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  1. Donut Media

    Donut MediaМісяць тому

    How many of you are looking up B13s on Graigslist right now?

  2. Uuuu Ssss

    Uuuu SsssДень тому

    Donut Media I had one all this time and I though it’s was a trashy car,now I have a different point of you on that car thank you❤️

  3. burrito GS

    burrito GS4 дні тому

    Soo, i live in Mexico, then no

  4. Jonathan Gloria

    Jonathan Gloria10 днів тому

    I got a B15 Spec-V after this video 😆

  5. Jonathan Bumbarger

    Jonathan Bumbarger12 днів тому

    Should do a review on the Chrysler 300m Special

  6. Carlos Alvarez

    Carlos Alvarez16 днів тому

    Donut Media Nissan Maxima

  7. Chris Estrada

    Chris Estrada4 години тому

    I too am proud of my Spec V

  8. Hilary Gosnell

    Hilary Gosnell13 годин тому

    I own the 2012 SE-R. I love her. But I've never driven the B-13.

  9. mr.potato head

    mr.potato head15 годин тому

    Tsuru in Mexico are legendary for getting jacked. That thing will be stripped and sold in less then 24hrs. Also a death trap in a accident. I think even the Mitsubishi Mirage offers better safety for cheaper

  10. Aaron Tucker

    Aaron TuckerДень тому

    This video so nostalgic. I be dying for an AE86 Corolla...

  11. Gerald San Agustin

    Gerald San AgustinДень тому

    Nissin makes noodles, Nissan makes cars

  12. aileen hernandez

    aileen hernandezДень тому

    Make a up to speed Toyota hiace

  13. Normal Guy

    Normal GuyДень тому

    Talk about the Nissan Altima SER could be a great idea

  14. TheDjMoogle

    TheDjMoogleДень тому

    Damn I have a Sentra like this

  15. Joe Milton

    Joe MiltonДень тому


  16. Joshua Merino

    Joshua MerinoДень тому

    This video make my day, my father bought a Mexican 1999 b13 back on 2003 and was his very first car, then he gave it to me so was my first car as well, I sold it just one year ago and I loved that car. It was extremely reliable and very cheap to fix and top of that the chassis it was very light and the engine it is a twin can plus manual transmission.

  17. Joey L

    Joey LДень тому

    I recently bought an 03 SE R Spec V, and i love it! Great video

  18. McFarland Fabrication

    McFarland Fabrication2 дні тому

    I have an 03. Bought it for 1300$. Is inches away from beating my buddies 09 civic si. Great car for the price

  19. OOF Gaming

    OOF Gaming2 дні тому

    Nissan Sunny’s were popular in Singapore(and my dad owned one)

  20. the real seneca

    the real seneca2 дні тому

    This was one of my favorite cars in high school. I adore them

  21. Dominique Sanchez

    Dominique Sanchez2 дні тому

    Didnt mention the b15 had a bbk too and the b17 nismo/sr turbo have 190whp 🤗

  22. Charles Wolf

    Charles Wolf2 дні тому

    Why are y’all talking about my car??

  23. Sean Bowen

    Sean Bowen2 дні тому

    I hate the CVT in the B17 ughhh

  24. Kadeeyah R

    Kadeeyah R3 дні тому

    I have one🙂it’s my first car

  25. 350z_ Brayden

    350z_ Brayden3 дні тому

    Its time to kick gum and chew ass And im all out of ass 😭😂

  26. Ikua Muita

    Ikua Muita4 дні тому

    James you split my plate of fried chicken with that air slice. :(

  27. Juan The 2nd

    Juan The 2nd4 дні тому

    The Nissan Tsuru (B13 Sentra), is seen here in Mexico as a coffin with wheels.

  28. Lon Brooklyn

    Lon Brooklyn4 дні тому

    Your grown man 34 years old!?

  29. Angus King

    Angus King4 дні тому

    Love my specV lots of fun!

  30. Thandokuhle Sibanyoni

    Thandokuhle Sibanyoni4 дні тому


  31. lincs 4life

    lincs 4life5 днів тому

    The was he says Nissan sound like he's says Niss in instead of Niss an.

  32. Danny Wilson

    Danny Wilson6 днів тому

    I'm not being racist but I think the sentra was set back because of the Mexican tsuru

  33. And raé

    And raé6 днів тому

    I got one. And I soo need a sexy body kit. Can anyone give me some links. Also I want some protector headlights for it. Also mine has this wired S or lighting for the logo anyone know why is that

  34. Smooth Style

    Smooth Style6 днів тому

    I need a good, cheap and fun toyota or nissan. got any ideas?

  35. Hashvind Sivakumar

    Hashvind Sivakumar7 днів тому

    Proud owner of a Sentra N16

  36. kev mar

    kev mar7 днів тому

    I owned both the b15 and b16 and I can tell you stock for stock the si at that time would be crushed. I know I destroyed enough of them. Even took out older mustang gts with it.

  37. 90's Works

    90's Works7 днів тому


  38. Jim Husselman

    Jim Husselman8 днів тому

    Great and informative video however even with the Nissan commercial guy pronouncing it for you , you still kept screwing it up!!!! NISSAN KNEE-SONE NISSAN LOL I own a 2011 Sentra sr and a 2011 Nissan titan heavy metal chrome version. Great vehicles. God bless

  39. Kurt

    Kurt8 днів тому

    I just got me a 03 spec v 😎 but I'm having to pull the head because the hg is blown, bought it like that so I did get a great deal, even so it does or did run and drive (before I started the tear down)

  40. Michael Jennings

    Michael Jennings9 днів тому

    No more cvt for me no way

  41. Michael Jennings

    Michael Jennings9 днів тому

    So ibought the 2015 sentra and what a let down cvt is slow

  42. Michael Jennings

    Michael Jennings9 днів тому

    My 2006 i had was the fasted car i ever had i never lost a light to light race she beat a lot of big money cars it was total lost

  43. Michael Jennings

    Michael Jennings9 днів тому

    My 2015 is a well built car there cvt hold it back especialy at high speed

  44. The Quarlok13

    The Quarlok139 днів тому

    I own one of these bad boys. 1992 SE-R, U12 Bluebird swapped in though. Makes a few more horses now. Great car.

  45. Luke Adam Hanafey

    Luke Adam Hanafey9 днів тому

    1 part of nissan sentras you missed Part of South africas versions and probably one of the most rad. With a sr20ve Sr20de Or the very rare sr16ve motors Sold as the Nissan sentra sti or Sabre gxi.

  46. Carlos Calderon

    Carlos Calderon9 днів тому

    Tsuru FUCKING LEGEND !!!!!

  47. The Tom Memes

    The Tom Memes10 днів тому

    In 🇨🇱 and 🇦🇷 this car is called Nissan V16

  48. travis bowen

    travis bowen10 днів тому

    Thought about getting a b13 and dropping a sr20det motor in it 💪👍

  49. dripzzz 200

    dripzzz 20011 днів тому

    Do Volkswagen Jetta

  50. Eric Mendoza

    Eric Mendoza11 днів тому

    My mom has this car😂

  51. David Mihalko

    David Mihalko11 днів тому

    Got a 2005 SE-R for sale in San Diego. Red with Nismo wheels, recent smog check. It was my daughter's car in high school and college. It is a fast little car...just one hook: it's an automatic.


    JDMMOHAKI12 днів тому

    I was soo close to buying a Tsuru se-r in mexico 😭 i want one

  53. yellofury

    yellofury12 днів тому

    Had a b13 XE coupe with a 5 spd in college. Got rear ended in my MAxima 3 weeks ago and I needed a beater with the insurance check. ended up with a B15 GXE. Not too shabby. Simple and honest car

  54. Sugin14 DB

    Sugin14 DB12 днів тому

    So I literally picked one of these up for 400 from a friends junkyard. Gotta nice.

  55. Stephaan Jacques

    Stephaan Jacques13 днів тому

    love the #unknownvariable

  56. Alex Cintas

    Alex Cintas13 днів тому

    Had a 2001 Sentra gxe that was actually a great little car. Bought it used with 30k and drive it to 240,000k with little issue.

  57. Andre Ren

    Andre Ren13 днів тому

    I used to have a B17 Sentra Nismo and I loved that car, I had it tuned and modded and it was so fun to drive

  58. Adam Harrington

    Adam Harrington14 днів тому

    The b13 Sentra is called Tsuru in México wich by the way is the unsafest car you can buy there but only 2017 versions not newer because, again, unsafest car massively sold there. And the 1991 looks exactly the same as the 2017 Tsuru in Mexico.

  59. Daniel Carmona

    Daniel Carmona14 днів тому

    1:24 you´re welcome

  60. Niraj Shukla

    Niraj Shukla14 днів тому

    Is Derek D looking for work?

  61. Alpha Wërks

    Alpha Wërks15 днів тому

    One of the worst engines ever made.....

  62. Soary24

    Soary2415 днів тому

    Still owned my 2004 ser spec v since 12 years. Perfect condition.

  63. eny margaretha

    eny margaretha16 днів тому

    7:34 you spell the car brand how i call it

  64. GrifWithOneF

    GrifWithOneF16 днів тому

    Sentra S U C C

  65. Jax Carter

    Jax Carter16 днів тому

    I drive a 2002 sentra gxe

  66. Derrick Mitchell

    Derrick Mitchell17 днів тому

    Owner a b15 with the qd18de and added a turbo. Fun little motor, fun little car!!!

  67. Challenger RC

    Challenger RC17 днів тому

    I want a Sentra but I want a dodge dart video more

  68. Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness

    Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness17 днів тому

    so, after nissan got owned by honda, it decided to unleash the nismo?

  69. Saule Karavirs

    Saule Karavirs17 днів тому

    I'm lovin my B-15 Spec-V So much fun to drive on the streets. 180 ft/lb is super noticeable. and it feels like a real driver's car, not one of these high tech does all the work for you things they make now. It's mechanical nature means it does all the work with you.

  70. GTiRnissan

    GTiRnissan17 днів тому

    not even a mention of gti-r swaps?

  71. MYHATY

    MYHATY17 днів тому

    So they’ll do this but not the g35 :(

  72. Semper Faith

    Semper Faith17 днів тому

    You know which se-r everyone forgot about? The Nissan Altima Se-r

  73. Benjamin Butcher

    Benjamin Butcher17 днів тому

    Everyone knows the average driver doesn’t like fun..

  74. Benjamin Butcher

    Benjamin Butcher17 днів тому

    After riding in one of those early 90’s models, I can attest it’s a fast lil car. Not my first choice, but respectable.

  75. Carlos Zamora

    Carlos Zamora18 днів тому

    2004 Nissan Sentra SE R Spec V came out in Need For Speed Underground and Underground 2.

  76. Jacob Griffin

    Jacob Griffin18 днів тому

    And I'm all out ofbubblegum. Butt.

  77. Luis Angel

    Luis Angel18 днів тому

    hahahaha lol, i´m from Mexico and i can confirm that here tsurus are everywhere

  78. Keifer Herron

    Keifer Herron18 днів тому

    Would you guys do an up to speed on the Civic Si, Fiesta ST and Cayman GT4?

  79. DRAGOON games

    DRAGOON games18 днів тому

    Plz lx570

  80. Olivia Quezada

    Olivia Quezada19 днів тому

    It's is pronounced Knee-Sahn, not Nisz-sin. Take two minutes to find the really good video on correctly pronouncing Japanese car makers in English. I'll try to find the link.


    IMPERATOR19 днів тому

    Nissan tends to blow their good products, lol like the 510 was replaced by the 710, which was more powerful, but replaced IRS for a leafsprung solid axle in the rear, and even when Road & Track said it handled just like the 510, it was seen as a step back, needless to mention that it was kind of ugly and interior trim had cheaper materials, also the car was more prone to fishtail than the 510. and then they blew it with the Sentra/Tsuru, which was just fantastic to drive, replacing it with a larger vehicle, with a step back in suspension technology, lol

  82. Nelson B

    Nelson B19 днів тому

    I'm sure they made a b14 se-r. I seen plenty of them.

  83. that guy

    that guy19 днів тому

    Mitsubishi l200 please

  84. Nik Trivino

    Nik Trivino19 днів тому

    have you done maxima???

  85. Nik Trivino

    Nik Trivino19 днів тому

    hey man would love if you did maxima

  86. Nik Trivino

    Nik Trivino19 днів тому

    hey do a maxima

  87. Nik Trivino

    Nik Trivino19 днів тому


  88. wsde1231

    wsde123119 днів тому

    Do a video on the Lexus sc300/400

  89. Eric Cummings

    Eric Cummings19 днів тому

    The B15 SE-R is a great car. Very fun to drive and pretty quick for what it is. Only problem is the QR25 has all kinds of problems. Butterfly valves in the intake losing screws, catastrophic catalytic converter failures, and most of them burn oil. Could have been such a cool car but I think part of the problem is the lack of quality after Renault bought Nissan.

  90. Carlos Alvarez

    Carlos Alvarez19 днів тому

    Hey can you do Nissan Maxima next

  91. Steve Taibi

    Steve Taibi19 днів тому

    Can you guys do an Up to Speed episode on the Chevy Cavalier/Cobalt!? Cobalt SS fan boy here

  92. Gentsofintel

    Gentsofintel20 днів тому

    Do a episode on the vq35 and the cars it’s put in (cars not the lame suv) perhaps, maybe the stick shift versions lol (sorry just super stoked I found a factory 6 speed maxima!!!!!!!)

  93. Dallas Alvarado

    Dallas Alvarado20 днів тому

    Im watching on the 28th of May and James, you've done it, 2,015,578 subscribers. Keep it up, love y'all, and stay safe!!!!

  94. julio castro

    julio castro20 днів тому

    look for the lucino gtr that was anice nissan sport car bassed on the b14

  95. south9563

    south956320 днів тому

    Nothin like going to mexico and riding in a NISSAN TSURU taxi lol damm thing rattling falling apart but that engine keeps rolling

  96. Ember Storm

    Ember Storm20 днів тому

    James Pumphrey's passion for cars makes me well up with emotion.

  97. 404UserNotFound

    404UserNotFound20 днів тому

    Lol #71 at the box office

  98. kage ryuz88

    kage ryuz8820 днів тому

    I am rocking a Nissan Sentra GXE with a 5speed and its a great fuel saver as well as its can rip up the pavement you should do a video on the GXE as well

  99. Adrián T. L.

    Adrián T. L.20 днів тому

    Oh shit, the Tsuru!!!

  100. Donald Rickett

    Donald Rickett20 днів тому

    How about a 2000 Buick LeSabre everyone sleeps on it. But I can smoke the tire on it.

  101. Justin Dodson

    Justin Dodson20 днів тому

    I have an '04 spec and I fucking love it. He didn't mention the fact that it had a 6-speed transmission or that it came with Brembos up front. It's by far my most favorite car I've ever owned.

  102. Felipe Heberle

    Felipe Heberle21 день тому

    Hey Donut, can u guys make and episode about the VW Gol GTI and GTS. Those are Brazilian VW models that where quite famous back in the day and I'm sure lots of ppl don't know bout those cars cose they where only sold in Brazil and some countries of South America. Thanks guys, I really like ur channel, u guys kick ass!

  103. Hiro

    Hiro21 день тому

    Wait... the B13 was produced all the way into 2017?! 🤯 How legendary

  104. mr.potato head

    mr.potato head15 годин тому

    They are Taxis in Mexico. A death trap in a accident

  105. Jonathan Cabanas

    Jonathan Cabanas21 день тому

    The 04 SE-R Spec-V was a cool car, bought it brand new, smoked all the honda swapped hatchback's from all that freaking torque it had, wheel hopping like crazy, had to reinforce the mounts after breaking so many. Sometimes i miss it. The limiting factor in that engine were the rods though. Oh and the one thing i do not miss was that bucktooth grill, always was hidious.

  106. kareem john

    kareem john21 день тому

    How about the NEO-VVL engines?

  107. Nicholas Trimble

    Nicholas Trimble21 день тому

    Please sir Nissan Altima