Nether Update: Official Trailer


  1. Иван Царевич

    Иван ЦаревичХвилина тому


  2. Jurrasic World

    Jurrasic World7 хвилин тому

    Guys 1.16 is a cave update!

  3. tv_ owoz

    tv_ owoz7 хвилин тому


  4. dimi emo

    dimi emo8 хвилин тому


  5. dimi emo

    dimi emo8 хвилин тому

    i love yuo

  6. Mahir Omar

    Mahir Omar11 хвилин тому


  7. Mahir Omar

    Mahir Omar11 хвилин тому

    1.17 update

  8. ender music

    ender music12 хвилин тому

    Why don't mojang add good graphics in minecraft

  9. Dickward

    Dickward16 хвилин тому

    nether update idea: make some foods you can grow only in the nether with spaciel abilities or somthing. it could make alot more people to come daily to the nether

  10. MD Aman ale

    MD Aman ale18 хвилин тому

    Wow plz give me this Minecraft 1.16

  11. Miłosz Górniak

    Miłosz Górniak22 хвилини тому

    wow how the cave have too much stuff like nether bees maybe in 1.17 it will be biggest cave

  12. John Michael Brillantes

    John Michael Brillantes22 хвилини тому

    How do i update my minecraft?

  13. olivia rosconval

    olivia rosconval23 хвилини тому

    I love the minecraft

  14. KawaiiTem

    KawaiiTem26 хвилин тому


  15. 자작글제작소

    자작글제작소31 хвилина тому


  16. Jordanas Robux

    Jordanas Robux36 хвилин тому

    But they never gave us cave update

  17. Johnny_ Boy37

    Johnny_ Boy3737 хвилин тому

    Im glad they actually made good relevant with the Netherite

  18. rayan king

    rayan king40 хвилин тому

    Does this update appear in the ps4?


    ANDREW JAMES DEMABILDO43 хвилини тому

    New boss mob pls

  20. I like Portal 2

    I like Portal 244 хвилини тому

    Разработчики! Нам вертикальные полублоки нужны! Давайте устроим бунт по электронной почте разработчикам! Бунт! Бунт! БУНТ! *WE NEED VERTICAL SLABS!* КОПИРУЙТЕ И РАЗСЫЛАЙТЕ ПОД ВИДЕО ПО МАЙНКРАФТ, В ТОМ ЧИСЛЕ И НА ОФИЦИАЛЬНЫЙ МАЙНКРАФТ КАНАЛ! Mojang! We need vertical slabs! Let's arrange a riot by email to the developers! Riot! Riot! RIOT! *WE NEED VERTICAL SLABS!* COPY AND SEND TO VIDEO ON MINCRAFT, INCLUDING ON THE OFFICIAL MINCRATING CHANNEL!

  21. potato mad man

    potato mad man45 хвилин тому

    Make more animations I love them😆

  22. Iska Mag

    Iska MagГодину тому

    1:04 when the mob cap is turned off

  23. Richard Salvadora

    Richard SalvadoraГодину тому

    Where did you make the animation


    OMAR SLASHГодину тому

    99% of People didn't see this Enderman 0:12

  25. Dvance

    DvanceГодину тому

    Looking at the trailer, at the end, there is a bat flying around in a cave. Could that be hinting to a Cave Update?

  26. Affordable nuggets 45

    Affordable nuggets 45Годину тому

    1:04 McDonald’s employees fighting off Karen’s

  27. Charlieo Mario

    Charlieo MarioГодину тому

    The update is cool but they got rid of the classic zombie pigman. I’m really mad about this. #BringBackOldZombiePigMan

  28. 로글벅스

    로글벅스Годину тому


  29. David Dunn

    David DunnГодину тому

    can you guys update education edition? mabey.

  30. Mr. Derp •_•

    Mr. Derp •_•Годину тому

    The game should be like the trailer

  31. AsiK

    AsiKГодину тому

    F for steve and alex :P

  32. A lemon

    A lemonГодину тому

    1:02 The hole school when you open a pack of gum

  33. Balhamut Trofimov

    Balhamut TrofimovГодину тому

    That was awesome i like crazy trailer

  34. Nonito Palec

    Nonito Palec2 години тому

    I have Nether update it was cool new mobs then i can barter with piglins in my suvival world

  35. Naglis Dargis

    Naglis Dargis2 години тому

    I love the new disc! You are awesome minecraft!

  36. طلال سليمان

    طلال سليمان2 години тому


  37. Adam Fitri

    Adam Fitri2 години тому

    me and my son wear iron armor and gets attack by hordes of zombie inside the cave 1:02


    SHINJI YAMADA2 години тому

    its awesome and the music but too many mobs

  39. the crosed

    the crosed2 години тому

    F por los panas

  40. Vyone Network

    Vyone Network2 години тому

    I love the trailer! I really love the game! Thanks so much Mojang for your hard work in keeping Minecraft fun and awesome.🙌👍

  41. mamta limbu

    mamta limbu2 години тому

    That's a good upgrade👍😎

  42. mamta limbu

    mamta limbu2 години тому

    I just love Minecraft 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  43. Thonyhunter 27

    Thonyhunter 272 години тому

    The Best Update

  44. XxChristine_GachaxX :D

    XxChristine_GachaxX :D2 години тому

    1:03 *W E L P (´;ω;`)*

  45. Charlie Saitama

    Charlie Saitama2 години тому

    I love the nether update I keep on going playing Minecraft on continuing

  46. myshyu

    myshyu2 години тому

    0:28 i find this scene so cute

  47. NeoRafake - Al Cubo

    NeoRafake - Al Cubo2 години тому

    what´s the song?

  48. Mr. Potato

    Mr. Potato2 години тому

    ur trailers are getting better and better

  49. Alexi Zamora

    Alexi Zamora2 години тому

    That’s one ways to survive in there

  50. the true cakehead

    the true cakehead2 години тому

    God this looks so cool

  51. Mariano BHC

    Mariano BHC2 години тому

    Cuando usas un ":v" en una página de shitposting 1:02

  52. Blu The Hedgehog

    Blu The Hedgehog3 години тому

    I need help, if I try to play any version above 1.9 than my game just stops responding, it was just fine a week ago. I tried deleting and reinstalling Minecraft, the launcher, everything I’ve tried hasn’t worked. Please help me.

  53. Jorge Mendoza

    Jorge Mendoza3 години тому

    1:03 alien vs predator

  54. Gold Gamer

    Gold Gamer3 години тому

    Did anyone realise in nether the music was "the hall of mountain king" and at 1:04 Alex and Steve are like kings on this mountain

  55. Kim Beom Kim

    Kim Beom Kim3 години тому


  56. 不要点击我的个人资料图片

    不要点击我的个人资料图片3 години тому

    1:06 kids arguing for treasures

  57. fishyplayz z

    fishyplayz z3 години тому

    Dude can you remove the tutorial thing is PS4 my mom say no sound

  58. Tp Tulcio

    Tp Tulcio3 години тому

    Shaders for ps4

  59. Junelle Dion

    Junelle Dion3 години тому

    I love this song

  60. Junelle Dion

    Junelle Dion3 години тому

    I download minecraft and the nether is kinda amazing

  61. 不要点击我的个人资料图片

    不要点击我的个人资料图片3 години тому


  62. Pepsi Cat

    Pepsi Cat3 години тому

    Imagane if they added more dog textures in minecraft

  63. Daniel Alderman

    Daniel Alderman3 години тому

    i love how they have a pride flag as there logo

  64. Animasi CH

    Animasi CH3 години тому

    *Bye Pigman*

  65. Novrian Hafiz

    Novrian Hafiz3 години тому

    Nheter update wow

  66. Marschbefehl

    Marschbefehl3 години тому

    Pls as next Caves and dungens update

  67. D D

    D D3 години тому

    Oh my gosh!!

  68. kPLAY 22

    kPLAY 223 години тому

    No buddy want to play Minecraft with me :'( that's sad.

  69. RussMaster Master Of Russes

    RussMaster Master Of Russes3 години тому

    I sort of with that Piglins would use striders as mounts. Sort of like spider jockeys, or chicken jockeys.

  70. julissa memes de tik tok

    julissa memes de tik tok3 години тому

    Aa quiero jugarlo :)

  71. WhatRyanDoes

    WhatRyanDoes3 години тому

    2020 be like 1:02

  72. Marek Lenox

    Marek Lenox3 години тому

    I had one day after the update my bithday

  73. FilyaMan - Филя

    FilyaMan - Филя3 години тому

    *Лол, почему в комментах ни одного русского?*

  74. Клоп Постельный

    Клоп Постельный3 години тому

    Потому что кукуруза.

  75. Dy1a _n

    Dy1a _n4 години тому

    for next update i recommend a cave update

  76. Zero One

    Zero One4 години тому

    This trailer makes the Soulsand Valley a little bit more scary.

  77. Ur Dad

    Ur Dad4 години тому


  78. afishkabob

    afishkabob4 години тому

    Ur Dad hi

  79. Eyad Alharbi999

    Eyad Alharbi9994 години тому

    I thing the next update its about cave becuse the end of the trailer

  80. utm black&white

    utm black&white4 години тому

    i...i wish the 1.17 update has changed village to cities and villager in new update be human not brown-squidward 😀😀😀

  81. Rafidah Sudarno

    Rafidah Sudarno4 години тому

    hey minecraft can you ask all hermitcraft 7 player build a gigantic city of Minecraft called (MINESTROSITY) PLS

  82. Michi aventuras De La O

    Michi aventuras De La O4 години тому

    Buenardo uwu

  83. Ramiro Gamer

    Ramiro Gamer4 години тому

    Sabes cómo se llama la canción del tráiler?

  84. Mine Pro

    Mine Pro4 години тому

    *О я вижу майн теперь перешёл на режим гея судя по аве*