Nintendo Labo - Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit


  1. GunScott HDgaming

    GunScott HDgaming2 дні тому

    *I dont know but I like abusing the nintendo Labo set*

  2. Aye Maw Swe

    Aye Maw Swe2 дні тому

    Or you could go outside

  3. Aye Maw Swe

    Aye Maw Swe2 дні тому

    Or you can just steal some cardboard from your neighbours trash and cut it into a fishing rod

  4. Jaydeen .-.

    Jaydeen .-.2 дні тому

    When I made mine I used the wrong stickers for the joycons. ._.

  5. Aida Gutierrez

    Aida Gutierrez3 дні тому

    i like Nintendo labo variety kit

  6. F F

    F F9 днів тому

    Nobody: Nintendo: cardboard grandpa piano

  7. tricia faisal

    tricia faisal11 днів тому

    Do you need a card too play Nintendo Labo.

  8. Cezario Wahyu

    Cezario Wahyu10 днів тому


  9. aesthetical

    aesthetical11 днів тому

    Ah yes, paying 30 dollars for cardboard! Brilliant.

  10. Rick Fernandez

    Rick Fernandez7 днів тому

    plenty of 5 dollar plastic toys in landfills. I'll take cardboard. thx

  11. Aron Z

    Aron Z9 днів тому

    You pay for the software too. It's so geniusly invented it's worth all the money. That's my opinion at least :D

  12. Dangelo Wallace

    Dangelo Wallace12 днів тому

    I'm getting on when I get enough money

  13. 1000 subs with no vids

    1000 subs with no vids12 днів тому

    Brilliant. This is creative

  14. Joshua Hidalgo

    Joshua Hidalgo12 днів тому

    Wow looks so hard

  15. Savage Boys

    Savage Boys13 днів тому

    Regardless xxx you can

  16. MarAnRa

    MarAnRa14 днів тому

    Just download the tutorials Buy some box :v And copy the things 😙 Done :v

  17. Ketsia Baruti

    Ketsia Baruti15 днів тому

    Nintendo seems awesome

  18. OllieDM910

    OllieDM91018 днів тому

    1:51 Carefully reel in the goods (Violently Reels In)

  19. Wahyu Yunie

    Wahyu Yunie19 днів тому

    is amazing

  20. Sandy Hodge

    Sandy Hodge20 днів тому

    I hate this


    CUBE TUTORIAL20 днів тому

    Mahal amat

  22. Daood Zafar

    Daood Zafar21 день тому

    Haters will say it’s just cardboard, but it has endless possibilities

  23. The Cringe God

    The Cringe God25 днів тому

    I love the idea of Nintendo labo but it's WAYYY too expensive

  24. Billy Bowman

    Billy Bowman26 днів тому


  25. Naser Ramahi

    Naser Ramahi27 днів тому

    Make splatoon 3

  26. Oltro 15

    Oltro 1527 днів тому

    Before Nintendo made games they made cardboard

  27. scootabhoy

    scootabhoy27 днів тому

    That was 6 not 5.


    MR FLOOFY FLOOF FLOOF!29 днів тому

    I went to the store and it’s suprisingly cheep. It’s $50

  29. Ivan Arroyo

    Ivan ArroyoМісяць тому

    Dyzfsisrdg Etdff

  30. Ivan Arroyo

    Ivan ArroyoМісяць тому

    Ydte5 Hwgfg

  31. Ivan Arroyo

    Ivan ArroyoМісяць тому

    Drerrertrgfdd6 Diet Etegetef

  32. shynnis

    shynnisМісяць тому

    1 000 000 likes si quieres todos los paquetes de nintendo labo

  33. Erik Flores

    Erik FloresМісяць тому


  34. SP_potatoes Man

    SP_potatoes ManМісяць тому

    I thought the screen of the Nintendo switch is made out of plastic so will it scratch when you use the touch screen to much

  35. ParrotPlays

    ParrotPlaysМісяць тому

    It's cool but it's litterally cardboard

  36. cucumber

    cucumberМісяць тому

    N I N T E N D O P L A S T I C

  37. Ardi Atar

    Ardi AtarМісяць тому

    Kardus doang mahal banget

  38. Dallis B

    Dallis BМісяць тому

    im planning on getting this but i just wanna know that if i get the variety kit am i able to build all of the things or only one?

  39. ritche parenas

    ritche parenasМісяць тому

    How much is this in philipine money

  40. A 6ft Marshall

    A 6ft MarshallМісяць тому

    That totally won’t break in one day

  41. Elias Gabriel Divertido

    Elias Gabriel DivertidoМісяць тому

    Quem é br fala eu vou ter um Nintendo labo toy con

  42. Ciaran Kearns

    Ciaran KearnsМісяць тому

    Toy-Con 🏠

  43. Juho naakka

    Juho naakkaМісяць тому

    I would like toy con 5 Splatoon kit where is guns and things for splatoon

  44. Kordru

    KordruМісяць тому

    Well, only problem is my table is covered with shards of cardboard, it's a piping paper cut day!

  45. Dakota Mathews

    Dakota MathewsМісяць тому

    Card board for 120$ that gotta be good cardboard

  46. Olivlilly AJ!

    Olivlilly AJ!Місяць тому

    HEYYY lets go play with friends *catches shark*

  47. Viggo Stanton

    Viggo Stanton2 місяці тому

    Labo is over priced cardboard and it is wasteful + it is trash

  48. JC B

    JC B2 місяці тому

    $80 worth of cardboard happiness.

  49. De Ad

    De Ad2 місяці тому

    This is out of stock every! Please help

  50. Shila Galvan

    Shila Galvan2 місяці тому

    8 years

  51. DinoingRuna

    DinoingRuna2 місяці тому

    3:11 This made me laugh "Hey, the room's flooding!"

  52. JVbadwolf

    JVbadwolf2 місяці тому

    These are times when ads are useful

  53. Nguyen Nghia

    Nguyen Nghia2 місяці тому

    Nintedo đúng là sáng tạo 👏👍

  54. Sean Ramos

    Sean Ramos2 місяці тому

    3:06 little does he know what will happen next

  55. SwagBret 27

    SwagBret 272 місяці тому

    So you got thousands of dollars for selling cardboard