NLE Choppa & Clever "Stick By My Side" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)


  1. ForeverHxartbroken

    ForeverHxartbrokenГодину тому

    Clever Really Likes Saying Stick You Can See It In His Tone.

  2. Christopher Wanuch

    Christopher WanuchГодину тому

    This song is fire don't care what people say

  3. Holly Slaughter

    Holly SlaughterГодину тому

    I'm liking clevers voice 😉

  4. James Idk

    James Idk2 години тому

    Clever be like "time to make bombs"

  5. Tommy CruZ

    Tommy CruZ3 години тому


  6. Zakie Brown

    Zakie Brown3 години тому

    N#ggas be snitching i call'em tekashi🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. Ap3x 2

    Ap3x 23 години тому

    NLE Choppa is the only rapper to flex with condoms

  8. Kent Gonzaga

    Kent Gonzaga5 годин тому

    "this nigga be snitchin I call em Tekashi"


    ELCRISGAMER YT7 годин тому

    puto Javi

  10. Xcellent

    Xcellent8 годин тому

    Ybn nahmir: I got a stick Nle choppa: stick by my side Lil darkie: GET A STICK Rich Brian: Dat $tick What the fuck is going the fuck on

  11. Tatyana Huey

    Tatyana Huey8 годин тому

    This my new fav song😂🔥

  12. Tatyana Huey

    Tatyana Huey8 годин тому

    Just Johnny yea 🔥🔥

  13. Ronald Thomas

    Ronald Thomas9 годин тому

    This song needs to be longer

  14. Precious Thompson

    Precious Thompson9 годин тому

    0:45 were those condoms in NLE Choppa hands

  15. slacks 2k

    slacks 2k9 годин тому


  16. CameraClub USA

    CameraClub USA10 годин тому


  17. Marlumiër Janssen

    Marlumiër Janssen11 годин тому

    Choppa was fire the other one ruined it

  18. Jaycee Nelson

    Jaycee Nelson11 годин тому

    "niggas be snitchin I call em tekashi" lmfao

  19. Tray Hall

    Tray Hall12 годин тому

    Wtf niggas is trippin white dude weak asf

  20. Antonella Divarvaro

    Antonella Divarvaro12 годин тому

    re guenarda aguante nle choppa

  21. Jacob Seng

    Jacob Seng13 годин тому

    Dude ass no cap nle y u rappin wit him come one slime

  22. DripToby

    DripToby15 годин тому

    my guy said "these niggas be snitchin i call him Tekashi" im dead bruh

  23. DripToby

    DripToby15 годин тому

    this shit bumpin

  24. Mi'Kayla Battle

    Mi'Kayla Battle15 годин тому

    Is That A Condom

  25. Layzah

    Layzah15 годин тому


  26. fvplxrd

    fvplxrd16 годин тому

    Everyone else mad cuz the song is only 1:42 minutes long ?

  27. Billie EyeLash

    Billie EyeLash16 годин тому

    My guy clever look and sound like a woman

  28. SHot Smelly

    SHot Smelly19 годин тому

    Niggas be snitching I call em tekashi ~ NLE Choppa 2019 💀

  29. Michelle

    Michelle22 години тому

    How can this song be fire but be short?? Gotta make it longer 💯💯

  30. Opwy

    OpwyДень тому

    What’s up with that gay ass move at 0:47 lol

  31. Nathan Mitchell

    Nathan MitchellДень тому

    “Oh hi mark”

  32. Veroxt ant

    Veroxt antДень тому

    Bitch thy rich till I die shawty never scared because she stick by thy side

  33. ZeNo redrum

    ZeNo redrumДень тому

    clever is an industry plant

  34. Trello Jackee

    Trello JackeeДень тому

    Clever look like a GTA 5 online character

  35. Rocket lilrocketbabii

    Rocket lilrocketbabiiДень тому

    lmao clever 30 and got arrested for making a bomb someone warn nle

  36. Xavier Hawkins

    Xavier HawkinsДень тому

    Clever looks like a girl..a really fat girl..

  37. Soulless exile

    Soulless exileДень тому

    Bruh the intro gave me the chills🔥

  38. Not Edwin

    Not EdwinДень тому

    1:04 he dissed 6IX9INE

  39. Joshua Toweh

    Joshua TowehДень тому


  40. BlackSpartan091

    BlackSpartan091День тому

    Stick by thy side

  41. Gusher

    GusherДень тому

    0:47 your welcome

  42. Gusher

    GusherДень тому

    bets dance known to man!

  43. Zemarion Stevens

    Zemarion StevensДень тому

    Clever look like a leprechaun

  44. Ronald Torres

    Ronald TorresДень тому

    Clever seu lixo , negro domina cara cu

  45. Jazir Mandley

    Jazir MandleyДень тому

    Why is it so short

  46. KleptoDzn

    KleptoDznДень тому

    Snitching , I call em tekashi

  47. Samrish Singh

    Samrish SinghДень тому

    came for nle choppa stayed for clever

  48. Buckmaster

    BuckmasterДень тому

    Clevers only good song

  49. RAW E

    RAW EДень тому

    Clever came out the womb with his middle finger up 🤣🤣

  50. Queen kɨkɨ

    Queen kɨkɨДень тому

    i never knew money was edible 🤑💰💵💸💸💶💴😂

  51. Faust

    FaustДень тому

    NLE out here fucking bands

  52. Cj Scott

    Cj ScottДень тому

    How many people saw the white dude in the video and went to the comments

  53. Random Tandom

    Random TandomДень тому

    Tell me why Choppa swinging around a 3 pack of magnums lmao

  54. chicono17

    chicono1722 години тому

    Random Tandom bc money bring hoes


    BIG CONNORДень тому

    This song should've been longer

  56. Anndru Robinson

    Anndru RobinsonДень тому

    these people be snitching i call them tekashi low key burn

  57. Dolor's

    Dolor'sДень тому

    Any rappers holla me for beats sub too love g❤

  58. ghost killer406

    ghost killer406День тому

    I love the song it is just that it is to short

  59. Rainee Dayzz

    Rainee DayzzДень тому

    Industry plant

  60. illicit Jaidyn

    illicit JaidynДень тому

    *god that's my witness I just caught a bond*

  61. conthedon

    conthedonДень тому

    NLE choppa’s rapping sounds so bad

  62. TTV.daman1182 7

    TTV.daman1182 7День тому

    XD nigga be snitching call him takashi

  63. BornA HawkEye

    BornA HawkEyeДень тому

    You know Yelawolf was beefing with him and yellows crying right now right? Haha

  64. BOTb0y33

    BOTb0y33День тому

    That white kid who is allowed to hang

  65. XxBam Xx

    XxBam XxДень тому

    0:46 when your little brother try to do the shoot 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  66. chen max

    chen maxДень тому

    This shit should be longer


    LIVE N LIT RADIO2 дні тому

    White boi lowkey tuff 👀

  68. Mariano Lugo

    Mariano Lugo2 дні тому

    Bro this song is so lit 🔥🔥💯

  69. Michael Hancock

    Michael Hancock2 дні тому

    Too short fammos!!

  70. triangle

    triangle2 дні тому

    wish this song was longer

  71. William Vargas

    William Vargas2 дні тому

    These niggas be snitching I call em takashi 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  72. Bryce Poe

    Bryce Poe2 дні тому

    I dont know the song by him but i know the lyris its ~ i keep me a stick i keep me a 9. Anyone know what song it is

  73. Jinx Leon

    Jinx Leon2 дні тому

    Wish this song was longer

  74. Malte Brr

    Malte Brr2 дні тому

    And when u die u go to hell

  75. happi

    happi2 дні тому


  76. Ahzir Parker

    Ahzir Parker2 дні тому

    Stick by thy side by cleverspehere 😂

  77. EG3 Assassin

    EG3 Assassin2 дні тому

    Clever is the only reason I phucks with this song...

  78. Jay Tuck

    Jay Tuck2 дні тому

    Clever from my home town

  79. Jay Tuck

    Jay Tuck23 години тому

    @johnny bagley Gadsden Alabama

  80. johnny bagley

    johnny bagleyДень тому

    Jay Tuck and where is that? Serious question bro


    OMG A SLINKY2 дні тому

    So this is where Gotye went after "Somebody that I used to know". Great comeback!

  82. Joey Spencer

    Joey Spencer2 дні тому

    "Rich till I die, pull up on me and get hit with that fire" he snapped first bar 😂

  83. Zeb tv

    Zeb tv2 дні тому

    Clever is an industry plant

  84. rayquan

    rayquanДень тому

    still a good song

  85. Mark Young

    Mark Young2 дні тому

    0:47 When i get a fire ant on my foot

  86. Rayaan Nazir

    Rayaan Nazir2 дні тому

    Too sick maaan

  87. Menix

    Menix2 дні тому

    This is insane

  88. Squiffy YT

    Squiffy YT2 дні тому

    Song to short🤧🤧

  89. Mason Mcdonagh

    Mason Mcdonagh2 дні тому

    Wish this song was longer to short!

  90. ronald guenette

    ronald guenette2 дні тому

    Bro to much heat on these fake rappers come on now

  91. Og Blxnd

    Og Blxnd2 дні тому

    Best accident click i ever had

  92. Bruno Fernandes

    Bruno Fernandes2 дні тому

    Wwhy does this shit have 10M

  93. ultimate gamers

    ultimate gamers2 дні тому

    Did anyone catch these n****s be snitching I call em tekashi

  94. omgitzz liltweak

    omgitzz liltweak2 дні тому

    Here before 10M

  95. Beast

    Beast2 дні тому

    This is who saw Clever say he wants to be a rock star

  96. n h

    n h2 дні тому

    Clever is twice the age of NLE lmao

  97. Marcus Shepert

    Marcus Shepert2 дні тому

    Clever is an industry plant which i kinda dont like but this song is still alright

  98. hotshot G

    hotshot G2 дні тому

    0:42 fighting Johan is xxxtentation. Just saying might be

  99. mini iverson

    mini iverson3 дні тому

    NLE murdered this hoe

  100. BornA HawkEye

    BornA HawkEye3 дні тому

    Clever got that 90's rock nostalgic flow infused in current music. New genre? 🚫🧢🔥

  101. Garrett Taylor

    Garrett Taylor3 дні тому

    Pull up your pants

  102. Justin

    Justin3 дні тому


  103. tekashi 69

    tekashi 693 дні тому

    Adam 22

  104. 1000 subs with no vids

    1000 subs with no vids3 дні тому

    1:05 I call them tekashi

  105. edwin muranotes

    edwin muranotes3 дні тому

    Stick by my side