Nessa Barrett - la di die (feat. jxdn) [Official Music Video]



    МАКС ЭМКЛАСИК2 години тому

    Клип пушка! Атмосфера просто класс!

  2. Danielle Booker

    Danielle Booker3 години тому

    Amazin go this is my new favourite Sony ily 💕💕💕

  3. El H

    El H3 години тому

    no one can deny that nessa has a voice and is more than a tiktoker, sorry not sorry dixie... but no one really wants to listen on how ur really really really really sad. nessa actually rights her music too. and here she’s talking about real shit. like drugs, fake friends, and suicide (“i’ll be dead at 27, only nine more years to go”) i’m obsessed with this song!!! 💜

  4. Ксения Ксения

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  5. Angie Ye

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  6. Anisah Zulkifli

    Anisah Zulkifli3 години тому

    It literally has a similar tune ngl

  7. Salak

    Salak3 години тому


  8. Anisah Zulkifli

    Anisah Zulkifli3 години тому

    Why does it sound like life goes on by bts

  9. amazing

    amazing3 години тому

    dixie is no one compared to you lmao

  10. not me lol

    not me lol3 години тому

    na cuz this song slaps

  11. ツঔৣ кคт¡ε รεv¡łłคツঔৣ

    ツঔৣ кคт¡ε รεv¡łłคツঔৣ4 години тому

    Not the new Beyoncé Not the new Rihanna Not the new Selena Gomez It's the first Nessa Barrett! ❤️ PROUD

  12. All The Best Of Tik Tok

    All The Best Of Tik Tok4 години тому

    А теперь послушай песни российских тиктокеров и заплачь.

  13. Jamilly Silva

    Jamilly Silva4 години тому

    Muito bom veyyy

  14. Anna Troyan

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  15. Lucia Parry

    Lucia Parry5 годин тому

    Don’t sell your soul

  16. Lucia Parry

    Lucia Parry5 годин тому

    Don’t give everything up to be famous nessa. Also this it’s beautiful I love this song

  17. Baby yoda. Kind of

    Baby yoda. Kind of5 годин тому


  18. Gracie Gowers

    Gracie Gowers5 годин тому

    Im literally addicted to this song

  19. team6 bitch

    team6 bitch5 годин тому

    still am in love with this song. always shakes when nessa sings 😌

  20. Карина шонова

    Карина шонова5 годин тому


  21. Dorin Olariu

    Dorin Olariu6 годин тому

    omfggggg nessa ur soooo pretty

  22. Sunshine

    Sunshine6 годин тому

    This is plagiat la di da everglow

  23. Sunshine

    Sunshine6 годин тому

    Это же плагиат песни еверглоу

  24. Anusha Divakaran

    Anusha Divakaran6 годин тому

    I Will support you until the end ❤ you are both dope and sweet, love.

  25. jessica palousai

    jessica palousai6 годин тому

    I mean this song if FIRE

  26. Елена Масалева

    Елена Масалева6 годин тому

    Боже,как это круто

  27. Aria Taylor

    Aria Taylor6 годин тому

    the vibe of this song i love thissssssssssssss i honestly love it. more songs like thisss pleaseeeee

  28. Lara Draxl

    Lara Draxl6 годин тому

    very imaginative song title nessa🤣 maybe it will be better next time🤷🏿‍♀️

  29. Tiktok Multis

    Tiktok Multis6 годин тому

    "Loving me is suicide" Related

  30. KANEKI男

    KANEKI男7 годин тому

    @artwork_disney_yeah only lonely ones can check/follow just kidding you can too.

  31. nessa.x.nuggies Gxcha

    nessa.x.nuggies Gxcha7 годин тому

    I heard this on my radio going to see my grandma this song is so fucking good

  32. Darina Zaretskaya

    Darina Zaretskaya7 годин тому

    This is fire everything the sound the edit the voice the style love it

  33. Ольга Цветкова

    Ольга Цветкова7 годин тому

    Oh my god this is cool

  34. mayure

    mayure7 годин тому

    Here before 10 million , claim ya ticket here !!!✋✋

  35. Joe

    Joe7 годин тому

    You’re all hatin but when I first heard this I thought it was like an early 2000s alt song, real music right here

  36. Bia González

    Bia González8 годин тому

    this song really is art✨⛓️

  37. Aslı Eyüpoğlu

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  38. Aslı Eyüpoğlu

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  39. Ahura Mazda

    Ahura Mazda8 годин тому

    Thanks to Spotify for weekly recommendation.

  40. ima kim

    ima kim8 годин тому

    let's get this to 10M

  41. Dee

    Dee8 годин тому

    Song gives me old school Hillary Duff vibes!

  42. Alisson Serrano

    Alisson Serrano9 годин тому

    this is acually good- not like dixie-

  43. Tulina _Roblow

    Tulina _Roblow9 годин тому


  44. Aishath Zoya

    Aishath Zoya9 годин тому

    This is my comfort song 💓

  45. Sxflower

    Sxflower9 годин тому

    omg nessa bae

  46. Какаши Крашш

    Какаши Крашш9 годин тому

    Ну блять че так мало лайков😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  47. Alina Slone

    Alina Slone9 годин тому

    OBSESSED with this song. Nessa- you are stunning. 💜

  48. naila khan

    naila khan9 годин тому

    Since in the song she said I am gonna be dead at 27 9 more years left. So does she actually mean it Pls no hate for me asking a dumb question

  49. _Emii_

    _Emii_10 годин тому

    Her voice is actually really good 😍

  50. Elina Li

    Elina Li10 годин тому

    Omg Nessa! You GOOO! You are literally so talented 😳❤️

  51. radostina ioncheva

    radostina ioncheva10 годин тому

    You so pretty ❣️

  52. Verginia Yuhana

    Verginia Yuhana10 годин тому

    Omg these songs are surprisingly soo goooood

  53. Lil Niyaaa

    Lil Niyaaa10 годин тому

    No Nassa I’m sorry but some tik tokers need to stay a tik toker now dixie D’Amelio she can do both but nassa sweetie no

  54. Chris Texan

    Chris Texan10 годин тому

    what’s wrong ????

  55. Viki Savova

    Viki Savova11 годин тому

    this song is so underrated

  56. ing ggu ah

    ing ggu ah11 годин тому

    한국인 나밖에 없는겨?

  57. Prusha Ali

    Prusha Ali11 годин тому

    0.26 Who else thought she said I got a boy in my attick

  58. Рори Грем

    Рори Грем11 годин тому

    Ух какая грудь у неё,мама дорогая!👍

  59. Viktoria Mikheeva

    Viktoria Mikheeva11 годин тому

    Я русская...но могу сказать это прекрасно....прости если не понимаешь...удачи,добра,счастья,и идите дальше к успеху...:)

  60. Вікторія Кухарчук

    Вікторія Кухарчук12 годин тому

    the song is just wonderful, a paradise for the ears 😍🤤

  61. Thomas Shelby

    Thomas Shelby12 годин тому

    Well the dodge made it more better

  62. ꜱᴡᴇᴇᴛʙᴇʀʀʏ

    ꜱᴡᴇᴇᴛʙᴇʀʀʏ12 годин тому

    I keep coming back cause this song hits different, nessa is fucking talented!

  63. Nidhi pawar

    Nidhi pawar12 годин тому

    This music got some great chill

  64. Sarah Abu Tawileh

    Sarah Abu Tawileh13 годин тому

    if jadden was not in the song it wheld be better

  65. Johana Ramirez

    Johana Ramirez13 годин тому

    This is so cute I ship them

  66. Marion Agustin

    Marion Agustin14 годин тому

    I'm here because I heard a rock part of this song and this that was awesome.

  67. BAD GIRL

    BAD GIRL14 годин тому

    За 2 недели 9 миллионов....жесть...ю

  68. Jones Jr

    Jones Jr14 годин тому

    Good music to make u fall asleep

  69. Рабият Газимагомедова

    Рабият Газимагомедова14 годин тому

    Прекрасная песня ,вот бы и наши так пели

  70. Мария Н

    Мария Н14 годин тому

    Вау, она такая красавица. Словно куколка. Особенно на обложке.

  71. Electrical projects

    Electrical projects15 годин тому

    She's better than Dixie D'ammelio

  72. niaaa

    niaaa16 годин тому

    .............our nessa.....period

  73. Tik Tok

    Tik Tok16 годин тому

    Honestly...............This might actually be a song.

  74. Heloisa Cardoso

    Heloisa Cardoso16 годин тому

    Ela arrasar demais caralho ❤️

  75. Heloisa Cardoso

    Heloisa Cardoso16 годин тому

    Muitooooo orgulhosa da minha menina 💗❤️❤️

  76. JM

    JM17 годин тому

    Sounds like Sk8r boy by Avril Lavigne

  77. Brylynn Chipps

    Brylynn Chipps17 годин тому

    I have been listening to this on repeat since it came out no cap

  78. Shafwa Budiman

    Shafwa Budiman17 годин тому

    Nah y’all copying bts music now🙄✋

  79. sugartime

    sugartime8 годин тому

    ur not smart and i-

  80. quietwhenimcominghome

    quietwhenimcominghome17 годин тому

    no bye

  81. Brian Osorio

    Brian Osorio17 годин тому

    Nessa is everything I wanna be one day🥺🥺🖤

  82. movimiento naranja

    movimiento naranja17 годин тому

    lol somos fetos

  83. Ayesha Shahid

    Ayesha Shahid17 годин тому

    Nessa barrett more like nusrat bano.

  84. quietwhenimcominghome

    quietwhenimcominghome17 годин тому


  85. Alexandra Renee

    Alexandra Renee18 годин тому

    Nessa 100% smokes weed.

  86. sugartime

    sugartime8 годин тому


  87. Daynna Mekaru

    Daynna Mekaru18 годин тому di die.... la di da-ever glow ?? hmm🤔 and his part kinda sounds like bts’ life goes on huh wow

  88. jacy davis

    jacy davis18 годин тому

    Ok but like I ship jessa/jaden/nessa

  89. Ava Rose Bellegarde

    Ava Rose Bellegarde18 годин тому

    I seriously can't stop listening to this

  90. Phoenix Surbrook

    Phoenix Surbrook18 годин тому

    wow..... i didn't know jxdn could go THAT hard on a note, it sounds so good and the song is AMAZING!!

  91. Kamar Samara

    Kamar Samara18 годин тому

    The scream just screams my feelings

  92. yesenia mendoza

    yesenia mendoza19 годин тому

    I fell like jaden and chase are like twins they both have the same kind of music

  93. MO CHI

    MO CHI19 годин тому

    1:40 where did you get the idea from huh? BTS? You think us army wouldn’t notice? 🤣🤣

  94. Yassine Prince

    Yassine Prince18 годин тому

    what she do?

  95. Shirrie Pd

    Shirrie Pd19 годин тому

    This is some good sh8

  96. Sarah

    Sarah19 годин тому

    I’m obsessed luv ya queen 👑

  97. Briana Teese

    Briana Teese20 годин тому

    Add to my playlist can’t wait to hear more

  98. julia kaya

    julia kaya20 годин тому


  99. Tamara Saouaf

    Tamara Saouaf20 годин тому

    Are we not gonna talk abt how at 1:39 Jaydens part sounds like life goes on and they name is rly similar to La di da by everglow(these both came out way before this)

  100. Heyy Belieber

    Heyy Belieber21 годину тому


  101. ViciousMurderess

    ViciousMurderess21 годину тому

    She should do rock 👍

  102. Tracy Owusu

    Tracy Owusu21 годину тому

    This song is better than half of well known artists in the music industry

  103. UnIque Unicorns

    UnIque Unicorns21 годину тому


  104. hyungtae

    hyungtae21 годину тому

    this sounds a bit too similar to life goes on

  105. Tracy Owusu

    Tracy Owusu21 годину тому

    0:18 Oh no I really hope nessa is not in the 27 club

  106. Gisell 28

    Gisell 2821 годину тому

    I can’t stop listening to this it’s amazing