Noah Cyrus - I Got So High That I Saw Jesus (Official Video)


  1. Ruota Ruota

    Ruota Ruota7 годин тому

    I got goose bums and tears from my eyes

  2. mariam ibrahim

    mariam ibrahimДень тому

    she's so underrated🥺


    TANYA SINGHДень тому

    This album is sooooooo platinum I swear it made me felt like it was made for me thankyou NOAH

  4. E-mito o

    E-mito o2 дні тому

    A gente passa a vida inteira tentando entender Cristo e o Amor. Tem uma música que consegue clarear isso de uma forma genial vou deixar o link aqui pra vcs ouvirem - 5BOuxPVWPn

  5. Curro

    Curro2 дні тому


  6. Matthew Miller

    Matthew Miller3 дні тому

    More like Satan impersonating God. God's not gonna make you believe sin is okay lol. Beautiful voice though!

  7. left tiddy

    left tiddy2 дні тому

    what are even talking about...

  8. Joe Laingek

    Joe Laingek3 дні тому

    is this a Gospel song? i'm confused. this video is kinda too hot to be a Gospel song. she kept touching herself and her dress was a see-through

  9. moonnu chamling

    moonnu chamling3 дні тому

    Why this song has only 4mil views? underrated af, What do youngsters want nowadays? If they don't like this song means nowadays people only want controversial artist and controversial vulgar lyrics\songs. Please let's give her what she deserves. She deserves all the success and fame. She is too talented to sleep on her💖✝️🌹

  10. left tiddy

    left tiddy2 дні тому

    shes so talented

  11. Ashton Smith

    Ashton Smith3 дні тому

    Not me crying

  12. Daphne Akpotu

    Daphne Akpotu3 дні тому

    Girl this is beautiful

  13. Januardo S

    Januardo S3 дні тому

    My song... Deserve Grammy

  14. mojo schmee

    mojo schmee4 дні тому

    When the talent in the family sells the fewest records...

  15. Aldrin Lalnunkima

    Aldrin Lalnunkima4 дні тому

    Who is here after she's got nomination in grammys.. Well deserved

  16. angel thapa

    angel thapa4 дні тому

    i got sow low that i got under water and saw sharks

  17. Lavinia Gaiani

    Lavinia Gaiani4 дні тому

    I really hope she wins a Grammy this year. She really deserves it.

  18. Isabella Alvarez

    Isabella Alvarez4 дні тому

    This pail of water is carrying the team

  19. Mələk Səmədova

    Mələk Səmədova5 днів тому

    Xəstələnəsisən,çıx sudan.

  20. Ronny Koman

    Ronny Koman5 днів тому

    As someone who doesn’t know if I believe in Jesus and someone who smokes mj daily I appreciate this song. Wouldn’t mind if it happened quite honestly lmao.

  21. Yianna Andreou

    Yianna Andreou5 днів тому

    How this video doesnt have views ..she is amazing

  22. Gabriel Mejia

    Gabriel Mejia5 днів тому


  23. eri eri

    eri eri5 днів тому


  24. eri eri

    eri eri5 днів тому


  25. Oscar Perez Gil

    Oscar Perez Gil6 днів тому

    You really deserve the Grammy, you've been fightin' to win it. ♥️ Loveeeee yaaaaaaa.

  26. bert Kim lee

    bert Kim lee6 днів тому

    Noah Cyrus got nominated for grammys for best new artist.. Iam so happy 🥳🥳🥳

  27. Aarju Raut

    Aarju Raut6 днів тому

    I keep coming back here

  28. Balázs Gyarmati

    Balázs Gyarmati6 днів тому

    Hey Noah this is a nice song.

  29. Spooky Girlfriend

    Spooky Girlfriend6 днів тому

    This song reminds me of a dear friend of mine who was an addict. He was very lost and he overdosed. Luckily, he was saved by the hospital. Got a lot of treatment and he told me that while he was "dead" Jesus spoke to him and told him he was going to be okay. He got help and is doing very well.


    KAILOEY KIM5 днів тому

    @Roxanna Drake

  31. Roxanna Drake

    Roxanna Drake6 днів тому

    Amen and thank you for sharing the testimony! God Bless!!!

  32. Jordan Mee

    Jordan Mee6 днів тому

    Your amazing Noah and love your music ❤️

  33. Kristina

    Kristina7 днів тому

    Noah is really underrated

  34. Marti López

    Marti López7 днів тому

    Estoy enamorada de esta canción:)

  35. Julia Moëlo

    Julia Moëlo7 днів тому

    Oh my good I loved it! LOVED It.

  36. Vocal.t13

    Vocal.t137 днів тому

    Personally I'm worried about the worlds taste in music🤨🤨like why TF she so underrated?!

  37. Liardson Kauê Vale Cunha

    Liardson Kauê Vale Cunha7 днів тому

    I Love Jesus

  38. vegan cherry

    vegan cherry7 днів тому


  39. sharkfinz6

    sharkfinz67 днів тому

    just discovered this song-im 59-im christian and this made me bawl...hard- its awesome i love it

  40. MissAaronMarie The Reluctant Tutilary

    MissAaronMarie The Reluctant Tutilary8 днів тому

    Butterfly and bath symbology :-( MK ultra

  41. Julia Skagfjord

    Julia Skagfjord8 днів тому

    I think that is a pretty song. I dig it. I think a true all loving God is not judgemental and does not require a particular type of devotion. If your heart is in the right place then if there is a God, that is what God would want.

  42. Sweet Dreams: Sleepy Gaming

    Sweet Dreams: Sleepy Gaming9 днів тому

    God is in everything, not just in religion :). It's time we understand this simple fact and the useless quarrels should stop!!!

  43. Kat

    Kat9 днів тому

    I don't get it. I don't like the glorification of drugs (they are bad for your brain and your body overall, the definition of a bad friend/companion), I kind of feel uncomfortable with the bible comparisons, but this song is really soothing and comforting. And the video is beautiful as is Noahs voice. It's a little like when I didn't understand English and sang/hummed along. ... I wish the stuff I mentioned wasn't in the song then it would be perfection

  44. LovePink 25

    LovePink 2510 днів тому

    I saw this first with Mileys backyard session..first impresion got me here. Perfect relaxing. Who's with me here.

  45. Jordan Lee

    Jordan Lee10 днів тому

    Dear Noah i Love this song and you are so tallented . Jeusus is so Amazing. #Pourpuse

  46. Jordan Lee

    Jordan Lee10 днів тому


  47. Blanka Augustino

    Blanka Augustino11 днів тому

    Beautiful girl beautiful song.😘


    WALTER FUNBIKE11 днів тому

    ..08.40 19.11.2020 THURSDAY SYL

  49. Frost Soul7755

    Frost Soul775511 днів тому

    Why does this sound like a joke a stand-up comedian made .... Getting high with Jesus ...

  50. Taren Rae James

    Taren Rae James12 днів тому

    This song is amazing

  51. Matt Iudford

    Matt Iudford12 днів тому

    I want what she’s smoking

  52. Kayla Popelka

    Kayla Popelka12 днів тому

    What’s up with the ending ?

  53. Shayna Rose

    Shayna Rose12 днів тому

    I'm a Jew but I come here for the bops

  54. Cannon Crew

    Cannon Crew12 днів тому

    stay drug free... and youll see jesus.

  55. Angel L

    Angel L13 днів тому

    I just don’t understand the obvious overly sexual rubbing and half naked In all scene and dancing like a witch around fire at end. This is a joke, this is a disgrace to any real Christian faith. She is a satanist Hollywood puppet And knows exactly what she’s doing with this bullshit. So all you sheep can think this is ok bc she is “famous” and did it, as if she is our idol. False idol!

  56. Patch Wally

    Patch Wally13 днів тому

    This is amazing and I don’t know how it took me year to see it! I haven’t heard real music in a while

  57. Adeline Kinimi

    Adeline Kinimi13 днів тому

    Best sisters ❤️❤️❤️

  58. leah yutzy

    leah yutzy13 днів тому

    This song is so wrong!

  59. Veezus Pappas

    Veezus Pappas13 днів тому

    Very well done and you gorggg

  60. Vince Nowell

    Vince Nowell13 днів тому

    Thank you for this song, Noah. It brings me comfort in these troubled days. ❤️

  61. zeyneb elbahy

    zeyneb elbahy14 днів тому

    U just need me in ur heart...

  62. Bridgett Munera

    Bridgett Munera14 днів тому

    I know a lot of people have converted to christianity from a drug abuse or near death etc. i hope this song can give a positive message instead of making people think you have to turn to drugs to see God because that is false. And not worth it. Trust me.

  63. Laura Nioi

    Laura Nioi14 днів тому

    I got so high that I saw Jesus He said it's all gonna be okay You just need me in your heart Tennessee Whiskey and love I got so high that I saw Jesus Yeah, they talk about the rivers running dry How pretty soon there won't be any water left to turn to wine Like a drunkard at the wedding Blindly raising Armageddon So, I'ma get high And I got so high that I saw Jesus He said it's all gonna be okay You just need me in your heart Tennessee Whiskey and love I got so high that I saw Jesus (Jesus) Yeah, Joseph lost his job to a machine And Mary lost her mind to lines of code You can't see And if the angels are the A.I. I'm gonna burn this whole thing down Well, I'm gonna burn one down right now I got so high that I saw Jesus (oh, yeah) He said it's all gonna be okay (all gonna be) You just need me in your heart Tennessee Whiskey and love I got so high that I saw Jesus And sometimes, it hurts too much to look Like Moses said, the burning bush I tried to turn away, but I could see And he said, "Fathers, don't forsake your sons There's so much kingdom left to come Just let it fill your lungs before you leave" And I got so high that I saw Jesus He said it's all gonna be okay You just need me in your heart Tennessee Whiskey and love I got so high that I saw Jesus I got so high that I saw Jesus I got so high that I saw Jesus

  64. Naya D

    Naya D14 днів тому

    Why do I feel like crying listening to this?

  65. Dee Rawrz

    Dee Rawrz14 днів тому

    She is a Renaissance painting ❤️ Lovely voice and great lyrics 🥰

  66. Jan Flaherty

    Jan Flaherty15 днів тому

    Phenomenal song. Oh my heart... ❤️🎶❤️

  67. Angelo Carolino

    Angelo Carolino15 днів тому

    I want this Girl Collab to Little Mix😍❤

  68. Aparna sudheer

    Aparna sudheer16 днів тому

    she has held more butterflies than i have ever in my whole life

  69. Kajikaa K

    Kajikaa K16 днів тому

    This song is so calming

  70. Cameron De Leon

    Cameron De Leon16 днів тому

    This was premiered on my birthday and helped me through so much she is such a good singer how much talent could the Cyrus family have. As a christian I love this song and don't find it offensive I love how good she signs this keep up your singing I love your music

  71. Timoteo Antunez

    Timoteo Antunez16 днів тому

    This song is so good

  72. yeeep

    yeeep16 днів тому

    she’s so underrated. ..

  73. Jared Ivy

    Jared Ivy16 днів тому

    Amazing Everything!😍

  74. Jorge Miguel

    Jorge Miguel17 днів тому


  75. KO Black

    KO Black17 днів тому

    Dang I'm not even a christian but I love this omg noah

  76. La'Riah Fayson

    La'Riah Fayson17 днів тому

    i listen to this song when im having anxiety attacks. And this song helps a lot!thanks noah

  77. Mike Schumaker

    Mike Schumaker17 днів тому

    Wow I listen to rap mostly. But I listen to your sister. Heard her on Joe Rogaine pod cast. That how I found out she also had a brother and sister. Love this song and will be listening to more of your work. Your dad is also awesome. Best wishes..

  78. A Marie

    A Marie17 днів тому

    If she ever decides to make a country album I think she would be phenomenal.

  79. Andre Ribeiro

    Andre Ribeiro2 дні тому

    definitely! it'll be à la Kacey Musgraves. I need it

  80. CaeLeigh Reid

    CaeLeigh Reid17 днів тому

    so can i play this for my grandma or no?

  81. 19TAURUSGIRL91

    19TAURUSGIRL9118 днів тому

    Again, July, This Is Us, Dunno, Broken, Do You Know What Is Right, Waiting, fuckyounoah, Ghost... I hope this girl keeps making music for decades. ❤️

  82. adriel sion

    adriel sion18 днів тому

    I just love it

  83. Cristiano Dias

    Cristiano Dias19 днів тому

    Como está escrito: I Got So High That I Saw Jesus Como eu li: Fiquei tão chapadona que vi Jesus AMEI

  84. Duda Alves

    Duda Alves19 днів тому

    Noah is looking like Aphrodite ...

  85. Morticia Gothic

    Morticia Gothic20 днів тому

    Lindo! Incrível!

  86. Essie H

    Essie H20 днів тому

    Absolutely gorgeous music video! Noah looks so stunning

  87. Jaden Mikayla Gibson

    Jaden Mikayla Gibson20 днів тому

    i know this song word for word

  88. Sopita

    Sopita20 днів тому

    I love how this is the perfect combination of Nashville and LA

  89. Zombie Frog Gaming

    Zombie Frog Gaming20 днів тому

    I'm gonna A Little Bit More Detail Behind The Music Video Because Noah is starting to make me a fan of her voice and music

  90. Kyan Rush

    Kyan Rush20 днів тому

    Theme song to my life right now

  91. Lalngaihzuali Mami

    Lalngaihzuali Mami20 днів тому

    Hi who are you are you single

  92. Daphne Princess

    Daphne Princess20 днів тому

    Necesito el caño de Noah

  93. Tracy Bedford

    Tracy Bedford20 днів тому

    I'm 43 yrs. old and this is absolutely one of the best songs and singing I have ever heard.

  94. sam sam

    sam sam21 день тому

    Im very drunk rn but i listen to u everytime i get fucked up and u keep my heart right where it needs to be...ok....i feel like i connect more to u then miley shes so famous and has everyone but emotionally i feel its better that u saved me then listening to miley and not feeling anything

  95. danyel silvabezerra

    danyel silvabezerra21 день тому


  96. danyel silvabezerra

    danyel silvabezerra21 день тому

    tô chapadinha

  97. Kaveer Padayachee

    Kaveer Padayachee21 день тому

    Okay but the cinematography-

  98. Think Vibrant

    Think Vibrant21 день тому

    Didn’t know Noah wrote this, it’s amazing

  99. Think Vibrant

    Think Vibrant21 день тому

    Didn’t know Noah wrote this, it’s amazing

  100. Leah Watkins

    Leah Watkins21 день тому


  101. BE3M3EZY

    BE3M3EZY21 день тому

    I've heard of this. You take shrooms or acid you see aliens or god

  102. rodney hector

    rodney hector21 день тому

    Stupid song

  103. Megsie Kramer

    Megsie Kramer21 день тому

    I just discovered this while having an anxiety attack. This is calming me down.. I feel so comforted by this song.

  104. YMM ENT.

    YMM ENT.5 днів тому

    The name of Jesus protects u from the enemy

  105. Erica Dilbeck

    Erica Dilbeck22 дні тому

    Her music makes me want to runaway in a Volkswagen van and end up in the middle of nowhere, just vibin out. It makes me feel free

  106. Jamie D

    Jamie D22 дні тому

    This is so beautiful

  107. Castro T

    Castro T23 дні тому

    Burn One ☝️ ♥️🕊