Official Teaser: Disney's Maleficent: Mistress of Evil - In Theaters October 18!


  1. Shirley Thomas

    Shirley Thomas7 годин тому

    What my pancakes not without a griller pan,which everybody can't get,proper tools.

  2. Shirley Thomas

    Shirley Thomas7 годин тому

    Um you need to clean up, they want me to beef with your four legged dog, and that ain't right like eating at the table with the other four legged dogs,

  3. Intan Permatasari

    Intan Permatasari18 годин тому

    imagine Hela and Maleficent in the same movie 🔥🔥🔥🔥queen of death and queen of evil Lol

  4. Shakila Bano

    Shakila BanoДень тому

    Okay know I am confused But still I am not sure about the threat thiny😂

  5. delrey witch

    delrey witch6 днів тому

    soundtrack of first movie was cover by lana now that trailer has season of the witch that's not lanas cover but 4 days ago lana realized cover of this song

  6. Ksgrox 04

    Ksgrox 047 днів тому

    The second trailer is much better than this. This is just like “Maleficent is back and evil again”

  7. Kelby C

    Kelby C7 днів тому

    Anyone know the name of the song?

  8. Logan Lentilus

    Logan Lentilus8 днів тому

    They didnt hire Lana tensing season of the witch. But Guillermo del Toro knew better.

  9. alibi aba

    alibi aba8 днів тому

    Fitting role for her :)

  10. zen

    zen8 днів тому

    whatever maleficent was wearing at the end...disney what are you thinking?

  11. I am someone

    I am someone8 днів тому

    Everyone: Are you evil? Maleficent: Well yes but actually no.

  12. Dylan Ramírez

    Dylan Ramírez8 днів тому

    Maleficients has the reason brcause she only want to protect Aurora

  13. adriel

    adriel10 днів тому

    pfff lana del rey's season of the witch is 100% better than this one

  14. Ibrahim Sobhi

    Ibrahim Sobhi10 днів тому

    Stop with the cheekbone memes

  15. Aiden Jolly

    Aiden Jolly11 днів тому

    the theme song is giving me goosebumps

  16. JustJazz :3

    JustJazz :312 днів тому

    I'd say the teaser trailers are short but they are also better than the real trailers.

  17. Chris 3/77

    Chris 3/7715 днів тому

    Who asked for this?

  18. Wizarding World Videos

    Wizarding World Videos21 день тому

    The Mistress of All Evil

  19. Speed Killer

    Speed Killer21 день тому

    just watched the first part... really liked it but i doubt a sequel is going to work with these characters, unless maleficent just decides to turn completly evil which she cleary was not in the first part. just driven by vengeance which she regretted afterwards. reminds me of the anime/manga called berserk, same there if you take the main protagonist out of context it seems like he is the bad guy. love it!(i hope there are good reasons for her to turn evil otherwise it would probably ruin it for me) sorry for long post duh

  20. David M.

    David M.25 днів тому

    Background music of this teaser: Season of the Witch - Audiomachine feat. Molly

  21. William Chollick

    William Chollick25 днів тому

    Will this movie be rated PG-13?

  22. Dynasti Lisse Noble

    Dynasti Lisse Noble28 днів тому

    This movie is just as good as the first one.

  23. grimview

    grimview28 днів тому

    1:08 most paused moment

  24. Cinema Explained

    Cinema Explained29 днів тому

    Aurora: It's okay, Maleficent's not evil. Maleficent: *laughs in magic*

  25. Seven Ellen

    Seven Ellen29 днів тому

    So ... Not Mistress of ALL Evil yet, Disney? Still milking that cash cow with unoriginal ideas and dead creativity.

  26. Dhruvil Modi

    Dhruvil ModiМісяць тому

    That's Angelina jolie

  27. Levi Heichou

    Levi HeichouМісяць тому

    she protecc she attac but most importantly.. she wants her beasty bacc

  28. Никита Ющенко

    Никита ЮщенкоМісяць тому

    What the song? Like it when answer will be

  29. hellolala

    hellolalaМісяць тому

    better not suck like the first movie

  30. Parveen Mahaputra

    Parveen MahaputraМісяць тому

    song sucks we need lana del rey back

  31. Sheila Freund

    Sheila FreundМісяць тому

    I am 62 years old and that trailer terrified me! What is it going to do to the children? Wise parents won't take their kids to see that one! There are better ways to spend that $100

  32. Lee Kelvin

    Lee KelvinМісяць тому

    this video has weird height and width ratio. l thought it was microsoft edge acting up, but it is still the same even after l switch to chrome. "Nice" CSS whoever made it

  33. Kade Smash

    Kade SmashМісяць тому

    I'm sort of disappointed. I liked how they handled this character in the first movie. Just to sit there and throw it all away and make her evil anyway? It's a shame.

  34. Ngr Hcyv

    Ngr HcyvМісяць тому


  35. Alexita A.

    Alexita A.Місяць тому

    Name music please?

  36. Proto-Guest

    Proto-GuestМісяць тому

    I guest we now know maleficent is a anti-hero.

  37. Selena Malik

    Selena MalikМісяць тому

    *maleficent 1* Me: so she is good after all! *maleficent 2 trailer: Me: yeah... Maybe not...

  38. officialspongebob 12

    officialspongebob 12Місяць тому

    Angelina josie should have really be casted as maleficent in descandents, 2 and 3. Rip cameron boyce🙏

  39. Gary A. Valenzuela

    Gary A. ValenzuelaМісяць тому


  40. I Have No Videos, Subscribe Anyway

    I Have No Videos, Subscribe AnywayМісяць тому

    Disney is evil.

  41. Ian

    IanМісяць тому

    Alice from Mobile Legends has her own movie?

  42. Lotte M. Dekkers

    Lotte M. DekkersМісяць тому

    What is the song that was used in the trailer???

  43. jomari quebic

    jomari quebicМісяць тому

    Watch this

  44. Zebra Safari

    Zebra SafariМісяць тому

    Fun fact everyone. The name maleficent starts with the prefix "Mal" which means bad or evil. So they named her maleficent to compliment her personality. Bet you didn't know that. Lol

  45. Serian

    SerianМісяць тому

    I didn’t notice she spoke British in the first movie

  46. Kwaii Sarzuela

    Kwaii SarzuelaМісяць тому

    They better release a whole song of Disney's version of Season of the Witch.

  47. Lio B

    Lio BМісяць тому

    Michelle Pfeiffer VS Angelina Jolie

  48. XxGamer - LunaxX

    XxGamer - LunaxXМісяць тому

    I'm confused... so is Maleficent evil and the queen good? Or is Maleficent good and the Queen evil? I'm veryyy confuseed

  49. JJvids

    JJvidsМісяць тому

    “So are you the good guy in the movie” Maleficent: well yes but actually no

  50. Sana Hussain

    Sana HussainМісяць тому

    Maleficient knows better okay!!❤💕

  51. sebas

    sebasМісяць тому

    Catwoman vs Maleficent

  52. Moon WolfMMOs

    Moon WolfMMOsМісяць тому

    Hey um, can you tell me the name of this song, please? Anyone? I love it!

  53. S L O W A V E S

    S L O W A V E SМісяць тому

    Hang one the other Maleficent trailer has the song I posted...

  54. S L O W A V E S

    S L O W A V E SМісяць тому

    I can and I will! it's 'Darkness' by XVI

  55. Amalia Swift

    Amalia SwiftМісяць тому

    Lemme guess. The queen is Prince Philip's mother who wants him to marry aurora so she could get rid of her and get the kingdom. Thats why Maleficent turned to evil again

  56. Chad Richards

    Chad RichardsМісяць тому

    That moment whe bestie said, "Tama na!" Means "Enough please" in Filipino language. 😅

  57. Sights and Sounds

    Sights and SoundsМісяць тому

    This is where the fun begins.

  58. I'M LEN

    I'M LENМісяць тому

    i did not yet know this trailer existed "a surprise to be sure but a welcomed one"

  59. North Star

    North StarМісяць тому

    Guys! Please check my male version of her. 🤗🤗🤗 thanks!

  60. Nikki Winter

    Nikki WinterМісяць тому

    Her broken heart made her do something bad, now her healed one will start a war... ....I still turning up on the 18th. For the Mistress of Evil 🖤

  61. Adrian&Liz2035

    Adrian&Liz2035Місяць тому

    Donovan is the original singer of Season of the Witch. Click here and listen ---->

  62. Sєlєηє Plღтιηυм

    Sєlєηє PlღтιηυмМісяць тому


  63. S L O W A V E S

    S L O W A V E SМісяць тому

    @Sєlєηє Plღтιηυм I like them both!

  64. Sєlєηє Plღтιηυм

    Sєlєηє PlღтιηυмМісяць тому

    S L O W A V E S 😂 all good. I’ll figure it out eventually

  65. S L O W A V E S

    S L O W A V E SМісяць тому

    It's XVI 'Darkness'

  66. Sarah Al-Douri

    Sarah Al-DouriМісяць тому


  67. melissa sweetbert

    melissa sweetbertМісяць тому

    I love her evil laugh ay the end. Very Authentic

  68. Artism UwU

    Artism UwUМісяць тому

    now is not only live action remakes and sequels is live action remake sequels

  69. claire agacid sullano

    claire agacid sullanoМісяць тому

    Are you really not gonna talk about the song?? Cause.. it's pretty much a very catchy song.

  70. J P

    J PМісяць тому

    I am definitely going to see this movie!

  71. Husky __ Falls103

    Husky __ Falls103Місяць тому

    I saw this at the theaters and was so fucking shook I couldn't breathe for a sec.

  72. NeverTold Joker

    NeverTold JokerМісяць тому

    I love the song

  73. S L O W A V E S

    S L O W A V E SМісяць тому

    Actually that's for the other Maleficent trailer...

  74. S L O W A V E S

    S L O W A V E SМісяць тому

    Hey It's XVI 'Darkness'

  75. 6yza

    6yzaМісяць тому

    "i remember the shit me made 5 years ago.. she wasnt a witch she was a fairy.. oh snap.. now we need for her to be a witch so michale phipper can say that line".. *while must be the season of the witch is playing* cuz Halloween, cuz we need money and sales .. cuz fuck continuity.. gosh i hate disney so much >.< they ruined Maleficent yet again.. original: she so powerful can teleport with fire! new Disney: no we need to make her into a fairy with wing cuz visual effects and stupid story.. do you know better disney! do u... -_-

  76. LX arts

    LX artsМісяць тому

    I thought Aurora mother was dead due to a sickness or is that her boyfriends mom.

  77. Sarah Altieri

    Sarah Altieri19 днів тому

    Bf's mother

  78. Malaikat Tak bersayap

    Malaikat Tak bersayapМісяць тому

    The tittle is: October 18 (??)

  79. Sarah Altieri

    Sarah AltieriМісяць тому

    The film comes out on October 18th 2019

  80. Angus On Fire

    Angus On FireМісяць тому

    I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!

  81. Dani Makoszay

    Dani MakoszayМісяць тому

    U suck so hard Joachim

  82. Doctor Disney

    Doctor DisneyМісяць тому

    *This is the kind of worldbuilding I want in my sequels!!!* Push our creative imaginations!

  83. thecomingofchrisit0

    thecomingofchrisit0Місяць тому

    Battle of the step moms.

  84. Мятный Чаёк

    Мятный ЧаёкМісяць тому

    Хей хо русские вы где

  85. inaki masi

    inaki masiМісяць тому


  86. J_fatty27 Esparza

    J_fatty27 EsparzaМісяць тому

    That laugh makes even better

  87. Clarissa Sessoms

    Clarissa SessomsМісяць тому

    You guys do know the mistress of evil Is the queen of the castle right? Like how obvious does this one minute and 21 sec video need to make it😂😂😂💀

  88. TheSimsCovers

    TheSimsCoversМісяць тому


  89. Paul Grabowski

    Paul GrabowskiМісяць тому Maleficent a Disney Princess now?? Can't wait to see which of the other "baddies" turn "good". Ursula The Evil Queen Cruella de Ville - Similar cheekbone structure, just saying

  90. MariWolflove

    MariWolfloveМісяць тому

    I live the song it fits

  91. S L O W A V E S

    S L O W A V E SМісяць тому XVI 'Darkness'