NLE Choppa & Clever "Stick By My Side" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)


  1. Parrie Campbell

    Parrie Campbell6 годин тому

    Should have been longer ... hard

  2. SaD ViBeZ

    SaD ViBeZ6 годин тому

    *play it at 1.25 yw*

  3. Jordan Guess

    Jordan Guess8 годин тому


  4. Jerilynn Swanstrom

    Jerilynn Swanstrom9 годин тому

    I'm in love with this track but it needs to be longer 😭

  5. Joseph Pesa

    Joseph Pesa9 годин тому

    lit song bruh like it

  6. Whothe fu Ckisthis

    Whothe fu Ckisthis11 годин тому

    Not to brag. But prolly like 6 months ago i said clever gon be up next... 👍🏽🤔🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  7. Chance God

    Chance God13 годин тому

    What’s happening doesn’t match the song

  8. Casual_DropoutYT

    Casual_DropoutYTДень тому

    0:45 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. TTV Rip_scorqe

    TTV Rip_scorqeДень тому

    There’s to much edits

  10. firebat128

    firebat128День тому

    It was awesome till all that ignant ass nigga shit kicked in. What's a scrawny ass little shit gonna do like that talkin all hard. Little shit couldnt hit the broad side of a barn

  11. Mason Taylor-Pryor

    Mason Taylor-PryorДень тому

    man called the snitch out

  12. Mykol12's Minecraft channel

    Mykol12's Minecraft channelДень тому

    Good luck

  13. Derek Gabor

    Derek Gabor2 дні тому

    Clever and post Malone collab?

  14. JJ Stevens

    JJ Stevens12 годин тому

    On the way

  15. Zzzz

    Zzzz2 дні тому

    that nigga clever is trash. ruined the whole song

  16. DoobyLmao

    DoobyLmao2 дні тому

    Clever looks like a lesbian

  17. Kam Barnes

    Kam Barnes2 дні тому

    fucking trippie red

  18. Very Rare

    Very Rare2 дні тому

    This song needs to be way longer with a verse from clever

  19. Not JuSt9

    Not JuSt92 дні тому

    That's is how many minutes the song is too short 👇🏼

  20. BrathaEx Christ Saves

    BrathaEx Christ Saves2 дні тому

    This mug 🔥🔥🔥 straight from Indianapolis

  21. Jellyboy 21

    Jellyboy 212 дні тому

    At the first it sounded nun like the video in till NLE hopped on

  22. Gabby Bitson

    Gabby Bitson2 дні тому

    Donotdissthismibookiykitty but yung homie this and yo paccer wood partner go h.a.m_x

  23. Tsehai Scott

    Tsehai Scott2 дні тому

    baddest industry plant stills

  24. Vincent Ramirez

    Vincent Ramirez3 дні тому

    He only sound good in this song

  25. Yahir Luvianos

    Yahir Luvianos3 дні тому

    HE did 69 dirty😂😂

  26. Lil Vacationland

    Lil Vacationland3 дні тому

    I'd ultra like this if I could

  27. Derek Burdem

    Derek Burdem4 дні тому

    This song is very fire 💥

  28. Unleashed Kills

    Unleashed Kills4 дні тому


  29. LifeIsShørt

    LifeIsShørt4 дні тому

    These niggas be snitching I call them tekashi😂

  30. Joanne Ford

    Joanne Ford5 днів тому

    Clever. Is. Not. Cool. Nle. Is. Cool. Sorry. Clever

  31. Panda Nuggetz

    Panda Nuggetz5 днів тому

    girls locker room: Omg I hate P.E!! :( boys locker room:

  32. Cappin’

    Cappin’5 днів тому

    Whys this song, actually as long as a lil tecca preview😂😂😂😂

  33. keaton kuhlman

    keaton kuhlman5 днів тому

    That man is literally dawn off trailer park boys

  34. Fee Skinner

    Fee Skinner5 днів тому


  35. Micheal B

    Micheal B5 днів тому

    the white guy look like peter griffon with his jaw

  36. Kyle Carattini

    Kyle Carattini6 днів тому

    Nle has 4 dance moves

  37. itsnotmalus

    itsnotmalus6 днів тому

    so no one's gonna talk about choppa flexing his condoms?

  38. Number #1

    Number #16 днів тому

    At 1:06 he said these Nigas be snitching I call him Takashi

  39. Desmond/Desmatic Davis

    Desmond/Desmatic Davis7 днів тому

    Interesting not bad

  40. LeeWetItUp

    LeeWetItUp7 днів тому

    Is it


    YOUNGBOI QUELL7 днів тому

    0:46 choppa road that bihh like nothing to 1:16

  42. Rami Elaine

    Rami Elaine7 днів тому

    Money shit old and shawty whatever the fuck we called! Tupac please come back! Oh how the world has changed!!!

  43. Miguel Crizm

    Miguel Crizm7 днів тому

    Me when ur bae says bring protection 0:45

  44. Young. Redd17

    Young. Redd178 днів тому

    Better if clever wasn’t their

  45. Breright

    Breright8 днів тому

    Nle is beast an jonthan

  46. Mr Diamond

    Mr Diamond8 днів тому

    My man said "uh uh under"

  47. Timmy Turners a thot

    Timmy Turners a thot8 днів тому

    Why people saying clever good he ass

  48. Ruben Yeno

    Ruben Yeno8 днів тому

    It’s Clever ft NLE choppa not the other way

  49. Ruben Yeno

    Ruben Yeno8 днів тому

    Clever x Meek Mill next 🔥

  50. samuel emmanuel

    samuel emmanuel8 днів тому

    sound like lukas graham

  51. Justin Sanders

    Justin Sanders9 днів тому

    Clever really looks like he’s in a Motley Crue cover band.

  52. The Joe Sankovich

    The Joe Sankovich9 днів тому

    NLE be Killinn' Ittttt!!! Dude is Fire

  53. TheBestYoutubeChannelEverTimesInfinity

    TheBestYoutubeChannelEverTimesInfinity9 днів тому

    blue face been working out

  54. Annefranksghost

    Annefranksghost9 днів тому

    Everything was fire untill the chorus ended and he started rapping I mean mumbling I mean I don’t know what that was 🤦‍♂️

  55. Apollo4

    Apollo49 днів тому

    dam this nigga clever is FIRE

  56. iPhone User

    iPhone User9 днів тому

    Apollo4 fake Fan Alert

  57. iPhone User

    iPhone User9 днів тому

    Apollo4 you fake

  58. Apollo4

    Apollo49 днів тому

    dam this nigga dropping 2 much bangers

  59. Blake Alverson

    Blake Alverson9 днів тому

    I have to listen 2 or 3 times in a row so it feels like i listened to a whole song.

  60. Juan Jose Quinones Jr

    Juan Jose Quinones Jr9 днів тому

    1:06 Choppa said He a snitch like tekashi

  61. Juan Jose Quinones Jr

    Juan Jose Quinones Jr9 днів тому

    1:06 he said they snitch like tekashi

  62. Z a L i K

    Z a L i K9 днів тому

    bitch im rich till i die yea

  63. Z a L i K

    Z a L i K9 днів тому

    @iPhone User ok

  64. iPhone User

    iPhone User9 днів тому

    Z a L i K No

  65. Jordan Foust

    Jordan Foust9 днів тому

    Anyone else realize how much this beat sucks. Bad 808 one backwards halftime loop and weird drum pattern

  66. Jordan Foust

    Jordan Foust7 днів тому

    iPhone User oh yeah well when I was 9 I posted a UAreporter video and it got 28 views soooo😤😤

  67. iPhone User

    iPhone User9 днів тому

    Jordan Foust It got 14M views