тому


  29. Alan Smith

    Alan SmithГодину тому

  30. Alan Smith

    Alan SmithГодину тому

  31. Alan Smith

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  32. Alan Smith

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  33. Alan Smith

    Alan SmithГодину тому

  34. iNINJAgamer

    iNINJAgamerГодину тому

    #1 on trending.

  35. Alan Smith

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  36. Alan Smith

    Alan SmithГодину тому

  37. Alan Smith

    Alan SmithГодину тому

  38. Black Rhino

    Black RhinoГодину тому

    That’s such BS. Nobody was there. She might had had some cocaine with fenti

  39. Alan Smith

    Alan SmithГодину тому

  40. Alan Smith

    Alan SmithГодину тому

  41. Alan Smith

    Alan SmithГодину тому

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  42. tasty cakes

    tasty cakesГодину тому

    You aren't a hero. You died because you didn't wear your own life vest. Simple fix. Should have been on both of you the entire time. This is boat/water safety 101. Sorry not sorry.

  43. Bob Ross

    Bob RossГодину тому

    Guys, I know everyone has different thoughts on what happened, but please, her family is spending the worst time, and they don't need someone on the internet to make a conspiracy theory about their daughter's death. Even if you are right, nobody would want to lose a family member and have people speculate about it.

  44. Arnold Ram

    Arnold RamГодину тому

    Wasn't there a ladder on the side of the boat? you can partially see it when you look at photos of the boat. Surely the rental company rents these boats out with ladders mounted on the side for reasons like these. If not... then that needs serious looking into for people who go out for a swim.

  45. Elohim's servant

    Elohim's servantГодину тому

    Rest up Naya.

  46. Cabdullaahi Xaashi

    Cabdullaahi XaashiГодину тому


  47. Anthony Dark

    Anthony DarkГодину тому

    Wait... A woman takes her 4-year-old on a boat trip and died, and people think she went just to go swimming? Come on people...

  48. _1990_babyface

    _1990_babyfaceГодину тому

    @AnthonyDark I agree dude, that's like anyone winning a Publisher's Clearing House Prize (Scam) isn't it?

  49. The Fox

    The FoxГодину тому

    All speculation, but FYI if you get caught in a whirlpool, swim outwards, not up.

  50. Jay

    JayГодину тому

    This is what happens when you skip swim lessons.

  51. Elijah Mason

    Elijah MasonГодину тому


  52. Ashley Dejeu

    Ashley DejeuГодину тому

    OH MY

  53. Raell Skys

    Raell SkysГодину тому

    My TRUTHS, are NOT meant to coddle, or be LIKED, they only point out.....the TRUTH nobody wants to face.

  54. Horacio Rodriguez

    Horacio RodriguezГодину тому

    He was found wearing a life jacket and asleep. How do they know that's what happened? He wasn't in danger of drowning... so I don't get it. Something doesn't sound right. RiP Naya.

  55. Naya playz Yt :P

    Naya playz Yt :PГодину тому

    Tt my name

  56. ManFromMars 53

    ManFromMars 53Годину тому

    My condolences to her family and loved ones. I really mean no disrespect but why didn't she bring more people? Nature have the habit to sometimes change in a instance and surprise you...

  57. Farzana Islam

    Farzana IslamГодину тому

    So many celebrities are dying in 2020.. RIP..😔

  58. Hot Pocket

    Hot PocketГодину тому

    💔you will be ok naya and so will your son

  59. Fun Family

    Fun FamilyГодину тому

  60. Ahmed Yemin

    Ahmed YeminГодину тому

  61. Mike Gyver

    Mike GyverГодину тому

    Another one that would not play the big boy game anymore 🤔 May she rest in peace and her love ones remember her for her good works. Amen 🙏🙏🏼🙏🏻🙏🏽🙏🏿

  62. Ribshok Productions

    Ribshok ProductionsГодину тому

    Lies! She committed suicide you dumb liberals

  63. Nrr CHANTY Offical

    Nrr CHANTY OfficalГодину тому


  64. BllueJeeper

    BllueJeeperГодину тому

    Dude this narrative needs to stop no one knows what happened.


    DON'T CLICK BAITГодину тому


  66. Chad Roberts

    Chad RobertsГодину тому

    Where was the ladder for the pontoon??? Why is nobody addressing that? Pontoon boats have ladders that extend down to the water. The lake staff would not have rented it out without it being functional. Something doesn't add up

  67. Kenneth Walter Green

    Kenneth Walter GreenГодину тому

    That seems a little off don't you think? She was able to hoist herself up enough to leverage the four year old onto the pontoon boat, but somehow not herself? That sounds kinda weird

  68. Sin OfUsAll

    Sin OfUsAllГодину тому

    what a heroic way to go

  69. h and whatever ane

    h and whatever aneГодину тому

    Such a sacrifice RIP

  70. Doreen Barrett

    Doreen BarrettГодину тому

    R I P Naya Rivera U will always be miss

  71. Veronica Arviso

    Veronica ArvisoГодину тому

    This is so sad. I held my son tighter last night when I went to sleep thinking about this

  72. Anderson Tablas

    Anderson TablasГодину тому

    It’s like Shad Gaspard all over again. RIP.

  73. chad dacosta

    chad dacostaГодину тому

    Something is off ppl dont get rushed under in a lake lol Inless there is heavy winds. She prob was high drink went out nd passed out nd kid jump on boat

  74. Cranium Kryptonite

    Cranium KryptoniteГодину тому

    Why would she leave her life jacket on board?.....makes no sense. She obviously knew about being in the water and it's dangers. Weird that the whole time she was being considered drowned , but never looked for on land?🤔

  75. Lucy Hughes

    Lucy HughesГодину тому

    R.I.P. Naya, heaven has truly gained a beautiful angel ❤💛💖💚🧡💜💙

  76. lo fi

    lo fiГодину тому

    2020 why. Idk man

  77. Preetisha Marie

    Preetisha MarieГодину тому

    They sacrificed this girl

  78. Thatz Needed

    Thatz NeededГодину тому

    ? Obviously something occured and her baby would have been her first priority. Yet... How does anyone know what happened in her last moments ? More questions than answers RIP Naya and so apparent in her last moments...... she was #OnHerMommaBizness

  79. Beth

    BethГодину тому

    so basically sacrificed herself to save her son, I was thinking something else was gonna happen but IDK what I was expecting

  80. MrSamurichuck

    MrSamurichuckГодину тому

    Safety first

  81. DaFeng

    DaFengГодину тому

    if you disliked the video than you are just heartless.

  82. KingDinTV

    KingDinTVГодину тому

    "Don't cry that she died, smile that she lived." - Dr. Seuss Rest in Peace, beautiful angel

  83. Sonoma Strong Hauling & Junk Removal

    Sonoma Strong Hauling & Junk RemovalГодину тому

    Touching story 🙏🏼