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  1. Donut Media

    Donut MediaРік тому

    How many of you are looking up B13s on Graigslist right now?


    HARSH GANDROKIA6 днів тому

    looking for a b12 with jdm mods

  3. Nfs Fan

    Nfs Fan13 днів тому

    In trinidad these babies are common

  4. gofa curself

    gofa curself24 дні тому

    bad news! i didnt forget about it and ive owned the same SER SPEC-V for 15 years. its been lightly breathed on and makes ( or did about 100k miles ago) 220 to the wheels. i lowered it 2 inches on a TEIN suspension. new bushings. rigid engine mounts. and stainless steel custom exhaust from the block to the bumper. removed the balance shafts and chain. an i even ran a 50 shot of n02 when i used it as a drag car for a few years ( for fun not profit)

  5. flipflopless1959

    flipflopless195926 днів тому

    found one right after i saw this video offered the dude $300 cause it was sitting and got it.

  6. Nagual Art

    Nagual ArtМісяць тому

    SE-R's are mad dope I had a 1991 & 2000 the b13 was better because of its size

  7. Yung Hokage

    Yung Hokage2 дні тому

    Had my 02 SER for couple of months and the car is fun as fuck

  8. Austxn B

    Austxn B4 дні тому

    Dang, I just got my first car and it’s a 1991 Nissan Sentra. And I agree it’s fast af

  9. Ben Timmerhouse

    Ben Timmerhouse4 дні тому

    My dad had one of these back in the 90’s

  10. William Freeze

    William Freeze7 днів тому

    What i'd do to get my hands on a 200sx se-r!

  11. Rapid Transit

    Rapid Transit9 днів тому

    For father day 3 of my children went together and bought me a 2003 sentra type R. I was shocked. Haven't really drove it yet but I'm going to.....SWEET

  12. Nichols gunness

    Nichols gunness9 днів тому


  13. Roderick Lafayette

    Roderick Lafayette10 днів тому

    B-TUH TUH all the way

  14. indira ramdeo

    indira ramdeo10 днів тому

    B12 B13 B14 all nice cars

  15. fyhfb ass

    fyhfb ass10 днів тому

    The B15 seR specV also had optional Brembos (!!). I still occasionally see them around.

  16. col10smash

    col10smash12 днів тому

    i had a 2006 SE-R spec v 70k original miles i bought for $1500 because previous owner didn't really know what it was and the rear brakes pads have never been changed in that 70k miles, bought it fixed it up, a asshole on his cellphone runs a stop sign in front of me and it got totaled :/ sad day. i miss that car

  17. Jack53

    Jack5312 днів тому

    Actually had a 2010 spec v tuned...was making 240hp was hella fun to drive...miss it so much!

  18. John Favors

    John Favors13 днів тому

    Ah so it's your fault I can't find any Nissan Sentras on market place

  19. Josh Cristales

    Josh Cristales13 днів тому

    Bro I love your videos you should do one on Expedition

  20. Rudy

    Rudy14 днів тому

    The B15 is still pretty small TBH. I can't fit in the back with my girl lol

  21. Rudy

    Rudy14 днів тому

    I got a B15 and I'm loving it

  22. High Flya

    High Flya14 днів тому

    I had a B15 SE-R. The handling should be best described as honest yet terrible. I kinda liked how they look though.

  23. brad ramsingh

    brad ramsingh14 днів тому

    I had a b13 with a sr20det all wheel drive

  24. # orangerider13

    # orangerider1315 днів тому

    i want one, Just got the B13 sedan variant yesterday, planning to do an engine swap SR20DET

  25. sudiven pillay

    sudiven pillay19 днів тому

    In South Africa we got different sentras like the look and the engine our sentras from the early 2000s to 03 if im not mistaken, they had sr20 ve engines and sr20 de but the ve with neo vvl fml u think it had the best lift ever man sound yoh take me now

  26. Brian Ortiz

    Brian Ortiz21 день тому

    I want a nissan tsuru, I always see them working as taxi cars in Mexico & they feel fast

  27. Anthony Mattei

    Anthony Mattei21 день тому

    bought mine new in 2003 loved that car shifter had long throws though they fixed that in 2004 or 5 i think.. it should of came with a turbo

  28. just ask for bob

    just ask for bob22 дні тому

    That Sentra SER you got in the US we had it here in Mexico as the Tsuru GSR2000, and it was sold more or less since 1997 until 2001, the most common color sold were dark green(like English race green), Red, white and black. Today they dont exist anymore, ive been looking for one and, nop not for sale, it seems they were blown in street racing. And yes the Tsuru was sold until 2017 and yes it was removed, mainly because the car that was being sold had less construction quality that the ones that were made in 1994, it seems that Nissan was cheating (not an uncommon thing) in order to lower the price. But the car still had 130HP

  29. vincent velasquez

    vincent velasquez22 дні тому

    Man I wish I would have seen this when this first came out I would have loved to have a conversation with you about this car my best friend God Rest his soul I was the last car he had and 05 Nissan SE R spec V Sentra that car was so fun it would have been awesome to talk more about it. But then earlier this year while I was in Florida I met up with this kid who just had a R32 imported from Japan that thing was amazing driving a right hand drive r33 freshly citizenship is an amazing feeling

  30. Senan Martin Alejandro

    Senan Martin Alejandro24 дні тому

    Here in the Philippines 🇵🇭 Most Sentra B13 and B14 also turn into Taxi Units in 90s until early 2010s

  31. Corkfish1

    Corkfish124 дні тому

    I had a 93 SE-r that i drove for 12 years. Best car i ever owned.

  32. ASTRO

    ASTRO24 дні тому

    Only real ones know what AKINA is

  33. [Blank]

    [Blank]26 днів тому

    So it has always been the Nissan Sentra and never the Datsun Sentra?

  34. Roger Alvarado Hernandez

    Roger Alvarado Hernandez26 днів тому

    Anything i can put on a nissan sentra 2019

  35. eli the commenter s

    eli the commenter s26 днів тому

    in Mexico, there are 1993´s sentras still, they are calle tsurus, AND THEY ARE THE MOST UNSAFE VEHICLE, YOU GET IMPACTED FROM BEHIND AT 30 KM/H AND YOU ARE D E A D

  36. Ragerius The Overlord

    Ragerius The Overlord27 днів тому

    Hey the b14 was really good too. I got one and shes reliable and quick

  37. Chileno5100

    Chileno510028 днів тому

    eyyy jelly jiggler

  38. Christopher Rodriguez

    Christopher RodriguezМісяць тому

    I love my 200sx ser this video had no love for b14 shame

  39. Kevin Rodriguez

    Kevin RodriguezМісяць тому

    So the 200-2005 had a qr50

  40. Cameron De Klerk

    Cameron De KlerkМісяць тому

    Do a review about the south african 2000 nissan sentra sti 200

  41. Rodrigo AB

    Rodrigo ABМісяць тому

    I have a white SE-R SPEC V and this video made me wanna like t even more, I was thinking of switching to a 2024 Maxima SV.

  42. Jeffrey D

    Jeffrey DМісяць тому

    I'm selling a Black 2005 B15 Spec V in Washington State. 130k mi Hmu (360)220-6374

  43. Bud Hull

    Bud HullМісяць тому

    Hey! I need a recommendation on a good SR20de (1991 SE-R) mechanic in the Seattle area. I had a fuel injector install go wrong and I know my limit with the type of work needing done. HMU!

  44. Benjamin Wilson

    Benjamin WilsonМісяць тому

    Ah yes my ex's car

  45. Binx Woolley

    Binx WoolleyМісяць тому

    Do one on the Nissan blue bird aka Altima

  46. Terry Young

    Terry YoungМісяць тому

    Crazy I was mid conversation on Snapchat talking about my 97 Sentra when I seen this video 🤯

  47. Aisloh

    AislohМісяць тому

    Do one about the Volkswagen Golf

  48. gandolf riven

    gandolf rivenМісяць тому

    Nobody likes the b12 sentra huh? What a shame.

  49. F G.F.M

    F G.F.MМісяць тому

    I thought you were going to talk about the B17 Nismo ;(

  50. Neightrix Prime

    Neightrix PrimeМісяць тому

    Hol' up. Civic Si destroyed the B16? They have basically the same 0-60, and the SE-R was a good bit cheaper.

  51. Jayson Babiano

    Jayson BabianoМісяць тому

    This is my car right now b13 sentra ga14ds carb type. It is really dependable never let me down.

  52. Lil Uri

    Lil UriМісяць тому

    Same I have a b13 my dad bought it in 1994

  53. Brandon Dorcas

    Brandon DorcasМісяць тому

    I just got the 03 Sentra GXE someone tell me I'm still special? I'm joking though its not

  54. Kurt Hanel

    Kurt HanelМісяць тому

    Should do stageas!!!

  55. Ed Velazquez

    Ed VelazquezМісяць тому

    Why do you have to scream so much?!?

  56. GT: TheZ06Addict

    GT: TheZ06AddictМісяць тому

    I prefer the B12, preferably the 1989 Nissan Sentra XE wagon. My family had one and it was hands down the best car we ever had, to this day it's my dream to have another one

  57. Dalton Thiessen

    Dalton ThiessenМісяць тому

    My friend had the Nissan ser spec v and the stock clutch would slip at high rpm’s, they couldn’t handle all that powa

  58. Dalton Thiessen

    Dalton ThiessenМісяць тому

    My friend had the Nissan ser spec v and the stock clutch would slip at high rpm’s, they couldn’t handle all that powa

  59. Dalton Thiessen

    Dalton ThiessenМісяць тому

    My friend had the Nissan ser spec v and the stock clutch would slip at high rpm’s, they couldn’t handle all that powa

  60. Max Ellis

    Max EllisМісяць тому

    you should do u to speed on the VZR pulsar or even pulsars in general!

  61. Max Ellis

    Max EllisМісяць тому

    lol this is pretty much the same as the N14 pulsar and N15 pulsar pretty well the same as sentra

  62. San Andres

    San AndresМісяць тому

    Just got one for 800 and clean too! Engine harness caught on fire so thats why I got it cheap lol

  63. erick vazquez

    erick vazquezМісяць тому

    The b15 spec V actually had a nismo option as well .

  64. Phyzics Sanctuary

    Phyzics SanctuaryМісяць тому

    Thanks to this video, the price of the SE-R is finna skyrocket

  65. Rodney Sturge

    Rodney SturgeМісяць тому

    Had a spec V from new in 2004 with the track pack which meant front brembo calipers. Picked it up with 47km on the odometer and had it till 300K. Let me tell you it surprised a few people on the street and got a lot of looks and questions when it was new. FF a few years and with full exhaust including a header along with suspension upgrades, hawk HP plus pads and for one season DOT slicks, it did a hell of a job at the driver development track at mosport. And full track at Shannonville in Ontario for lapping days. Hauled ass out of hard corners with the limited slip and plenty of low end grunt. Surprising a lot of cars triple the price as I watched them slowly disappear in my rear view after a few laps. Including a cocky M5 owner at mosport who came all the way from the states to boast about his car and how many ponies it had (400 I believe he said). He turned into a man of few words after the first lapping session 😎

  66. MUG Racing

    MUG RacingМісяць тому

    100% Sentras over here check out my first upload of a run to mexico !!!

  67. Footz YoungCity

    Footz YoungCityМісяць тому

    Can we get a review on the Nissan maximas and Altimas @donut media

  68. J T

    J TМісяць тому

    My b14 is a great car for its age. I think that's more of an opinion. A lot of people want the b14.

  69. Gigi Onuk

    Gigi OnukМісяць тому

    love his videos hate that i got to always put my phone on minimum level because he screams so much

  70. Erik Mårtensson

    Erik MårtenssonМісяць тому

    Speaking of the SR-20 engine, I'd like an episode on Nissan Primera or Infiniti G20 as it was known in America.

  71. Robert Smith

    Robert SmithМісяць тому

    7:34 James said it the right way why'd you edit it out?

  72. Leo Villa

    Leo VillaМісяць тому

    The spec v with the b15 has a 6 speed

  73. Laugh Sandwich

    Laugh SandwichМісяць тому

    Really..a sentra??..I've been asking for a galant vr4 video for years now...and you fail to do that but you can do a sentraa?!?!?!?

  74. Henry Canalin

    Henry CanalinМісяць тому

    First time ive seen this video ever and i just bought a 91 sentra like 8 hours ago 😂

  75. The_SpecV_Kid

    The_SpecV_KidМісяць тому

    I have had 4. A 2006 Spec V 2 2007 spec Vs A 2010 SE-R Spec V (fully loaded w/LSD) hit by tractor trailer

  76. Rob Pashley

    Rob Pashley2 місяці тому

    B13 + sr20ve +n1 cams with ECU and exhaust= way more fun!!

  77. Alex Cintora

    Alex Cintora2 місяці тому

    I’m from Mexico and my dad had a TSURU for 10 years

  78. Jonathan Daniel Cruz Rabadán

    Jonathan Daniel Cruz Rabadán2 місяці тому

    I still have a 2001 B15 with the sr20de with roller rockers. It may not be as quick as the 91 SER, but even now it feels so good in highway. It also has a limited slip differential, good brakes, it's heavier than the older Sentra, but it has way better handling. I'm quite sure in 2000 it was the best car in its category. I meant, I owned a 99 Civic Si, and the Sentra was as stable in wavy roads as the Civic, but the Sentra used to feel more rigid, it has better brakes, and in general, much more reliable to drive in daily situations. The Civic had nothing to do with 0-100km/h Vs the Sentra. Sometimes you forgot the fact that the Sentra has a torsion bar in the rear and a McPherson in the front, and the Civic had a much more elaborated independent suspensions. Now, it's 20 years old, it has got 300,000kms with no mechanical issues.

  79. Mordy Davidowitz

    Mordy Davidowitz2 місяці тому

    Excellent Video! I got a 2007 SE-R Spec V and it's a blast. I wouldn't say the Civic SI "destroyed" the B16 Spec V, it performed a little better. Both cars crank out 200HP but the Spec V has 180lb ft of torque while the SI sits at 139lb ft, I've driven both and with the exclusion of Vtec, I'm rollin with the Spec V anyday.

  80. Jorge Hernandez

    Jorge Hernandez2 місяці тому

    I got a 94 sentra xe still wrongs strong only transmission because 1st gear was slipping but that's it original 165k miles and still in great condition best Ga16 engine but planning swapping it with a sr20det

  81. Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt2 місяці тому

    The problem with the B15/QR25 was those engines weren't the best at first.

  82. angeldust117

    angeldust1172 місяці тому

    Be honest fam, at least say that the Tsuru is not powered by a good engine like the B13 was, indeed it have like... 100 ponies

  83. jheeno remache

    jheeno remache2 місяці тому

    Lmfaoo😂😂😂" added tons of red stuff"

  84. Cue Anthony Racing

    Cue Anthony Racing2 місяці тому

    I'm looking at modding my 02 Altima since it's the same engine

  85. Mujahied Kahaar

    Mujahied Kahaar2 місяці тому

    We in South Africa got a better Sentra ,we got STI200 and GXI200 that came in old spec and new spec ,came with SR20DE and SR20VE that’s with variable valve lift (Vvl) and the valve lift shouts much louder than the Honda’s VTEC and pushes mo powa baby 😋

  86. Ricky Ly

    Ricky Ly2 місяці тому

    Damn I just got the b14 lmao