Official Teaser: Disney's Maleficent: Mistress of Evil - In Theaters October 18!



    ONCE UPON A TIMEГодину тому

    The FIRST movie was just amazing. The great and different storyline made it a success at close to $800 million. I'm afraid the sequel might not be as good because I'm afraid Disney think they will make the same or more profits as the first one. Then, who knows, Angelina is up against Michelle Pfeiffer, who is also a great actress, and the sequel might be a hit. I remember Angelina and the screenwriter telling the media in 2014 after Maleficent came out "We see no reason to be a sequel. The story of Maleficent was told well, we can't imagine a sequel". Also the filming for the movie was done last March 2019 and it had a May 2020 release so all the visual FX can't be created. Releasing the film 7 whole months earlier makes me afraid the movie might have choppy and rushed visual FX - I hope not and hope Disney will release a 3D version as well like the first Maleficent.

  2. Daphne

    Daphne15 годин тому

    Jolie is a freak. Caught on camera talking about killing her pet and other sick things. Putting her in childrens films is disgusting. Typical hollywood.

  3. Mopantsu

    Mopantsu17 годин тому

    Why though???

  4. D.M.Turner

    D.M.Turner21 годину тому

    What is the point of this movie? The first one wrapped everything up so we'll. Why make another?

  5. bayano75

    bayano75День тому

    Maleficent: A mom whose a-hole boyfriend left her pregnant to marry someone else. Maleficent 2: A mom whose daughter is about to marry this evil witch's son.

  6. heybree9295

    heybree9295День тому

    I thought this was a fan made trailer

  7. madara26348

    madara26348День тому

    I just love the ring of "Mistress of evil." I thought it was going to be sum descendents type stuff.

  8. madara26348

    madara26348День тому

    Maleficent: "I'm the mistress of evil. Hela: "hold my sword"

  9. you uncultured swine

    you uncultured swineДень тому

    Watches Maleficent Me: Oh Maleficent is actually good. Watches Maleficent 2 trailer Me: *They has us in the first half, not gonna lie.*

  10. Liyan Black

    Liyan BlackДень тому

    I don't know how this is going to work with the 2014 movie...but I'm here for it! (I actually rewatched it a couple of days ago not knowing about this 😂)

  11. tracey flores

    tracey floresДень тому

    She’s practically naked in the end.

  12. mica louca

    mica loucaДень тому


  13. Arshi Khan

    Arshi Khan2 дні тому

    Hell the movie is fire


    JENNY JOYCE2 дні тому




    Yassssss.I love u Angelina Jolie❤❤❤❤ THAT'S MY GIRL AND I AM A GEMINI AS WELL.

  16. Patty patty Pats

    Patty patty Pats2 дні тому

    Princess aurora: what have you done? Maleficent: (being maleficent) Am i a joke to you?

  17. Sati

    Sati3 дні тому

    I was lured in to watch Maleficent 1 because the trailer led me to believe we will finally have a female villain who can stand on par with Loki or the Joker, and felt sorely disappointed. Looks like this trailer is trying to do the same.

  18. Movie Freak

    Movie Freak3 дні тому

    Me to Disney :If I didn't know better I'd say we need a Maleficent Sequel Disney : Well Do You ? Me : Do I What ? Disney : Know Better..

  19. Elyne Puryatma

    Elyne Puryatma3 дні тому

    Maleficent is sleeping beauty right

  20. Sarah Altieri

    Sarah Altieri23 години тому

    Yes she's the villain of sleeping beauty. These movies are from her point of view.

  21. Renae Pollack

    Renae Pollack3 дні тому

    So I'm assuming this is a new kingdom that they're dealing with,and it doesn't look like Maleficent has 100% changed from her ways so I'm intrigued 😃 Also,that slightly pained look on her face when Aurora asked"What have you done?" 😖

  22. matturcoo

    matturcoo3 дні тому

    The only reason I watch Maleficent is to see how FUCKING GORGEOUS ANGELINA JOLIE IS!!!

  23. Ben Quinney

    Ben Quinney3 дні тому

    Exodus 22:18

  24. K C

    K C3 дні тому

    Made her look her age with no makeup. Scary

  25. Zaira Casco Scarlett,Raven,Tigress01

    Zaira Casco Scarlett,Raven,Tigress014 дні тому

    At 0:38 & 0:42 you can see in your dress than above her shoulders there are like little spikes and then on her head dress piece there is a veil and I know it’s far away but at 0:19 you can see you’re standing on what appears to be a tree coming out from the side of a mountain or a rock formation

  26. Juan Jose Ocampo Torres

    Juan Jose Ocampo Torres4 дні тому

    The aladdin mistress of evil

  27. Ashley Van Hammer

    Ashley Van Hammer5 днів тому

    Awww... No. Please don't tell me were doing the "evil witch" thing again. "Maleficent" still stands far and above as my favourite of Disney's movies. It took a tired, outdated story and updated it with a grand remoffeling. It removed the problematic and outright ugly tripe of a bygone era of simplistic sexism, judeo-christian normalized superstition and dangerously naive understanding of "love". Please don't tell me you're walking that back, Disney.

  28. Meychea S.

    Meychea S.5 днів тому

    God I can’t wait 😊 eeeeehhh

  29. Trang Kha

    Trang Kha5 днів тому

    0:30 What is the name of the background’s song? So charming 😍

  30. morielle mendoza

    morielle mendoza5 днів тому

    This is the epitome of everyone is never truly evil nor good, we are all both within

  31. Alin F. Capitanu

    Alin F. Capitanu6 днів тому

    I was just searching for the trailer of the original movimoviebut i was surprised when i found this

  32. FLUBACKER Kévin

    FLUBACKER Kévin6 днів тому

    I want to see her turn into a dragon.

  33. Takseel Juli

    Takseel Juli6 днів тому

    Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is an upcoming live-action film. It is the sequel to the 2014 film Maleficent. It is scheduled to premiere on October 18, 2019.[3] Synopsis A fantasy adventure that picks up several years after Maleficent, in which audiences learned of the events that hardened the heart of Disney's most notorious villain and drove her to curse a baby Princess Aurora, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil continues to explore the complex relationship between the horned fairy and the soon to be Queen, as they form new alliances and face new adversaries in their struggle to protect the moors and the magical creatures that reside within.[3]

  34. Takseel Juli

    Takseel Juli6 днів тому

    Queen Ingrith Feature films: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Portrayed by: Michelle Pfeiffer Inspiration: The Ogress Queen Mother from the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault Occupation: Queen Alignment: Bad Home: Ulstead Relatives: King John (husband) Prince Phillip (son) Enemies: Maleficent Queen Ingrith is a character in the upcoming sequel, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. She is the wife of King John and the mother of Prince Phillip.

  35. Bird Lover Vinit

    Bird Lover Vinit6 днів тому

    PLEASE Disney DUBBED this movie in Hindi First Part & Second 🙏🏻

  36. Can Huong

    Can Huong6 днів тому

    I think that the Queen trys to harm Moors and Maleficent wants to protect it=)) u can see that some experiment had been done and the green creature know something when the prince give aurora the ring and they fly away=))

  37. SevelRomanov

    SevelRomanov6 днів тому

    In the original Sleeping Beauty fairytale, the prince's mother (whom Queen Ingrith is based on), is a villainous ogre, who wanted to eat the princess and her children. So there you have it. If Disney sticks to the original fairytale, then Queen Ingrith is the actual villain, hence the Mistress of Evil.

  38. a dorkpink

    a dorkpink6 днів тому

    so she become an evil again?!

  39. 101 jackas gaming

    101 jackas gaming7 днів тому

    check this out guys maleficent behind the scenes

  40. Vampire Bat

    Vampire Bat7 днів тому

    Malevolent + Magnificent = Maleficent

  41. pendragonshall

    pendragonshall7 днів тому

    With disney making it.. just can't trust them to do a good job on anything. Agenda pushing is there new thing..

  42. Jon dirty 666

    Jon dirty 6667 днів тому


  43. MasterKagato

    MasterKagato7 днів тому

    What's with that last part? Her ruined clothes look HORRIBLY photoshopped...

  44. Dejan Vasiljević

    Dejan Vasiljević7 днів тому

    Where have the previous King and Queen vanished, did Maleficent eat them?

  45. benyamin iskandar

    benyamin iskandar7 днів тому

  46. Kristian Canoy

    Kristian Canoy7 днів тому

    Must be the season of the witch 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  47. Aye _ItsAyesha

    Aye _ItsAyesha8 днів тому

    Yay October 18th is birthday 🎂 and the movie 🎥 is gonna come out we’re gonna watch it

  48. Jovi Nazianzus

    Jovi Nazianzus8 днів тому

    Im sure at the end Maleficent will be good again due to blablablabla reasons and happy forever n ever. Disney had really gone insane

  49. Desain 87

    Desain 878 днів тому

    Masih membingungkan...

  50. Alex Kitylol

    Alex Kitylol8 днів тому

    I need to watch ittt

  51. Ryan

    Ryan8 днів тому

    Somebody needs to take the CG away from Disney, just for a minute.

  52. Ms.Smith GameChanger

    Ms.Smith GameChanger8 днів тому

    🖤🖤🖤 Can not wait to see this 🖤🖤🖤 Angelina Jolie WE LOVE YOU 🖤🖤🖤

  53. thiago deandrade

    thiago deandrade8 днів тому

    Spider man is going to be the Prince? fuck

  54. 青美仁增

    青美仁增8 днів тому


  55. Ganang Yanuar

    Ganang Yanuar9 днів тому

    ok i'm so excited

  56. TheTwistedPotato

    TheTwistedPotato9 днів тому

    Maleficent is very protective of Aurora. This might be about her marriage to another kingdom (maybe to prince philip’s which is Ulstead) and his parents in disagreement. Hmmmm

  57. TheStepmonkey

    TheStepmonkey9 днів тому

    I don't get it, why is she evil again?

  58. Maria Campos Vlogs

    Maria Campos Vlogs9 днів тому

    what song is itttt

  59. Jay Hartin

    Jay Hartin9 днів тому

    I'm glad they didn't go with the tagline "Angelina's quest for continued relevance and more money"

  60. Vantaa Espoo

    Vantaa Espoo3 дні тому

    Jay Hartin shut up

  61. Erlang Channel

    Erlang Channel10 днів тому

    Vexana ?

  62. i'm not a bitch

    i'm not a bitch10 днів тому


  63. Bcaused

    Bcaused10 днів тому


  64. JustSpwnz -

    JustSpwnz -10 днів тому

    Director: Evil or good Maleficent: Yes

  65. Just a Villain

    Just a Villain10 днів тому

    Angelina was born to be Maleficent like common.Like if u agree

  66. Will G. Forrest

    Will G. Forrest10 днів тому

    I hope this is better than the Alice and wonderland sequel

  67. TheBestPastaBoi

    TheBestPastaBoi10 днів тому

    something tells me that this is Rated R

  68. •Vive Mode•

    •Vive Mode•10 днів тому

    Hi guys! I found leaked video check this out before they delete it ( I use short url in order not to track or report) link:

  69. •Vive Mode•

    •Vive Mode•10 днів тому

    @Jopay Kamusta ka na you're welcome :)

  70. Jopay Kamusta ka na

    Jopay Kamusta ka na10 днів тому


  71. Dinh Le

    Dinh Le10 днів тому

    Phim hay hải xem

  72. Aix La Chapelle

    Aix La Chapelle11 днів тому

    I have a feeling the queen, Philip’s mother, has been keeping fairies like Maleficent. And Maleficent is probably gonna free them or something, and it’ll be seen as evil by the humans. That’s what I got from the trailer, at least.

  73. Backyardigan.

    Backyardigan.11 днів тому

    Malificent should do a makeup tutorial

  74. Latin Mamba

    Latin Mamba11 днів тому

    Once upon a dream (Lana Del Rey) better be in it.. should please. Thank you?

  75. blackcatsarecool

    blackcatsarecool11 днів тому

    When is it released in Australia?? I need to see it NOW ❤️

  76. Star !

    Star !11 днів тому

    Can it please come out on October 29.please

  77. Mikel Limas

    Mikel Limas11 днів тому

    Are those heads on pikes? 1:05

  78. Jack Stu

    Jack Stu11 днів тому

    Looks so beautiful


    MRIGAKHI GOHAIN11 днів тому

    Eagerly waiting for ds movie 😍😍😍😍

  80. Sandra Jejee

    Sandra Jejee12 днів тому

    So beatiful ..i like

  81. s a m u e l . m c k a y

    s a m u e l . m c k a y12 днів тому

    I remember the story of an evil bitch

  82. I’m Still the same me

    I’m Still the same me12 днів тому

    I wasn’t ready for 2019 BTS : Boy with love feat Halsey BLACKPINK : Kill this love SEVENTEEN: Home / Happy Ending Twice : Fancy Lee Hi : No one feat. B.I I-T SPIDER-MAN: Way back home BRIGHTBURN And now this My wallet is crying ^_^

  83. Kharen Walker

    Kharen Walker12 днів тому

    This trailer's soundtrack gives me goosebumps.

  84. XxWishinq StarxX

    XxWishinq StarxX12 днів тому

    Oh cmon

  85. Romy Ramadhani

    Romy Ramadhani12 днів тому

    Okt 18...???

  86. kaneki_xxx

    kaneki_xxx12 днів тому

    I think Maleficent is a Tsundere type of gal

  87. Anieka Clarke

    Anieka Clarke12 днів тому

    I'm probably the only one that thought this but when I first saw this I thought it was just a really tacky fan made trailer

  88. Billion dollar Channel

    Billion dollar Channel13 днів тому

    *Evil Witch*

  89. مهره فاطمة

    مهره فاطمة13 днів тому

    1:09 sexier? 👇🏻turn it blue

  90. Arath Alexander

    Arath Alexander13 днів тому

    Yess this is finally the version I wanted.

  91. Grimm Child

    Grimm Child13 днів тому

    Who here is ok and love the maleficent movie I thot it was good also some villains if we're could make good guys

  92. ᄃ

    13 днів тому

    1:05 DEMENTORS?????

  93. Shawn Frost

    Shawn Frost13 днів тому

    Come on and join in as we discuss about our fav girl and if she's really evil or fighting against a new threat. Join discord server

  94. Hope Varnedoe

    Hope Varnedoe13 днів тому

    This looks incredible. Angelina is so stunning and the character of Maleficent is so complex and rich I adore her. And Michelle Pfeiffer is amazing. This is going to be fantastic.

  95. Frisly Mahadewi

    Frisly Mahadewi13 днів тому

    Imagine being aurora Aurora : She's actually not that bad Maleficent : Hold my horns

  96. Psychopath Juuzou

    Psychopath Juuzou12 днів тому

    She's actually not a bad persom.. check the trailer.. there's someone who did the curse that she did to aurora long time ago and she inspired to do the same.. and she might know something about the queen...

  97. Eyang Laiqha

    Eyang Laiqha13 днів тому

    Another live action disney princess ,after aladdin play ..wont wait long we can see toy story 4 and after my born day its gonna get a new film ..yass!¡ i can watch this film with my bff and friends.. 💞👌😋😋😄😄😊this is what i waiting for..shout out from INDONESIA ..🎉🎉🎊😄💕😉😘

  98. Yohanes Setiawan

    Yohanes Setiawan4 дні тому

    Ahh sama2 orang Indo penyuka Disney

  99. Golden ReinaVillian

    Golden ReinaVillian14 днів тому

    Was that TOM HOLLAND??

  100. Ben Quinney

    Ben Quinney14 днів тому

    What are you blubbering about?

  101. arrowmagnet

    arrowmagnet14 днів тому

    I think this movie has to deal with her feelings as the princess’s guardian and mother. Clearly she thinks her daughter is being taken advantage of by the queen. I think it’s also just a matter of perspective.

  102. Deduction

    Deduction14 днів тому

    תעשו לייק אם אתם מישראל! 🇮🇱

  103. Karimah Munadiyah

    Karimah Munadiyah14 днів тому

    2018 or 2019?

  104. Karimah Munadiyah

    Karimah Munadiyah14 днів тому

    @ZæfPtêb Gj OrįïgTÿip ok thanks

  105. ZæfPtêb Gj OrįïgTÿip

    ZæfPtêb Gj OrįïgTÿip14 днів тому

    Karimah Munadiyah 18/10/19 18=day not years

  106. Alexis Donald

    Alexis Donald14 днів тому


  107. The Sage One

    The Sage One14 днів тому

    I admired her powerful evil presence in the origional movie. Now they make her out to be a woman scored. Dissapointing. I wont be watching this mess.

  108. Jovan Añonuevo

    Jovan Añonuevo14 днів тому

    1:09 With that outfit she could slay VS Angels haha