1. blissxfull

    blissxfull9 годин тому

    makeup artist : what do you want for this music video? oliver : i want a ballsack chin.

  2. Colin da gacha boi

    Colin da gacha boi12 годин тому


  3. fierydragon AJ

    fierydragon AJ12 годин тому

    I does not look like your there

  4. NBA latino

    NBA latino13 годин тому

    Y does he have a ballsack on his chin he might be gay👀 xd

  5. NBA latino

    NBA latino13 годин тому

    He's weird but he can make sum good music

  6. R.I.P Potato

    R.I.P Potato15 годин тому

    Nice ball sack chin

  7. master yoda

    master yoda16 годин тому

    is that peter griffin

  8. Gaming Jens

    Gaming Jens17 годин тому

    Why does his chin remind me of men in Black

  9. Wischwurm

    Wischwurm18 годин тому

    4:+ gute SSache komm mal hier her!

  10. Wischwurm

    Wischwurm18 годин тому

    Aber typsch/ich Deutsch/German

  11. Wischwurm

    Wischwurm18 годин тому


  12. Christian Martinez

    Christian Martinez19 годин тому


  13. Felix

    Felix20 годин тому


  14. XdGamerBoi

    XdGamerBoi20 годин тому


  15. TooHotToHandleTooCoolToMelt

    TooHotToHandleTooCoolToMelt22 години тому


  16. Edwilliam Oquendo Vázquez

    Edwilliam Oquendo Vázquez22 години тому

    Great song

  17. miztwigz

    miztwigz23 години тому

    let’s admit this video could’ve been better 🤷‍♂️

  18. • F o x y a n e •

    • F o x y a n e •День тому

    Nothings to say 👁👄👁 Oh, yea ! Amazing music i replay everyday T n T

  19. Benji

    BenjiДень тому

    i feel bad for oliver tree he is leaving his career but why? he have a good taste of music

  20. HaxxDoStuff

    HaxxDoStuffДень тому

    I hate the chin

  21. luffyroo Drape

    luffyroo DrapeДень тому


  22. Atamisk The great

    Atamisk The greatДень тому

    Nobody is paying attention to this poor souls critical situation

  23. crank y

    crank yДень тому


  24. LegacyGaming

    LegacyGamingДень тому

    crank y bruh it’s a ballsack

  25. Mad Stewie

    Mad StewieДень тому

    Imagine working so hard in cosmetology only to make THIS

  26. Drippy Pipes

    Drippy PipesДень тому

    ...what is he...?

  27. Giancarlo Hernandez Barbaran

    Giancarlo Hernandez BarbaranДень тому

    Tiene el flow mezclado de 2pac , bigi y eminen Algo asi lo escucho

  28. Rylee Johns

    Rylee JohnsДень тому

    ha he got balls on the chin get on my level me got 4 balls on the chin

  29. Rylee Johns

    Rylee JohnsДень тому


  30. WireLoops

    WireLoopsДень тому


  31. Lara

    LaraДень тому

    This sound like Beastie Boys

  32. ivan munguia

    ivan munguiaДень тому

    A beasty boys feature would be dope

  33. Davidx3

    Davidx3День тому


  34. ВОЛК

    ВОЛКДень тому


  35. Merrick Fernandez

    Merrick FernandezДень тому

    Hey looks like Peter griffin finally watched filthy frank's pink guy vids

  36. How it feels to chew 5 gum

    How it feels to chew 5 gumДень тому

    Guys have you heard of the new kid in school his name oliver ballsack

  37. Christina Triem

    Christina TriemДень тому

    Nur wegen Staiy hier 👍🏻😂🤪


    AJ TISTICДень тому

    Men in blue and red

  39. UpSide Down Wolf

    UpSide Down WolfДень тому

    Oliver tree is the best singer LOL

  40. Cooki

    Cooki2 дні тому

    Ngl ball chin is prolly something like he's calling himself a dickhead

  41. skyler murao

    skyler murao2 дні тому

    Can someone please explain the symbolism of his chin genuinely confused

  42. Waxitron

    Waxitron2 дні тому

    The fact that this mans made a music video on a budget of $6 is hilarious

  43. Nickleshot55

    Nickleshot552 дні тому


  44. Kellogg Snake

    Kellogg Snake2 дні тому

    This is the first of his old music that hasn’t been released yet this is proof he at least has a few more songs he’s gonna for sure gonna release

  45. ttv_wonder Alone121

    ttv_wonder Alone1212 дні тому


  46. Ceasar Yung

    Ceasar Yung2 дні тому

    When he starts rapping I kinda get a bestie boys/ rage against machines vibe kind of

  47. Jesus In Sweatpants

    Jesus In Sweatpants2 дні тому

    Love this song but you know you stole them chin balls from hugh Jackman in movie 43

  48. The Pennsylvania railfan Kid

    The Pennsylvania railfan Kid2 дні тому



    SOUT RYAN2 дні тому

    Wtf kkk


    WILLIAM CHAN2 дні тому

    I thought it was Casey nesstist from the thumbnail

  51. Beanie Bear

    Beanie Bear2 дні тому

    Dang he spits more then 1 thing. *i hope you get this*

  52. Tony Jones

    Tony Jones2 дні тому

    Reminds me of beasty boys

  53. zushi

    zushi2 дні тому

    Reminds me of Movie 43

  54. CEO Of Nothing

    CEO Of Nothing2 дні тому

    Nut chin

  55. 3pac son

    3pac son2 дні тому

    South Park ripoff!

  56. mobilezac 1

    mobilezac 12 дні тому

    Your just a goat I don’t care bout the balls cos the music out does that and just don’t give a dam

  57. Bouchra Mbarki

    Bouchra Mbarki2 дні тому


  58. Ewa Prokop

    Ewa Prokop2 дні тому

    We'll Miss You Oliver, We'll Miss You.

  59. ZeroAimTV

    ZeroAimTV2 дні тому

    Wie fett flext denn John Webber auf ein mal?

  60. MadeLG

    MadeLG2 дні тому

    Is it just me or does it look Like balls???

  61. BrianFN

    BrianFN2 дні тому

    Even tho there fake, it would look painful if someone slapped them sacks

  62. BroMomentYT

    BroMomentYTДень тому

    Imagine sleeping with them sacks, lay your head facing the mattress and you got an oof ouchie

  63. Vitara Boy

    Vitara Boy2 дні тому

    Sick beat. Any known source for that beat?!

  64. Super Green baby

    Super Green baby2 дні тому

    Does he have to put his chin in a girl to reproduce?

  65. River Fisher

    River Fisher2 дні тому

    Thinking of using this as my phone's face ID.

  66. ViTiM SaDbAd

    ViTiM SaDbAd2 дні тому

    Só eu reparei que tem 2 bolas no queixo dele ;-;

  67. Stunt Bros Gaming

    Stunt Bros Gaming2 дні тому

    Wait where does he piss come from oh God

  68. Martim dos Games

    Martim dos Games2 дні тому

    Tá demais o bar da praia oh filho :)

  69. Miguel Lobato

    Miguel Lobato2 дні тому

    Cabeça de penis kkkk

  70. RobloxyMcNotty

    RobloxyMcNotty3 дні тому

    this has to be #1 of 2020

  71. ZanTecosO teca

    ZanTecosO teca3 дні тому

    South Park moment

  72. Dank Frog

    Dank Frog3 дні тому

    sick balls bro



    Killed the beat!💣💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  74. Motivation- Positivity

    Motivation- Positivity3 дні тому

    Shaving beard 😅🤣

  75. Falke Airsoft

    Falke Airsoft3 дні тому

    During the beginning I was like hey Vector got off the moon

  76. Jayy Car23

    Jayy Car233 дні тому

    Diz dude seems like a joke......but no lie he gots good music I'm impressed still think hes look kinda odd but shit I gotta give where credit is de


    LUNATIC3 дні тому

    ICP vibes

  78. Ali Shaikh

    Ali Shaikh3 дні тому

    A ball chin under a dickhead. Perfect.

  79. katieThePusheenLover

    katieThePusheenLover2 дні тому


  80. Mason Simon

    Mason Simon3 дні тому

    It's just so real how he gets hes not a faker hes real and he just wants ppl to know

  81. Jaz HeartsArt

    Jaz HeartsArt3 дні тому

    Why is this so familiar?

  82. ILatte I

    ILatte I3 дні тому

    He’s a ballchinian

  83. Mari Zhi

    Mari Zhi3 дні тому

    Я одна тут русская

  84. Schmacks

    Schmacks3 дні тому

    This is the definition of liking one song but then realizing all the other songs aren’t what you thought they would be

  85. Roblox Gaming

    Roblox Gaming3 дні тому