OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing - It's ALL SCREEN


  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy7 днів тому

    dbrand - Discount code = unbox

  2. Liguid Peas

    Liguid Peas20 годин тому

    Were do i buy the 7 pro?

  3. C C P

    C C P3 дні тому

    Talking and talking... pressing the fingerprint scanner and stops talking being shocked of how fast it is.

  4. Numan Muhammad Ali

    Numan Muhammad AliГодину тому

    Is their face unlock?

  5. Liis Luhamaa

    Liis Luhamaa2 години тому


  6. Paras Kumar

    Paras Kumar2 години тому

    Seriously this phone is a masterpiece brilliant phone

  7. ghost ghost

    ghost ghost3 години тому

    good price

  8. The Commentator

    The Commentator3 години тому

    Just ordered mine, I don't give two fucks about the camera. The display looks amazing

  9. Aditya Raval

    Aditya Raval3 години тому

    Do I have to pay extra for special box?


    MAROUANE CHAABANI4 години тому

    send me iphone x please some thing u dont use

  11. JeveshReddy Illuri

    JeveshReddy Illuri4 години тому

    OnePlus: let's not spend the money on the IP rating Also OnePlus; let's hire RDJ as our ambassador XD

  12. Nath

    Nath5 годин тому

    the face unlock was impressively fast I blinked and missed the first one

  13. Shinji Oli

    Shinji Oli5 годин тому

    No IP rating, No wireless charging, No reverse charge, No headphones jack. OP7+ is Not a flagship. What a deluded company.

  14. Bryan Chong

    Bryan Chong5 годин тому

    Does it have liquid cooling

  15. Philippe Guiral

    Philippe Guiral5 годин тому

    What about DAS for OnePlus 7Pro?

  16. happy gekko

    happy gekko7 годин тому

    So who made the screen? Hint: it's not oneplus

  17. tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker7 годин тому

    So seems like I need to buy a headphone adapter myself right?

  18. Mark

    Mark8 годин тому

    Lew, are the v2 bullets any good? Any chance of a quick review?

  19. The Harmonist

    The Harmonist9 годин тому

    Oh? He's back to Apple.

  20. Dr. Swapnil Patil

    Dr. Swapnil Patil10 годин тому

    Hey brother I am hearing rumours about Samsung galaxy x phone so let me know about it in your cool inboxing videos

  21. Lain Macauley

    Lain Macauley10 годин тому

    I'd rather have a hole punch and water resistance.


    LI TIANYI12 годин тому

    Trump will ban this Chinese phone sooner.

  23. kvbaby

    kvbaby12 годин тому

    ASUS ZENFONE 6>OnePlus 7 Pro

  24. Tagataro Lian

    Tagataro Lian12 годин тому

    thats one hell of a gaming machine

  25. Maruf Bijou

    Maruf Bijou13 годин тому

    I will leave my iPhone xs and Samsung s10 plus after one plus 7 pro is launched in Bangladesh.

  26. nikolozka1

    nikolozka114 годин тому

    Enclosed front camera? R.I.P CIA digital data collection division

  27. Charles Shi

    Charles Shi14 годин тому

    Trump: If you can not beat them, you can just ban them!

  28. shasanth Nagabushanam K

    shasanth Nagabushanam K14 годин тому

    Show the one plus link to amason

  29. Andres Garcia

    Andres Garcia16 годин тому

    With an ugly appendage

  30. Joey Ortiz

    Joey Ortiz16 годин тому

    Try the samsung it has dolby also asswipe

  31. Revibe X

    Revibe X16 годин тому

    Does everyone get the whole box with the earphones or just the phone ??

  32. panggop jio

    panggop jio16 годин тому

    nobody: OnePlus 7 Pro with a motorized camera for a good price Asus Zenfone 6: hold my beer

  33. Vladislav Mura

    Vladislav Mura16 годин тому

    Really interested what Apple gonna come up with this fall 🤔🍏 gotta be something good, they don't have the choice after s10 and 7 pro

  34. Christopher cordova

    Christopher cordova17 годин тому

    Is this only on Verizon

  35. 评论中的UP主俊伟

    评论中的UP主俊伟18 годин тому

    made in china

  36. YipEvin

    YipEvin19 годин тому

    So seems like I need to buy a headphone adapter myself right?

  37. Dennis Khualring

    Dennis Khualring20 годин тому

    He doesn't seem friendly with this new one plus flagship

  38. Minecraft Station

    Minecraft Station20 годин тому

    A curved display? I am out...

  39. Minecraft Station

    Minecraft Station20 годин тому

    Mi mix 4(leaked): I'm gonna end this man's entire career

  40. Lugo Scarpe

    Lugo Scarpe21 годину тому


  41. Joseph Richter

    Joseph Richter21 годину тому

    Phone of the year?


    GUNGYEON21 годину тому

    Can’t find this phone at all they sold out in my area.

  43. WindleBeats

    WindleBeats21 годину тому

    The base one plus 7 is 669 but the pro is 749 I just ordered the phone the other day and that's what I paid for the 12 GB ram and 256 GB storage

  44. Robert Rob

    Robert Rob21 годину тому

    Is it even a good idea to purchase a Chinese made device when Trump put restrictions on Huawei? Please answer or make a video about this. I am thinking about buying a one plus 7 pro.

  45. Crystal DeLa Buena

    Crystal DeLa BuenaДень тому

    My concern would be to drop the phone while using the front camera and then the camera part snaps off or breaks and like you said.. or would b using there motor a lot.. I'ma pass on this one and stay with my one plus 6

  46. Allen Carrillo

    Allen CarrilloДень тому

    Heard of Google and Huawei issue yet? Would like to hear your say about this issue. thanks!

  47. brandon belk

    brandon belkДень тому

    What about the cool little knife?

  48. bozzpaw

    bozzpawДень тому

    Does anyone knows the watch he is wearing?

  49. beards & bucks

    beards & bucksДень тому

    How much

  50. Lucky The_Catahoula

    Lucky The_CatahoulaДень тому

    I'm on the bandwagon to remove selfie cams for good, they have absolutely ruined our culture! So this phone is perfect for me XD!

  51. Deathstreams

    DeathstreamsДень тому

    They should make a OnePlus 7 Nano with like a 4,5" screen for the people who just can't get used to these elephant-sized phones

  52. Val Dagondon

    Val DagondonДень тому

    nobody: OnePlus 7 Pro with a motorized camera for a good price Asus Zenfone 6: *hold my beer*

  53. frank abagnale jr

    frank abagnale jrДень тому

    Zenphone 6 all day

  54. karim Mohamed

    karim MohamedДень тому

    صلى على رسول الله رمضان كريم

  55. Majed R

    Majed RДень тому

    Man can u try the galaxy s10 5g, the sound will blow your mind believe me

  56. darrkstorrm

    darrkstorrmДень тому

    once i realized there was no music in this video i realized how quiet it was 😳

  57. hikingtrainer(:

    hikingtrainer(:День тому

    Does it have expandable memory slot?

  58. SirOJashua VIII

    SirOJashua VIIIДень тому

    Why and how is this video got 3.2k dislikes?

  59. Razien Lordios

    Razien LordiosДень тому

    Lew you're so awesome, Just like a techy pewdiepie twin.

  60. Radu Filimon

    Radu FilimonДень тому

    There are 2 cases on the side of the box!

  61. VacancyJB

    VacancyJBДень тому

    and you know what Trump going to ban it soon

  62. Luis Flores

    Luis FloresДень тому

    I need a invisible phone

  63. Ken Gormley

    Ken GormleyДень тому

    has it wireless charging ??

  64. Sementti

    SementtiДень тому

    Is that a Polar Vantage M you're wearing?

  65. Ei Boi

    Ei BoiДень тому

    Just gona wait for oneplus 7t pro to come out later this year.

  66. katka nen

    katka nenДень тому

    9:49 and i- *oop*

  67. Jakub Labuz

    Jakub LabuzДень тому

    i dont agree with you, 90hz is best reason to get this phone :) !

  68. It's music

    It's musicДень тому

    Look 1+

  69. Traveler Volkriin

    Traveler VolkriinДень тому

    Watching from my S10+. Anyone else?

  70. JUST 4 Fun

    JUST 4 FunДень тому

    Can you review Samsung Galaxy M30

  71. Gagana Nethmika

    Gagana NethmikaДень тому

    Did he forgot that we get 2 phone cases on down of the box

  72. Влад Злой

    Влад ЗлойДень тому

    high five for turtle power

  73. Extremely Salty Player

    Extremely Salty PlayerДень тому


  74. Swagpants 21

    Swagpants 21День тому

    Jesus can walk on water. Cucumbers are 96% water. I can walk on cucumbers. Dose that make me 96% Jesus? Like/comment if u agree.

  75. Yanik Perera

    Yanik PereraДень тому

    Hey Lou you okay? You seem really down


    ASH K VINES & VLOGSДень тому

    Make it a give way plzz I'm also starting a UAreporter channel

  77. jorie megust

    jorie megustДень тому

    where's the bg sound?

  78. hen ko

    hen koДень тому

    I want the phone but worry bout the 7TPro in 6 months making this value BS

  79. Fabulous Factor

    Fabulous FactorДень тому

    God I wish they provided a way to make monthly payments. I can't just spend $669 to $749 in one payment.

  80. alesfigue

    alesfigueДень тому

    wtf was that intro???????????????????????????????

  81. Movie club 院線電影 2019

    Movie club 院線電影 2019День тому

    Oneplus is also a mobile phone made in China, so it will also be banned by Trump as Huawei

  82. kriskrof10

    kriskrof10День тому

    Believe that oneplus loses sight of its customer and fan base. Originally made of geeks seeking for Quality phone at affordable price. I used to be a big fan but now i disagree with one+ strategy of going premium.

  83. Enrique Aarón

    Enrique AarónДень тому

    Hello! anyone know what's the name of luke's smartwatch?

  84. lhalls9116

    lhalls9116День тому

    Just watched this on @therelaxingend

  85. Kingvoakahustla

    KingvoakahustlaДень тому

    I want Asus ZenFone 6 more or rog

  86. RED8 Audio - HQ 8D Music

    RED8 Audio - HQ 8D MusicДень тому

    Dudeee this phone is so sick, I’m gonna ditch iPhone when I get to college and score for this phone! It’s gonna be nice to have a change 👍

  87. Konstruct //\\

    Konstruct //\\День тому

    One+ is easily my phone of choice now. I can't be bothered with the big two. The pixel is a close second but the price kills it.

  88. Amit Verma

    Amit VermaДень тому

    *Should I upgrade from OP5 to OP7 Pro?Help me decide guys!😵*

  89. Dante Mussolini

    Dante MussoliniДень тому

    Get the Zenfone 6

  90. R Addy

    R AddyДень тому

    no headphone jack, no purchase.

  91. R Addy

    R AddyДень тому

    no headphone jack, no pirchase.

  92. Nocturnal RS

    Nocturnal RS2 дні тому

    How come the wireless headphones have wires?

  93. richy reyes

    richy reyes2 дні тому

    Just got mine that 90 frame rate is real.. you can definitely feel it.


    VIBHAV SINGH2 дні тому

    Do you gift smartphones to others?:)

  95. Stunt

    Stunt2 дні тому

    Watching on my 5t

  96. Fadi Badrahan

    Fadi Badrahan2 дні тому

    Actually impressed by this phone, was expecting something bad after their crappy phones from last year. But the screen is awesome, stereo speakers and water proofing although not certified is awesome. The price is good as well, rather buy this than an XR or S10e

  97. Luqmaan Hafeez

    Luqmaan Hafeez2 дні тому

    I love how he compared the sound of a $600 phone to a $1000 phone 😂

  98. uMADden

    uMADden2 дні тому

    I want the phone but worry bout the 7TPro in 6 months making this value BS

  99. aadityadeth deth

    aadityadeth deth2 дні тому

    Asus is gonna kick one plus's ass🤣

  100. Involker

    Involker2 дні тому

    almost a $1000 but i’am still going for it

  101. Sylarzx

    Sylarzx2 дні тому

    hmm not sure why but you sounded a lot more apprehensive compared to your usual enthusiasm

  102. Z0ces1 rr

    Z0ces1 rr2 дні тому

    Smart phones getting large display can't afford

  103. Tim70

    Tim702 дні тому

    That Kawhi shot still haunting me